A New Hip-Hop Course Brings Diversity in Movement

A New Hip-Hop Course Brings Diversity in Movement


New hiphop course brings diversity in movement

Dancers of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to join a hip-hop course. It offers diversity in movement, and instructors say it's an excellent way for individuals to get exercise.

The class is co-taught by instructor Laura Rubin, who teaches courses in the College of Education, and Akrobatik, a local hip-hop artist. Together they give students an in-depth understanding of hip-hop from its origins to its current state in the industry.

Dancers of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to take the class.

Hip-hop dance has been a beloved form of popular dance since the 1970s. This fast paced form involves breaking, popping and locking as well as stepping. For dancers looking to develop strength, flexibility and speed as well as increase self confidence in a supportive environment, hip-hop dance classes are an ideal option.

Hip-hop differs from other forms of dance in that it lacks a set technique; rather, it relies on musicality and dynamic movement patterns. Furthermore, this genre has spawned numerous styles which have developed over time.

Before enrolling in this class, dancers are encouraged to have a basic knowledge of ballet, tap and jazz. This is an effective way for them to build strong technique and muscle memory as well as prepare their body for pointe work which is required at this level.

In this class, dancers will explore lyrical dance techniques that blend jazz and ballet movements with contemporary music. They'll be encouraged to find meaning within the music and choreography while breathing into their movements.

Students will be challenged to draw upon their own experiences and connect them to music and dance in order to craft an original character. This class is an excellent opportunity for your child to get excited about dance!

An exciting and energetic class, dancers will receive a hip-hop costume to wear during their recital. The instructor will teach them various dance combinations while encouraging them to experiment and be creative!

This is a beginner class, so students must be 6 years old with some basic understanding of dance. Additionally, they must be able to attend and participate in the class at all times.

Classes meet once a week for 60 minutes, with an instructor teaching the fundamentals of warm ups, strengthening and flexibility techniques as well as incorporating jazz and hip hop into the class.

There are three levels: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. The beginning class caters to dancers aged 6-9 while intermediate and advanced classes cater to those between 10-18.

At the end of each school year, each student receives a placement evaluation. Promotion to the next level is determined by attendance in class, good studio room behavior, correct technique and ability to follow instructions. Generally, higher levels are achieved after two to three years of training as well as commitment from both dancer and family members.

Instructors say it’s a great way to get exercise

Hip-hop is an intense dance style with several health advantages. It's an excellent alternative to traditional workouts like running or walking and much more enjoyable! Aerobic exercise increases heart rate and breathing rate while simultaneously strengthening thighs, glutes, calves and other muscles in your legs and arms.

Hip-hop dancing isn't just beneficial for your physical wellbeing; it also has the potential to improve mental health as well. It has been known to enhance memory, enhance flexibility and reduce stress levels.

When starting an exercise regimen, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. If this is your first time exercising, start slowly and work up towards a daily schedule; especially if this is your first time.

One of the best ways to get motivated is by enrolling in a class you find enjoyable. This will encourage you to stay committed throughout your program.

Another way to keep yourself motivated is to find an instructor you trust and ask them for assistance throughout the process. They can show you how to do things correctly and ensure your technique is sound.

This can assist you in reaching the next level quickly and safely, as well as teach you how to avoid common errors. Doing so will give you greater assurance and comfort during class sessions.

Instructors can assist you in finding a workout routine tailored to your individual needs and preferences. For instance, you might prefer more rhythm-based classes that teach how to utilize your sense of timing and musicality when creating dance moves.

If you have any inquiries about the class or would like to learn more, don't hesitate to call or email us today. We are more than happy to assist you!

Dancers of any age or skill level will find this class to be an invaluable opportunity to hone technique and boost self-assurance. Not only that, but it's also a fun and rewarding way to exercise while meeting new people; you could even use it as a chance for friends to bond or simply escape daily stressors.

Students learn from their mistakes

Learning new things can be intimidating, but it's essential to remember that mistakes are part of the process. Students who accept and make the most of their errors will be more willing to take risks in their education.

Create a classroom atmosphere where students are encouraged to make mistakes. This can be accomplished either by allowing them to make their own errors, or providing constructive criticism that can be used to enhance learning.

In a study of fourth and sixth graders, researchers discovered that children who had adopted a "growth mindset" were more likely to accept their mistakes and learn from them. Furthermore, these students experienced less anxiety about errors and were more inclined to participate in problem-solving activities with their peers.

Psychologists at Penn State University have found that teaching children to be open to making mistakes is an effective strategy for improving their learning skills. Students who had a growth mindset were more likely to be able to learn from their errors and felt more confident about their academic performance.

Teachers must be mindful of how best to support students during this transition. They can do this by acknowledging their own mistakes and explaining how they learned from them. Furthermore, teachers can encourage their pupils to make mistakes and try out new ideas.

Fear of making a mistake can paralyze students' motivation to try new tasks, potentially hindering their academic progress. Conversely, students who feel confident about their ability to tackle new obstacles are much more likely to strive towards their objectives and conquer their fears.

