ZenMate VPN Review - Internet Security & Privacy VPN Service

ZenMate VPN Review - Internet Security & Privacy VPN Service


ZenMate VPN Review - Internet Security and Privacy VPN Service

ZenMate VPN  Internet Security and Privacy VPN Service

ZenMate VPN is a great choice for people who want to protect their online privacy. The service is based in Germany, which is not part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, which means that it is safe from surveillance by governments around the world. This VPN service also doesn't log any information about its users. Its website is a little difficult to use, and customer support options are minimal. One of its downsides is the lack of a kill switch.

Customer support options are limited

ZenMate VPN provides a good number of security features, including a NAT firewall and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. It also offers 30 servers in 29 countries and allows up to five simultaneous connections. It also includes a malware and tracking blocker. Customer support is also available via live chat and email. However, ZenMate's FAQs are not updated very frequently, and can often be confusing.

While ZenMate does offer live chat support, it is limited in scope. There is a limited knowledgebase, which includes FAQs and installation guides, but these are outdated. You can also write to customer support via email, although this is slower than live chat. In addition, ZenMate does not offer anonymous payment methods.

ZenMate does offer customer support via email, but this support is outsourced to a third-party company. Additionally, while its connection time is impressive, lags can occur when connecting to far-off servers. Nevertheless, ZenMate is easy to use and offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. Its mobile apps are very similar to the ZenMate desktop client, including extensions and other helpful features.

ZenMate VPN has a kill switch feature that automatically disconnects your connection if it detects an incoming network. This ensures your data doesn't leak online if your connection drops. This feature is enabled by default, but it can be toggled off in the settings menu. The kill switch is useful for keeping your internet connection safe if you're worried about hackers using it to spy on your online activities. However, the kill switch doesn't stop all incoming traffic.

In addition to this, ZenMate's policy on privacy and log-keeping is unclear. While the company claims that it doesn't keep logs, it doesn't state what types of data they store. This is similar to almost every VPN service on the market. The only difference is that ZenMate is based in Germany, a country known for its strict privacy laws.

ZenMate VPN's website is not user-friendly

There are a few minor downsides to ZenMate's website. It loads pages in a regional language that is often hard to understand. If you don't speak that language, you'll need to use a search engine to find the correct information. Furthermore, ZenMate doesn't provide One Time Passwords (OTPs), which can be a real headache if you want to log into your account in a different country.

ZenMate has a basic website that isn't user-friendly, but it offers mobile and desktop apps that are easy to use. The desktop app is user-friendly and offers automatic server selection based on your location. However, you can customize the settings and choose a different server location if you want. Connecting to a server is fast and reliable.

ZenMate's Android app is more user-friendly than its website. While both the iOS and Android apps lack advanced settings, they're easy to use and offer a wide range of server locations. The free app also offers one-click installation, which is an advantage if you're not a techie. However, if you want the most advanced features, you should pay for the Pro plan. It includes access to more than 4700 servers in 80 countries and unlimited bandwidth.

The ZenMate VPN website is unintuitive and confusing, which makes it difficult to sign up for an account. Although ZenMate VPN does not keep logs, the company claims that their servers do not collect personal data. However, the privacy policy doesn't specify how much data the apps store. It also doesn't mention whether the website contains cookies or not.

Users have been pleased with ZenMate's services. While the website isn't user-friendly, the company's apps are easy to install, making them a good choice for first-time users. While there are fewer features than competitors, this VPN is one of the most user-friendly VPN services available. It covers a wide variety of platforms, such as MacOS and Windows. It also has browser extensions for popular browsers.

It has no kill switch

If you want to protect yourself from data leakage, you should look for a VPN that offers a kill switch. A kill switch is a feature that will cut off your internet connection if your VPN goes offline, thus preventing the leakage of personal data. ZenMate VPN has this feature. It can be toggled on or off in the software's settings. This feature also prevents DNS leaks.

When a VPN does not have a kill switch, users are exposed to their IP address and any activity they engage in online becomes visible to anyone with access to their IP address. This could include government agencies, shady advertisers, and cybercriminals. The kill switch feature in ZenMate VPN is designed to protect you from this exposure.

The ZenMate VPN has a no logs policy, but the policy does not state what data the VPN logs. This is similar to the policies of almost all VPNs on the market. While ZenMate does not keep logs of users, this policy could be subject to change in the future. To ensure the privacy of users, ZenMate uses military-grade encryption. This encryption method uses AES-256-CBC cipher to protect traffic.

ZenMate's website is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly design. It avoids jargon and uses simple terms to describe its services. The homepage provides information about the main features, server locations, dedicated apps, and subscription plans. However, its online knowledgebase doesn't provide comprehensive answers to complex technical problems.

In general, ZenMate VPN is a great VPN to use for streaming. It works well with torrenting and can unblock many popular sites. It also has a separate server for P2P traffic, which makes unblocking content much easier. The VPN will prevent your IP address from being traced, which is helpful for beginners.

It bypasses geo-restrictions

Whether you are looking for a free VPN or a paid service, ZenMate VPN is worth checking out. This service can help you to avoid geo-restrictions, which can be frustrating if you're trying to access content from your country. It works by using SmartDNS proxy technology, which disguises your IP address and tricks the internet into thinking that you're in a different location.

