Adolph Thornton Jr. - Rapper - Young Dolph (2022)

Adolph Thornton Jr. - Rapper - Young Dolph (2022)


Adolph Thornton Jr. - Rapper - Young Dolph

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Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., better known as Young Dolph, is an American rapper. He gained popularity in 2003 with his debut studio album King of Memphis, which reached the 49th spot on the Billboard 200. Afterwards, he appeared on O.T. Genisis' hit single "Cut It", which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. He has also been featured on numerous other songs, including a number-one hit from Nas.

Adolph Thornton Jr.

Rapper Adolph Thornton Jr. (aka Young Dolph) hails from the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. He began his career in the early 2000s by releasing his first mixtape, Paper Route Campaign, in 2008. He then released The Weed Album and South Memphis Kingpin, and then released his debut album, King of Memphis, in 2016. The album features the single "Get Paid," which failed to sell more than 500,000 copies. Thornton has also collaborated with a variety of artists including Gucci Mane, Tauheed "2 Chainz" Epps, and DJ Khaled. He has been involved in several high profile feuds with rappers in Memphis and has appeared on several of the rap artist's tracks.

Young Dolph was born on July 27, 1985, and his family recently unveiled honorary street signs in Memphis in his honor. His life partner, Mia Jerdine, and mother spoke of his giving heart, character, and teachings. He also emphasized the importance of education in his life, and his love for music and the arts. He was also a strong supporter of the Memphis community, donating $25,000 to the city's Hamilton High School.

Young Dolph was well-known for giving out free turkeys around Thanksgiving, and was due to distribute another truckload of turkeys to local families. He was also related to the late hip hop artist Juice WRLD, who was tragically killed by a drug overdose. The rapper, also known as Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., was shot on November 17, 2021, while shopping for cookies in a downtown Los Angeles store. Surveillance footage from the scene showed two men armed with automatic guns.

Paper Route Empire

In 2008, Young Dolph formed an independent record label known as Paper Route Empire. The label has signed multiple artists over the last couple of years. These artists include Joddy Badass, Paper Route Woo, and Big Moochie Grape. The empire has room to grow, so Young Dolph weighs in on the future of the label. Check out the interview below. To hear more, read on! Interested in joining the Paper Route Empire?

The label has been bringing back artists from the past for the release of Long Live Dolph. After the release of Paper Route Illuminati, the rapper has also released a tribute album called Long Live Dolph. This album features performances from several of his label members and a gospel choir. The song "Long Live Dolph" also pays tribute to Dolph's mentor, Jay Fizzle. The label is releasing more music in the near future.

A Memphis native, Dolph started his career with a series of mixtapes in 2008, and soon rose to fame. In the following years, he moved up the hip-hop ladder and the Billboard charts. In 2016 and 2017, he scored Gold-certified hits. Most recently, he peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard charts with his latest album. Dolph also founded his own hip-hop company, which he named Paper Route Empire.

King of Memphis

King of Memphis is the debut studio album by American hip hop artist Young Dolph. It was released on February 19, 2016, via Paper Route Empire. It was produced by Mike Will Made It, TM88, Zaytoven, Nard & B, and Drummo Boy. The album was supported by the single "Get Paid".

Although born in Chicago, Young Dolph spent most of his early years in Memphis. His grandmother raised him and his brother. His parents were crack addicts. Young Dolph had a strong influence on his life. In his early teens, he moved to the South in hopes of being a hip hop star. After releasing his first album, he returned to Memphis to record his second mixtape, Rich Crack Baby. It peaked at number fourteen on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart and ranked 132 on the Billboard 200.

King of Memphis is a mixed bag of quality and quantity. Young Dolph proves his mettle on the hard-hitting opener "Facts," but then reverts to his typical sound on the rest of the album. While the album contains moments of high production and a number of personal revelations, its subject matter is rather limited. While this is a disappointment for those who haven't listened to his past mixtapes, his new material should appeal to fans of hip hop.


Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., known professionally as Young Dolph, was an American rapper. He is best known for his debut studio album King of Memphis, which peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart. "Cut It", his collaboration with O.T. Genisis, also peaked at number 35 on the Hot 100. Young Dolph died in 2012.

The tribute to Dolph, who was murdered on Thanksgiving day, began with a heartfelt video montage that included highlights from his life, a video message from his collaborators, and a chant from Dr. Earl Fisher, who spoke about the legacy of racism in Memphis. While there, he also addressed the city's future. Memphis's current city government is working to change the street's name.

The shooting took place in a neighborhood near Young Dolph's home in Memphis. The shooting occurred as a result of an ongoing beef between Yo Gotti and Dolph. The two rappers exchanged subtle disses on their tracks and during interviews. The shooter was still at large. While a police investigation continues, surveillance footage shows two suspects pointing automatic weapons. The suspects wore grey sweatpants and dark hoodies.

