How to Use the YouTube Data API

How to Use the YouTube Data API

How to Use the YouTube Data API

YouTube Data API

Whether you are building a YouTube video player or simply collecting data from the platform, you may want to consider using the YouTube Data API. The API can provide you with important metrics about the popularity and engagement of your videos. It can also help you identify toxic comments in your videos.

YouTube Analytics

Using the YouTube Data API allows you to extract and load YouTube Analytics data into other business applications such as Google Sheets. This API provides custom reports for YouTube Analytics channels and playlists, as well as filters and sorting functions. The data is stored in csv format. This is the most convenient and powerful way to access YouTube Analytics data.

YouTube Analytics API provides data on views, videos, comments, and videos by source. It also offers sorting, filtering, and real-time queries. The API is particularly useful for channel owners who want to quantify data from YouTube videos.

In order to use the YouTube Data API, you'll need a Google account, a YouTube account, and access to a YouTube API key. These API keys are unique to each project. You'll be asked to agree to the terms of service before you can use the API.

Once you've signed up, you can create your project. Click the "Create Credentials" button at the top of the page. Choose a project name and organization. You'll also need to select your JDBC JARs folder. The JDBC JARs folder should contain your YouTube Analytics JAR file.

Once you have your credentials, you'll need to enable the YouTube API. You'll also need to set your start date and end date. The API supports both real-time and periodic snapshots. It doesn't support paginating more than 200 records at a time. You can also add a maxResults value to your request URL.

YouTube dimensions contain information about videos, titles, comments, thumbnails, favorites, and other details. These are stored in lists and can be downloaded in CSV format.

You can also use the YouTube API to build custom dashboards. You can select a time period and sort your data.

YouTube Data API v3

Using YouTube API, you can add YouTube features to your site and make your content more relevant to users. You can add, update, and delete videos. You can also create live broadcasts. You can also retrieve information from YouTube videos. This is a useful tool for marketers.

YouTube Data API v3 provides access to YouTube videos, channels, and tags. It is available in JavaScript, Python, and PHP. It also offers access to Freebase topic information. You can also access YouTube videos in CSV format.

You can use the YouTube API to retrieve information such as a user's favorite videos, video tags, and comments. You can also retrieve metadata such as the title and length of the video. You can also change the metadata for a live broadcast. There are also methods for deleting videos and creating live broadcasts.

YouTube Data API v3 includes an "ENABLE" and "Create Credentials" options. You can also check the YouTube API quota calculator to determine your usage limit. You can also use YouTube API explorer to test code without modifying the live code.

The YouTube API document gives an overview of the API functions. It also explains basic concepts of the API. There are also code samples on the use cases and code samples page. These code samples can be customized for specific use cases.

The API explorer allows you to specify parameters for a test sandbox environment. You can also create a new project and select the type of resources you want to access. You will also need to sign in and create a Google account. Once you have set up your Google account, you can start creating your API project.

Identifying Toxicity Within YouTube Video Comment

Identifying toxicity within YouTube video comment is a task that has been on many YouTube creators' minds for years. YouTube is now putting its best foot forward, introducing a new feature to encourage commenters to consider their remarks before hitting "post". Although this is a welcome change, it is not a panacea. YouTube will soon begin testing a new filter that can remove comments that violate its Community Guidelines.

It is no secret that YouTube is a hub for political extremists, sexists, and fanboys. YouTube's comment section is a parody of the worst of Twitter and Reddit, full of racists and idiocy. The latest feature aims to encourage commenters to reconsider their remarks before hitting "post". This won't prevent you from posting comments, but it will make it more obvious.

The Conversation AI team, a Google subsidiary, has done its part in identifying toxicity. The team has built two public data sets, one with over one million toxic comments from Wikipedia and the other with over one million civil comments. These data sets will be put to good use in the development of tools to enhance online conversation.

The Conversation AI team is also responsible for hosting three competitions per year on Kaggle, a community for machine learning practitioners. They were also the first to release a toxicity-detection algorithm that can be adapted for different platforms. Although current models are capable of identifying toxicity, they are still missing the mark.

Identifying toxicity within YouTube video comment was a challenging task, but the Conversation AI team has done a better job than most. For example, a survey was done with input from creators and human rights experts, allowing YouTube to better understand how certain creators are disproportionately impacted by online hate.

Activating the YouTube Data API

Activating the YouTube Data API is an easy process. Using the service will allow you to gather YouTube metrics for use in 3rd party applications and data warehousing systems. This data can then be used to build a better business case for YouTube. YouTube is the world's largest video website, and it pays billions to IP owners, so there is plenty of motivation for businesses to build a comprehensive video analytics program.

The YouTube Data API has three main features. There is a Python client, a web based client, and a web based service key. The YouTube Data API is not free. You can opt for a free trial of up to 2 million API calls a month. If you're planning on using the service for longer than that, you may want to invest in a paid subscription.

The YouTube Data API v3 isn't limited to being a YouTube channel holder, and it's easy to sign up as an independent video player. The main benefit of using the YouTube Data API is being able to access YouTube data in real time. In addition to collecting data, the service allows users to store it locally or in the cloud. You can also run your own queries to mine the data for interesting trends. It's not uncommon to see a channel with over two hundred videos uploading well over 600 API calls a month. The YouTube Data API is one of the best ways to take advantage of YouTube's free video content.

The YouTube Data API v3 has a large number of impressive features, and the aforementioned site has a comprehensive documentation of the features. The YouTube Data API is a relatively simple application that you should definitely check out.

Creating a custom request

Creating a custom request for YouTube data API can be a bit tricky. You have to have some knowledge about the API in order to get it working. There are some things you can do to ensure that your request is valid.

First, you need to log into your YouTube account. Once you've logged in, you can click the Create Project button to add a project. You'll need to add a project name and select the organization you belong to. Next, you'll need to select your YouTube uploader form URL. You'll also need to add your API key.

Once you've created a project, you'll need to get an API key. These keys are unique to each project. These keys are free and can be used on multiple projects. You'll need to create two API keys.

Once you have your API key, you'll need to enable your API. Depending on the type of request you're making, you may need to get authorization. You'll also need to specify your custom setting. You can also add a Get Details button to your custom object.

The goal of the YouTube API is to retrieve data from the video channel. This data is important for search engine rankings. You can use the data to create more accurate keywords, and to rank your videos better.

There are many different types of YouTube resources, each with a set of actions called "methods." Each resource has a list of properties. The properties are represented as JSON objects. You can use JSON to select the features that are relevant to your request.

The most important resource is the title. A title plays a key role in search engine rankings. You should use a title that is related to your search query. It's also important to use more words in your title, because this can improve the likelihood of your video being found in search engines.

NewPipe - Watch YouTube Videos in the Background


Streaming videos from YouTube can be a lot easier with a NewPipe app for your Android phone. Besides being able to watch YouTube videos, you can also download files to your device. This app is a great way to get the most out of your YouTube experience, and it makes it so you never miss an episode of your favorite show.

Installing the app

Whether you're watching a live event from a famous YouTuber, watching video game streams, or just watching a YouTube video, you can now install NewPipe to watch YouTube videos in the background. It's free and open source, so you can watch YouTube videos on your Android device without advertisements, and without having to sign in to a YouTube account.

When you first open the app, it displays a trending page, with suggestions based on your watch history. In the app's settings, you can customize the default content language, location for downloaded videos, and privacy settings. You can also set default URLs for YouTube and other sites. In addition, NewPipe lets you save videos to your device, bookmark playlists, and use an external player app.

You can also install NewPipe through F-Droid, a third-party app store. You'll need to have "Install from unknown sources" enabled in your device's settings, or you'll have to download the app from the F-Droid website.

For installing NewPipe on a PC, you can use an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Andyroid. These apps can be downloaded from the F-Droid website or from other third-party websites. To install NewPipe, you'll need to navigate to the directory where the APK file is located. Depending on your device, you may need to double-click the app icon to open it.

Once you've downloaded the APK, you can install NewPipe by following the instructions. After installing, you'll be able to view videos on YouTube and set up the default URLs for YouTube and other sites.

NewPipe works by parsing the YouTube website, letting you search for videos and watch them without ads. It also lets you download videos in your preferred format. You can also customize the downloads based on the size of your device's storage and internet connection speed.

NewPipe is also available as an app for Windows PCs. The app has the same user interface as the smartphone version, although there isn't an app store associated with it. The app is hosted on Github, so you'll be able to update it to the latest version.

Streaming YouTube content

Using NewPipe, you can access YouTube content without the official YouTube app. The application is ad-free and allows you to search for music, play videos in the background and subscribe to channels. It also allows you to download videos, play them in the background and bookmark playlists. This application also provides privacy features. You can block ads on the go and keep your data safe.

The app supports multiple platforms, including Android, iOS and Linux-powered media centers. The NewPipe team has also developed an open source version that supports Android TV. But it was initially unsupported and had some bugs. The latest update to the application fixes these issues.