This software has a decent server network, which gives users more choices and is particularly useful for unblocking geo-restricted content. ZenMate has worked hard to increase its server count, starting out with 1000 servers in 30 countries and now boasting 3000+ servers in 79 countries. Moreover, ZenMate owns all of its own servers, giving it complete control over performance and security.

Another great feature of ZenMate is the kill switch. It automatically shuts off your internet connection when your VPN drops, protecting you against IP leaks and data breaches. The kill switch is enabled by default, but you can disable it in the settings of the Windows client. You can also toggle DNS leak protection on or off from the General tab.

Streaming is a great way to enjoy your favorite media, and ZenMate VPN does a good job of unlocking popular streaming platforms. While it does not support Hulu, you can watch Netflix US content on ZenMate. It also has dedicated profiles for Netflix, and chooses optimized servers based on the streaming platform. Torrenting is also supported on all of ZenMate's servers. You can follow the guides provided on the website to ensure safe torrenting.

The service also offers basic security features, and is reliable and easy to use. It is also capable of bypassing soft censorship in the UAE, Pakistan, and Turkey. However, it does not work in China. Unlike other VPNs, it does not offer obfuscation technology, and thus cannot bypass the Great Firewall in China.

It has 256-bit encryption

The ZenMate VPN is a good choice if you want to bypass geo-restrictions and other restrictions while online. The company has a large network of servers located throughout the world. Its servers are also fast and prevent congestion. However, you won't be able to choose the city you'd like to connect to - you can only choose from a country. However, this doesn't mean you need to sacrifice speed if you're in a country with strict censorship laws.

When choosing a VPN, make sure it offers 256-bit encryption. Many VPN services do not have this level of encryption, but ZenMate supports it. The 256-bit encryption will protect your connection against hackers and other threats. Furthermore, the VPN's no-log policy prevents the company from sharing any data with third parties. Another bonus feature of ZenMate is that you can use it on devices other than Windows and Mac OS X. You can even use it on gaming platforms or smart TVs. You can also get unlimited bandwidth with the pro plan.

While ZenMate VPN is a good choice for users who want to avoid watching videos and other content, you should be aware of how much data it collects. Most premium VPNs use AES 256-bit encryption, and ZenMate is no different. This level of encryption is the most secure available and can protect your privacy and online activity.

For added security, ZenMate has a kill switch. This feature will protect your privacy if you accidentally turn off the VPN while browsing. Furthermore, the VPN's encryption is so strong that it's nearly impossible for anyone to track your movements. This encryption is supported by both the browser extension and the mobile app.

ZenMate VPN Review - Is It Worth It?

Zenmate VPN Is It Worth It Guide September 2022

ZenMate VPN offers 24/7 English-speaking support through live chat, through their Support section, or by sending an email. Support is generally quick to respond, and the website also has helpful documentation and "how to" articles. Articles are updated regularly. There's no need to spend hours searching for answers to your questions - ZenMate provides comprehensive answers to the most common questions.

Smart Locations introduce DNS leaks

ZenMate VPN's Smart Locations feature will automatically connect you to a preset location when you visit certain websites. However, this feature uses the browser proxy API and can introduce DNS leaks. In addition, Smart Locations can interfere with DNS prefetching, a feature that reduces latency in DNS resolution. DNS Prefetching is a feature of most browsers that helps predict what websites you're going to visit next.

ZenMate offers an extension for Chrome and Firefox, but it does not have dedicated smart device apps. This is an area where ZenMate can improve. It can help you access Hulu from countries outside of the US without a problem. However, it must be installed on your router, and some routers are not compatible with VPNs.

The company also offers DNS query leak protection, but it comes with some controversial features. In some cases, DNS queries are not encrypted and are routed to regional DNS servers instead of the VPN server. However, if you use Netflix or other content, this leak doesn't matter. However, it can lead to some personal information, including your approximate location. Regardless, ZenMate is an excellent VPN solution that reliably protects traffic.

Another drawback of using VPNs is that they don't improve your connection speed. In fact, speed is dependent on a number of factors other than the VPN service. These include your regular Internet connection speed and your location. Additionally, you should consider the load and bandwidth of your VPN server.

Automatic disconnect

Automatic disconnect with ZenMate VPN is a security feature that stops your internet connection if your VPN connection drops. This ensures that no data will leak from your internet connection. This feature is enabled by default. However, you can disable it if you want to. You can turn it on or off in the Windows application.

There are a number of possible causes for this issue. One of the most common causes is a slow or overcrowded network. Slow networks can cause your connection to drop or disconnect. To prevent this problem, make sure to download the latest version of your VPN software. Upgrading your software reduces the chance of connection issues and crashes, and includes security patches.

Unlike other VPN services, ZenMate VPN also follows a strict no-logs policy and does not log your online activities. As such, this VPN service is a great choice for users who want to keep their anonymity. This policy aims to protect your privacy by preventing third parties from monitoring your online activities.

