How to Pronounce Lancey Foux

How to Pronounce Lancey Foux


Lancey Foux, the young rapper and fashion muse to 1017 ALYX 9SM and Givenchy, is an artist with the attitude of a rock star. His songs blend grime, Atlanta trap music, punk rock music, drill beats indie rock music and R&B sounds to create unique sounds that reflect his influences.

On Life in Hell, the mysterious British rapper's latest album, he invites listeners to dive into his own musical narrative. It features strange samples and unexpected lyrical turns.


East London's own Foux has been on a roll since his debut album in 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down. His most recent release, Life in Hell, is an ambitious 22 track sonic opus that continues to impress with each listen. No surprise then that it has earned multiple awards such as best album or most innovative artist. Additionally, as one of few artists with such loyal followers, Foux can trust them with keeping his best secrets close to heart.

In short, Foux is a man full of captivating stories to tell. From his interesting past to intriguing glimpses into his future, there's plenty to admire about this talented musician and social steward. As both an accomplished musician and socially aware philanthropist, he has always been at the forefront of tech advances for art and music production - from wearable technology to cutting edge mobile apps and state-of-the-art recording studios - Foux has been a force to be reckoned with for some time now.


Lancey Foux has been an elusive figure in British rap since 2015. Growing up in Plaistow, Newham - a crossroads area between East and West London - his enigmatic persona has kept many from understanding him or his music.

Lancey began his musical journey in 2015 by freestyling over YouTube beats from his bedroom, leading him to unexpectedly enter a studio. Two weeks later, he released the hit single "About It," followed by his debut album Pink that followed shortly thereafter.

He's making waves on the UK rap scene, teaming up with English producer Nyge. As a key member of Playboi Carti's Opium label, he's gained respect from several artists including Skepta from his old school peers.

Lancey has adopted the stylistic elements of grime, yet he doesn't follow it to the letter. Instead, his sound draws inspiration from trap and alternative R&B, merging them with an unglamorous spirit of self-expression reminiscent of Atlanta.

On the opening track from his sophomore LP, FRIEND OR FOUX, spaced-out synths converge with sharp 808s to craft an intense tribute to women and romance. "She ain't gonna lie about nun," he sings as his voice gutturally runs through otherworldly soundscapes.

The captivating single is one of several standouts on his 2019 release, which he's been touring in support of for the past year and a half. This time around, he'll be joined by both new and familiar faces alike.

In addition to his own songs, he's collaborated on tracks with other artists like AJ Tracey, Kojey Radical and Jevon. Additionally, 1017 ALYX 9SM and Givenchy designer Matthew Williams have chosen him as a fashion muse.

He takes to the stage wearing skin-tight black leather pants and an intimidating pair of black leather gloves. His neck is adorned with a shimmering gold chain, while an obscure black-and-white mobster film plays behind him.

Recently, Foux revealed that he wrote most of his own songs. We discussed his creative vision and meteoric rise together.


Lancey Foux, an English rapper and model turned rap artist, has been making waves in the UK music scene. He's fast becoming one of the most successful and creative artists there is. In 2021 he released singles such as 'Steelo Flow' which quickly went viral.

British rap artist Sir Sly is renowned for his distinct style of music. He's an incredibly creative individual and is now finally receiving the recognition that he deserves.

He is currently signed to Playboi Carti's label and featured on her single 'I Can't Sleep'. He is widely considered a pioneer of the 'London trap' scene.

His mysterious persona creates an aura of mist around him, and he rarely offers interviews in print or on television. His social media presence serves to divert the throngs of customers he's attracted, while his music is lyrical narratives hand-written with his own pen.

Life in Hell, the British rapper takes a break from his signature loud, aggressive raps to craft some of his most creative work to date. The 22-track soundtrack boasts far-out samples, unexpected turns of phrase, and heartwarming cliffhangers.

He has collaborated with a number of producers, such as Kaytranada and GOOD Music's 070 Shake. Both artists contributed to several highlights on the album.

