Rent Or Buy Online Textbooks If You Are A Student

Rent Or Buy Online Textbooks If You Are A Student


Rent Or Buy Online Textbooks

eTextbooks  Rent or Buy Online Textbooks  VitalSource

If you are a student looking to rent or buy an online textbook, you've probably heard of eTextbooks. These sites allow you to rent or buy textbooks from thousands of different publishers. While the physical books you rent must be returned to the vendor when the rental period is over, eTextbooks do not require a return. In fact, many eTextbook vendors have discounts that you can take advantage of. In addition, many of these sites allow you to purchase textbooks through an app.

TCC Bookstores offer eTextbooks

For students looking to purchase eTextbooks, TCC Bookstores offers a variety of options. The online store hosts EBSCOHost eBooks and other eBook subscriptions. To access these eTextbooks, visit MyTCC and click on the "Ebooks" link. There are also links to other databases and eTextbooks. Vital Source is another good resource for eTextbooks. Students can search for eTextbooks by title, ISBN, or publisher.

For students who do not have a lot of money, the TCC Bookstore offers a "text rental" program. These rental books are offered at 50% off the original purchase price. Additionally, there are no extra charges for returning a book. Renters can also choose to convert the rental to a purchase at the end of the rental period.

Students can also search for eTextbooks in the TCC Bookstore by ISBN or book title. The ISBN number is a 10 or 13 digit number that can be found on the first four to ten pages of a book. ISBNs can also be found on the syllabus for a class, and can be used to buy or rent books online.

Cengage Brain

CengageBrain offers a wide variety of textbook titles. Their catalog features 45,819 titles across a range of subjects. These include Anthropology, Audiology, Basic Health Sciences, Business Law, Carpentry, Fiber Optics, Health, Game Development, and more. This broad selection of titles makes CengageBrain a convenient choice for any student.

Users of Cengage Brain eTextbooks are responsible for ensuring that they are using the material in compliance with the Cengage Terms of Service. These Terms prohibit any unauthorized use of the materials. Users are advised to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding their use of the Services.

CengageBrain offers a variety of payment options. They also provide 24/7 customer support. For example, their "Extra Credit Program" gives customers an extra six dollars off any $60 purchase. This program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to save money while reading textbooks and eLearning tools. In exchange, the company will donate $1 to a charity for every coupon redeemed. The charities that benefit from these donations include Charity Water, the Student Conservation Association, and the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Cengage's new service also includes a customizable dashboard, which gives users choice over which books to read and what learning tools they want. This cloud-based platform gives learners more freedom to access, use, and customize the content. It is also customizable, which means it can be used on a variety of devices.


Chegg is an online textbook distribution platform. The site lets you buy or rent textbooks, highlight text, write notes in margins, and answer questions. You can also access study guides and cite references to support your points. The eTextbook reader also lets you share notes with your friends and study groups.

Chegg also allows you to return physical books. When you are done with your Chegg eTextbook rental, you can print out the UPS shipping label and drop off the book at the nearest UPS location. If you want to keep the eTextbook, you can extend the period by paying an extension fee, which is 25% of the cost of the rental. The maximum rental period is 90 or 180 days.

Chegg was founded in 2010 and grew rapidly. The concept is similar to Netflix, but the price is half that of a new book. It's also designed for visual learners, with tons of educational flashcards created by experts and students. Chegg's study flashcards allow you to search for flashcards by subject and even make your own study flashcards.

Chegg also offers discounts on textbooks. For example, students can rent an eTextbook for $6.99 per month, with unlimited use for up to 14 days. There is also a 14-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, Chegg allows users to borrow the eTextbook for seven days, while the physical book is being shipped.

Chegg is one of the leading online textbook providers. Not only does it offer textbook rentals, but it also offers online student services, including tutoring, homework assistance, and scholarship search engines. The company began as a simple classifieds website, which was later expanded into a textbook rental platform.


With college students heading back to school, purchasing textbooks is likely at the top of their list. However, eTextbooks from Amazon are a great way to go digital and save money. This service lets students read textbooks any time, anywhere, with interactive features. Amazon eTextbooks are also available in several different formats.

eTextbooks can be read on any digital device, from personal computers to smartphones. These books are driving our educational system to the next generation of digital study. eTextbooks make learning fun, easy, and flexible. They also provide access to hundreds of thousands of books. Moreover, you don't have to worry about missing an important chapter or page.

eTextbooks from Amazon can be downloaded for free or for a minimal fee. However, delivery fees vary depending on country. In some countries, Amazon charges $0.15 per megabyte. You can read more about Amazon's policies on eTextbooks here. To avoid these charges, you can also choose to sell your books directly to readers instead of through Amazon. However, note that Amazon is in business to make money, and this means you'll have to pay a sales commission if you want your eBooks to be seen by more people.

