Atlantic Starr - When Love Calls

Atlantic Starr - When Love Calls


atlantic starr when love calls

Atlantic Starr are an iconic R&B band that achieved worldwide fame during the 1980s. Their success can be attributed to their signature sound of smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and upbeat rhythms.

Their breakthrough single was "When Love Calls," from their 1981 album Radiant. This hit single skyrocketed to #1 on both R&B and pop charts, cementing the band as a household name in their genre.


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Secret Lovers

When love calls, it can be hard to keep a secret. That is the message behind Atlantic Starr's classic R&B hit "Secret Lovers," which reached number one on the pop charts back in 1985.

David Lewis, Wayne Lewis and Jonathan Lewis composed this song which would become one of many hits during their tenure with Atlantic Starr.

In the early 1980s, three brothers formed Atlantic Starr Records and recorded their debut album, Straight to the Point with producer Bobby Eli. Although it did well, A&M wasn't entirely satisfied; eventually James Carmichael joined them for their third studio album Radiance.

The album's lead single, "When Love Calls," was a major breakthrough for the band; it reached #8 on R&B chart and became their first #1 on Hot 100. Additionally, this song inspired them to venture into production themselves with help from producers like Terry Lewis (whose hits include Janet Jackson's Control) and Jimmy Jam.

They also collaborated with soul singer Sharon Bryant, who was leaving the group. It was on this album that Bryant truly blossomed as a singer.

In 1987, The Lewis brothers released "Always," which became an international hit on both pop and R&B charts. Their aim was to replicate Whitney Houston and Lionel Ritchie's crossover success from the '80s - and they certainly achieved it!

"Always" was an iconic example of Atlantic Starr's signature style. It features smooth vocals, catchy melody and upbeat rhythm that you can listen to over and over again; plus, its lyrics are simple yet memorable - no wonder why "Always" became such a staple of 80s R&B!

Sexy Dancer

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Brilliance's lead single, "Circles," features Sharon Bryant's smooth disco dance-soul. There are other excellent tracks scattered throughout the LP; some more esoteric like soulful ballads like "Your Love Finally Ran Out" or "Let's Get Closer," while others provide some funky and funk slapping action.

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