This class aims to help students comprehend the cultural and intellectual legacy of hip-hop, its musical, lyrical, social, visual, spoken word and literary manifestations over three decades. It will examine connections between hip-hop with Black studies, African diaspora studies culture studies history geopolitics.

Students will explore the social, economic and political conditions that gave rise to hip-hop culture around the world and how global hip-hop has responded. They'll examine how youth use hip-hop culture to express themselves personally, challenge sociopolitical and economic status quos and advocate for civil and human rights.

Instructors say it’s a form of therapy

Hip-hop culture is a worldwide cultural and commercial force, encompassing rap music, graffiti art, DJing and break dancing. It's often associated with self-expression, underdog stories and social justice movements.

Many from marginalized communities around the world identify with hip-hop culture's message of resistance against discrimination and fighting for equity. It can also be an empowering form of expression that brings healing and empowerment.

Researchers in the UK are exploring whether hip-hop music has the potential to assist those struggling with mental health issues. Neuroscientist Dr Becky Inkster and consultant psychiatrist Akeem Sule believe that rap lyrics offer patients a means of expression and help them address their own psychological difficulties.

Rap songs as a form of therapy is not a novel concept, however many people already listen to music that they feel can be motivating and inspirational. According to Inkster and Sule, rappers like Professor Green or Eminem often open up about their personal struggles with depression.

Recent research from Cambridge University's Department of Psychology revealed that listening to rap music was linked with higher dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine plays an important role in feeling contented and confident, as well as reducing anxiety.

Research also indicates that rap music has a beneficial effect on children's cognitive development, helping them develop empathy and an understanding of others. According to researchers, music and dance can be utilized as tools for dealing with social pressures, stress, and trauma for young people.

Hall's program incorporates multiple therapeutic methods: expressive arts therapy, narrative therapy, bibliotherapy, mindfulness teachings and CBT and DBT. He believes the combination of these techniques is effective when working with teenagers who are going through a challenging period in their development as social and emotional learners.

Hall's class at Mott Haven Community High School has become a safe haven for students to express themselves and open up about their issues. It's like group therapy that draws upon each student's interests and abilities.

Hall reports his students' work with youth is complement to their own efforts; they've even employed hip-hop therapy techniques in prisons and overseas. Hall hopes to keep this trend going as he builds the program's reputation.

8 New HipHop  RB Albums You Should Be Listening To Week of March 3

8 New Hip-Hop & R&B Albums You Should Be Listening To Week of March 3

This week, there's plenty of new music hitting the scene. To help you keep up, we've rounded up 8 Hip-Hop & R&B Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Away.

This list has plenty of mellow music to get you in the zone, with upbeat tracks that will help you turn back time and forget your daily worries.

1. Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Kendrick Lamar, the Pulitzer Prize-winning MC and former head of TDE, is a revered figure in hip-hop. He's known for his vivid storytelling abilities as well as his unfiltered approach to self-awareness.

Kendrick Lamar's latest album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, continues his quest towards self-actualization. Fueled by Whitney Alford as his narrator, Kendrick delves deep into both psychology and humanities to uncover his rawest truths.

The fast-paced flows and sharp beat switches of "United in Grief" set the mood for an emotionally charged record. It's an incredibly honest record that can be difficult to listen to at times, yet ultimately feels like it's on the right path.

This album explores a variety of personal issues such as fatherhood, domestic abuse, substance addiction, therapy, infidelity and spirituality. Though not a genre-defining record, there's much here that will resonate with most music-lovers.

2. Maxo – Even God Has a Sense of Humor

Four years after his debut Def Jam record, 2019's Lil Big Man, Maxo is in the process of releasing his debut LP Even God Has a Sense of Humor. This 14-track collection finds the California-born rapper dealing with various emotional difficulties.

Rapper The rapper has always used music to tell deeply personal stories, but on Even God Has a Sense of Humor he takes that focus one step further by exploring his emotional development as he navigates life's trials and tribulations and finding redemption through these trials.

On this album, Maxo explores his fears with vivid imagery over murky soundscapes. It's a refreshing take on an often dark and depressing genre.

The rapper has collaborated with a variety of producers for this project, including Madlib, Karriem Riggins, Graymatter, Lance Skiiiwalker and Beat Butcha. Though the production is markedly improved from his 2019 debut, it remains somewhat underwhelming.

3. Freddie Gibbs – $oul $old $eparate

Rapper Gibbs of Gary, Indiana has earned a loyal following as the Midwest's unofficial street poet. Drawing inspiration from artists such as 2Pac, Biggie Smalls and UGK, he began writing his own lyrics and releasing mixtapes in 2004.

He signed with Interscope in 2006, but the label soon dropped him. After moving to Los Angeles and releasing his debut album, he returned home after a year.

Gibbs has earned acclaim for his quotable wordplay, versatile songs, and unflinching honesty. His discography boasts over two dozen mixtapes, eight EPs, four official solo albums, as well as four top-billed collaborative records.