Lancey stands out among other UK artists with his distinct autotune style throughout the album. The instrumentals and his unique vocal approach complement one another perfectly to create a captivating vibe.

This style of music stands out from the rest of UK musicians and it's exciting to see this young artist finally receive the recognition he deserves. We can only hope that we'll hear more from him in the future!

His latest album, Life in Hell, explores the darker side of life. Together with producer Kaytranada, he's created an innovative trap album that will surely be enjoyed by music enthusiasts around the globe.


Lancey Foux (known professionally as Lance Omal) is a London-based rapper who began his music career by rapping over YouTube beats while still in his bedroom as a teenager. Since then, he's become an international phenomenon, working with Skepta and Kanye West while performing at some of the world's biggest festivals.

East Londoner The East Londoner is an eclectic artist, blending grime and Atlanta trap with punk rock, indie rock and R&B influences. His latest project PINK shows that he's made his own mark in the club scene and could potentially take home the crown as UK trap king.

No doubt, Foux is still a tweenager at heart, yet the 22-year-old has managed to carve out an exciting space for himself in the club scene. Praised for his impressive flow and song structure, Foux has adopted an alternative R&B/trap hybrid genre alongside artists like Future, Migos, and Drake.

He's been compared to grime artists of the past, but his sound is more than just a trend; it comes from within. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in Stratford, he's created an original sound by fusing together elements of grime with R&B, drill and even hip-hop.

His latest album, Life in Hell, was inspired by a best-selling novel and the result of over a decade's work. The 22-track sonic narrative contains far-out samples, poetic twists and turns and emotional cliffhangers. On release day Lancey invited fans to physically experience this immersive soundscape by setting up a labyrinth in an old synagogue on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Foux is not only an accomplished rapper, but he's also a successful businessman with great marketing skills. Recently he collaborated with Converse and A-COLD-WALL* on a collaborative shoe that will debut this weekend.

He's also a fashion muse to 1017 ALYX 9SM and Givenchy designer Matthew Williams, but his greatest achievement may be his remarkable ability to connect with an audience on a personal level. A self-described "cautious and curious young artist", he has drawn from all around him in order to build his creative vision and rapid rise.

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Lancey Foux Net Worth

Lancey Foux is a British rapper, singer and songwriter from London. As a teenager he began creating music by freestyling over YouTube beats in his bedroom; later that same year he met a friend who took him to his first recording studio.

After releasing his debut album, Pink, in 2015, he quickly gained popularity among his fans. In 2018, he followed up with Pink II and joined Skepta on their SK LEVEL Europe tour. Additionally, he performed at US hip-hop festival Rolling Loud the following year.

Born on November 30, 1995

Lancey Foux, professionally known by his rap name Lamal Omal, was born on November 30th 1995 in Plaistow, Newham, East London and currently resides there. He is a British rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer who began his musical journey in 2015 by freestyling over YouTube beats before signing to an established studio.

He has released multiple solo and collaborative singles on SoundCloud, including his local breakthrough hit About It in 2015. Later that same year he followed up with his sophomore studio album TEEN SKUM in late 2015.

Lancey's third studio project, Too Far Alive, released in early 2018, marked a change in his sound. He collaborated with English producer Nyge on this venture and also joined SK LEVEL Europe tour that year.

Lancey Foux, the UK-born international rap phenomenon and style icon, returns with his brand new track, "Cooler Than Me," today. This uptempo number follows on the success of his last two projects - First Degree and LIVE EVIL.

Foux, a native of Plaistow in East London's Newham district, has created an infectious sound with his gritty, dark and energetic style. His knack for finding the right beat and dedication to self-examination have cemented him as a prominent figure on Britain's hip-hop scene.

His playful yet mysterious style sets him apart from other singers. His music draws influence from various genres such as trap and grime.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest British rappers and enjoys an immense fan base around the globe. His latest album, LIFE IN HELL, is expected to be released next year.

Lancey Foux currently resides in south London with his girlfriend Leomie Anderson. They began dating back in 2016 and have been together ever since.

GQ Magazine first noticed their relationship at a GQ Men Of The Year awards event in November 2022.