To install NewPipe on Android TV, users need to download the APK file from the official website or from the F-Droid app store. The F-Droid app store is an alternative to the Google Play Store. It provides a curated collection of free Android apps. However, you will need to enable the "Install from unknown sources" option before installing the application.

NewPipe offers a complete ad-free YouTube experience, which is beneficial for those who prefer an ad-free app. Using the application, you can watch YouTube videos in high quality. The app also allows you to download videos in the format of your choice. It also allows you to cast YouTube videos to a media center, including Kodi.

The application also includes a resizable Picture-in-Picture window. It also supports pop-up play. You can also use the app's native keyboard on your phone. In addition, NewPipe offers privacy features, including age-restricted blocking.

You can also access content creators and subscribe to them using the application. You can also subscribe to channels by hitting the red SUBSCRIBE button on the main page. The application also provides a trending page, which shows recommendations based on your watch history. You can also filter videos and playlists.

The application also has a pinned comments icon. You can also skip sponsored segments by using the SponsorBlock feature. In addition, the application stores all the content and watch history using a proxy. This feature makes it a perfect app for casual YouTube viewers.

Downloading files to the device

Using the NewPipe app to download files to your Android device is not a bad idea, but the app offers more than just file downloads. There are other features to check out as well, like the ability to bookmark videos and channels for easy retrieval. NewPipe also offers an ad-free experience for YouTube. This includes an integrated YouTube video browser, and an ad-free YouTube playback experience. NewPipe is also compatible with other video platforms, like SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Besides, there's no need to sign up for a Google account.

One of the most notable features of NewPipe is its ability to download videos in the YouTube app's native format. NewPipe is able to download videos in different quality levels, making it easier for you to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos even when you're offline. You can also download subtitles and audio files to help you enjoy your favorite videos in their original form.

You can download a YouTube video to your Android device using NewPipe, but a lot more is needed to make it happen. In fact, the fabled app offers more than just the ability to download videos, it also provides features such as a playlist, bookmarking channels and videos, and playing videos in fullscreen mode. NewPipe is also compatible with YouTube's official PeerTube API, which means you won't have to rely on a third party library to play YouTube videos. NewPipe also comes with an ad-free experience for YouTube, meaning you can watch your favorite videos while doing other tasks.

The best part about NewPipe is that it's free to download and install, and you can use it on just about any device. This includes Android smartphones, iPhones, and other devices. The app comes with a free legacy version for those with older Android devices. Besides, NewPipe's codebase has been rigorously tested and proven, so you can be sure it's a reliable download.

The app also boasts a host of other features, including a "pop up" player which works in the same manner as a web browser's picture mode, but a lot more fun. It's also got a fancy gizmo for displaying the most important videos in the app's library, and a built-in search feature that can't be beaten by Google or Apple.

Configuration options

Using the NewPipe app, you can subscribe to YouTube channels, download audio and video streams, and play them in the background. You can also play these videos through an external video player such as MXPlayer. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

NewPipe is an ad-free and open source application that helps you to watch YouTube videos. You can also customize the app's appearance, including its background color scheme, and change the display size. This app is a great alternative to the official YouTube app.

NewPipe is free to download, and is available in the F-Droid library. This alternative to the Play Store allows you to download and update apps without having to pay for them. It also offers a great catalog of free and open source Android apps.

NewPipe is an alternative to the official YouTube app, and offers many more features. It is also privacy friendly. NewPipe does not share your video or audio information with YouTube servers, and you can control your privacy by deleting your likes and dislikes. NewPipe also allows you to subscribe to YouTube channels, and export subscriptions to your Android device. You can also change the video resolution. This app also supports playing videos with Kodi Media Center.

NewPipe is an incredibly lightweight application that does not require Google Services. It also uses Tor to help with traffic through the app. It also uses a background audio player, which reduces WiFi/Mobile data usage. It is also available for Windows and Mac.

NewPipe is also supported by donations. This application also offers a variety of settings for video information, including video resolution, the speed of the video, and other options. It also includes video popups, which you can use to watch videos while running another application. You can also configure the popup dimensions. You can also choose to download a video into a specific directory on your device. You can also add videos to your playlist. NewPipe is a great alternative to the official YouTube App, and you can download it for free by clicking on the download button below.

What You Need to Know About Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Open Broadcaster Software

Whether you're just starting out in screencasting or you're already an experienced user, there are a few things you need to know about the free, open-source OBS Studio. This is a screencasting application that is available on MacOS, Windows, and BSD, and it is also cross-platform, which means you can record and edit your videos on any system.


Using open source software for live video streaming is one way to avoid the expensive fees of paying a production company. Open Broadcaster Software has many features to help you live stream your events. You can use the software to upload video to popular streaming sites or record straight to your hard drive.

Open Broadcaster Software comes with a free version and offers a wide array of features. You can use the software to record a live stream, customize the streaming settings, and upload to popular streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch. It's also one of the easiest live video streaming programs to use, and comes with a large community of users.

Open Broadcaster Software has four major sections - Controls, Sources, Live, and Audio. For this article, we're going to focus on the latter two. If you're looking to do a little live streaming on your own, you'll want to make sure you have all of the major components of the software installed. You can find them by clicking the Controls menu and selecting "Open Broadcaster Software". The Sources section is the main drag and drop area, and is where you'll add sources such as a microphone, audio interface, and webcam.

For starters, you'll want to make sure you've installed VLC. The software comes with a number of features, including a built-in volume mixer, a stream deck control, and a built-in audio recorder. If you want to do more advanced recording, you can buy a plug-in. You can also record straight to your hard drive with the software, and can use a variety of recording formats.

The most important part of the software is its control panel. It allows you to configure your live video streaming hardware, configure your settings, and change your stream deck's volume. You can also configure your settings for a particular recording target.


Using Open Broadcaster Software Studio is a great way to record and repurpose video content. You can create and share videos in a variety of formats and encode them to fit your needs. The software can also handle audio input and output. You can also use it to create a live feed from a variety of sources. You can even key out the background.

The software is free to download and use. You can add more features with a paid version. It can also be used to create custom layouts. For example, you can add a second window to your recording screen. You can also add an animated logo or lower third.

OBS also has a number of other features, such as an overlay that you can add to several scenes. This feature can also be used to create special transitions and jump cuts. This is one of the reasons why it is such a useful piece of software.

The software is a great way to streamline your video production and streamline your streaming experience. OBS has a variety of scenes to choose from, from the most basic to the most complex. This makes it easy to choose the best fit for your needs.

The software is also capable of creating custom audio settings and keying out the background. You can also choose to create your own custom video source. This can include pre-recorded media and live feeds from your favorite devices.

The software is a great way for media professionals to get a digital production workstation. You can even mix and match windows for added automation. The software also has a number of impressive features that make it a must have.


Streaming is a way for people to share their lives on the internet. It is a way to reach a larger audience, and it can be a great way to engage people. There are many applications available for live streaming, including Streamlabs and Mixer.

One of these applications, Open Broadcaster Software, is a free and open source program that allows users to live stream their screen and audio. It can be used by both content creators and YouTubers. The program is simple to use, and is easy to set up.

Open Broadcaster Software is compatible with a wide range of hardware, including video capture cards, recorders, and external switchers. It is also compatible with Linux and macOS. It supports NDI, VST plugins, and stream deck controls. It is updated regularly to improve the user experience.

Open Broadcaster Software is an open source solution that allows users to stream their screen to a number of online services. It is ideal for content creators and YouTubers who want to record gameplay. It has an audio mixer, which allows users to adjust the sound levels before recording. It also allows users to select a portion of the screen, so that they can record just that part of the screen.

Another advantage of Open Broadcaster Software is the fact that it is able to record audio and video at the same time. This means that users can record their gameplay, and stream to YouTube or Twitch at the same time. The program can also be used to record webcam footage.

The OBS website also provides an instructional page that describes how to use the software. The page describes the theory behind the software, and it gives practical steps for running a course.

Scene transitions

Using transitions is a great way to create a more professional looking broadcast. OBS provides transitions such as Fade and Cut, and you can add your own custom transitions. Using transitions is also a great way to create multiple camera angles.

In OBS, a scene is made up of a few elements, and you can set up more complex scenes. To begin, you need to select your scene, and you'll be prompted to name it.

Next, you'll want to add sources. To add a source, click the plus sign underneath the source. You can also add sources to multiple scenes. The sources you add will need some resources. For example, if you want to add a webcam, you'll need to add a second Video Capture Device source.

Now that you have your sources set up, you're ready to create your transitions. Typically, you'll want to use cuts and fades for your transitions. You can also use stinger transitions, which are animated transitions that play a video animation. You can download a stinger transition from the internet, and you can use it for a variety of different purposes.

You can also use transitions to push scenes into Live View. This will give you an idea of how the scene will look before you broadcast it. Using transitions also makes your broadcasts more interesting. With transitions, you can jump from one scene to another or fade from one scene to the next.

Transitions also have a number of other effects. For example, you can add a fade to color transition effect or slide transition effect. You can also set the duration of the transition. The duration will be displayed in the transition dock.