With his latest release, $oul $old $eparate, Gibbs shows off his creative versatility while staying true to his gritty street roots. Featuring production from DJ Paul, Kaytranada, James Blake and more, $oul $old $eparate blends Gibbs' signature hard-nosed intensity with classic hip-hop sounds that feel familiar yet fresh at the same time.

4. Megan The Stallion – Traumazine

Megan The Stallion finally released Traumazine, her highly anticipated sophomore album after a protracted legal battle with her former label. On this 18-track collection of work, the Houston rapper shows off her soul through some sultry rhymes and bitter criticism.

Meg has taken inspiration from a chemical released in the brain during trauma to create her second studio release, "Phase II," an album which mirrors both personal struggles and wider political currents. Equal parts challenging and inspiring, this project embodies Meg's artistry with grace.

Meg DeLuca shares her journey towards self-actualization and how she manages trauma on Traumazine, her highly anticipated second studio album that was released earlier this week. It features guest appearances from Dua Lipa, Key Glock, Jhene Aiko, Rico Nasty and more for added impact.

As 2020's Good News chronicled Meg's rise, Traumazine revisits her struggle to stay at the top, confronted by increasing fame and expectations. The result is an album that's as irreverent and poignant as it is funny, featuring Meg writing candidly about her relationships with listeners, rivals, and rap sites from a more personal perspective.

5. Jordan Ward – FORWARD

Are you in search of some serious R&B bangers or the newest cuts from rising rappers? There's a new album that's sure to satisfy your desires. This week's Fresh Picks of the Week include releases from newcomers like Rini and Yazmin Lacey as well as neo-soul artists like Mozzy and Kelz.

Saint Louis-raised singer Jordan Ward is making waves with his dreamy, ethereal sound. He's already connected with DMV enigma Joony on "IDC," and has enlisted Gwen Bunn, Lido and Ryan Trey to assist in releasing his debut album FORWARD.

FORWARD is an exciting collection of alt elements and pop hits that showcase Saint Louis native Lido's distinctive take on R&B. The 14-track LP was executive produced by Lido, who's previously collaborated with Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey.

"Cherimoya" finds the singer oscillating between passionate declarations and relaxed afterthoughts, crafting a poignant yet accessible lyrical love letter. He uses the cherimoya, an ornamental fruit-bearing plant native to Ecuador and Peru, as a metaphor for romantic bliss.

6. Yazmin Lacey – Embrace

Nottingham-based neo-soul singer Yazmin Lacey's jazz/R&B/jazz fusion tunes will leave you feeling warm and cozy inside. Her three stunning EPs - Black Moon (2017), When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees (2018) and Morning Matters (2020) - showcase her dulcet vocals and poetic songwriting.

Her debut album Voice Notes is an ode to those moments in life when everything just clicks and you realize there's a world of possibilities out there. Unlike some artists who use music simply as a means of making money, Lacey uses her art as an outlet to express herself and foster honest conversations about her experiences.

The UK-based musician has experience as a youth worker and understands how unrealistic beauty standards and lack of representation can negatively affect someone's self-worth. She is an outspoken supporter of natural hair, believing women should have the freedom to express themselves without worrying about what others think about them.

Embrace's eighth studio album is a more consistent and assured effort than their last studio album, yet it still suffers from some of the same shortcomings. Despite its strengths, this record remains uneven throughout.

7. Masego – Masego

On March 3rd, there is a wealth of excellent new music released, but certain albums really caught our attention. Masego, Mach-Hommy, Rome Streetz and Che Noir all released albums that you should definitely be checking out.

American singer and saxophonist Masego, whose stage name translates to "Blessings" in the African Tswana language, has had an enormous impact on the music world since releasing his debut album Lady Lady in 2018. He's played to sold-out audiences around the globe and amassed one billion global streams; his upcoming tour is almost sold out ahead of its launch on March 12th!

The multi-hyphenate's jazz/trap/house jazz sound is inspired by his love for improvisation and soulful songwriting, drawing influence from artists such as 1930s Harlem big band leader Cab Calloway and DJ Jazzy Jeff. The result is an infectious take on future R&B that resonates with audiences everywhere.

8. Mach-Hommy – Mach-Hommy

The start of a new year brings with it many questions surrounding Hip-Hop culture, such as whether the latest rap superstar will build on last year's success, are there any up and coming rappers, and which superstar will win Album of the Year or Best R&B Album. Regardless of these uncertainties, here are some albums every Hip-Hop fan should be listening to this week.

Jordan Ward's FORWARD is an impressive debut project that showcases her eclectic taste in music. Combining R&B, Pop and Alt elements, FORWARD provides listeners with a delightful experience.

De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising is an undisputed masterpiece for those who appreciate catchy rhymes. This groundbreaking hip-hop trio's creative use of sampling has resulted in a unique psychedelic style all their own.

De La Soul made history in 2023 with the release of one of rap's iconic albums, "De La Soul." After years of legal disputes and record label disputes, they finally reached an agreement to clear their rights - finally allowing them to share their work with the world.

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