How Bad Is Your Spotify Music AI?

How Bad Is Your Spotify Music AI?


How Bad Is Your Spotify Music AI?

Spotify's AI music algorithm creates playlists for you, and they're perfect. But does Spotify know what we like? And what they don't like? And most importantly if the playlist is helping us or hindering us from understanding what we like?

Remember that kid in school who thought they had superior, unimpeachable taste in music, and yours was supremely uncool? (Source: www.cnn.com)

There are a lot of songs on Spotify.

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Spotify is an online streaming service that offers up the top 40 songs, new and old. And hundreds of playlists created by artists and fans alike. Spotify also has a section of curated playlists consisting of songs with a specific theme. These curated playlists can be specific to a genre or mood. For example, or you might want to listen to a playlist for exercising and another for relaxing.

Spotify has created an algorithm that knows how you feel and provides music accordingly.

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Spotify's algorithm is complex, but its goal is easy to understand. It seeks to match up the emotional aspects of the music that you're listening to. With the emotional aspects of the music that will play next in order. This is for you to constantly hear music that is in line with the mood you're feeling. A large part of this plan is in Spotify's recommendation engine.

An 'Artificial Intelligence' app that grades your Spotify songs.

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This New App Takes into Account Factors. Like the Beat of the Song, the Rise and Fall of the Noise, and the Timbre of the Lyrics.

Your Music Taste Appraisal from Spotify

However, the algorithm gets it wrong all the time. It falls for popularity which means that it will recommend certain songs to you based on their popularity, not your personal taste. It plays the noise not the tune, and it's not sensitive to lyrics. It's not above learning either.

Many of us have already found out which artists we listened to most in the past year. And, discovered our most overplayed tracks with Spotify Wrapped. (Source: inews.co.UK)

What is Spotify's algorithm?

The ad-targeting company has been described as "the Netflix of music", but how does it work?

How the Spotify algorithm find out what you want to do.

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There is a new app on the market that is designed to help you better understand what your music taste means. The app is a platform that considers a few different factors. Including the beat of the song, the rise and fall of the noise, and the timbre of the lyrics.

Spotify's Scientist proposes that Artificial Intelligence should be

A New Spotify AI Ranks the Interesting and Unusual Sounds in Your Music and Adjust Your Playlist


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