Whether you're a live streamer, a content creator or you just want to record a game, you'll want to know the controls of Open Broadcaster Software. These tools are free and will allow you to create the live rendition of your favorite game or event. This software also supports advanced features like VST plugins and RTMP video streaming. Using this software will give you the ability to adjust your broadcast settings, upload live video, and record your webcam.

The Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free live streaming tool that supports a range of advanced features like VST plugins, RTMP video streaming, and audio encoding in AAC and MP3. The software allows you to record your webcam, upload live video, and configure your stream deck. It also supports multiple input video sources and switching between them.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) comes in two flavors - OBS Studio and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Live. Both versions are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Live is the most popular of the two, but you can use either version to create your own livestream. The Open Broadcaster Software Studio is a free, open source software package that allows you to record and play back your live video while allowing you to create screen layouts, add text and graphics, and more. OBS Studio can be downloaded here. You can also learn more about the program by attending the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Live Zoom meeting. The meeting will provide an overview of OBS and show you how to configure the software to produce a live video stream. During this meeting, you'll learn how to set up scenes, integrate content sources, and more.

How Much Does YouTube Music Pay Artists?

Unlike the radio industry, YouTube does not pay artists based on the amount of sales or airplay. Instead, it pays artists based on how much people watch or listen to their videos. This is why a lot of people are concerned about how much they should be earning from YouTube.

Spotify pays more per stream than Tidal

Streaming platforms have changed the music industry. While physical sales are fading, digital streams continue to grow. They make up nearly 80% of music sales worldwide. Spotify is one of the largest streaming services in the world, but how much does it pay per stream?

There are many factors that can affect the royalty payments that a streaming platform pays its artists. These include the type of rights a song has, the number of streams the song has, and the country it is being played in. Streaming platforms also have to pay royalties to the music's distributors and record labels.

Streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music pay artists a percentage of the revenue generated by streams. These rates vary depending on the type of subscription plan an artist chooses, and the number of streams the artist receives.

The biggest streaming platform, Spotify, pays a smaller percentage of its revenue to artists. The company is under fire for its low payouts. This is because it pools money from subscription fees and ads. It then pays 70 percent of its money to rights holders. These rights holders include publishers, distributors, and independent artists. These rights holders are responsible for distributing the rest of the revenue based on the deal they made.

Artists are often concerned about the amount of money streaming platforms pay them. The companies do not publicly disclose how much they pay artists, but a recent report from the 2020 Business Insider found that artists can earn as little as a penny per stream. This is a far cry from what artists expect, especially if they're trying to earn the full wage.

Streaming services like Spotify and Tidal are important to the music industry, but they don't pay enough to artists. Some smaller artists feel that the subscription money should go to the artists who stream, rather than to the labels who make the music.

The average Spotify payout is around $0.0038 per stream. This rate depends on the type of subscription plan an artist chooses, the number of streams the artist receives, and the country of the streams. The higher the number of users, the lower the average payout per stream. However, if the artist is a successful artist, the amount of money they receive can be much higher.

Pandora pays as little as $0.0013 per play

Streaming services can pay a variety of royalties to artists and songwriters. Some music distribution websites have guideline values for each service. Some are based on geographic location and other factors. The table below offers an estimated value for each service.

Pandora pays less than other online music streaming services. The company's free tier works like an ad-supported radio, with listeners able to play any song on the list. Pandora Plus offers an ad-free version of its service. Pandora Premium is similar to Pandora Plus in that it offers an on-demand and interactive streaming experience. The service also offers a replay function.

Pandora pays artists a fixed rate of 45% of its revenues. This is lower than some alternative streaming services, which can pay as much as $0.0043 per stream.

Pandora is a member of the nonprofit performing rights organization, SoundExchange. This organization collects and distributes performance royalties to copyright holders, including the artist and songwriter. However, Pandora does not receive SoundExchange's share of the copyright owner's share.

Pandora has also been at the center of a national debate over royalties. Some rights holders have been concerned that Pandora is not paying enough to artists and songwriters. Pandora's CEO, Brian McAndrews, has defended the company's payouts, downplaying the threat of record labels suing Pandora.

Pandora pays artists a fixed rate on non-interactive streams, but pays artists differently for interactive streams. Pandora pays a label share to CD Baby for digital performance royalties, but does not pay a copyright owner's share to SoundExchange.

Pandora has made an effort to reach out to artists, including launching a new AMP, or Artist Marketing Platform, in 2016. The AMP is an effort to make it easier for artists to promote single tracks and integrate concert ticket sales. It also includes a variety of artist-friendly features, such as a live audio messages and real-time feedback from listeners.

Pandora has also been lobbied to lower its statutory per-stream payout to labels via SoundExchange. This could help Pandora break free from the collective licensing rate that it has been based on.

YouTube monetization is about volume

Whether you are just starting out, or have been creating videos for years, there are ways to make money on YouTube. Depending on your niche, audience, and location, monetization can bring in a significant income.

YouTube is a search engine that offers creators the opportunity to make money through its Google AdSense program. The ads appear before videos, allowing viewers to select which ads to watch. Typically, YouTube pays between $0.10 and $0.30 per ad view.

Another common way to make money on YouTube is to sell branded products. There are dozens of merchant platforms that support selling branded goods. If your fan base is growing steadily, selling branded merchandise can be an effective way to make money.

Another way to monetize your YouTube channel is to create a blog. This strategy requires a bit more work, but can help you reach more subscribers. Many affiliate marketers use static blogs to drive traffic to their YouTube channels.

One of the most popular ways for YouTube creators to monetize their videos is through the YouTube Partner Program. When you join, you will be able to place ads on your videos. This means you will get 55% of the ad revenue.

However, you have to meet a few requirements to qualify for the program. The first is that your YouTube channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. The second is that your channel must have 4,000 hours of watch time over the past 12 months.

While this is a fairly modest goal, it's a manageable one. You'll also need to show that your content makes sense for the company's needs. The best way to do this is to show them examples of affiliate programs that have worked for other YouTubers.

Finally, you must prove that your channel has been active for at least a year. YouTube aims to keep users on its platform as long as possible. This means that it will take some time for you to start earning revenue. If you start generating revenue within the first 30 days, however, you will not have to wait as long to receive your first payment.

The Most Popular Music Videos of All Time on YouTube

Whether you are looking for a cool music video to watch or you are looking for a good music video to add to your playlist, YouTube has got you covered. You can find the top music videos of all time listed here. You can also watch videos from popular artists such as Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and Run the Jewels, just to name a few.

Van Halen's "Jump"

'Jump' is one of Van Halen's biggest hits. It was their only number one single in the US and Canada. It also reached the top 10 in the UK and Ireland. "Jump" is a synth driven piece of music.

This song was written by David Lee Roth in the early 1980s. He wrote the lyrics while driving around Los Angeles in his Mercury convertible. He came up with the phrase, "Go ahead and jump!" after watching a news story about a suicidal man.

"Jump" was recorded in two separate takes and spliced together. Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo. He claims it's his favorite solo he didn't write. The synthesizer line was recorded on an Oberheim OB-Xa.

"Jump" was recorded at 5150 studios in April and May 1983. It's the lead single from the band's album 1984. It also topped the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1984. It started a five week run at the top of the charts. The song is considered one of Van Halen's greatest songs. It was nominated for the Best Stage Performance award at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards.

The song is often referred to as the best rock song of all time. It also ranked #15 on VH1's list of the greatest songs of the 1980s.

"Jump" was released in December 1983 as the lead single from Van Halen's album 1984. It was also used as the opening song for the Cubs games on WGN-TV.

"Jump" reached the top of the Billboard charts, and went on to sell eight million copies worldwide. In addition, it was nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards. It also reached the top 10 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany and Austria.

Taylor Swift's "Faded"

Throughout her storied career, Taylor Swift has been one of the most successful country artists of all time. Her latest album, Midnights, will be released on October 21. This is a collection of songs with a wide range of influences. The album also features a collaboration with Lana Del Rey.

Taylor Swift released a new recording of "Red" in April. The track is a little less processed than the original, which reflects Swift's vulnerability. The album also features a number of other notable re-recordings. Among them, "Speak Now" and "Fearless" are two standouts.

Another noteworthy song on the album is "The Summer I Turned Pretty," a coming-of-age ode to summer love. The song features a marching band style percussion and cheerleading shouts. The song also has a nifty title.

Another impressive feat of Swift's is her participation in TikTok, a popular mobile app that features the occasional re-recording of old songs. Known for its springboard-style production and the ability to find new talent, the app has managed to rake in some major publicity.

The company has managed to create a number of gimmicks, including an Official Music Video and a cryptic clue about an upcoming project. The TikTok app has also managed to create the biggest buzz of any of Swift's latest offerings. The company has reportedly produced a dozen songs, some of which were released in a series of hourly TikToks.

As a result of these and other gimmicks, the TikTok app has been the most popular amongst Swifties, but the company has a long way to go before it becomes the next big thing in mobile music. Whether or not "Faded" can match its predecessor remains to be seen.