ZenMate VPN's pricing is also very reasonable. Whether you're looking for a one-time plan or a subscription for a year, ZenMate is a good choice. The company's customer support team is very helpful and responsive to user questions. If managed properly, ZenMate could become a top-notch VPN.

ExpressVPN is another good option for those looking for a reliable VPN. It has a global server network and world-class security features. In addition to that, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to test its features without risk. If disconnection is an issue, you can also try using a different WiFi network or switching DNS servers.

256-bit encryption

When it comes to security, 256-bit encryption is essential, and ZenMate VPN is no exception. The protocol uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your privacy and your online activities. It also has a strict no-logging policy and offers advanced security features, such as perfect forward secrecy and RAM-only servers. The software also protects you from malicious websites and blocks them on your browser.

As a German-based company, ZenMate is also regulated by strict German laws against the use of customer data and information. For example, the company has to comply with the "14 Eyes" surveillance alliance, which requires companies that collect and store customer data to hand it over to authorities on request. This means that torrenting is not possible with ZenMate VPN.

The free version of ZenMate VPN comes with a limited feature set, such as no P2P support or streaming support. The paid version adds more features to the free plan, such as P2P support, a browser extension, and a desktop and mobile app. The cost of this VPN plan is $1.99 per month, which is one of the lowest on the market. However, it's worth keeping in mind that other top VPNs offer better value for money.

ZenMate VPN's browser extensions are available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. However, these extensions only encrypt traffic within the web browser. The free extensions use 128-bit encryption, which is not nearly as strong as 256-bit encryption. Luckily, you can also download native apps for most major operating systems.

Whether you're using the VPN for streaming videos or downloading torrent files, ZenMate offers top-notch security features. The software supports DNS Leak Protection, kill switch, and other features. It also offers a choice of protocols, including OpenVPN, which is considered the fastest and most secure protocol.

Another key feature of ZenMate is its global server network. This ensures that your browsing activity is protected even when you're in countries with strict censorship policies. Unlike other VPNs, ZenMate VPN doesn't keep logs of your browsing activity, so you'll never be asked to reveal your identity. The company also offers a money-back guarantee.


If you're looking for a VPN service that offers high speeds, ZenMate is one of the best. This service uses AES-256 encryption to protect your connection and data, which is considered to be the strongest encryption available. This encryption is also considered to be nearly impossible to break using modern computers. In addition, it allows five simultaneous connections. While ZenMate's speed is decent, it's not as fast as other leading VPN providers, such as ExpressVPN. Another drawback is the lengthy privacy policy. While it is easy to understand, it's hard to know exactly how much information is being stored.

Speed is also an important factor, and ZenMate is fast enough to use for gaming. However, if you're using this service for gaming, you'll have to make sure that your connection is not too far from the VPN server. The distance between the server and your device will affect the speed. The closest server is usually the fastest, so you'll need to select a server that is close by. You can also check your speed by checking the download and upload statistics.

ZenMate's servers are located throughout the world, including Europe and North America. Additionally, it has coverage in Asia, Australia, South America, the Middle East, and more. Although it has fewer servers in countries with strict censorship, it does have a strong presence in a variety of regions. However, it isn't available in Pakistan or other countries where censorship is common.

ZenMate offers 24/7 English customer support. You can email the company through the website, or submit a support ticket. The customer support staff will generally get back to you within a day or two. You can also send a support ticket directly from your ZenMate client. However, the FAQ section is lacking and outdated.

ZenMate offers three protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. The latter is faster, but requires a subscription. The free apps only offer four countries, and the speed is throttled to twoMbps. Moreover, the free extensions offer IKEv2 encryption, which isn't as secure as 256-bit encryption. However, the pro version offers more server options and unlimited bandwidth.

ZenMate VPN Review 2022 - Read This Guide Before Buying!

ZenMate VPN Review 2022  Read This Guide Before Buying

ZenMate VPN is a free VPN service with an array of features and options. It has applications for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS, as well as browser extensions. Its servers are in more than 30 countries. It also offers a number of security features.

ZenMate VPN is a free service

Before you can start using ZenMate VPN, you need to create an account and accept the terms and conditions. Once you've accepted the terms, you can install the software on your computer and start browsing the internet safely. Once you've installed the software, you can use the app for seven days for free.

ZenMate offers customer support through a live chat and an email address. However, the FAQ isn't comprehensive, and many questions aren't answered. It's also a little slow, and some of the information may be outdated. However, you can send an email to their support team for more detailed information, and they will respond within the hour. The support team isn't as responsive as other major VPN services, but they are adequate for the average user.

ZenMate offers servers in 80 countries, including the Middle East and Africa. If you're traveling internationally, you'll want a VPN that provides connections in these regions. In addition, the premium plans also offer features like malware blocking and tracking protection. Plus, ZenMate supports OpenVPN and P2P networks.

It offers apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS

As a free VPN service, ZenMate has a number of features that make it a good choice for privacy-conscious internet users. Its kill switch feature ensures that your internet activity remains private and secure. This feature prevents your traffic from being captured by a malicious website. If you experience problems with your connection, ZenMate will switch to the normal network to prevent your activity from being logged by your ISP.

