Hip Hop Lyrics - Gang Starr, Synthetic Substitution

Hip Hop Lyrics - Gang Starr, Synthetic Substitution


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Hip Hop Lyrics - Gang Starr, Synthetic Substitution, Synthetic Substitution, Synthetic Substitution, Synthetic Substitution, and More

Gang Starr, comprised of DJ Premier and rapper Guru, have an illustrious history. In the 1990s, they achieved legendary status as one of hip hop's most influential duos with albums like Step Into The Arena and Daily Operation.

After 16 years, Guru is back with One of the Best Yet - an album featuring previously unreleased vocal tracks written by DJ Premier as well as guest appearances by Big Shug, Jeru the Damaja and Group Home. Each artist contributes their unique voices to make this new record truly exceptional.

Code of the Streets

The Code of the Streets is a set of regulations designed to combat street violence in inner-city neighborhoods. It emphasizes respecting others in order to gain their trust, but can also be used as an instrument of punishment against those who violate it by engaging in illegal activity or projecting an unsavory image.

Understanding the code of the streets is essential, as it helps us comprehend why those living in poor communities engage in criminal activities. Furthermore, understanding this culture may inform people about its dangers and how best to avoid them.

Many factors come into play when someone decides whether or not they want to join a gang culture. These include how well run their neighborhood, educational opportunities available and family dynamics.

For instance, in certain neighborhoods there may be more children living in poverty and with a lower standard of living than their peers in wealthier areas. This makes it harder for these kids to achieve success because they lack access to necessary resources.

Another factor that could influence someone's decision to join a gang culture is the availability of positive role models. Without positive role models, people may start feeling alienated from society; especially if their parent or guardian does not offer support and guidance.

Therefore, having positive role models in the community is essential for their development and to reduce crime rates. This will enable them to reach greater success in life and reduce victimization from crimes.

Furthermore, having a robust police force is essential for any community in order to keep it secure. Police officers can help keep youth off the streets and away from criminal activity.

Due to these factors, gang starr created the song "code of the streets" as an attempt to escape criminal activities that often begin at a young age. This song expresses their desire not to end up in prison and to ensure they do not become victims of these practices.

Little Green Apples

Gang Starr's song lyrics highlight the reality of living and growing up in a poor community. It explores why people turn to crime for survival, while also helping listeners understand their emotions when facing such hardship.

The song serves to demonstrate to the gang stars how life is not what they expected and to encourage them to live life differently if they put effort into it. Furthermore, it conveys to listeners how their decisions will shape those around them.

Gang Starr employs multiple samples to craft their sound track, giving the music a much more complex structure than it would otherwise have. Furthermore, the song is expertly arranged and has an enjoyable beat.

Beyond its excellent sound, Gang Starr cleverly used samples of little green apples in order to craft his music. This adds another dimension to the song and allows us to connect with it more deeply.

The song has an enjoyable melody and it's easy to sing along with it. That is because the tempo remains steady throughout, without any abrupt changes or slowdowns during performance - making for a comfortable listening experience for all listeners.

This song is vitally important as it encourages people to realize that their actions have the power to shape the world around them. It has the potential to assist those trapped in cycles of crime to find a way out; ultimately leading them towards greater success and the freedom to live life the way they desire.

The song also illustrates that gang starr understand the hard work it takes to be successful in their profession. They strive constantly to improve themselves and realize they possess more power than they realize - which is why they strive so hard to help others reach success in life. This makes the song so great and deserves to be listened to regularly.

Synthetic Substitution

Synthetic Substitution, composed by Melvin Bliss and Bernard Purdie of The Disciples, has been sampled hundreds of times - making it one of the most sampled songs ever. Not only has this song shaped hip hop culture, but it was even featured in 'The Matrix' movie.

Released in 1973, this song has become a classic of rap music, commonly referred to as 'the drums' due to it being the first track ever using Bernard Purdie drums samples. This serves as proof that samples can be an effective tool for bringing a song to life.

Many people consider gangs to be a bad thing, but they can actually be used for good. An example of this is the Starr gang; they are a group that strives to help those within its community by teaching children responsibility and respect.

They are also teaching children how to defend themselves and assist their families. This is essential in order for them to develop into good citizens who contribute positively to their communities.

If you would like to learn more about the gangs in your area, the National Gang Crime Research Center's website is the best resource. This nonprofit agency conducts research on gangs and their members as well as publishing research papers and reports. It also offers training and consulting services to law enforcement agencies.

This issue must be taken seriously by government, as if we don't address it, then we may end up with many negative individuals with detrimental effects on our society.

Gang Starr have been around for three decades, and their impact is still felt today. Their style of rap has become immensely popular and enabled many people to achieve success in life.


Rhythm is the regular pattern of sounds in a cycle or song. It also describes the beat or meter of poetry or life's flow. Having good rhythm helps you feel more confident while dancing or playing sports.

Gang Starr, founded in Boston by DJ Premier and rapper Guru, was an iconic hip-hop duo that released several critically acclaimed albums throughout their careers. Their work helped revitalize the New York hip-hop scene.

No More Mr. Nice Guy (1989), was a landmark album for the then-burgeoning New York hip-hop scene and an influential influence on future acts such as Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions and Eric B. & Rakim.

After several years of intermittent reunions, they released Hard to Earn (1994), featuring their final collaboration as Gang Starr. Unfortunately, after that, the two became estranged; Guru passed away from cancer in 2010 at age 56.

DJ Premier and rapper Guru have had a creative partnership that spans decades. Although they first met in the early '80s, their collaboration on No More Mr.nice Guy in 1989 marked their official debut together as artists.

Musicians use the term "rhythm" from Greek rhein and rhythmos, meaning "measured movement, flow." It is an ordered alternation that reflects a cycle or biological drive and forms part of human language in poetry and dance.

Music's duration is determined by its tempo and frequency. Tempo is often measured in 'beats per minute' (bpm), while frequency is expressed as a unit called a "tempo."

Although there are various methods for creating rhythm, this example will give you insight into how Gang Starr created their sound track. They used multiple samples and created a song with an unchanging drum beat throughout. This helped the artists give off an intense vibe to the track.

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