The city has named November 17 Adolph "Young Dolph Day of Service" to honor Dolph's life and legacy. It also honors Dolph's community service and acts of kindness. In addition to the memorial service, the city has also proclaimed November 17 as "Young Dolph Day of Service."


Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., better known by his stage name Young Dolph, was an American hip-hop artist. He was best known for his first studio album, King of Memphis, which peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart. His biggest hit, "Cut It", featured him on O.T. Genisis's song and reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, his death was tragic, and his fans and followers mourn his passing.

Police confirmed that the shooting victim was a male. The Memphis Police Department has confirmed the victim's name, Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., also known as Young Dolph. The Memphis Police Department also tweeted that no suspects have been named. The shooting took place when the rapper was visiting the South Memphis bakery, Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies. Attorney Scott Hall told NBC News that Dolph was in Memphis for an annual Thanksgiving giveaway.

While Young Dolph launched his career with mixtapes in 2008, he was able to rise up the hip-hop ranks in the 2016-2017 period, and his album, 2020, reached the top four on the Billboard 200 chart. Rappers such as Chance the Rapper and Gucci Mane expressed their shock following his death. Many Memphis natives, including the University of Memphis Tigers, paid tribute to Young Dolph and his music.


Growing up in Chicago, Dolph Thornton, Jr., a Chicago native, moved to Memphis when he was only four years old. With his best friend Jeremel Moore, he started his own record label, Paper Route Empire. Young Dolph began his career performing in the South Memphis neighborhood, Castilia Heights. His musical talents and talent have earned him fans all over the country. Here are some of his major influences.

In 2008, Young Dolph released his debut mixtape, Paper Route Campaign. In 2010, he formed a label, Paper Route Empire, which quickly became a household name in the music industry. The label has since supported Dolph's mixtapes, including the High Class Street Music series. However, before Dolph's death at Makeda's Cookies, he had raised over $25,000 for the school.

Young Dolph was also influenced by 8Ball & MJG, two Memphis rap groups that released critically acclaimed albums. Dolph studied their style and recorded at the same recording studio as them. During their heyday, 8Ball & MJG worked with producer DJ Squeaky, and Young Dolph followed suit by recording "While I'm Rollin' Up," a song that would eventually become his breakthrough.

Young Dolph's influence on his children is also evident in his community service. Aside from philanthropy, he also created his own foundation, the Ida Mae Family Foundation. Through his foundation, he has spent time helping the people of his hometown. He has hosted various events to help the homeless and those who have suffered domestic violence. He also donated a custom-wrapped Lamborghini to a fan. The fan later sold it.

The Net Worth of Young Dolph

young dolph net worth

The net worth of Young Dolph is still unknown to most people. This American rapper was born Adolph Thornton Jr. and has had a career spanning eight years. The money he makes from music is the result of his career as a rapper, a businessman and a mansion owner. His net worth is estimated at $30 million, which is quite high compared to many other rap stars. Young Dolph also owns several luxury cars and a mansion in Memphis.

Young Dolph was born Adolph Thornton Jr.

Rapper Young Dolph was born Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 27, 1985. Born and raised in Memphis, he honed his craft as an innate talent and developed a unique southern swagger. While still a child, Young Dolph showed signs of maturity, as he managed to record a chart-topping single. His music evoked a deep sense of community and social justice.

While the music industry is largely responsible for the rise of Hip-Hop, it is the life of a street hoodlum that has captivated the hearts of millions. As a child, Young Dolph lived in an incredibly tough environment. He grew up in a family with parents who were drug addicts, and later, his grandmother moved him to a neighborhood where there was less drug use. The two shooters who killed his parents, however, managed to escape and Young Dolph grew up. At a young age, he earned respect for himself and his family. His grandmother was found dead of lung cancer in 2001.

Although he is best known as a hip-hop rapper, he is also an accomplished singer. His debut mixtape Paper Route Campaign was released in 2008, and his record label Paper Route Empire was formed. His success soon followed, with his debut LP, King of Memphis, featuring "Preach," which is a Zaytoven-blessed club anthem. Despite his relatively young age, Young Dolph's popularity has steadily risen since his first release.

He was an American rapper

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., better known by his stage name Young Dolph, is an American hip hop artist. His debut studio album King of Memphis peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart. His most famous song is "Cut It," which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, it was his first appearance on a mainstream chart. During his short career, he was a frequent contributor to other artists' songs.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dolph was raised primarily by his grandmother. He released his first studio album, "The King of Memphis," in 2016. In September 2017, he was shot and injured in an incident in Los Angeles. Dolph had two children with his partner, Mia Jaye. Fans and community leaders have praised his charitable work, and he also devoted his life to giving back to his community. His generosity will be missed by many.

Born in Chicago, Young Dolph moved to Memphis with his grandmother as a child. His parents were drug addicts and he was raised by his grandmother, but that did not stop him from making music. He eventually went on to release several mixtapes, including "Paper Route Campaign."