Run the Jewels' "RTJ2"

RTJ2 is the latest release from hip-hop duo Run the Jewels. The pair's self-produced debut was released last year and was available for free download. It was a fun record, and one that was lyrically sharp and entertaining. But it was also a record that captured the mood during times of turmoil.

The duo is a cross-genre act with a wide range of influences. It is also a hip-hop act that is taking music more seriously. Its lyrical choices could be inspiration for writers.

Run the Jewels' RTJ2 is an album that aims to save hip-hop. With its raw production and heavy beats, the album is an immediate music experience. Its themes are also very truthful.

The album's title track, "RTJ2," is about two nearly 40-year-old men, who have been through a lot of ****. The duo's racial dynamic is sometimes played for laughs. It's also about a police brutality reportage that's taken live.

There's a great deal of violence and panic in RTJ2. It's an album about the bleak future of America. Its production captures the spirit of 90s east coast rap.

The first half of the album is full of hard, aggressive beats. The album's title track, "RTJ2," has an ultrasonic bass and scream-sampling. It's a roaring rager that delivered face-melting beats.

The second half of the album features a more relaxed and experimental sound. The album is a mix of explicit and non-explicit material. It features former members of Rage Against the Machine and Three 6 Mafia. There's also a track with Scarface and Diane Coffee.

Run the Jewels' second album is a step up from its self-titled debut. It's more aggressive, fun, and lyrically sharp. The band has also pushed boundaries, taking shots at other rappers. It may be the best hip-hop record of our generation.

Tribe Called Quest's "Mi Gente"

Despite being a band that disbanded in 2017, A Tribe Called Quest has gotten some love recently. A recent tribute event honoring their "Mi Gente" album was a cornucopia of musical genres. The event was spearheaded by a non-profit organization called UnderCover Presents. They enlisted the help of over one hundred local musicians to pay tribute to the album.

The event also honored A Tribe's founding member, Phife Dawg. Phife spent the last fifteen years of his life in Oakland. His family was honored at the event, including his wife and mother. The event featured MJ's Brass Boppers, the Awesome Orchestra, and La Gente.

The Midnight Marauders was a groundbreaking album, bridging hip-hop and jazz. The album is still being played and reverberating around the world. This show is meant to give newbies a taste of the classic album. The show takes place May 16-18 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The event will also feature an exhibit of photographs taken from the 65-day recording process.

The Midnight Marauders is an impressive album that a lot of people will probably not hear. In honor of this, Abdurraqib wrote an open letter to each member of A Tribe Called Quest. He writes about their achievements and brings their music to life.

The best way to appreciate the album is to see the band live. The show will be held at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in Oakland on May 16-18. The YBCA recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and this show is sure to be one of the highlights. If you're in the area, you should definitely go. The show will be a great way to pay homage to one of hip-hop's greatest albums.

Jay-Z's "Lean On"

Earlier this month, Jay-Z released a new music video for his track "Picasso Baby." The video was shot at New York City's Pace Gallery, which is a space where art performances take place. During the performance, Jay-Z interacts with the audience.

In the video, Jay-Z raps over a Timbaland production. The beat features a low-slung funk groove, as well as wah-wah guitar. It's an ambitious beat. It also features a cinematic break, accompanied by an uneasy flute. This beat also features a mashup duo, The White Panda. It's a perfect introduction to Jay-Z's new album.

In the lyrics, Jay-Z explains his goals: to get rid of his alter ego, to be brutally honest with himself and to heal. The rapper's goals change throughout the song. Some of them are direct follow-ups to previous verses, and others are more broader. The lyrics are also intentionally misogynistic, and mention only crossover artists.

In the lyrics, Jay-Z refers to Picasso's works, and his daughter Blue. Jay-Z has been spotted at art auctions and attended Art Basel. His wife Blue Ivy Carter is also mentioned.

Jay-Z also has a lot of money. He spent a lot of money on art. He also has a lot of business ventures. His ideas about property conflict with his concerns about art stewardship. He has been spotted at art auctions and visited the Museum of Modern Art.

Jay-Z is also a drug dealer. He is said to have a "unimaginable" amount of wealth. He has been spotted at art auctions with Beyonce.

Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers of all time. His new album 4:44 is an examination of black people in America.

Can a Private Video on YouTube Have Copyrighted Music on It?

Can a private video on YouTube have copyrighted music on it

Whether you are creating a private video on YouTube or uploading your video to an online video sharing service like YouTube, you need to be aware that you can't just drop the music from your video and upload it to YouTube without a license. You can still use royalty-free music for your video, but you'll need to get the right permissions to use copyrighted music.

Get permission to use someone else's copyrighted material

Getting permission to use someone else's copyrighted material on a private video on YouTube can be tricky. You must be careful to only use the content that you are legally entitled to. Using material that you do not have permission to use can lead to legal repercussions. If you want to avoid these pitfalls, keep these tips in mind.

First, you should be aware that the copyrighted material that you use should be royalty-free. It is easy to create your own royalty-free images. If you are unable to create your own, you can purchase a royalty-free image. This ensures that you have a worry-free creative process and are not exposed to legal liability.

Next, you should be aware that you cannot use copyrighted music on a private video on YouTube without getting written permission. However, you can use it for commentary, research or research-related purposes.

In addition, if you are making a fan tribute video, you are allowed to use copyrighted material, as long as you aren't using it for a primary focus of interest. You may also comment directly on the video, as long as you do not quote the material or present it for a new purpose. You may also use it for news reporting or scholarly research.

However, if you are using a quote or image from a source other than the video itself, you must ensure that you give the artist or designer credit. You should also avoid using copyrighted material for design-related purposes.

Finally, if you are unsure of whether or not a copyrighted work is fair use, you may wish to consult a copyright lawyer. Copyright laws vary from country to country. This is why it is important to consult an expert in your country.

It is also important to note that the copyright claim on a video can be made manually or through the Content ID management system. If you do not believe that the claim has any merit, you can ask for it to be retracted. However, if the owner of the copyright takes legal action, your video may be removed from YouTube. You can also submit a counter-notification if your video is removed.

Check to see if a song is in the public domain

Using songs in your videos can be risky. The original copyright holder may send a cease and desist letter. They can also take down your videos containing copyrighted songs. You need to know if a song is in the public domain before using it in your videos.

PDInfo is a great website to find public domain songs. You can use the search engine to find a list of songs you may be able to use in your videos. You can also search by song or year.

YouTube also has its own Content ID system. The system uses algorithms to check if a song is copyrighted. If it is, YouTube will show a red exclamation mark in the Checks section of the song. This will warn you of any copyright infringement. It will also state that you must ask permission from the copyright owner before using the song.

YouTube will also take down videos containing copyrighted songs. The only way to avoid this is to have the song licensed. If you are using a song that is licensed for public use, you will not receive this warning. However, you will need to track down the rights holder. This can be a complicated process.

The first step is to log into your YouTube account. From there, go to the YouTube Creator Studio. You can then upload a video. You will need to click the YouTube video description box to see if there is a license for the song. The description section will usually list the license owner and the type of license.

You can also use YouTube's Content ID system to check if a song is in the public Domain. This is a great way to save time and money.

YouTube is the number one video site in the world. It has the Content ID system to help YouTube monetize videos. However, it is not a guarantee that you will never receive a copyright claim.

If you do not have a copyright license, you will need to contact the copyright owner before using the song in your videos. You can also use a music provider that offers copyright support. This can be a great way to save time and avoid a copyright strike.

Dealing with copyright claims

Whether you have a private YouTube channel or not, you may be slapped with a copyright claim on your video. This is because YouTube owns copyright to the videos that are uploaded by its users. If the video contains copyrighted material, YouTube may block it or muted it. You can appeal the claim.

YouTube's Content ID system matches videos against reference files from record labels, TV stations, and movie studios. YouTube uses this system to leverage its dominance in the online video market. It allows rightsholders to shave as much time as possible off of the monetization process.

In the past, there was a strict legal limit on how much of a video a creator could use without permission. If a video creator tried to monetize it, it would be blocked. However, YouTube has changed its policy. It now allows creators to monetize a video once it meets certain requirements.

YouTube is more concerned with protecting free speech and promoting creativity than it is with appeasing large copyright holders. As a result, the company has made the Content ID system private. Only certain rightsholders can upload content to the system.

The Content ID system is mostly automated, but it still needs the creator's permission to make a match. It takes a couple of seconds to match a video against a reference file. It can take a few days for the dispute to be resolved. It's important to get the claim right.

Using someone else's content without their permission is a blatant violation of copyright. Even adding attribution will not help if it is not done right. If a match is made, the content holder can file a DMCA takedown. If the takedown is successful, YouTube may remove the video.

The DMCA process is intimidating. It can lead to a video being removed from YouTube or a user's account being revoked. You may also be sued. This can be especially damaging to creators who want to quit their day jobs and become full-time YouTubers.

To avoid having a Content ID match, it's best to make your videos private. The Content ID system can also be used to access private videos, but it isn't a manual process.