Its Windows client has more advanced features. Its interface has different settings such as random port, auto-connect, and a feature to disable IPv6 connections when connected. It also has optimized and regular servers. However, it does not support IKEv3 or P2P and only supports OpenVPN protocol. Despite this, its user-friendly interface makes it a good choice for those who prefer a simple interface and minimal features.

As a VPN, ZenMate is a solid choice, but it does suffer from inconsistent features across platforms. While the Windows client offers most of the features, it lacks other features, including IPv6, DNS leak protection, and WireGuard protocol. However, its iOS app does not offer any browser extensions, so it is not suitable for people using iOS devices.

It offers browser extensions

ZenMate VPN offers browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. While the browser extensions are free, there are a few limitations to using them. The free version only protects traffic within your web browser, not other apps or websites. The free version also has limited server locations. However, users can upgrade to the paid plan to unlock 81 servers and enjoy other benefits. The premium plan comes with features like malware blocking, tracking protection, and smart locations.

ZenMate supports OpenVPN and IKEv2, and its browser extensions also feature 128-bit encryption. However, users can change the protocol to suit their needs. They can use either OpenVPN or IKEv2, though most users will stick with the default settings. Unlike other VPN providers, ZenMate does not support the WireGuard protocol, so users must choose their preferred protocol.

ZenMate VPN offers 24/7 customer support in English. Customers can contact ZenMate through live chat or submit tickets to their Help section. The customer support agents typically reply within a few hours. ZenMate's customer support site also offers "how to" articles and FAQs. The documentation is frequently updated, but there are times when you may need to speak with a live representative in order to receive help.

It offers servers in more than 30 countries

One of the main features of ZenMate is that the service has servers in more than 30 countries. This is a large network, which means that there isn't a large chance that you'll run into congestion. Additionally, the service has consistently fast connection speeds. However, one drawback is that you can only choose a country from which to connect. That means that you can't easily find the best server in a specific country.

Fortunately, ZenMate includes a kill switch for your online security. This feature prevents your internet connection from going down and prevents your data from leaking. This feature is enabled by default and cannot be disabled unless you disable it. However, if you need to disable it, you can toggle it off in the Windows client. This will cause a warning to appear, so make sure you choose this option carefully. You can also toggle on and off DNS leak protection, which can help prevent your data from being exposed to third parties.

Another major advantage of ZenMate is its large network of servers. It has servers in more than 30 countries, which means that there is likely to be a server in your area. This allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and other restrictions on your online activities. You can also access content from streaming platforms without any problems. The company also offers a seven-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, the service is compatible with most operating systems, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and others.

It uses AES-256 encryption

ZenMate VPN is a secure and reliable VPN service that protects your internet connection. You can use it on as many devices as you want and the app is available for various operating systems. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is not breakable even by the world's most skilled hackers. Moreover, it offers kill switch protection, which automatically blocks your internet traffic in case of any connectivity issues. It also offers several encryption protocols, including OpenVPN, which is the fastest and most secure protocol.

There is no limit on the number of servers that you can connect to, and ZenMate has a large global network. This means that it can bypass geo-restrictions and streaming platform bans. It also supports P2P activities and offers a 7-day free trial. The service is also available in multiple languages and has extensions for Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

ZenMate is based in Berlin, Germany. The country is considered a leader in European data privacy legislation. Nonetheless, it is under the jurisdiction of the European Union, which makes it susceptible to data retention laws. However, ZenMate does not keep logs or store information about its users. It routes data through its own private servers and industry-grade TSL encryption standards.

It has a kill switch

If you want to browse the Internet anonymously, the kill switch in ZenMate VPN is a must-have feature. When you encounter connectivity problems, this feature blocks all traffic and switches to the regular network. In this way, your ISP will be unable to monitor your internet activity.

The kill switch helps prevent your internet traffic from being seen by authorities. ZenMate supports the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, and comes with a variety of proxy extensions to protect your online privacy. This VPN app also protects you from malware, tracking, and webRTC leaks. It's easy to use even for beginners, and it includes a built-in kill switch that suspends your internet connection if you lose connection to the VPN server.

In addition to preventing unwanted access to websites, a kill switch prevents the leakage of internet traffic. Typically, this kill switch will prevent certain apps from accessing the internet, but will not disable other applications. In some cases, a VPN's kill switch will be activated by default, but it is still best to double-check this feature before installing it.

It is easy to use

ZenMate VPN is a good choice for those looking for an easy-to-use VPN service. The interface is straightforward and there are no complicated settings. Customers can select a server by clicking a circle with a shield on it. You can also contact ZenMate via email or live chat if you need technical assistance. The company is responsive to email and live chat inquiries, and their FAQs are often updated. However, their customer support is not comparable to other leading VPN services, and if you have a complex technical issue, you may want to consider another VPN service.

The software is available in both Windows and MacOS versions. You can choose between UDP and TCP. In addition, you can use a combination of both protocols to protect your personal data. The software has a kill switch feature that will disconnect your device if the VPN connection is interrupted. This feature prevents data leaks and protects your privacy.

ZenMate offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the service. The VPN service has multiple support options, but the live chat option is the most responsive. You can access the live chat support at any time through the ZenMate website. Alternatively, you can submit a support ticket and receive an answer within hours.

