How Tall is Black Kray?

How Tall is Black Kray?


How tall is black kray

Black Kray is a Virginia-based rapper who has achieved great success in the underground scene. He's renowned for his hard work and devotion to his craft as an artist.

Over the years Black Kray has collaborated with numerous artists, which has allowed him to reach a wider audience.


Black Kray is a rapper renowned in the trap goth and cloud rap subgenres with hits like "Depre$$ed Ocean." Additionally, he's collaborated with artists like Bones and SpaceGhostPurrp.

He's the founder and driving force behind Goth Money Records, an independent label based out of Richmond, Virginia. His music not only has a powerful aesthetic but it also stirs the listener's emotions - feelings like nostalgia, love, sadness, braggadocio and vulnerability.

His early music featured a unique blend of post-based sounds, avant-garde production and unfiltered self-expression. This combination was further elevated by Black Kray's distinctive slang and captivating delivery.

At this stage in his career, Kray began to realize his full artistic potential. His releases of avant-garde music such as 'Working Out Da Mud' and 'Shitty Sickboy' displayed his ability to experiment with soundscapes while honoring classic sounds, nostalgia and unfiltered self-expression were evidence of this skill set.

The 'tread-music' movement helped revitalize the underground scene, and Kray was one of the key projects responsible for breathing new life into this genre. Additionally, it brought him together with artists he'd collaborated with years ago but hadn't worked as a full band until now.

In 2015 Kray was able to broaden his profile and reach new audiences due to his relentless work ethic, which saw him reach success levels many of his peers only imagined possible.

He also developed a dedicated fanbase which enabled him to break through in his own lane and take his career to new heights. He became well-known within the underground rap game as the creator of Goth Money Records crew - an influential underground gang that broke barriers and inspired an entire movement within the industry.

His meteoric rise to fame was largely due to his unfailing dedication and devotion to music he creates, both as an artist and label owner. This unyielding commitment has ensured that he will go down in history as one of the artists who revolutionized the game.


Black Kray is a renowned rapper with an extensive and storied career in the music industry. The 'Goth Money Soulja' began his rapping career at the dawn of this millennium, founding Goth Money Records around 2012. Additionally, Black Kray enjoys writing music alongside artists and producers such as SpaceGhostPurrp, CHXPO and Bladee to name just a few.

Black Kray stands at an impressive 5' 6", boasting a defined midsection and impressive chest-to-hip ratio. At 190 lbs, he carries around about 75% body fat but still looks like an experienced pro thanks to some serious training under a former boxing champ and healthy eating habits. Most notable about his physique is the prominent waistline which allows him to move around without feeling restricted in his skin or carrying too much weight around in sneakers without feeling bulky.

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Net Worth

Black Kray is an American rapper, film director and producer. He was a founding member of Goth Money Records' crew and has released many songs that have earned positive reviews. Additionally, he's collaborated with artists such as Bladee, CHXPO and SpaceGhostPurrp.

He possesses the Life Path Number 7 which indicates an introspective nature and is always seeking new knowledge and understanding. As an artist, his music has won him many admirers due to its captivating beauty and captivating message.

As of January 9, 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $5 million and he earns an annual income of $3500 from his music and endorsements.

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He has an illustrious career and is renowned for his distinct rap style and catchy lyrics that will capture your attention. With such a large fan base, he is one of the most sought-after rappers worldwide.

Black Kray is not only a rapper, but an accomplished actor as well. His roles in films range from "Mad" Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road to both the Kray twins in Legend. Additionally, he portrays Eddie Brock and Venom in 2018 anti-hero film Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021).

Charlie Kray was born at 26 Gorsuch Street in Hoxton, East London on October 24, 1927 to Charles and Violet Kray. He had two brothers named Ronnie and Reggie who were also born around the same time as him.


How Old Is Black Kray?

In 2016, Black Kray found himself at a pivot point in the rap game. Though he never intended to gain more fame, seeing artists he inspired achieve large followings without paying respect to their originators spurred him on to speak up more forcefully.

"Why Da Game So Fucked Up" is a track that showcases Kray's dissatisfaction with the state of the game at that time and also illustrates his commitment to his vision.