Using royalty-free music

Using royalty-free music on private videos on YouTube can be a good way to monetize your videos. However, before you do that, you'll need to get the right license. There are different ways to do this. You can make a claim on the video, negotiate with the copyright owner, or pay for a license.

You'll also need to make sure you don't infringe copyright laws. If you use copyrighted music, you can face legal repercussions. You may be liable for copyright infringement or even be sued. To avoid these problems, you should contact the copyright holder and get permission before using their music.

Another option is to use Creative Commons music. However, this can be tricky, as it can often come with murky terms. Almost always, a license to use Creative Commons music requires attribution. This means that if you want to use a song that is under a Creative Commons license, you'll have to provide credit to the owner in the video description.

In addition, you may also be able to use public domain music. Public domain music is music that was published prior to 1923. You can check if you can use the song by using the PDINFO website. The website will allow you to search for music by year and track the copyright status of a specific song.

Another way to monetize your videos is to use ad-supported music. These music tracks will often show ads in your videos, and ad money will go to the music owner. However, the ad-supported music may not be monetized, and you may be required to pay a license fee.

The easiest way to avoid copyright infringement is to use royalty-free music. Licensing music can be expensive, and it can take a lot of time to negotiate with the copyright owner. However, it's possible to use royalty-free music on YouTube and avoid the hassle of copyright laws.

The YouTube Audio Library is a great place to start. You'll be able to find free tracks and a variety of other options for use in your videos. You can also check the YouTube Creator hub to see if a particular song is allowed to be used.

How Do I Convert YouTube Videos to Music on Android?

Currently there are several options to download music and videos from YouTube to your Android device. The first step is to choose a software tool to do the job. These tools range from Videoder to MiniTool uTube Downloader.

Geekersoft YouTube to MP3

Using a YouTube to MP3 converter is a quick and easy way to download your favorite YouTube videos. They are also a great way to save time if you are looking for a particular video.

There are a number of options on the market. These tools can range from desktop applications to online tools. You need to choose the right one for your needs. Some tools can convert multiple videos at once, while others offer a wide variety of target formats.

The Geekersoft YouTube to MP3 converter is a great way to get audio from YouTube. It is a free download and is simple to use. It supports downloading music from all websites and has several features. It also offers a range of sound quality. It supports MP3 audio up to 320KBPS.

A YouTube to MP3 converter can help you download and convert YouTube videos to MP3. This will enable you to enjoy your favorite videos offline. You can also download playlists from YouTube and customize the bitrate to ensure you get the best quality. It is important to choose a converter that offers a fast speed.

A YouTube to MP3 converter should be easy to use and have a range of features. It should be capable of converting any track within 30 seconds to a minute. It should also have batch downloading capabilities. It should also have an audio quality range of 64kbps to 420kbps.

Another way to download YouTube videos is by loading the video in your browser. The video will show up with a preview. Then, you can copy the URL and paste it into a YouTube to MP3 converter. It should be able to convert the video to MP3 with no problem.

You can also download YouTube videos by using a third-party application. However, you need to make sure that the app is safe. Some apps can include malware and trojans, which can slow down the process or ruin the sound quality of the converted music. You should check with the original copyright holders to ensure that you are not breaking any laws.

MiniTool uTube Downloader

Using MiniTool uTube Downloader, you can download YouTube videos and convert them into audio. This free tool supports a number of file formats, including MP4, WEBM, MP3, AVI, WAV, MKV, and HD videos.

It has a simple and attractive interface. It's easy to use and has no ads. It is available for both Windows and Android devices. It offers downloads in various formats, including HD, 4K, and 720p. It also provides support for subtitles.

You can use MiniTool uTube Downloader to convert your favorite videos to audio. It supports many file formats, including MP4, WEBM, MKV, MP3, AVI, WAV, WMA, AAC, and HEVC/H264. It also has a screen recorder feature.

When you select a video to convert, you'll be prompted to select the format. You can also choose the output format and the location. You can also adjust the file name, select the device, and edit the target section. Once you finish converting, you can play it in the Converted tab. You can also remove the converted file.

MiniTool uTube Downloader is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It also supports downloading YouTube playlists. The download speed is also decent. You can convert up to eight videos at a time.

MiniTool uTube is a free downloader that provides a hassle-free experience. It supports downloading of YouTube videos at high-quality and high-speed. It has a flexible caption tool. It also comes with a YouTube navigator.

MiniTool uTube has a lot of features, such as the ability to download subtitles from YouTube videos. It also supports downloading video playlists, sound synchronized videos, and multi-threaded downloads. You can choose to download the subtitles field, or download the subtitles automatically. It also has a caption tool that lets you select the language and adjust the recording area.

MiniTool uTube also has an impressive screen record feature. You can record your PC's screen activity to convert YouTube videos. It can also record your screen in high-definition.

MiniTool uTube's interface is intuitive and easy to use. You can also download videos in bulk. It offers a basic subscription plan. It is also free of viruses, adware, and malware.


Whether you want to convert a video from YouTube to music or vice versa, you can do so with the help of Videoder. This app is a great choice for Android users. It is free to download and offers a host of features. Besides YouTube, it can also download content from other streaming sites like Vimeo and Hotstar. Its slick interface makes it easy to navigate through a wide variety of sites.

Videoder is a great way to save videos in high-quality formats, like MP3. If you are looking for a program to download your favorite video clips, this app is a great choice. The application allows you to customize the download options, including the video format, quality, and number of connections.

A video downloader might seem like a no-brainer, but it is a rare program that provides the features and functionality you need. Videoder's quick download mode and automatic resume make it easy to download videos on the go. The app also lets you preview the video before downloading it, which is something you cannot do with the default browser.

Videoder can also help you get a better look at your favorite clips. The app's media player allows you to play the files as they download. The app also boasts a few other features, including the ability to download several files at the same time.

Videoder also has a smart detection tool that detects media file links on web pages. This means you can save the videos you download without ever leaving the app. The app also has a downloads folder, where the files you download will be saved.

Videoder is a great choice for Android users who want to download their favorite videos in high-quality formats. Its slick interface makes it an easy choice for Android users. Its dozens of video download options make it easy to download your favorite clips. Besides YouTube, it can also download music from popular streaming websites. It also has a feature to display a list of its supported sites, which is also a clever idea.

It's not the only video downloader on the market, but it is a great choice for Android users.

Syncios Mobile Manager

Using Syncios Mobile Manager, you can convert YouTube videos to music on Android. It can also be used to manage music files on iOS devices. You can transfer music, photos, SMS, ebooks, and call history. It is a great tool for organizing all your data.

This program is easy to use, as it can import all your files from your computer. You can even download videos from hundreds of video sharing websites. You can then choose the output format, the resolution, and the size. It can also be used as a ringtone maker. You can even create your own custom ringtones.

It supports a wide range of audio formats. It can convert audio files to MP3, M4A, and OGG. You can also export your files to a CAF or M4R file. Alternatively, you can import your music files to your connected devices.

It can also convert videos to M4A, MP4, and M4R. You can import all your videos to the Syncios library. You can also select the output path for your videos. You can change the video quality, and set the subtitle language, as well as set the maximum number of videos to download at once.

You can also transfer music between your computer and your Android phone. The program is compatible with iOS 16. You can also transfer contacts, messages, ebooks, and photo albums. You can even preview your contacts on your computer. It can also export your SMS, WhatsApp, and call history.

You can also download YouTube videos. The program has an intelligent searching mode, which will help you find the right video. After you copy the video link, you can paste it in the search box. The program will then display the video below the search box. You can then set the video's output path, and select the video quality.

It is easy to download YouTube videos to MP3. You can change the quality to High, Medium, or Low. You can even add a voiceover. You can also set the video cover. You can also change the video's size, which ranges from 480x320 to 1920x1080.

Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Open Broadcaster Software

Whether you are looking for a screencasting tool or need a way to live stream, you'll find what you're looking for in OBS Studio. This screencasting software is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS and is open source, making it easy to download and use.


Whether you are an amateur or professional, screencasting software is a great way to record and share knowledge. It allows you to easily demonstrate a complex task or software feature. The software can also be used to integrate technology into the curriculum.

Some screencasting software includes pre-made video templates to help you record videos. It also includes advanced video editing capabilities. It may also include cloud storage to help you store your videos. It also offers a wide range of export formats. It is also easy to use and includes a free trial.

Some screencasting software allows you to add annotations to your videos. These annotations can include callouts, highlights, text overlays, and more. It also allows you to add visual effects to your videos.

Some of the best screencasting software includes the feature to adjust the sound quality. A good screencasting tool should also allow you to export videos in web-friendly formats. It should also work across multiple computers and operating systems. It should have a live-streaming feature to help you share your videos online.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open source screencasting software program. It is a very versatile tool, but the interface can make it difficult to set up. The program allows you to record video and audio in real time, and it also includes an API to help you create scripts.

Camtasia is a screen recording software program that has been around for a long time. It is considered the best screencasting software for Windows. It includes e-learning features, custom video templates, and slideshow integration. It has a basic editor, but you can also purchase a paid version to access additional features.