Zenmate VPN Review - Anti Virus Software

Zenmate VPN  VPN review  Anti Virus Software

If you're looking for a VPN that's both reliable and secure, we recommend Zenmate VPN. It has a money-back guarantee and features like geoblocking bypass, a kill switch, and 256-bit AES encryption. You can also get a free trial version.

Zenmate VPN offers a money-back guarantee

Zenmate VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the service. There are several ways to cancel, but the fastest way is to contact the customer service department. The website offers a live chat feature, which is located at the bottom right corner of the website. Customer support agents are polite and helpful, and they will usually respond to you within a few hours.

Another plus of ZenMate VPN is its unlimited device connections. This means you can protect as many devices as you want at once. It also supports sharing an account with others. Furthermore, reputable VPN servers cover almost all corners of the world, which means you can unblock geo-blocking technology.

There are some downsides to ZenMate, though, including the fact that it doesn't work in some countries. While the company says it's still available in Hong Kong, the government has a history of monitoring internet activity in the city. While this won't affect the service in China, it's not worth using if you live in a country where Internet censorship is common.

Another major downside is that it leaks your DNS and IP addresses. While ZenMate's privacy policy states that it doesn't log your activities, it's unclear what data it collects. However, it does offer a built-in kill switch and AES encryption with 256-bit keys, so third-party agencies can't spy on you.

ZenMate's customer support is excellent. The company's representatives are available 24/7 through live chat or through the support section of the website. They also respond promptly to your emails. Their website also offers helpful "how-to" articles and documentation.

It bypasses geoblocking

Geoblocking is a way that websites and platforms restrict content based on your geographic location. This is done for a variety of reasons, including licensing and copyright issues. For instance, Pandora and Netflix both block content in certain regions due to licensing agreements. In addition, some online stores and social media sites only offer prices for certain regions. However, there's a way around geoblocking using a VPN.

The best VPN services can help you bypass geoblocking by masking your IP address and replacing it with one from a different country. This way, you'll appear as a user from a different region, which can help you unblock websites or watch videos from countries where you're blocked. VPNs can be used on Windows, iOS, and macOS devices. Alternatively, you can install a VPN in your browser.

ZenMate has more than two thousand servers across 80 countries, which makes it one of the most versatile VPNs on the market. Its fast and consistent connection speeds make it an excellent choice for gamers. Unlike other VPNs, ZenMate bypasses geoblocking manually, so you have to search for a specific piece of content and connect to a server in the region you're located in.

ZenMate supports a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. The software also works with most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. And it's based in Germany, which is part of the so-called 14 Eyes alliance, which aims to monitor the internet.

It's not illegal to use a VPN to bypass geoblocking, but it may be against the terms of service of the streaming service you're using. However, if you're using it to access illegal content, you may be breaking the law.

It has a built-in kill switch

ZenMate VPN has a built-in kill switch to protect your connection in case it drops. The kill switch prevents data from being leaked if you experience a disconnect. This feature is turned on by default. However, it is possible to toggle the switch off if you don't need it. The kill switch is found in the General tab of the software. The kill switch allows you to automatically disconnect all Internet traffic when the VPN connection fails. It also prevents DNS leaks, which is a great feature for those who want to protect their privacy online.

The kill switch feature comes with ZenMate, but you can turn it off in the settings. The kill switch ensures that your IP address remains hidden. Without it, you'll be at risk of shady advertisers or government agencies spying on your online activities. When ZenMate VPN cuts off your connection, it will temporarily disconnect your device.

Most VPNs include a kill switch to protect your connection. However, this kill switch is not available on all apps, so you'll need to choose a VPN that supports the platforms you use. For instance, Ivacy only offers a kill switch on Windows and Android, while IPVanish only works on Windows and macOS. The kill switch is useful in emergency situations but won't be enough if your connection gets lost or terminated for any reason.

Another useful feature of ZenMate VPN is its kill switch, which stops the connection if the VPN fails to connect. It also has a wide network of servers, located in 30 different countries.

It has 256-bit AES encryption

ZenMate VPN is a relatively new provider, but it already has a solid reputation for security and privacy. This VPN has a wide range of servers in more than 80 countries, making it an ideal choice for the internet. Its network of servers is not as large as some rivals, but it still offers a solid security package.

It also has advanced security features, including a kill switch and DNS leak protection. It also boasts a no-logs policy and support for multiple protocols, including OpenVPN. This protocol is one of the fastest and most secure available. Users also get a variety of browser extensions to protect their web browsing experience.

Another notable feature is its kill switch, which disconnects you from the internet if the VPN stops working. This feature can help prevent hackers and malware from tracking your movements. Additionally, it detects 66 types of malicious code and can help you avoid infections. However, there are some minor drawbacks, such as IP leaks. You can also run into problems with WebRTC API and DNS servers.

ZenMate also has a user-friendly interface, and connects to servers in a matter of a click. It also claims to offer 100% confidentiality, but its privacy policy is unclear. However, if you're looking for high-end security, ZenMate is worth a look. The service boasts 256-bit AES encryption, which is the same encryption as used by banks and the military. It also provides a high-speed internet connection.