Amazon also offers a subscription service called Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99/month, you can access over a million titles from their library. However, it's important to note that the library doesn't contain all the best-selling books. However, if you are a member of Amazon's Prime program, you can access their eReading library for free. Moreover, many books are available on Amazon's website for free for members of Prime.


iBooks is the e-book reading and store application for iOS and macOS. It was first announced in January 2010 and released for the iPhone and iPod Touch in mid-2010. Since then, it has become a popular way to read and buy e-books. The name iBooks was given to the e-book reader application on January 27, 2010.

iBooks can be used to create a variety of educational materials, including picture and audio books, e-learning materials, and more. These educational materials can be customized to fit the age and level of the student. One iBook that showcases this is Cody's O&M Adventures, which was created by high school students with physical disabilities. The book can be accessed with an iPad paired with a Bluetooth keyboard or a refreshable braille display.

Another way to create an iBook is to use an iBooks Author software application to create e-books. It is free and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Before, this program was only available for macOS users. Unlike the previous versions of the application, iBooks Author lets you create documents in Pages and then finish the layout in iBooks Author.

iBooks Author makes the process of creating an e-book a simple task. The program automatically creates a table of contents and chapters for you. However, it is still possible to make changes in the style of the text. This is done through the Style Drawer under the View menu and the toolbar.

Another advantage of iBooks 3 is that you can now create collections and view them from any device. These collections can sync across all your devices, and your notes and bookmarks will stay with you from one device to another. This feature is ideal for people who own multiple devices.

VitalSource eTextbooks - Rent Or Buy Online Textbooks?

VitalSource eTextbooks  Rent or Buy Online Textbooks

When choosing to rent an eTextbook, you'll have several options. Some of them offer lifetime access. Others offer less expensive rates than renting. Find out what to expect from a VitalSource eTextbook rental service and which one is right for you.

Less expensive than buying a book

While the cost of eTextbooks is often cheaper than purchasing a book, the fact is that most students prefer to read printed books. In fact, a recent survey found that 43% of faculty members agree that students learn better from print textbooks. However, the growing popularity of online learning necessitates the widespread use of eTextbooks. These digital texts can be purchased for sale, by subscription, or even for rent.

The best way to find the cheapest books is by using a website that aggregates prices from different online stores. The Allbookstores app is an excellent example, with a user-friendly interface. Bigwords is another online textbook retailer, with a low-price guarantee. It also offers a cash-back program through PayPal and other perks.

Another great resource is Dealoz, which compares textbook prices from 200 online stores. The price comparison site shows you the best prices for books and allows you to sign up for price alerts. This can save you up to 97% on a book. Besides being a great resource, Dealoz offers a rewards program and a free coupon search.

Textbooks can be expensive, especially if you have to buy several copies for a course. By finding the best options and forging relationships with the right suppliers, you can significantly cut down the cost of a textbook. It's worth it to look into all the options and compare prices.

Another option for saving money is renting textbooks. Renting a textbook is cheaper than buying it, but there are some restrictions you need to be aware of. Unlike buying a book, renting an eTextbook will not allow you to mark it. Moreover, you must make sure that it's free from any damage. This option might not be ideal for students who like to mark up their textbooks.

Moreover, renting a textbook is better for the environment. Since many students rarely need textbooks after class, it's better to rent a book rather than buy it.

Cheaper than renting

If you're looking for a cheap alternative to renting textbooks, eTextbooks are a great option. ETextbooks are digital versions of physical books, and they're similar to renting books, but they have some advantages over their rental counterparts. For example, eTextbooks can be resold, making them an ideal option for students who don't necessarily plan to keep the books.

The downside to renting textbooks is the fact that most of these services do not allow you to take notes or highlight pages. You can only take digital notes on a select few sites, and they generally don't offer supplementary materials or digital access codes. If you need supplementary material, you should consider purchasing a used copy of the textbook instead. For instance, renting a textbook for a semester might cost just $30 or $65 compared to the cost of purchasing it.

Another disadvantage to renting textbooks is that you must return the book by the due date, which can be expensive. In addition, you have to pay a shipping fee to return the book, which can easily add up. However, renting textbooks is a great option for students who don't like to keep textbooks after the term ends, and it may even save them money in the long run.

Some online comparison websites let you search for books based on keywords. You can also search for books by length, such as term, semester, or session. Some sites also offer prepaid shipping labels, so you don't have to worry about paying shipping for a book you're not using.

College textbooks are expensive. The average college student spends $1240 on textbooks every year. Renting them instead is an easy and convenient option for college students. Some of these sites even allow you to choose between online and physical editions, which saves you money. When you choose to rent a textbook, make sure you check out the availability and terms of the rental.

Lifetime access

If you're a student, lifelong access to VitalSource eTextbooks is a great way to cut down on textbook expenses. VitalSource eTextbooks are available online or offline. And you can even download them to your Kindle Fire, tablet, or smartphone. If you're planning to download a VitalSource eBook, make sure to set up your account before the end of your course.

The VitalSource Educator's Portal contains samples of the titles available on VitalSource. If you're looking for offline access, you can contact VitalSource Support. Our support team will assist you in downloading and using VitalSource eTextbooks. VitalSource respects the privacy of its users.