Birth date

Black Kray is a Virginia-based rapper, film director and founder of Goth Money Records. He has released several projects throughout his career, such as 'Tearful' which premiered on WorldStarHipHop.

In 2009, Kray began creating music with a laptop microphone. His early works are marked by an hypnotic flow and unique slang, making him a prominent member of the post-based underground scene and having been featured on multiple radio shows.

He has achieved incredible success on YouTube, boasting more than 60 million subscribers to his video channel 'Worldstar Hip Hop'.

After releasing his initial mixtape, Black Kray gained recognition within the underground music community. Through his music he was able to reach a wider audience and was eventually signed to Goth Money Records in 2013.

Kray's 'Goth Luv' EP marked a pivot in his career, forcing him to refine both his sound and art direction. It marked an important turning point in post Lil-B underground scene history, with its success cementing him as an influential figure within it.

Though this period was filled with turmoil for the underground music scene, Kray stayed true to his craft and released some of his most influential work - such as 'Depressed Oceans' visuals, 'Ice Cream n Mac 10's' and 'Tearful' - which all demonstrated his capacity for growth as an artist and reached new heights within it.

In 2014, Kray's project 'Working Out Da Mud' proved to be a massively successful success, showcasing his ability to blend genres and sounds while employing his unique slang to break boundaries in the underground scene.

His music combines iconic sounds and nostalgia, combined with a hard-hitting style of rap that pays homage to his 'Terrorist Posse' days. Kray's keen sense of beats and incredible vocal styling combine to create some classic underground masterpieces.

He's also collaborated with Lil Yachty on the 'Killa Killa' single, further evidence of Kray's influence over hip-hop music. While this might seem strange for an artist to have such a connection to an up and coming star in the industry, it serves to demonstrate just how deeply embedded Kray remains in contemporary culture.

Birth place

Black Kray is a rapper and songwriter widely regarded as one of the most influential artists online. He has released multiple albums and collaborated on multiple projects, earning a net worth in excess of $1.5 Million.

From his early days in the music industry, Kray had a distinct style. You could witness this on his YouTube channel where you'd find skate clips, short films and music videos that were completely authentic and unfiltered.

He was widely recognized as a major influence on the next generation of artists. Many well-known names in the game were heavily influenced by his style and aesthetic.

As his career progressed, Kray was recognized and positioned as the king of the underground; a position which he achieved through hard work. With an inspiring vision that he wanted to deliver to his fans, he was able to achieve great success as an artist.

By 2014, Black Kray had become an iconic figure within the underground music community. His fans had rallied around him, and he was on track for success that many only dreamed of.

WorldStarHipHop's release of Black Kray's single 'Tearful' marked an historic milestone for him and his fans alike. It marked the first time he had the opportunity to showcase his work on such a prominent platform, marking an important turning point in both his career as well as that of underground music.

Due to industry politics and an influx of new artists, the underground was in a state of flux. Kray chose to stay true to himself and his fans, ensuring he remained relevant in today's rap landscape. He produced classic projects such as 'Tuesday Angel', 'Still Strugglin Still Shynin' and 'Working Out Da Mud' even amid this volatile environment.

From mid-2015 on, Kray continued to provide his devoted fanbase with timeless classic works of art that would become staples in their music collections. It was during this time that he also began working with some up-and-coming artists, some of whom went on to achieve mainstream success.

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Personal year number

Over his career, black kray has cemented himself as one of the greatest underground rappers ever. His unwavering dedication and inspiring art set an inspiring example for all independent artists to follow; a true legend in underground music with a legacy still being written today.

In early 2015, Kray released the classic 'Ice Cream n Mac 10's', considered one of his 'breakthrough projects'. This single became an instant classic and cemented his place as one of the underground rap world's premier artists.

Later that year, Black Kray released 'City Of Doves' and demonstrated to underground fans his progression as an artist. It served to further cement Kray's place within the Goth Money family and served to showcase his versatility within their sound.

However, it was also at this point that the underground rap scene began to become over-saturated, meaning many of the original artists either moved on or became overlooked by industry insiders. This marked a real turning point in underground culture - which is when Black Kray came in to revive that original feeling of freedom and creativity.

At this time, Kray had formed strong connections with fellow 'Goth Money' label-mates which would continue to benefit him in the future. These connections propelled him to the top of the rap game and gave him a unique influence within its underground scene.