ZenMate VPN has many servers spread across the world. The majority of them are based in Germany, but there are also servers located in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. As a result, users can access websites that are blocked in their countries.

It has a warrant canary page

Most VPNs have warrant canaries, but few people actually see them. Instead, they usually have a transparency report that updates once a month. This lets users know when the company has been served with a warrant. However, warrant canaries aren't very useful for no-log VPNs.

The warrant canary idea was invented in the post-9/11 cypherpunk community as a last resort to warn people about secret surveillance. Unfortunately, it's not always a good idea to inform people about warrants - they can get slapped with stiff penalties. Some warrant orders, such as in Australia, specifically prohibit a person from tripping the canary, so you should follow their instructions to the letter.

Some VPN services use a warrant canary page to demonstrate their transparency. However, there is no guarantee that this page is updated on a regular basis, and it doesn't show what data law enforcement is requesting. Still, a warrant canary page can be a good sign. It helps to ensure that users can trust a VPN.

A warrant canary page is a page that informs users if their data has been seized by the government. These warnings are important and should not be ignored. The government should not be able to access your data without your permission, but it's important that you understand what they're asking for.

Fortunately, there's another VPN service that doesn't send warrant canaries. It's called Private Internet Access. Its servers are located in Sweden, a country which is a member of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance. Regardless of whether or not a VPN company is compliant with these laws, it may still send warrant canaries if it receives a warrant.

Boost Your Security With a VPN and Private Email Service

Boost Your Security with a VPN  Private Email Service

You can protect yourself from privacy issues by using a VPN and private email service. Your internet service provider, or ISP, is the company with the most insight into your online activities. The FTC is expected to issue a report about ISP privacy practices in 2021. ISPs may sell anonymized data about you to third parties. A VPN protects your privacy and prevents these companies from selling this information.


VPN and private email services offer multiple benefits for your security. First, they ensure end-to-end encryption of data, which means that unauthorized users cannot track what you are doing online. This helps reduce the risk of cyber attacks, and you can use them on the go without a major investment in data centers.

Second, a VPN helps you avoid being tracked by web browsers and internet service providers. This is important because your web browsing history can be tied to your IP address. In some countries, your email service provider may be blocked, but a VPN can bypass this issue by connecting you through the country you are currently located in.

A VPN can also protect you from identity theft, which is when someone uses your personal information to open new accounts or file tax returns in your name. In some cases, they can even rent out a property in your name. Identity theft is an increasing threat, and a VPN can help protect your data from identity theft by forming an encrypted tunnel. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent all security breaches, but it's still important to take steps to safeguard your information.

Another way to protect yourself against email attacks is by establishing strong passwords. It is also important to choose a VPN with a good amount of servers. VPNs with fewer servers usually have slower online speeds. This is because too many users are sharing a server, which slows down your browsing.

A VPN provider will encrypt your data before it is sent. As a result, your browsing history will not be traceable by government agencies or businesses. This is especially important for sensitive online accounts, like bank accounts. Without a VPN, your financial information can be easily stolen by criminals.

A VPN also allows you to communicate abroad without paying high long distance charges. Many countries restrict the use of messaging apps, and a VPN can bypass these restrictions.

ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN and Private Email Service offer a variety of features and benefits. The software has a variety of settings, including a kill switch to prevent connection interruptions. It also has browser extensions that help prevent WebRTC leaks, tracking attempts, and malware. Users can choose from protocols including L2TP, OpenVPN, and 1Kev2. Users can also choose a double encryption method, which makes their communications even more private.

The downside of ZenMate is that it doesn't work in all countries, especially those with internet censorship. The program doesn't support censored websites, which can hinder business performance and productivity. It is also not reliable when connected to far-away servers, as you may lose up to 9% of your internet speed. However, it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ZenMate is available as a browser extension, desktop client, and mobile app. To use the service, you must sign up for a ZenMate account. Once you do, select the server location and click the big round button. After that, you can access your ZenMate account.

In addition, ZenMate does not log user data. This is similar to the policy of most other VPNs, although ZenMate does state that it does not keep any logs. Moreover, ZenMate doesn't store your IP address or browsing history. The service also does not store sensitive information, such as your password or credit card numbers.

However, ZenMate VPN isn't reliable in China and other countries with strict online censorship. If you want to avoid the Chinese government from spying on your activities, you'll have to sign up for ExpressVPN instead. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, makes use of proprietary obfuscation technology and allows its users to browse freely.

ZenMate has several hundred servers in different countries, including the United States, Canada, and Europe. It also offers servers in Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. ZenMate has two distinct pricing plans, Pro and Ultimate. Both services offer OpenVPN support and P2P network support.

Although ZenMate is a solid VPN, it lacks a few features on mobile devices. It does not support IPv6, DNS leak protection, or WireGuard protocol. Moreover, it does not have browser extensions for Firefox and Safari. But the Pro plan provides access to over 4700 servers in 80 countries and unlimited bandwidth.

CyberGhost VPN

If you're worried about the safety of your online activities, you may want to use a VPN service like CyberGhost. CyberGhost offers a number of features, including a no-logs policy and four different encryption protocols. Additionally, it won't throttle your connection or track your internet activity. Its customer support team is responsive and helpful, and you can contact them via live chat if you have any questions.