Foux has achieved success not only as a rapper but as an accomplished fashion designer. He's modeled for Matthew M Williams and Givenchy, plus made his first appearance at Victoria's Secret in 2015.

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Lancey Foux, the British rapper, stands at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 75 kilograms. He's been in the rap game for some time now, with his music reaching new heights.

He has toured the world and released an impressive number of albums during his career. His most recent LP, Life In Hell, is a psychedelic trap journey that was well received; its first single from the album, DON'T TALK, should be on every aspiring rapper's playlist.

He's made quite the impression on the London club scene, having collaborated with some renowned producers along the way. However, it is his freestyle raps which have really caught people's attention; it shows that he isn't afraid to take risks when onstage.

On the business front, he has made a name for himself as an accomplished producer. He's collaborated with some of hip-hop's biggest names, such as Playboi Carti and Ken Carson, while also founding his own production company called The Opium.

The great thing about him is that he's never once compromised on either his music or visuals. As a result, he's built up an adoring fanbase which looks set to stay loyal for some time to come.

He boasts an impressive fan base on YouTube, where he is one of the most viewed artists. At just 26 years old, his fan page boasts 18,896 followers - an incredible accomplishment!

Weight: 75 kg

Lancey Foux is an English rapper from Plaistow, Newham in East London. He began his rap career in 2015 by performing over YouTube beats. Since then he's released numerous acclaimed mixtapes and albums to critical acclaim.

He boasts an impressive list of collaborators, such as Kaytra, Jay Trench, Bnyx, Bally, ShaunGoBrazy, 2AAB, Sverre, Azure, Benjamin Saint Fort, Iankon, Elliott Ready, Dane Burge and Cold Summers. His most recent album Life in Hell features 22 tracks with far-out samples and intense emotional cliffhangers.

On release day, Lancey invited fans in New York City to experience the musical world of Life in Hell firsthand. The performance took place inside a repurposed synagogue on the Lower East Side and featured an interactive labyrinth where papers with Foux's handwritten lyrics littered the floor.

When not recording or performing, Lancey enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Lemmie Anderson. They have been together since 2016.

She is a British model and fashion designer who has appeared in multiple Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows. Additionally, her brand LAPP clothing has seen great success on Instagram where many of her pictures feature lots of purple attire.

Lancey Foux may remain a mystery to many, but his unique music has earned him a place of honor in the industry. With a loyal fanbase and active social media accounts, Lancey makes sure his accounts always feature posts and photos from his concerts.

One way he stands out from his competitors is his use of color. He utilizes purple to symbolize the kings and clergy he represents on stage, as well as wearing purple makeup to give his face an unique appearance.

Beyond music, he also has an eye for fashion. Recently he collaborated with Converse and A-COLD-WALL* to launch Geo Forma, a futuristic take on the Chuck 70 silhouette.

He is an acclaimed artist whose music has been praised around the globe. With a net worth of $500 thousand dollars, this gifted musician can afford to travel the world.

Net worth: $500 thousand

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Lancey Foux is a British rapper with an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. He has amassed this wealth through the sale of his songs, albums and mixtapes.

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I'm a fan of Eminem

Eminem is one of the world's most successful rappers, and his music has been instrumental in helping me through some of my toughest times. Every time I listen to his music when feeling low, it always lifts my spirits.

He's got an incredible voice, which is why I enjoy listening to him. Additionally, he's an accomplished songwriter with songs that have an effortless flow. My favorite track from him is "Love the Way You Lie," featuring some of the finest lyrics I've ever encountered.

I was an admirer of his earlier work and believe he's only gotten better with each album. His latest release, Kamikaze, was an absolute revelation to me and it remains my favorite so far.

Before becoming a rapper, Eminem was an aggrieved gangster who faced constant bullying and difficulty finding friends. It took him some time to overcome all that, but eventually rap became his outlet for expressing his anger.

He quickly rose to become one of Detroit's top rappers, becoming highly skilled at rapping and competing in battles. Over time, his skills improved exponentially - becoming one of the top artists there.