He was a businessman

While rap music may have been his primary focus, Young Dolph was also a successful businessman, putting out his own albums and singles as well as collaborating with many artists. He started his career as a producer, and his first major album, Welcome to Dolph World, was released in 2011. He also owns the music label Paper Route Empire, which is home to Key Glock and Big Moochie. In 2016, he released his debut album King of Memphis, which he labeled as a tribute to Yo Gotti. He and Yo Gotti had previously been feuding and had a history of being in disagreement.

Dolph's passion for music made him a great philanthropist and businessman. He also hosted an annual turkey drive for the poor in his hometown of Memphis, and he was a family man. During the show, his family and friends will perform and speak about their memories of Young Dolph, and his legacy will live on in the lives of those who benefited from his philanthropy.

The killing of Young Dolph shocked the entire city of Memphis. The rapper's music was inspired by his personal experiences growing up in a tough neighborhood. His entrepreneurial spirit and stance on music were well received by his fans. Young Dolph's music was influential in the local economy. His success led him to donate thousands of dollars to high schools, and he also helped his hometown community. Despite his tragic death, he remained a loyal fan, donating to charities.

He owned a mansion

Before his death on Wednesday, it was believed that Young Dolph owned over one hundred homes in Memphis. Despite his modest salary of around $250,000 a year, his net worth was estimated to reach $3 million by 2022. He owned a $1 million mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, that he posted photos of on Instagram in August 2014.

Throughout his career, Dolph has remained a community leader. He helped Key Glock reach his full potential as a rapper, promoting a Black-owned bakery in Memphis. He also gave away free Thanksgiving turkeys for five years. While it's hard to say which of his charitable contributions were most generous, Dolph's mansion was certainly a sign of his success. But the mansion's price tag may not reflect the actual value of his contributions.

The rapper's house was reportedly purchased in 2008. He and his wife Mia Jaye, an attorney, own a number of luxury cars and a fashion line. They also have two children. Young Dolph owned a mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. Besides his music career, he's also involved in a number of other projects, including a podcast, fashion line, and business. While he hasn't publicly revealed his investments, he does own a number of luxury cars and a mansion.

After establishing his own record label, Dolph continued releasing mixtapes on his own. He also refused to sign with a major label, preferring instead to release music on his own label, Paper Route Empire. He had a distribution deal with the Empire, and often boasted of his success in reaching national fame independently. He encouraged fellow rap artist Key Glock to follow his path, and the two often traded jokes during interviews. They later collaborated on the Dum and Dummer album.

He earned money through music

Despite his obscurity, rapper Young Dolph earned millions of dollars through his music career. His albums have earned him a whopping $30 million. Along with his music career, he also owns a clothing line, a VEVO channel, and a YouTube station. Born on August 11, 1985, Young Dolph was raised by his grandmother after his parents abandoned him when he was a child. Despite the difficulty, he managed to graduate from high school and has been touring ever since.

After the loss of his grandmother, Young Dolph began rapping to vent his grief. His first mixtape, Paper Route Campaign, was a hit, and he released more music. In 2015, he collaborated with O.T. Genesis on a track called "Cut It," which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2016, he released his first studio album, King of Memphis. The album became a commercial success, and he was featured on five different singles by other rappers.

After releasing his debut album, "King of Memphis," Young Dolph continued to release mixtapes and albums, which reached the top fifty on the Billboard 200. His second album, "Rich Crack Baby," peaked at number 49 on the US Billboard 200. His third studio album, "Gelato," debuted at number 132 on the Billboard 200. The album also featured DRAM. Since Young Dolph's career began, he has continued to release music and has built a loyal fan base.

He escaped death from gun violence

It is difficult to believe that a 36-year-old rapper has escaped the deadly aftermath of a shooting. Not only was he shot, but his two young children were also injured. Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and the Memphis Police Department have blamed Young Dolph's killing on a rising level of gun violence. The mayor has called for state gun law reform and increased penalties for aggravated assaults. As a result, the city has imposed a curfew for the rest of the night.

The rapper's assassination attempts were unfounded, as he blamed them on jealousy and the fact that he was flashy and successful. Despite the lack of evidence, Young Dolph's success and celebrity status led to a cocky demeanor and bulletproof car paneling. However, the black Corvette he was driving may not have been bulletproofed. In another attack, Young Dolph was shot multiple times outside of a bakery in Charlotte, NC. Luckily, there were no injuries or fatalities in that attack.

Several celebrities, including Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, have spoken out about Young Dolph's murder. The rapper's death has shocked the hip hop community, as well as many other fans. Young Dolph was a renowned artist, but his death has left his family devastated. He was one of the most popular rappers in the world. But, despite all the sadness and pain, his life will live on thanks to his music and his passion for life.

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