To access VitalSource eTextbooks, sign in with your VitalSource account and use the latest version of Bookshelf. The app must be installed on your computer or mobile device. If you have multiple VitalSource accounts, you can merge them so that you only need one account to access your eTextbooks.

If you have trouble reading the text, VitalSource eTextbooks also have built-in text-to-speech capabilities. With VoiceOver voice controls, you can control the speed of playback, pause it, and skip forward or back. You can also control playback from the lock screen. If you wish to skip a chapter, simply select it on the lock screen and VitalSource eTextbooks will play from the current position.

VitalSource eTextbooks are not only convenient but also affordable. Lifetime access to VitalSource eTextbooks is a great way to save money on textbooks. Depending on the textbook you need, you can purchase a 30-day or lifetime subscription to VitalSource eTextbooks and access them from wherever you are. These subscriptions are flexible and affordable and can fit any budget.

Comparison of eTextbook retailers

Compared to a printed book, an eBook costs less to produce. However, the initial cost of an eReader is higher, and retailers typically charge an annual subscription fee. Printed books also have endnotes, which consumers must navigate to view information. An eTextbook does not have these.

How Much Cheaper Are eTextbooks?

How much cheaper are eTextbooks

Ebooks are a great way to save money on your college courses. They can be read on any device, are portable, and are easy to buy. In this article, we'll examine how much cheaper eTextbooks are compared to print textbooks. You can also save a lot of money by purchasing an eTextbook instead of purchasing a hardbound textbook. We'll also discuss the benefits of eTextbooks for students.

eTextbooks are cheaper than print textbooks

Digital textbooks are generally more expensive than print textbooks, and students with small budgets may find it difficult to purchase learning materials. However, students can find ways to recoup their costs by reselling used books. Additionally, digital textbooks are often easier to update because the content is stored on the cloud. This can save authors and publishers time and money by making changes to their content without having to reprint entire books.

Another benefit of digital textbooks is that they can be shared by more than one person. Unlike printed books, which need to be stored and shipped, digital textbooks can be shared and accessed from any computer. Many e-book readers have social features like Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can share the book with friends and family. Moreover, many e-books are free to download. This makes digital textbooks a popular choice among college students.

Ebooks are also more affordable than printed books. This is especially advantageous to college students with small budgets. Further, they reduce the amount of paper used and the number of trees cut. Moreover, they are lighter and portable. They also provide the course curriculum and learning activities. In addition, instructors can monitor class progress and set deadlines for learning tasks.

Another benefit of eTextbooks is that students can read them at any time, anywhere, and from any device. Moreover, they can be shared, which makes the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable. Additionally, eTextbooks can be enhanced with multimedia for an even better learning experience. These digital books can be created using eBook creation software.

Despite these benefits, eTextbooks still cost a fraction of the price of printed textbooks. As a result, instructors are increasingly adopting these new learning tools. With the rise of online educational resources, traditional publishers have had to reinvent themselves to remain competitive.

Moreover, digital textbooks are easier to use than print textbooks, because they include extra features like search functions. This helps students navigate their textbooks easier and make connections. As a result, eTextbooks are up to 60 percent cheaper than print textbooks. Besides, they are more affordable for publishers because there are no shipping and printing costs involved.

They can be accessed on any device

ETextbooks are digital textbooks that contain the same content as regular college textbooks. These electronic textbooks are available on a variety of electronic devices. Some eTextbooks are portable, allowing you to access them anywhere. Others require a specific website or application for access.

These eBooks are available from thousands of retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. Many authors also make eBooks available on their websites. Compared to hardcover books, eBooks save tremendous amounts of space. They allow you to carry thousands of books on one device.

The use of eTextbooks is on the rise, but the number of eTextbooks does not correspond with the amount of students who use them. That may mean that eTextbooks are just digital versions of print material. The digital promise is to make educational materials accessible to everyone.

There is a learning curve with eTextbooks. At first, students may perceive them as less effective, but with proper training and support, students may get used to them quickly. In addition, eTextbooks are much cheaper than their print counterparts.

They are portable

Compared to physical books, eTextbooks are much more portable and cheaper to transport. They can be downloaded within minutes, and there's no need to wait for shipping. There's also a wider variety of titles available, and many are free, either through Project Gutenberg or Amazon, or through local libraries. eBooks are also often on sale, and bestsellers can be bought for as little as $1 or $5. If you want to save money on ebooks, you can sign up for deal alerts from sites like BookBub.

ETextbooks are also much cheaper to purchase than physical textbooks. The major drawback is that they require an electronic device to read them. While this may not bother some readers, they can have limited battery life and are not very portable. eTextbooks are also more convenient for people with vision impairments, who may find it hard to read printed texts.

The price of regular college textbooks is often quite high, but eTextbooks are cheaper and more portable. Additionally, students can sell used textbooks and recoup some of their costs. However, this may be prohibited by copyright laws. Having physical textbooks can also help students focus better on the material. They can follow class discussions and memorize material better.

Besides being cheaper and more portable, eBooks also are easier to carry. Many modern smartphones and tablets have eReader apps. These can be loaded with hundreds of eBooks. They save a lot of space. They are also portable and can be read anywhere you have a few minutes free.