CyberGhost's privacy policy claims that no logs are kept of your browsing history, bandwidth, or location. However, it does record your email address and billing information. And it uses AES-256 encryption standards. However, despite these claims, the privacy policy is a bit confusing and unhelpful. You might want to check out other providers that offer a more simple privacy policy.

The default setting for CyberGhost is to send all traffic through the VPN. However, you can disable this and connect to public networks separately. This will increase data speed and avoid bottlenecks. You can also choose to use split tunneling, which lets you access both public and private networks. However, it's important to remember that traffic that doesn't go through the VPN is more susceptible to hacking and security threats. This is especially true if you have more than one user on your device.

CyberGhost also offers dedicated IP addresses for their users. To activate this feature, you'll need a special token. CyberGhost doesn't know your private IP address, so this is a good option for those who are worried about security. You should be able to find one that suits your needs and is compatible with your devices.

CyberGhost is a good VPN service with affordable subscription plans and a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. The company's VPN server coverage spans the world and is capable of streaming, gaming, and torrenting. It also has a secure No-Spy server that is located in the CyberGhost headquarters in Romania.

CyberGhost is also compatible with a wide variety of devices. The VPN's mobile apps work with smartphones and tablets, and it's also a top choice for protecting smart TVs, home routers, and gaming consoles. The company also has free extensions for a variety of popular browsers.


Email is a prime target for cybercriminals, as email is a form of digital communication that carries sensitive information. Although popular services such as Gmail have made strides to improve security, they still fall short of the level of security provided by dedicated secure email providers. These services are specifically designed to protect your privacy and anonymity, and offer a range of features to keep your email secure. In addition, it is a good idea to use a VPN with email, as it encrypts your activity so that nobody can see what you're doing.

Secure Mail uses the latest open-source encryption standards, including AES and OpenPGP. However, it is based in the United States, a country that is a leading member of the 5 Eyes spying network. Although this might not seem like a big deal, this does raise some privacy concerns.

Mailgun is another private email service that uses SSL/TSL connections to protect your privacy. It also protects your information by removing personal information from email headers and does not read email content. The privacy of individuals is generally respected in the Netherlands.

While it is possible to protect your privacy with an email service, using a VPN is the best option for email. It encrypts your communication, keeps your IP address secret and is faster than email clients. Additionally, it syncs your mail and files across multiple devices.

Despite the benefits of a VPN & Private Email Service, this type of service is not free. You must pay a monthly fee in order to receive more secure email. However, some private email services offer a free trial period before you're asked to pay for premium features and more storage.

There are three types of secure email services. There are free plans, which provide basic encryption, and premium plans with more storage and priority customer service. It's important to compare the features of each service to ensure that you get the right security package. Some of these services provide free plans and money-back guarantees, but make sure you read the fine print first before committing to one. The internet is increasingly digitizing, and you need to be as safe as possible. Email is a sensitive medium that should never be compromised.

ZenMate Alternatives - 25+ VPN Services and Similar Apps

ZenMate Alternatives 25 VPN Services and similar apps

If you've been looking for a VPN service to unblock websites and stream videos without any restrictions, you've come to the right place. ZenMate is a German-based VPN service that works on many different devices. However, it doesn't work in heavily censored countries. It's easy to use and available on a number of devices.

ZenMate is a German-based VPN service

ZenMate is a German-based provider of a private internet access service. The company's privacy policy doesn't provide much insight into the collection of data, but it does offer a built-in kill switch to prevent third parties from monitoring your online activities. Moreover, the service uses AES encryption with 256-bit keys, ensuring that no one can track your online activities.

The desktop app for ZenMate is easy to use and has a nice interface. It has two tabs, one for settings and one for security. The desktop app has two menus that list servers and setup preferences. The mobile app is more limited, but it also supports a kill switch. The kill switch helps prevent data leaks by temporarily disconnecting your device if your VPN connection fails.

ZenMate VPN offers three different subscription plans. The monthly payment depends on the length of the subscription, with a three-year plan costing just a few dollars. As with most other VPN providers, there are also business plans available. While these plans will depend on the needs of each individual, they are worth considering if you are looking for a high-quality service with a good price. The service also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

As the name suggests, ZenMate was originally a free VPN app, but now provides premium services to 47 million users worldwide. While the service isn't as feature-rich as some other top-tier VPN services, it still allows you to unblock popular streaming services from around the world.

ZenMate VPN also offers 24/7 English-language support. ZenMate's support team will answer questions through live chat, support tickets, and email. The support team is generally responsive, but it's not nearly as comprehensive as other VPN services.

It doesn't work in heavily-censored countries

Many countries have Internet censorship laws limiting access to "objectionable" content. This affects journalists, bloggers, and ordinary citizens alike. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, over half of journalists in jail around the world are being jailed for their work. Censorship laws vary from country to country, but some countries are more strict than others. For example, Iran blocks millions of sites, monitors all email traffic, and imprisons many bloggers who post controversial topics.