His music showcases this, with heavy based slang only making up a small part of what he stands for as an artist. This style of rap allows him to communicate with his core audience and it is why they continue to support him.

As Kray's career progressed, his music began to evolve and push boundaries. On 'SadBoy', produced by Pentagrvm, Kray experimented with an avant-garde approach which proved popular in his discography.

At this stage in his career, Kray used the internet as a platform to show off his talent. This opportunity wasn't being missed by anyone and so he made sure his presence on social media was strong. Additionally, he sought ways to promote his music through collaborations with other artists and creating short film content.

Is veeze from detroit

Rapper Veeze From Detroit

Veeze, Detroit rapper, has been making waves lately. Recently he collaborated with Lil Baby and 42 Dugg for the Billboard Hot 100 hit "U-Digg."

This track features punchy production, an unmistakably simple visual, and nonstop bars from both artists. The result is a gangster-rap masterpiece perfect for the chill nights of autumn.

Where Is Veeze From?

Veeze is a hip-hop artist and rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He's renowned for his aggressive rap style and distinctive melodic compositions. Additionally, Veeze's hit song Law N Order has gained more than 3 million views on YouTube.

Veeze released his debut album Navy Wavy in 2019, which became an instant success. To create this project, he joined fellow Detroit artists Beno, Peezy, Babyface Ray and WTM Scoob DT who collaborated to produce high-quality songs.

Veeze's song "Venus" features an unforgettable hook that will stay in your head for days. The track is accompanied by a Helluva-built beat that makes listening to it an absolute pleasure; there's heavy emphasis on bass and percussion which perfectly suit Veeze's laid back attitude.

Veeze's lyrics may appear sparse at first glance, but his delivery will keep you on the edge of your seat. His pace is never slow or distracted and his delivery can be incredibly shifty at times - perfect for delivering punchlines with ease!

He is an up-and-coming artist from Detroit's rap scene who has already achieved success. His hit song Law N Order earned him widespread recognition, being named one of Pitchfork's Top 100 Rap Songs for 2020.

Veeze still has a lot to look forward to in his career as he is only 23 years old. He's renowned for his hip hop swagger and catchy tune, so there is no doubt that Veeze will continue to progress as an emcee in the years ahead.

He is a well-known social media figure with over 133k followers on Instagram and 21k subscribers on YouTube. Additionally, he has his own blog and official website where you can learn more about him.

How Old Is Veeze?

Veeze is a Michigan-bred rapper best known for his hit single Law N Order (2020). With over 3 million views on YouTube, it quickly became one of the top rated hip-hop videos ever. Despite all this attention, Veeze remains relatively unknown outside his hometown audience.

Veeze has seen more media attention over the last few months, yet his name still doesn't ring a bell for many. This is unfortunate as the Detroit emcee has been one of the region's most promising artists since his inception. Recently, he released his latest album entitled Navy Wavy which boasts solid songs with guest appearances by notable Detroit names like Beno, Peezy and Babyface Ray.

Veeze is an experienced professional with an eye for the finer things in life. His net worth far surpasses that of many of his peers.

What Is Veeze’s Net Worth?

Veeze is one of the more successful hip hop artists in recent times, best known for his hit song Law N Order (2020) and accompanying music video that boasts over 3 million views on YouTube alone. He's also known for his catchy rhyming swaggering style and unique tune. Although Veeze has been around for some time now, it's only recently that his popularity has grown thanks to social media; his Instagram account boasts over 133k followers, as well as over 21k subscribers on his Youtube channel.

What Is Veeze’s Instagram Bio?

Veeze's Instagram bio is a fun and lighthearted way to showcase his personality. It sparingly uses emojis and features Stories thumbnails that are both bold and solid. Furthermore, there's an email support address as well as a call-to-action for customers to post UGC using its hashtag.

Veeze is a Detroit native and hip-bounce performer renowned for his laid-back approach. He's collaborated with Babyface Ray and 42 Dugg, becoming one of the city's most popular rappers. Veeze draws influence from both contemporary and classic music genres, always keeping his lyrics fresh and captivating. Veeze also blends various genres together to create something uniquely his own: something he describes as "unmistakably".

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