They are easy to purchase

eTextbooks are an excellent way to save money on your textbooks. Unlike physical textbooks, which can be heavy and difficult to carry, eTextbooks can be read anywhere and are much more convenient. Many have social features that allow readers to share ideas and provide support for each other. You can even take notes and highlight important passages. In addition, most eBooks are available as cloud-based books, meaning that they are automatically updated.

One major benefit of eTextbooks is their ease of purchase. There are a number of sites where you can find a variety of titles at discounted prices. AbeBooks, for example, offers a free 30-day trial and is available on various platforms. There is a subscription fee, but eTextbooks are much cheaper than print textbooks.

eBooks also offer a number of other benefits. They are easy to purchase and cheaper, so they are a great option for students on a tight budget. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, reducing paper consumption and the amount of trees cut. They are also convenient and lightweight. Additionally, eTextbooks can be used to provide students with a course curriculum and learning activities, which makes them very useful for college students. Instructors can also track student progress and give deadlines for learning tasks.

In addition to being cheaper, eTextbooks can be read on most devices. They can be accessed through a web browser or by dedicated apps. Some eTextbook websites offer text-to-speech functionality, adjustable font sizes, and other features. In addition, many of these apps also offer offline reading, so you can access them on a computer without needing a physical copy.

You can also buy eTextbooks from online textbook stores. Some online bookstores offer eTextbooks at a fraction of the cost of print books. Many eTextbook publishers also allow you to download and read them on your mobile device. Moreover, eTextbooks are cheaper and easier to purchase compared to their physical counterparts.

Many online bookstores have sale sections where you can find a great deal on an eTextbook. For example, Amazon's Kindle Daily Deals offer a variety of books that are priced less than five dollars. These deals include books for teens and adults, including fiction and non-fiction. Similarly, Rakuten kobo eBooks under five dollars offer a variety of different genres, ranging from light romance to historical biographies. The sale pages are updated daily, so you can easily find a book for cheap.

Rent Or Buy Digital Textbooks - Books on Google Play

If you're looking for a place to rent or buy books, Google Play is a great place to start. The Google Play Books app is available for both iOS and Android users. It has hundreds of thousands of titles available for download and rental. You can also use the Google Play Books website to browse and buy books.

Amazon's Kindle platform

Amazon's Kindle platform offers a wide variety of e-textbooks for rent and purchase. Students can use the Kindle platform to rent e-textbooks for 30 days or more, and extend their rentals in one-day increments. Kindle e-books also allow students to highlight and add annotations to the text. These notes are stored in Amazon's cloud and are automatically synced with re-rented textbooks.

If you want to rent a digital textbook, you can go to Amazon's rental page and search for it by ISBN or title. Then, select the books you want to rent and click the circular "Rent" button. Then, choose the date when you would like the book to be returned and you'll be on your way.

Kindle e-textbooks are compatible with a variety of devices. Students can use the Kindle platform on a Kindle tablet, a Kindle Fire in color, or a PC or Mac. The Kindle platform also has an "Xray" feature that offers links to extra content, such as quizzes and other resources. Besides the Kindle platform, you can also visit the website ManyBooks to access more than 50,000 free ebooks.

Another option is to borrow eBooks from libraries. Some public libraries have subscriptions to OverDrive, an ebook rental service that lets you borrow free ebooks from the library. The Kindle platform also offers Kindle Unlimited, which allows you to read eBooks on an unlimited basis for a small fee. This option isn't available worldwide, so you'll need to determine your reading habits.

Amazon's Kindle textbook business has struggled to get publishers to participate. Like Netflix's streaming service, Kindle's business model is forward-looking, but the lack of quality content is a significant hindrance. Despite its potential, the company has yet to prove its worth.

Amazon's eboo kstore

Amazon's eboo kstore offers students the opportunity to rent or purchase digital textbooks at discounted prices. These books are usually up to 80 percent cheaper than traditional print versions, and students can also store their notes and annotations. Once purchased, these books can be read on a Kindle or other devices. In addition, Elsevier, which specializes in scientific text books, is partnering with Amazon to offer 3,000 digital textbooks.

The eboo kstore offers an app for iPads and Android devices. Users can also subscribe to a subscription service for audiobooks. This service is also available through VIMN's Pay-TV partners. The app offers almost 200 Nickelodeon-published ebooks, and new titles are added monthly. However, Kaspersky reports that some etextbooks may contain hidden files - which range in threat level from harmless to dangerous.

Google Play Books

The Google Play store is a great place to rent or buy digital textbooks. There are thousands of books available from different publishers, and most can be rented for less than one dollar. If you're a student, renting a digital textbook can be a great way to save money on tuition. The Google Play books app is available for iOS and Android devices.

You can rent audiobooks and ebooks from Google Play. There are various rental periods, prices, and print limitations. When renting an ebook, you can modify the font, text size, line spacing, and more. You can also download PDF files if you'd like to read them on a computer.