ZenMate has servers in dozens of countries around the world, but these are mostly in Europe and North America. Although ZenMate claims to own all of its servers, there is no way to choose a server specific to your location. This means that you can't bypass geo-blocks in heavily-censored countries using ZenMate. Consequently, the VPN service isn't a good choice if you're trying to access content from censored countries.

The top countries in the world with the worst internet censorship policies are North Korea and Eritrea. These countries have closed governments and only 4% of their population has access to the internet. Cell phone users make up about 7% of the population, but they have limited access to the internet. The country's government is attempting to censor media and prevent critical information from reaching the public.

Eritrea is an African nation that only allows state-owned media to distribute news. Eritrea expelled its last accredited international correspondent in 2007. Because of its strict censorship policies, journalists in Eritrea live in constant fear of arrest. Reporters are jailed for critical reporting and for leaking information outside the country. Eritrea has the highest percentage of journalists jailed in Africa.

It is available on a number of devices

The ZenMate VPN service is available on several devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows. The software's interface is very simple and intuitive, and it makes it easy to choose and connect to the right server for your needs. However, the iPhone app does not offer P2P optimized servers. The company does offer customer support through email, live chat, and in-app ticket system. The website also offers a knowledge base and FAQ section for more information.

ZenMate offers several pricing plans. Their monthly plans are fairly reasonable and come with several benefits. A free trial is available, so you can try out the service before you purchase it. You can also check out their online FAQ, which lists dozens of frequently asked questions and answers.

The ZenMate VPN service is compatible with a number of devices, including iPhones and iPads. It is also available on many platforms, including Android, Mac OS X, and Windows. It has a wide network of over 3,600 servers in more than 80 countries, which means you can access geo-restricted sites with relative ease. However, it's not the best choice for those in China, where government censorship makes access to the Internet impossible.

ZenMate VPN has received a favorable rating from users. It has a 4.7/5 score on Trustpilot and a 4.2-star rating on the App Store. The application works well on both Windows and macOS, and is compatible with several different web browsers.

The interface of the ZenMate software is similar to that of CyberGhost. Its user interface has a large power button in the center, and is organized around this button. When ZenMate detects your location, it automatically connects you to the best server for your needs. Additionally, ZenMate's user interface is similar to smartphone apps, and it allows you to choose your favorite servers. It also allows you to use different servers for torrenting and streaming.

It has a simple interface

ZenMate is an excellent VPN service that offers a simple interface and extensive server network. The company's servers are located all around the world, so you can bypass geo-restrictions and other restrictions on streaming platforms. In addition, the company's servers support P2P activities. ZenMate also provides a 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee. The company supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. Additionally, it includes a privacy policy and terms of service, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected.

ZenMate follows a no-logs policy, although the privacy policy does not give much information about what information it collects. However, it does provide a kill switch and uses AES encryption with 256-bit keys to prevent third parties from monitoring your online activity.

ZenMate offers a free VPN service that offers four server locations. However, users may experience some lags when using remote servers. The ZenMate client is easy to use and is available for iOS and Android. Like the desktop software, the mobile application also offers extensions for security and privacy.

ZenMate's server locations are extensive and cover Europe and North America. In addition, it has good coverage in Asia, Australia, South America, and the Middle East. While ZenMate is missing in countries like Pakistan, it's still a great choice if you want the security of VPN service without compromising your internet speed.

Despite its low price, ZenMate has an excellent reputation for privacy and security. It streams US Netflix and supports P2P file-sharing. However, its lack of transparency is an issue. Although it claims to be a no-logs VPN, it collects information about its users, including their IP address. Regardless of the privacy policy, it's still a good VPN service for a beginner.

It has a no-logs policy

ZenMate has a no-log policy for its VPN. This means that the company will never log your browsing or download history, or your location. While the service does collect anonymous data for analytics purposes, you will never see anything that could identify you. The company does request your email address to send you marketing emails.

This policy is in place to protect your privacy, and it is enforced by the company's own policies. For example, most VPNs use RAM servers, which require power and automatically wipe data when the server shuts down. CyberGhost has also had requests made by authorities to hand over user data, but has always declined to comply. In addition, the company's servers are located in Romania, a country with strict privacy laws and no laws requiring VPNs to store identifiable information.

While this policy sounds acceptable on the surface, it's important to read the fine print. While Zenmate claims it adheres to Germany's strict privacy laws, it does admit to collecting some information, such as your operating system, browser, and IP address. This policy isn't a big deal for most users, but it may put you off if you're not comfortable sharing your data.

Unlike many other VPNs, ZenMate has a no-log policy. It is a good idea to read this policy carefully before you use a VPN service. It's also a good idea to know that ZenMate will never sell any of your personal data. In addition to a no-logs policy, ZenMate has military-grade encryption, including AES-128 encryption on their servers. It offers OpenVPN protection as well as 1Kev2 and L2TP protocols. It also has an automatic kill switch.

Despite having a no-logs policy, ZenMate VPN offers an extremely low cost VPN service with unlimited connections and a no-logs policy. It also offers reliable workarounds for geo-restricted content, including Netflix and Disney+. However, it can't unblock BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime Video. As for its no-logs policy, it doesn't have an independent audit, so it's hard to tell how trustworthy it is.

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