Live streaming

Using Open Broadcaster Software Studio is a fast way to get into live streaming. It's free, open source, and supports a variety of different platforms.

The software allows you to mix and match a variety of audio and video sources. You can also add a variety of different effects and transitions to your stream. You can also host guests. You can add a graphic or two to your stream to give it a more professional touch.

OBS can be downloaded for free and works on a variety of different platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also works with video capture cards. You can also use it to record your screen and stream your live stream to popular streaming services.

OBS is also compatible with the Network Device Interface, or NDI. This allows graphics to be displayed immediately. This is a feature that was previously only available on high-end encoders.

You can also use the Switchboard tool to allow viewers to stream your live stream on social media platforms. This is a great feature for beginners to use. The software also offers animation tools and other more advanced video editing tools.

Streamlabs is another free open source live streaming software. It is based on OBS, but comes with more features and is easier to use. It also offers customer support. However, there are some compatibility issues that may affect your stream's performance.

Capture quality

Using the Open Broadcaster software in conjunction with a camera, it's possible to record live video and stream it to any number of devices, including custom RTMP servers. With the software installed, you can easily capture and mix multiple video and audio sources, and then play it back or upload it to any number of file formats. This software is compatible with Windows and Linux platforms, and is a free download. It's also worth noting that Open Broadcaster Software has a community forum where users can share ideas and best practices. It's also a well rounded software package.

The most important function of Open Broadcaster Software is to enable users to record video straight to their hard drive, or to a variety of streaming services. In addition to streaming, the software allows for mixing and matching multiple video and audio sources, and then recording to the same hard drive. It also has an impressive multi-segment preview window, which makes it easy to see and hear what you're recording. It also has a variety of features, including a built-in teleprompter, which can be useful when you're recording a live show.

Using Open Broadcaster Software, you'll find it isn't all that hard to produce an impressive video of nearly any quality. It also has a slick interface, which means you'll get it up and running in no time.


Whether you are a video game enthusiast or you simply want to live stream videos to your friends, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open source application that allows you to do so. You can record video from your laptop or desktop, or mix a range of audio and video sources. It supports Windows, Linux and MacOS, and allows you to stream your video directly to YouTube and other popular streaming services.

OBS is easy to use, and it doesn't require any post-processing. In fact, it provides you with a wide range of inbuilt processing tools.

The software is divided into four sections, which are Controls, Audio Mixer, Sources and Scenes. Each section contains toggle buttons that allow you to start and stop recording, start streaming, adjust levels, or view your stream settings.

The Audio Mixer section allows you to adjust the volume of your audio, as well as adjust filters and gain. You can also record the audio directly to your hard drive, or you can live stream it. It also includes a microphone input. You can also select an area of your screen to record.

The Sources section allows you to select an audio source and adjust its level. You can also add filters and transitions to your video. This section also includes a preview area that shows the audio output from your mixer.

The Controls section has buttons to start and stop recording, as well as toggles to toggle the studio mode. You can also add countdown timers to your videos.

Scene transitions

Creating a memorable live video stream requires a bit more than just capturing video and hitting play. You also need some transitions to help you get from one scene to the next. These effects help you make your video production look professional and impressive.

One of the first things you will need to do is add your sources. You can add multiple video capture devices, webcams and other audio sources. In OBS, you can use up to three of these sources per scene. Once you have your sources ready, you can add some other transition effects. The central transition controls feature a slider which can blend the transition from the live stream to the preview and program views. You can also use the transition slider to fade in and out your video animation.

The transitions in OBS are divided into two categories: Quick Transitions and Long Transitions. The former is a series of short jumps between scenes. The latter is a series of longer, more complex transitions.

The OBS Transition Matrix is a free OBS plugin that will allow you to create a stinger (short, animated video transition) between scenes. This is a clever way to make your live stream more engaging and memorable. Using this plugin, you can create a series of short videos that can be played as a loop or triggered by the right button.

In addition to the Transition Matrix, you can also use OBS Studio to create some of these transitions. In OBS Studio, you can add transitions to your scene by navigating to the Scene Transitions tab.


Using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) isn't a one man show. Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio) is a suite of open source software for live streaming video on the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. Among the many tools is a software that supports the RTMP protocol used by the likes of YouTube and Twitch. This suite of applications is a good fit for both novice and pro streamers alike. The OBS mobile app allows a user to configure their rig and stream to multiple devices. In addition to enabling video and audio streaming, the app also supports various plug-ins, such as Twitch adblockers. Likewise, Open Broadcaster Software Studio is compatible with the latest browsers, so you won't have to sift through browser settings to find the right settings.

Although Open Broadcaster Software is free to download and use, there are no customer support options. Although the app isn't the most feature rich, it's a cinch to set up and stream live video with little fuss. The software is free to download from the OBS website, and is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Besides, the OBS mobile app can stream directly to your Android or iOS device, making it a truly mobile live video streaming solution.

How Much Data is Used to Listen to a Song Off YouTube?

How much data is used to listen to a song off youtube

Using YouTube and other streaming services can be a great way to get your favorite songs, but it can also be a big drain on your data plan. In fact, some people claim that using these services can actually eat up more data than listening to audio.

Streaming video eats up more data than audio

Streaming video on YouTube and other video services can be very data-hungry. The amount of data used depends on the quality of the video. You will use more data if you stream a music video or a movie in HD. Some apps, like Netflix, will automatically choose the appropriate setting to match the amount of data that you have available. Other apps will ask you for a video stream that will work with your available network speed. If you want to get the most out of your data plan, you can change the settings to reduce data usage.

YouTube uses more data than other video streaming services. This is because it buffers videos as you watch them. Its videos can change several times per second, which results in more data usage. If you're using a limited mobile broadband connection, you may find that you're limited by data caps. But you can always upgrade your data plan or limit how long you're streaming. And if you're an Android user, you can always check how much data you're using. You can also disable the background data feature to stop apps from eating up your data.

There are many factors that influence how much data you use, including the quality of the video you're streaming, the codec used, and the bitrate. For example, Apple Music uses different audio codecs than YouTube. This means that the audio quality will vary. If you're using a high-speed Internet connection, you may be able to stream music at high quality, which will use fewer MB. But if you're using a low-speed connection, you may be streaming at a lower quality, which will use more data.

When it comes to streaming video on YouTube, you should always know how much data you're using. If you're unsure, you can check out the Settings app to see how much data you're using. For Android, you can also use the Data Saver feature to limit how much data you use.

The Shift Project, a French think tank, has released a new report on the "unsustainable" impact of online video. The report examines the carbon footprint of streaming video and focuses on the "growing impact" of online video. The original report estimated that streaming in the United States in 2011 emitted 3.2kgCO2 per hour. The new report updates that figure to 36gCO2 per hour. It also includes "embodied" emissions from the infrastructure that supports streaming, such as data centres. The report's assumptions have been updated to reflect more recent data.

The Shift Project's report says that streaming video can cause an estimated 300m tonnes of CO2 each year. This is more than the equivalent of the emissions produced by all French households. It also states that the climate impact of streaming video is still modest compared to other activities. It's important to remember that streaming is still a relatively small part of the overall energy used and emitted by data centres and devices.

Time span of service usage

Having a YouTube account may not be the first thing on your mind, but the company's ad free, subscription free content is more than enough to keep you entertained and occupied for months on end. Moreover, the company's local content curation is also top-notch, resulting in a well-rounded user experience. The YouTube mobile app is also a worthy contender. The company has a number of perks, such as the ability to save your favorite videos and favorite channels, as well as the ability to comment on videos. Moreover, YouTube's live-streaming feature is a must have. Using the app may also improve your social networking game. Aside from YouTube's mobile app, you can also take advantage of the company's desktop portal, which is not to be missed, if you're in the market for an online streaming video service.

As of this writing, YouTube has over 700 million registered users, which is impressive considering that it is a global brand. However, despite the company's seemingly unstoppable growth, it's not without faults. Fortunately, YouTube's eponymous CEO, Steve Chen, is a big fan of customer service, which is reflected in his signature go-to-market approach. To top it off, YouTube has the most engaged user base of any social media platform.

Streaming apps pose a risk to your data plan

Streaming apps can be a tad bit of a drag on your data plan, particularly if you are a heavy user. Fortunately, there are some cool ways to keep your teeny, tiny data plan in check without breaking the bank. The most important thing is to understand what your provider is doing with your money. The more you know, the better off you'll be. The best way to do this is to educate yourself about your provider's plans, service offerings, and most importantly, your own data plan. This is not as hard as it sounds, especially if you are willing to take a bit of time out of your busy schedule to do so. Lastly, keep in mind that while you are at it, you can still have a good time by utilizing a free wifi or mobile hotspot.

Is There Any Android App Which Plays Only YouTube Music?

Is there any Android app which plays only YouTube music

Whether you are looking for an alternative to the standard Android music player or are looking for a way to get the most out of YouTube's music library, there are a number of different programs you can use. In this article we will take a look at some of the most popular options, as well as some of the less-popular options. You'll discover which programs work best for you and your needs.