Google Play Books allows you to rent and buy digital textbooks, which are stored on the cloud and can be read on Android and iOS devices. You can also read books on Google Play on the web. Most textbooks can be rented for up to six months, and the price is around 80 percent less than the regular purchase price. You can buy or rent digital textbooks on Google Play, and checkout is handled through Google Wallet.

The Play Store also supports EPUB and PDF files, making it easy to read documents from any device. The advantage of reading an EPUB or PDF file is that you can mark it up with notes and bookmarks. These notes will sync with all your devices, so you can continue reading from multiple locations.

The Google Play Books store is the second-slowest expanding ebook store. It recently added local ebookstores in nine countries, including Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, and Austria. This makes it available in 26 countries. The ebooks are mostly in Epub format, although Google is actively encouraging Epub3 as its preferred format.


Yuzu Digital Textbooks on Google Play are an option for students who want to access course materials online without purchasing them. These digital textbooks are usually cheaper than printed versions. You can purchase a single book or rent multiple ones. You can also create a rental return ups label by entering your order id and email address. Once you've finished reading your books, you can mail them back to Yuzu. Be sure to include the original receipt.

The Yuzu eReader app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows, and is designed for students at the university level. The company offers a 15-day return policy, so you can try before you buy. The app also lets you rent or buy digital books and lets you save up to 80% off the print price. It makes it easy to read and save money on textbooks.

Students can buy used textbooks for 50% off the purchase price, and they can sell back books in the first two weeks of class for 50% of the cost. However, they should note that used textbooks do not come with access codes, so it's advisable to buy your books if you need them for more than one semester.

Students can also use e-textbooks from Barnes & Noble College. Instructions for using these textbooks will vary from those for other publishers. The instructions for accessing your accounts on Barnes & Noble College will be slightly different from those for Yuzu. A student can also buy used books by visiting CampusBooks or Direct Textbook. Direct Textbook also offers the option to search for multiple books at once to find the best deals.

If you are not a student, don't worry! You can find thousands of titles through CampusBooks, a comparison website for online textbooks. There's also a rent versus buy feature and an option to search for books from libraries. This service is accessible via a mobile or desktop web browser.


Chegg, which rents and buys digital textbooks on Google Play, is one of the biggest disruptions in the EdTech industry. Its platform enables students to browse, search, and even create their own flashcard decks. Then, students can use these flashcards to study for exams. Students can create custom or pre-created decks to help them stay organized.

The Chegg website offers eTextbooks that are up to 90% off the list price. The site also offers a risk-free return policy on physical books. This is especially helpful if you're dropping a class and don't want to be stuck with a book. Chegg also provides customers with prepaid return shipping labels. They also offer extension periods for a fee that is usually 25 percent of the original rental cost. Extending the rental period also gives renters an extra 10 days to return a book. However, if they don't return the book on time, they'll be charged a purchase fee.

Students can search for a specific textbook by its title, ISBN, publisher, or other criteria. They can also browse by subject and keyword. Chegg is an online textbook aggregator. Students can purchase or rent digital textbooks, and it offers a 14-day return policy. Chegg also offers ebooks, which students can download on their devices and read online.

Chegg has a reputation among professors and students. Although students don't use Chegg as their primary source of digital textbooks, it is a good choice for all-in-one learning experiences. However, students who only need to purchase or rent textbooks might want to consider Amazon or Barnes & Noble instead. To access Chegg, students can simply create an account online and log in with their Google, Facebook, or Apple credentials.

Renting Textbooks - How to Save Up to 90 on Rental New Used and Digital Textbooks

Save up to 90 on rental new used and digital textbooks

When choosing between renting and buying textbooks, you'll have to consider the price difference. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on rental textbooks without compromising quality. These ways include using online textbook rental services, paying less for shipping, and finding sites that rent textbooks at a low price.

Cost of renting versus buying

There are several benefits to renting textbooks over buying them. For one, rental agreements typically have a longer rental period. And, unlike buying, the cost of renting a print book is relatively low compared to purchasing a new one. In addition, renting a textbook can help you avoid late or damaged fees. The best way to choose between buying and renting a textbook is to use a comparison site that lets you compare prices in both print and digital formats.

Another benefit of renting textbooks is that it is easier to get them in advance of the semester. This way, you can be sure to have the exact textbook you need and get the corresponding prices. Plus, it will save you the hassle of trudging from bookstore to bookstore. In addition, renting textbooks allows you to save money and reduce the need for storage space.

However, a student must take note of the terms of the rental agreement. While renting may seem cheaper upfront, it could end up costing more than buying. There are restrictions, such as not being allowed to highlight or write in the textbooks. It is also important to consider the length of the rental before making a decision.

Renting textbooks is also a good option if you don't plan to use them for a long time. The cost of renting new used textbooks is much lower compared to buying, and renting is often the only option for students. However, students should consider the time and space required to pack textbooks.

If a student needs a book for college, they may be able to avoid spending hundreds of dollars. In addition, they are often more accessible, and can be available for purchase online. Students can also get access to online resources that provide detailed course information.