Eminem achieved great success during this period, becoming a well-known figure among other rappers in Los Angeles. He was able to win numerous battles and turn them into lucrative business deals.

He eventually signed a record deal with Dre, the legendary rap producer. Eminem's 1999 record The Slim Shady LP became an enormous hit and cemented his place as one of America's most beloved rappers.

Since then, he's been consistently creating albums that have become major successes. He's been nominated for multiple awards and continues to sell millions of records around the world.

After all that, Eminem has also been embroiled in numerous scandals which have seen him sued and accused of various crimes. Additionally, his ex-wife and mother have both publicly attacked him.

Eminem has always been a talented and charismatic performer, regardless of his controversies. He serves as an inspiring role model for younger rappers; I urge everyone to look up to him with admiration.

I'm a fan of Drake

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, and actor born on October 24, 1986. He has achieved great success as one of music's most successful artists and released multiple records. Additionally, Drake is renowned for his philanthropic activities.

He has been involved in the entertainment industry since he was a teenager, beginning his career with Degrassi: The Next Generation where he played Jimmy Brooks - a wheelchair-bound character who became disabled after being shot by his classmate. Eventually he left the show to pursue a career in music.

Drake signed with Lil Wayne's label Young Money Entertainment and released his first studio album in 2009. Since then, Drake has released multiple other albums such as Nothing Was the Same and Views, along with launching his own record label OVO Sound in collaboration with Warner Brothers Records.

His music has been met with universal acclaim, having been streamed over 3 billion times on Spotify alone. Additionally, he has earned four Grammy awards and remains a staple on Billboard Hot 100 charts worldwide.

Drake has achieved remarkable musical success, but also owns an extensive portfolio of personal investments and business ventures that contribute to his fortune. He owns his own whiskey line, record label, as well as lucrative contracts with Apple and Nike.

He's widely regarded as the Kobe Bryant of hip hop. With an enviable list of fans, sponsors and collaborators behind him, there is no denying his success.

He has been an ardent Toronto Raptors fan and global ambassador for several years. Growing up with the team, he developed an intense devotion to them that even hinted at wanting to own them someday.

He has experienced some tough times in his life. In 2012, he had an intense disagreement with Chris Brown and later got involved in a fight at a New York nightclub that left multiple people injured.

He has managed to overcome these difficulties and maintain a positive outlook on life. He continues to release high-quality music with no signs of slowing down. His most recent album, "Certified Lover Boy," has been an enormous success, earning him multiple awards.

I'm a fan of Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most influential artists in hip-hop and fashion, but he can also be quite unlikable. His statements often divide people into two camps: those who love him and those who don't.

He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Chicago, Illinois. As a talented rapper, producer, and songwriter renowned for his unique sound that blends various genres of music together - his rap style is an eclectic blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop music - he has received 21 Grammy Awards for his work and is widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers ever.

Before becoming a successful rapper, he was an accomplished producer and mixer for Roc-A-Fella Records. He helped Jay-Z resurrect his career, as well as producing some of hip-hop's classic albums.

In 2004, he released his debut album The College Dropout, which received critical acclaim and went on to become the best-selling debut album in hip-hop history. It reflected his own struggles with depression and drug addiction; it included "Through the Wire", inspired by a serious accident that left him with a broken jaw.

Since then, he has released numerous highly-acclaimed albums. His most recent effort, ye, was released in 2018 and focused on mental health; it followed closely after Kids See Ghosts which explored his feelings of bipolar disorder and depression.

Over the years, there have been several controversy. In 2022, West made a series of remarks which were widely interpreted as anti-Semitic and led to Twitter and Instagram locking his account.

Some fans held out hope that West would overcome his challenging period, yet he seemed to fade away. Finally, in April 2018, he reappeared on social media platforms once again.

Ye's views have become more contentious in recent years. He has publicly criticized Donald Trump and advocated for a ban on transgender individuals, while also standing by a statement made during a televised interview that suggested enslaved African Americans had participated in their enslavement.

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