Using Google Play Music is great, but if you're looking for a more robust music and audio player, there's an Android app that can handle it all. One such player is Shuttle Music Player. Despite its name, Shuttle is actually a very simple music player app.

It's a lightweight music player that offers a variety of widgets and features. You can even set the widgets to fit your style. It has a 6-band equalizer and bass boost. It also offers gapless playback. It supports a variety of file formats, including AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, and FLAC. It even has a virtualizer. It can also play lyrics.

Another feature is the picture-in-picture mode. You can use it to see almost any YouTube video. You can also drag the picture-in-picture window anywhere on your screen.

A few of the more nifty features include automatic album art downloads, gesture controls, and a virtualizer. You can also edit metadata. And best of all, it works on older devices, too.

Shuttle Music Player is one of the more popular music & audio apps available for Android. It's free, but it has a number of features and a sleek design. It's also an open source project. You can download it from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.

Shuttle Music Player also comes in a pro version. It's a little more expensive, but it includes an equalizer with 32 presets, crossfading, and automatic gain control. It also supports AM3D audio enhancement.

The UI isn't as clean or polished as the iPhone's, but it's still a fairly user-friendly music player. It also supports Chromecast, so you can play music on your TV. You can also set up your own radio station with the player.

PlayerPro Music Player

Among the paid apps on the Android Market, PlayerPro Music Player stands out as one of the best. It's lightweight, easy to use, and offers a number of great features. It also plays videos, has a good-looking interface, and a host of customization options.

It's easy to find the songs you want, and you can play videos and music offline. It's also got an ad-free version that lets you listen to music without ads. It also supports various music formats. And there are also a variety of free plugins to help you customize your music player.

It also includes a ten-band equalizer, and other useful features. You can also download and edit tags. You can play music in any resolution and sample rate. And the player also supports USB audio DACs. This means you can play any audio file format on your Android phone.

It also supports Android Auto and Chromecast. You can also play videos and music in a list or grid view. It also comes with a voice search feature.

It has a built-in equalizer and a 32-bit/64-bit audio rendering engine. The music player also supports a wide range of file types, and you can search for lyrics with the musiXmatch plugin.

You can also create playlists and share music. It also supports various audio codecs, including WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, and AIFF. You can customize your music player with skins, widgets, and a lock screen widget.

It also has an equalizer and a sleep timer. It supports ID3 tags, album artwork, and genre illustrations. You can download a free version, or purchase a premium version to unlock more features.


Using BlackPlayer, you can create custom playlists for your phone. These playlists will be stored in the app, which will automatically run in the background. However, you can disable this feature if you wish. In the case of Android 5.0+, you will need to have write access to the SD card in order to edit these playlists.

BlackPlayer supports all common file formats. There are many tabs in the main menu to help you manage your playlists. The equalizer is also a nice feature. However, if you are looking for an equalizer that can fix volume spikes, then you may want to look elsewhere.

BlackPlayer also comes with a built-in ID3 tag editor. You can edit the album and artist tags to fit your collection. This can be done in the Advanced settings. You can also find a variety of interesting features.

BlackPlayer comes with a nice equalizer. However, this equalizer may not be suitable for advanced users. It can cause volume spikes when you restart or re-start the music. Luckily, there are other apps available that can fix this.

BlackPlayer also supports a 3D surround virtualizer. This feature can be enabled in the Play queue page at the top. However, it also drains your battery.

BlackPlayer can also blacklist certain Tracks and Albums. You can hide these blacklisted tracks and Artists in the Metadata Settings. You can also re-scan your library by clearing data. This will reset all your tracks and Albums, but will not delete them.

You can also create a custom audio library. BlackPlayer Custom Library supports manual selection of folders, multi-tag editing and auto queue continue mode. It will also track the monthly most played tracks, artists and composers. You can also export these playlists to external storage.


Originally created as a desktop app, Plexamp has been ported to Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. It is a dedicated music player for Plex servers and comes with a lot of features.

Plexamp is a music player that can stream music from your computer to your phone. The app has a simple user interface with a focus on audio quality. The player also includes a parametric equalizer, loudness leveling, soft transitions and smart playlists. The player also includes a OPUS codec, which ensures high quality at low bitrates.

Plexamp supports the Plex Pass subscription service, which costs $4.99 a month. You can use Plex Pass to get access to the latest version of the app. It also offers integrations with Tidal and podcasts. You can also share content with friends by using a Plex URL. Unlike Spotify and Apple Music, Plexamp can be used without a subscription.

Plexamp is available in both the Google Play store and the iOS App store. It uses album art colors, a playback visualizer and a seek bar that is similar to SoundCloud. The music player also includes custom mixes and radios built from your own library. The player also uses UltraBlur backgrounds to create an immersive listening experience.

Plexamp v4.0 has an updated interface, adding Android Auto integration. It also features AutoEQ presets for more than 3000 models of headphones. The app marquee now shows longer song titles, and you can filter songs by duration. It also includes a secret GuestDJ feature.

In addition, Plexamp v4.0 includes several performance improvements and bug fixes. You can get the latest version from the Plexamp website or from the Google Play store. If you plan on updating to Plexamp v4.0, make sure to upgrade your Plex Pass subscription. This will make the app smoother and faster to use.


Luckily, there are a number of YouTube solutions that make the snoozefest a snap. The most obvious is the main site which features a number of live concerts and original shows. The less than flashy sibling is a web browser based version of the site. The trick is finding one that isn't plagued by malware. You can also minimize the experience by turning off the screen altogether, but you'll be stuck watching the latest YouTube fads and fancies.

While YouTube's latest incarnation is undoubtedly the best of the bunch, there are still many worthy competitors out there. The best of the rest are also likely to have some of the best content, but you'll be forced to make do with the few who get your money. You'll also have to do your homework to find the most lucrative deal. The only real downside is that you'll have to deal with ads and ads and more ads. If you can stomach the occasional annoyance, you might just find yourself in the enviable position of a YouTube aficionado.

There are many worthy contenders, but the name-brand hunk of beef is hard to beat. For the same reason, you'll be hard pressed to find a better user experience for the money. There is one problem though, you'll have to pay a premium for a service that does more than upload, download and watch videos. Luckily, it also happens to be one of the more user friendly apps around. Those who can't afford to shell out the big bucks can still get a decent music experience from YouTube. The site is also home to one of the best live shows around.

Where Can I Find the YouTube Videos That I Have Saved?

Where can I find the YouTube videos that I have saved

Whenever you are wondering where can I find the YouTube videos that I have saved, there are many options you can choose from. You can either use the Y2Mate app or use Offline mode. Both of these options will help you find the YouTube videos you have saved. However, it is important to choose a method that is right for you.

Saved Videos

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill or you want to relive your favorite memories, YouTube videos can help you accomplish your goal. You can search for videos using the search bar at the top of the page, or you can save videos for later viewing.

To save a video, first log into your YouTube account. Then, navigate to the Downloads tab. Click the Save icon next to the download option. This will save the video to your library. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the video into the window. You can also choose to save the video to a playlist.

You can also save YouTube videos to a device. This means that you can play them even when you are without internet. You can save videos to your mobile device gallery or to an external hard drive. The steps to save a YouTube video will vary depending on your device and operating system.

If you have a YouTube Premium account, you can also save videos to your storage. YouTube Premium members can also save videos in Airplane Mode. You can also save videos in a playlist called "watch later." You can also create a playlist with videos you've already watched. You can also delete videos from a playlist.

The Play app, which was released earlier this year, makes it easy to organize and filter videos. It also saves metadata, which makes it a good choice for those looking to save videos for later viewing.

The YouTube app also has a cool feature that saves videos in a playlist. This feature is only available to YouTube Premium subscribers. It can be found in the navigation panel. It is the first time that YouTube has implemented this functionality.

The Play app is also useful if you want to save a YouTube video to your mobile device. It is not as feature rich as the YouTube desktop application, but it does a better job of organizing videos. It also allows you to add metadata, such as the start and end times of the videos, which can be handy when you're attempting to organize videos.

Offline mode

Whenever you want to watch a YouTube video offline, you can easily find it through the YouTube app. In fact, you can even search for the video on your mobile device or desktop. Here are the steps to watch a YouTube video offline:

First, open the YouTube app on your iOS or Android device. Next, click on the video that you want to watch offline. You will see a context menu. You can then tap the Download button and choose the quality of the video. When the video has downloaded, you will see a blue download button at the bottom of the page.

In addition to a quality video, you can also download other relevant information. The video downloads quickly and takes up less space on your device. The YouTube app also has a feature that can remove a video from your device when it is no longer available. You can also change the video resolution later on in the settings.

The YouTube app has a feature that will save your favorite videos for offline viewing. This feature is called Saved Videos and is located under My Videos.

Having an offline-enabled YouTube video can make a lot of sense if you don't have internet access. In fact, you can save videos in over 120 countries. Having access to your favorite YouTube content is a boon to those who have limited data plans. But not every video has an offline mode. You can also download YouTube videos through third-party methods.