Sites that rent out textbooks

Renting textbooks is a convenient way to acquire new books before the semester starts. You can rent the exact book you need, get the corresponding price, and choose the duration of the rental. It's also cheaper than buying new textbooks. Moreover, you can avoid the hassle of running from store to store in search of textbooks, which can take up valuable time and money. Despite the benefits of renting textbooks, there are a few factors you need to consider before renting them.

There are several sites that rent out digital and new used textbooks for college students. Blue Rocket Books, for example, lets you search for bulk textbooks and find the cheapest price. The site also provides prepaid shipping labels. Additionally, Blue Rocket Books donates one book to charity for every book that it sells. Another service is Bookbyte, which streamlines the process of selling textbooks. Customers mail in the books, receive payment via PayPal or mailed check, and receive a prepaid shipping label.

Amazon is another good place to rent textbooks. This site allows you to search for physical and digital books, as well as access codes for digital textbooks. It also offers a 30-day risk-free return policy, as long as you return the books within the period of the rental. If you decide not to return the textbook, you can apply the rental fees to the purchase price of a new one.

Renting a textbook is simple and easy. Once you choose a site, you login, print out the return shipping label, and send your rental back. Usually, these sites offer free shipping, but you may need to pay a small overage if you return the textbook late.

Ways to find cheap rentals

If you're looking for cheap rental new used or digital textbooks, there are several ways to find them. Using a website such as Bookscouter will help you compare prices for a wide range of textbooks. You can rent physical books, digital books, supplementary materials, and even digital access codes. You can also choose the rental period, which can range from sixty to 180 days.

The online rental business is increasingly competitive, so look for special promotions from different vendors. Some may offer free or discounted shipping, which can save you anywhere from $10 to $20 on each book you rent. Also, keep in mind that some sites offer free returns. Before renting, you should calculate the total rental price plus shipping costs. This will give you a better idea of which rental site offers the best price.

One option to save money on rental textbooks is to buy them second-hand. This option is especially good if you don't want to pay full price. You can also use student-to-student book exchanges to sell your books once you're done using them. Alternatively, you can sell them online through a textbook marketplace such as Chegg.

Another way to find cheap rental new used and digital textbook rentals is to use an online auction website. This platform features a huge database of sellers selling new and used textbooks. However, you'll have to take some time to sort through the listings, and you may have to wait a long time for the items to be shipped. Alternatively, you can also check out websites such as Textbookstore, which sells used and new textbooks and guarantees to save you 50-90%.

Sites that buy back textbooks

If you are looking to sell your used textbooks, you have several options. While the most popular place to sell used textbooks is eBay, you can also sell them through an indie bookstore. Some of these stores will offer cash back for textbooks and others will give you store credit.

CampusBooks is one such website. It allows you to search through thousands of books and compare buyback prices before placing your order. Using this feature, you can make sure to get the best price for your books. However, you must keep in mind that damaged books will not be accepted. Make sure that your books have a good spine and title page, and do not have any water or mold damage.

Cash4Books is another great site for selling your books. Using this site is easy and convenient. You can get a quote on the textbooks you want to sell and then choose to accept the offer or get paid through PayPal. Another online site for selling used textbooks is Chegg. This company works with UPS to deliver the books to you.

TextbookRush is another site that lets you sell your used college textbooks. It offers free shipping to US residents. This site also accepts international editions of textbooks. It also claims to give the best prices. To get started, simply enter the ISBN of your textbook into the search field. This number can be found on the back cover of the textbook.

Another site that pays cash for used textbooks is Selltextbooks.com. This site lets you enter your ISBN to receive an instant quote on your used textbooks. You can then choose which company you want to sell your books to. This process is easy and convenient, and you can even track the package online.

Sites that resell textbooks

If you have a book that you're no longer using or need, consider selling it on a resell site. These sites connect sellers with buyers. You can find a great price by comparing the prices offered by different vendors, and many of them also offer free shipping.

You can also sell used textbooks on a site such as BooksRun. Here, you can enter the ISBN of the book and specify its condition. After that, you can check out and print a shipping label. You can even download an app to scan the barcode of your book. Within four business days, you'll receive payment by check or PayPal.

While you can sell your used books through these sites, you'll probably not get enough money. It's best to focus on books of interest and not textbooks. For example, AbeBooks is more focused on fiction, nonfiction, and rare books than textbooks. You might find some books on this site that don't sell, but that's fine. You can always donate them instead!

Another site that lets you sell used textbooks for cash is TextbookRush. This site will pay you in cash, PayPal, or store credit. You can also sell your used books through your campus to make money. Using a reselling website will help you get rid of your used books and save on shipping costs.

The Facebook Marketplace is another good way to sell your textbooks. This site allows you to reach a local audience and meet a buyer face-to-face. Facebook Marketplace is a huge social network, and millions of people use it to sell all kinds of items.

How to Rent Online Textbooks

There are three ways to rent an eTextbook. You can choose between a short-term, quarter or semester rental. Choose when you need the book to be returned. Usually, it will be due on the last day of class, but you can extend it up to 130 days.


eCampus offers a wide selection of eTextbooks that are available through their website. These textbooks are usually more affordable than physical copies, and they offer a variety of benefits, including text searchability, price comparison, and easy returns. eCampus also has a bookstore where you can purchase textbooks from third-party sellers.