The YouTube app also has a feature that will allow you to download videos to watch offline. This is a relatively new feature, and it's likely that not every YouTube video will support this feature. But if you are interested, the following steps should help you download YouTube videos to watch offline.

The YouTube app will also display a list of videos you have saved in the offline mode. You can click on each video to play it, or you can tap the three dots icon corresponding to the video to remove it from your saved videos list.

Y2Mate app

Y2Mate is a great website that can help you to save YouTube videos. The site has many features and allows you to save videos from different platforms. It also offers an option to convert videos to MP3 files. This is a great way to download videos if you are away from home.

The site is free to use and offers a wide range of video formats. However, it does have some security risks. Some of these risks are related to malware and PUPs. Fortunately, there are other websites that are safer than Y2Mate.

Aside from Y2Mate, there is another popular website that can help you save YouTube videos. This site is called Clipconverter. It offers video quality options and allows you to download videos to MP3, M4A, and AAC formats. It also offers conversion formats for videos up to 60 fps.

However, some people may be hesitant to use this site. They may be worried that they could get malware when downloading content from unknown websites. It is also possible that downloading content from unknown sites will lead to the loss of personal information. To avoid this problem, you should avoid downloading content from unknown websites.

If you do want to download videos from YouTube, you can try using Documents by Readdle. This is a web-based application that allows you to save videos from YouTube and transfer them to your iOS camera roll. It also has a built-in web browser.

The app works on both iOS and Android devices. It is free and has helped many people save YouTube videos in high quality. It also allows you to download playlists. However, it requires access to your photo library. You will also have to activate the app before using it.

Another app you can use to download videos is the 4K Video Downloader. This app can save videos from YouTube and other popular video sharing websites. It also offers HD quality video files. You can download playlists, videos, and even audio files. However, you must use a Google account to log in to YouTube.

Recover deleted YouTube videos

Using a third party software solution is one option for recovering deleted YouTube videos. You can also contact the YouTube support team. You need to sign into your YouTube account and fill in your details. You will then be asked for an email address. If you have a backup, you can restore your videos. The support team will then contact you.

Another option for recovering deleted YouTube videos is Wayback Machine. To use Wayback Machine, you will need to login to your YouTube account. You will then need to enter the URL of the deleted video. This will show you a page on YouTube that has the video. You will also need to select the path list that you want to use for the recovery.

You can also use a data recovery software like Disk Drill to restore your videos. This program is available for both Mac and Windows. It can be used to recover videos from a computer, hard drive, or an external data storage drive.

You can also restore videos using your YouTube backup. This is an easy way to recover deleted YouTube videos. You will need to back up your videos before they are deleted. If you do not have a backup, you can use a third party solution like All Around Recovery. You will need to pay for this solution. You can find the software at the official website.

Using Google search operators can also help you find deleted videos. You can use the search operators to search for specific keywords. These keywords will show up on various websites. When searching, you can filter your videos by file extension. You can also find videos by the date they were uploaded to YouTube.

You can also use YouTube Recovery Tool to recover deleted videos. This software will search for the videos and show you a list of the files that you can recover. You can also preview the details of the videos. You can also select which target YouTube video to recover. You will then need to wait for the recovery process to complete.

How to Transfer YouTube Playlists to Another Account

How to transfer YouTube playlists to another account

Whether you are tired of keeping track of all the playlists you have created for YouTube, or you just want to switch to another account, there are several ways to move them.


Using a YouTube playlist is a great way to direct viewers to related videos. Playlists also make YouTube viewing a more pleasant experience. Whether you're watching videos on your computer or mobile device, you can have your favorite videos played at the touch of a button. But how do you transfer your playlists between accounts?

Playlists are a great way to organize your favorite videos into a streamlined list that can be accessed at the click of a button. You can upload videos to your playlists individually, or use a pre-existing playlist to jump start your favorite videos. And if you're a registered user, you can even rename your playlists.

The most obvious way to copy your favorite YouTube playlists to another account is to use the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device. You'll be prompted to sign in with your YouTube account. You can also transfer playlists between accounts on the web.

Another method is to use a third-party application such as YouTube Playlist Helper. This is a handy software program that allows you to export your playlists as a series of links. The software's name is apt.

The best part is that these programs are free to use. If you have a YouTube account, you can even share the link to your playlist with your friends. You'll also be able to rename your playlists, and customize them according to your tastes.

The best part is that your videos won't get lost in the shuffle. YouTube's algorithm adds new videos to your playlists automatically. You can also save your videos to your playlists, but they will be added to your next playlist.

You can also transfer your playlists to another account using a service like FreeYourMusic. This service will let you migrate your playlists from YouTube to YouTube, without having to pay for a long-term subscription.

Of course, you could also just manually copy and paste your playlists from one account to the other. Of course, this is the most time-consuming way to transfer YouTube playlists to another account. But if you're looking for a foolproof solution, you can use YouTube's Web app.

YouTube copier tool

Using a YouTube copier tool is a great way to transfer YouTube playlists to another account. YouTube has millions of playlists. This allows users to save a favorite video, download the whole channel, or simply use the playlist as a reference point.

This tool uses the official YouTube API v3 to copy the contents of the playlist. The process can take as little as a couple of minutes. The original playlist is also not affected. The tool also comes with a handy conversion tool.

The tool is a must have if you have multiple YouTube accounts. You can easily import playlists, close accounts, and even save videos into different playlists.

The tool also supports downloading entire channels, live streams, and even subtitles. The most impressive part is that it supports a large number of output formats.

In addition to the impressive list of features, the tool is simple to use. All you need to do is sign in to your YouTube account and select a folder on your device. You are then presented with a box that allows you to copy the URL of the playlist.

The tool also includes a conversion tool that will help you convert videos to multiple formats. Its slick interface makes it a no-brainer for video lovers. You can even choose between a lifetime or yearly subscription. The tool comes with a family license, so you can easily share it with your entire family.

The tool is also designed for the video curator. The interface is easy to use and looks good on any device. A great way to transfer YouTube data is with EaseUS Todo PCTrans. This handy software can be downloaded for free from the link below. It is the best YouTube copier tool you can get your hands on.

The tool's most laudable feat is the ability to copy playlists of any size. You can also set the playlist to be public or private, which is the real reason to use it. The tool is also impressive in displaying the best possible results. The tool also has a "choose file" option.

Jukebox star

Whether you're looking for new music, or you want to share your playlists with friends, Jukebox Star can help. The free site lets you play music videos online, and it offers millions of songs. You can choose to upload your own songs or find them on YouTube or Instagram. The site works with most devices.

Jukebox Star is one of the best free online music video jukeboxes. Users can search by artist or track title, create their own playlists, and play their favorite music videos from their browsers. The site allows users to add songs from YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook to the play queue. The website also offers a huge database of music videos.

Jukebox Star can be used by anyone. Whether you want to share music with friends or you just want to play your favorite songs, the site is easy to use. The site works with most devices, including your desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The site allows you to customize the basic settings of the generated music file, as well as add subtitles and edit music for party settings. You can also use the Wave Editor to mix and remix music. This feature is especially useful for users who are looking for party music, as it can help to eliminate background noises and create new sounds.

Jukebox Star also allows users to set the location where the music will play. This means that you can control your music while you're away from home, and it will play the music to the same volume as if you were at home. The site also offers users the ability to rename playlists and edit them later.

In addition to its free music video jukebox, Jukebox Star also offers users the ability to create collaborative playlists. This is especially handy for parties, as it lets friends contribute to the playlist. The site is also a good choice for online hangouts.

The site also allows users to sign up using their Spotify account. The program then automatically assembles a collaborative playlist, and users can invite friends to join in.

YouTube's Queue feature

Using YouTube's queue feature is meant to improve your YouTube experience. You can add videos to your queue, pause them, or skip them. The queue is stored as a list of videos in the YouTube mini player.

YouTube's queue feature works in desktop and web browsers. It is not yet available in mobile apps. As such, mobile users should wait for YouTube's updates.

To use the queue feature in the desktop version, users must log in to the website. Once logged in, users can access the queue feature by hovering over a video thumbnail. A small button, titled "Add to Queue", will appear. Users can also access this option through the overflow menu on the top right corner of any video card.

YouTube's queue feature is not yet available in mobile apps. However, there are ways to get around the problem.

For mobile users, the simplest option is to save the video to watch later. This will ensure that it will be there when you return. However, the queue will disappear when the tab is closed. To restore the queue, reopen the tab.

Another option is to add the video to a playlist. Playlists are saved in your account and can be accessed later. You can also make the playlist private or public. It takes a bit of time to create a playlist, but it will always be there.

Aside from adding the video to the queue, users can also play the video in the mini player. The mini player can be found on the bottom right of the screen. The playback interface is different from the previous one.

You can add a video to the queue from any page. You can also reorder or delete videos in the queue. The order of queued videos can be changed using drag and drop. You can also remove items from the queue by clicking the "Trash" button.

If you are using the YouTube desktop website, you can also access the queue feature by hovering over hte video thumbnail. You can add a video to the queue by clicking the "List" button.

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