One great benefit to purchasing eCampus textbooks is the fact that the prices are usually much lower than the price at your university's bookstore. However, it is important to know that there are exceptions to this rule. If the textbook is already 20% read or has an online resource code activated, you may not be able to return it. Otherwise, eCampus offers free shipping on orders over $35 and offers a no-questions-asked-return policy.

To sign up for eCampus, log in using your Mount email and password. If you do not know these, contact Mount's ISS to request your password. Once you sign in, you will have access to a list of course-specific textbooks. Select "Shop Textbooks by Course" to view the selections for that specific course.

eCampus offers millions of new and used textbooks. Unlike traditional bookstores, eCampus does not charge you for shipping. However, students need to allow time for ordering textbooks from different publishers. They also need time to find textbooks that meet their requirements, so that they can plan their purchases.

eCampus is one of the most trusted retailers for online textbooks. The site is easy to navigate and offers a variety of options for students. Students can choose to ship their textbooks to their home, or choose to have them delivered to their campus. Students can also opt to receive text messages alerting them to the availability of their textbooks.

VitalSource Technologies

VitalSource offers an array of eTextbooks and other learning resources to more than 7,000 educational institutions and 15 million users. The company partners with over a thousand educational content providers, and its database features more than 40,000 eTextbooks in medicine and other fields. VitalSource also provides updates and fixes for its software and content. Users should ensure that their devices are compatible with the latest updates.

Another advantage of VitalSource is the fact that it only offers eTextbooks, which can be read on any device. Students can use these digital copies to make notes, highlight important information, listen to audio versions, study with flashcards, and look up unfamiliar words. Additionally, these eTextbooks are free. VitalSource is a legitimate company that strives to keep up with changes in technology and textbook writing. However, they still rely on real humans to write content and maintain their systems.

eTextbooks are available in EPUB and PDF file formats. EPUB is more flexible and can fit into screen sizes better than PDF. PDF, on the other hand, is like a scanned copy with fixed font size. Both formats have their benefits, but limitations apply to both formats. Some eTextbooks allow you to highlight, copy, and paste text. In addition, many eTextbooks offer a 7-day return period. Students can also earn points by using an Amazon credit card to buy eTexts.

VitalSource Technologies eTextbooks online books are compatible with Adobe Reader and VitalSource Bookshelf. With these software packages, students can access their eTextbooks using various portable devices. These devices are also compatible with popular internet browsers.

Price-matching guarantee

If you want to buy a eTextbook and are not satisfied with the price, eCampus offers a price-matching guarantee. It works with major online textbook vendors, including Amazon, Chegg, Barnes & Noble, and more. It also offers a generous 30-day return policy, giving you more time to try out a textbook before you buy it. Moreover, you can sell your textbooks on eCampus, making the process even more convenient.

eCampus offers an eWards loyalty program, which provides discount coupons for future purchases. You can earn three points for every dollar you spend on eTextbooks. Once you reach a total of 175 points, you can get five percent off your next purchase of $30 or more. You can also get points by selling books or engaging with eCampus on social media. Moreover, eCampus offers flexible return dates and free shipping on orders over $35.

Rental periods

Online textbook rental services can be very helpful, especially if you don't want to purchase the textbook yourself. For a modest fee, you can rent an eTextbook for a semester or quarter. After the period expires, you can either buy it out or extend the rental period.

Online textbook rental services such as eCampus allow students to highlight up to a third of the text. However, you should refrain from underlining excessively as this could cost you money. The company also has a reputation for on-time delivery and good customer service.

Unlike traditional rental services, eTextbooks are digital, and therefore they are cheaper to rent. You don't have to pay for shipping, and they're more convenient. While selection for eTextbooks is not as vast as other rental sites, Cengage's digital textbook rental service is still worth a look.

eCampus offers rental periods of a quarter or semester, as well as shorter ones for summer classes. Amazon, on the other hand, allows you to rent textbooks for one semester and seven days, and you only have seven days after purchasing them to return them. Amazon also has a stricter policy when it comes to highlighting, and penalizes you if you highlight more than ten percent of the text.

Price of eTextbooks

The cost of an eBook can vary widely. A 2,500-word eBook will cost around $125, while a 5,000-word eBook can cost more than $1,000. Generally, the more comprehensive and research-intensive the topic is, the more expensive the eBook will be. Despite this, there are still ways to save money on eBooks.

Choosing the right price for an ebook is very important. If it's too high or too low, potential readers will be turned off and won't purchase it. Conversely, a low price can cause people to question whether it's worth the money. This can result in missed sales. Pricing ebooks appropriately is essential to attracting a larger audience and ensuring a successful launch.

The price of an ebook will vary based on the author's goals. For example, a low-cost ebook may appeal to an author who wants to focus on Kindle Unlimited borrows rather than premium sales. However, it is important to avoid allowing your emotions to affect your pricing decision.

The price of an ebook depends on many factors. First, it's important to consider the cost of printing and shipping. Many publishers claim that their prices are only 10% of the print equivalent. Second, it's not always possible to resell an eTextbook. Moreover, used books tend to lose value over time. EBook prices will almost certainly fall below $1 before long.

In addition to the cost of eTextbook delivery, authors will receive royalties. Amazon authors are entitled to a 35% royalty based on the list price (without VAT). The author will also receive $0.06 per unit sold. This amount can vary widely depending on the file size of the book.

Rent Cheap Textbooks - CheapestTextbooks.com

Rent Cheap Textbooks  CheapestTextbookscom

If you're looking for a new textbook but don't have the money to buy it, you can rent it from CheapestTextbooks.com for 85% less than the price of a brand new one. Plus, you can get access to e-versions of your favorite books free. You can even rent your textbooks online - the process is simple and easy.

85% cheaper than buying a new textbook

Renting a textbook is an excellent way to save money and avoid the hassle of buying a new one. There are many benefits of renting a textbook, including free shipping and flexible due dates. Compared to buying a textbook, the rental cost is 85% cheaper.

Renting a textbook is a great option for college students who are short on cash or don't want to buy a brand new textbook. You can choose the exact book, corresponding price, and rental duration that you need. It is also more convenient than rushing around from store to store. Besides, you can sell your rental textbooks back to the campus bookstore or to a private buyer for even more savings.

Many websites will offer discounts on textbooks, and some even offer free shipping. TextbookRush, for example, offers free shipping on orders over $35. In addition to textbook rentals, TextbookRush offers a textbook trade-in program where you can sell your textbook for a much lower price than you would have paid for it new. With a 30-day money back guarantee and free return shipping, renting cheap textbooks can be an excellent option for college students.

Amazon also offers eTextbooks, which are downloadable versions of books that can be read on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. These digital versions of books also come with a free trial period. Upon completion of the trial period, you can decide if renting a cheap textbook is the best option for you.

Many online textbook rental websites offer multiple editions of a textbook. You can choose the most current edition by searching by ISBN number or title. You will also want to consider whether you need any supplement materials for your textbook. If you don't want to buy a supplement, renting a cheap textbook will be 85% cheaper than purchasing a new textbook.

Some textbook rental sites will also give you a tax deduction if you're a student. Additionally, you can sell your textbook on Amazon for up to 80% of its value. It can be hard to justify the costs of renting a textbook, but renting it might be the better option.

Another good reason to rent a textbook is that you can split the cost with a friend. However, this is only useful if you are taking the same course during the same semester. Moreover, renting a textbook can save you money and free up storage space.

When choosing a textbook rental site, look for one that offers free access to the book for seven days. Many of these sites allow you to highlight the pages you want. Make sure to avoid excessive highlighting, as this may lead you to feel pressured to buy the book.

Another benefit of renting a textbook is that it is easier to return it if you don't like it. Some textbook rental websites will even give you a prepaid shipping label if you need to extend the rental period. They also offer discounts for re-renting a textbook.

Easy online process of renting a textbook

The process of renting a textbook online can be easy and convenient. All you need to do is fill out the required fields and follow the instructions provided. You will then receive a shipping label which you will need to print out. CheapestTextbooks.com is an excellent site to use for your textbook rental needs. It is a great option if you can't afford to buy the book right away and don't want to deal with the hassles of shipping.

There are some great benefits of renting a textbook on Amazon. You can save up to 90% on your textbook rental costs, and they also offer free shipping if you buy more than $35. The easiest way to return your textbook is through their money-back guarantee, and you can also extend your rental time with no hassle.

Renting a textbook is a great way to get a textbook before the semester starts. This process will ensure that you have the exact textbook you need, at the right price, for the duration of the rental period. It's also easier than walking around the campus looking for the book you need. Using a textbook rental site is a great way to take advantage of the internet's resources. However, there are some things to consider before renting a textbook online.

The process of buying a textbook online is easy. First, you need to sign up for the site, which requires an email address. Once you have done that, you can browse the book catalog. You will then see the best prices, ISBNs, and rental options for each book. You can also use the search bar to locate specific books.

If you have to rent a textbook, you should check the site's guarantee and insurance policy. If the book arrives damaged, a good site will replace it. In addition to that, a good site will offer additional study materials such as supplementary CD-ROMs.

Another option is to rent an eTextbook. These can be downloaded to your computer immediately after payment, but they usually cost more than a print-out. Another option is to rent textbooks on Amazon, which can be delivered directly to your door.

Renting a textbook online is easy and convenient, and you'll be relieved of the worry of buying it. Renting a textbook is also a great way to make your college expenses more affordable. Depending on your major, you may want to own a classic piece of literature for your English class or an extensive science dictionary. You may not need to buy a book if you're just using it for a semester or two.

CheapestTextbooks.com also offers convenient payment plans. After paying your rent, you'll have your textbook within a few days. The best part is that you don't have to worry about shipping fees. The website offers prepaid shipping labels and flexible terms for you to rent a textbook online.

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