OpenText Information Management Solutions

OpenText Information Management Solutions

OpenText Information Management Solutions

OpenText  Information Management Solutions

OpenText provides a full range of information management solutions. The company offers enterprise-wide content management, data archiving, and collaboration tools. Its Core Share product delivers role-based views and access to the latest documents, projects, and personal workspaces. It enables corporate content to reach previously hard-to-coordinate environments. In addition to its secure archiving capabilities, Core Share provides familiar search criteria to help manage a diverse archive of content.

Scheer Group

The OpenText Information Management Solutions suite helps customers organize and protect data as it flows through business processes. The company offers a cloud-based platform and off-premises solutions for managing content and unstructured data. The company's products address content management, compliance, and mobile and online experience management requirements. More than 23,000 leading organizations use the company's products. Some of these customers include BMW Financial Services, Quinte Health Care, Michigan State University, GKN Land System, and the Tennessee Franchise Tax Board.

The Scheer Group is a global leader in efficient business process management. The company's strong IT capabilities and deep industry knowledge make it a trusted partner for organizations in all sectors. OpenText Information Management Solutions complements the company's existing business process optimization solutions. The partnership between the two companies will enable customers to leverage each other's strengths in order to maximize the performance of their businesses.


OpenText's Dragon1 Information Management Solution helps organizations inventory and manage data. This software is also useful for designing and implementing applications, and monitoring incidents and issues. It supports enterprise architecture and supports SaaS and cloud deployments. It can be customized to meet the needs of businesses, and is designed for fast implementation and iteration.

Dragon1 Information Management Solution by OpenText supports structured and unstructured content, from employee information to customer data and supply chain interactions. The company also provides security features and business network integration. The software helps organizations meet compliance requirements and ensures the integrity of information. It also supports business networks and enables centralized governance and connectivity.


OpenText Information Management Solutions help businesses achieve a wide variety of business goals. From customer experience to compliance, the OpenText suite of solutions helps businesses manage information across the enterprise. OpenText Customer Experience Management (CEM) software helps organizations deliver highly personalized content and increase customer engagement. For compliance management and legal obligations, OpenText Discovery solutions offer gold-standard digital forensics and unstructured data analytics. These tools help teams quickly and efficiently identify critical content for litigation discovery and compliance analysis.

OpenText's Information Management solutions help companies unlock information to gain a competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth. The solution combines cloud and on-premise technologies. The open source platform enables organizations to protect and organize information as it flows through business processes. Its OpenText Documentum for Salesforce solution enables users to access documents in a secure Documentum environment for faster decision-making.

OpenText ECM technology helps businesses improve their business insight, accelerate processes, reduce information governance risks, and protect intellectual property. Cloud-managed services like OpenText on AWS can cut operating costs by up to 30%. Additionally, the solution makes it easy for districts to migrate their existing information management applications to the cloud. They can also migrate their existing data from an on-premises deployment to AWS. Furthermore, districts can start small and scale the environment as their business requirements grow.

OpenText Content Management helps organizations manage and control content across the enterprise. Its fully-managed cloud solution offers a flexible workspace model and promotes increased employee productivity, accelerated processes, and improved governance. Another openText integration, OpenText Media Management for Salesforce, gives users access to rich media assets directly from Salesforce. This helps improve productivity and the overall brand experience.

OpenText Content Lifecycle Management and Knowledge Management extend OpenText Document Management functionality. These solutions are fully integrated with existing security frameworks to protect content. They also provide permissions-based access rules for authorized users. This allows administrators to customize permissions and control access by group or individual. By granting access to only the appropriate users, OpenText can provide a secure environment that enables secure access and compliance.

OpenText Enterprise Information Management Software can be deployed on premises or in the cloud, bringing a full suite of business insights to your fingertips. These solutions can be used to manage unstructured content and provide business-critical insight into business processes. With the growing importance of information, OpenText is here to help your organization build a more digital future. And what's more, with a broad range of solutions and options, you can find the right solution for your organization.

OpenText Information Management Solutions also enable you to manage your enterprise records. Whether you have a paper or electronic record, OpenText Records Management can automate the process. By making electronic records management transparent and secure, OpenText Records Management makes it simple for your business. Its features are embedded into the relevant business application interface, allowing users to access records management functionality from a familiar interface.

OpenText Cloud Information Management Solutions

Information Management Solutions OpenText

OpenText Corporation is a Canadian company that develops enterprise information management software. Its products include Knowledge Management, Content Server, and Advisory Services. OpenText also has several cloud-based services. The company offers support for its products. OpenText is also available on AWS. Below, we will take a look at some of the company's cloud-based solutions.

OpenText Knowledge Management

OpenText Knowledge Management is a suite of enterprise-wide information management solutions. The OpenText platform helps you to manage unstructured and structured content, as well as business process and asset management information. This software is available on-premises or in a SaaS model. Its powerful business network and security capabilities are designed to improve customer experience.

Knowledge Management enables employees to do their daily work more efficiently by providing them with access to the latest information. It helps them identify experts in various topics and discover the best information resources. The software also offers powerful searching, classification, and navigation tools, allowing users to manage an unlimited number of documents.

OpenText Knowledge Management extends the functionality of OpenText Document Management and OpenText Content Lifecycle Management. These solutions integrate with existing security frameworks to ensure the protection of content. Moreover, they ensure the full functionality of the application for authorized users. The solution supports permissions-based access rules that can be set at the individual or group level.

OpenText's Content Cloud provides advanced collaboration capabilities that can benefit both end-users and IT departments. It also features the new OpenText Experience CDP, an essential feature of the OpenText Experience Platform. It enables organizations to better target customers, increase their conversion rates, and provide relevant and personalized experiences.

OpenText is a publicly traded Canadian vendor that offers five information management solution suites. These solutions target structured and unstructured data sources. They can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, depending on the organization's requirements. The company was founded in 1991 and now has more than three thousand information management experts on staff. The company also offers advisory services to help businesses choose the right solution for their specific needs.

OpenText Content Server

OpenText Content Server is a platform for managing content and unstructured data. It helps organizations to increase their process velocity, reduce the risks of information governance, and protect their intellectual property. OpenText's products address a variety of business challenges, including information governance, compliance, and mobile experience management. OpenText Content Suite 16 provides an intuitive user interface, role-based views, and integrated collaboration. It also enables real-time access to context, enabling better decision-making.

OpenText Content Server supports legacy ECM systems and can help organizations migrate to the cloud. Its powerful tools help companies optimize their customer service and supply chain operations. OpenText Content Server is part of the OpenText Content Suite Platform. The platform enables secure enterprise and departmental control of documents and content across the entire business. It also helps organisations address the complex regulatory landscape and the rapid growth of business information. It reduces risk and helps organizations focus on information to drive strategic growth.

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software connects information with people, processes, and applications. With Documentum for regulated industries, OpenText extends ECM to connect information across the enterprise. Its core solution combines compliant, secure collaboration, and rapid deployment. OpenText OT2 integrates open source content management with digital applications, business networks, and IoT. With these tools, organizations can achieve better data governance, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve a more unified view of content.

By combining information management software and services, OpenText can dramatically reduce operating costs. By leveraging a cloud-first approach, districts can achieve up to 30% savings on operating costs while still maximizing their information assets. They can also scale their environment to meet their unique needs, as they expand, without incurring costly infrastructure costs and system management. With OpenText on AWS, districts can migrate existing information management applications and data to AWS with minimal effort.

OpenText's File System Archiving feature facilitates secure long-term storage of content in a file system. It ensures content integrity, avoids redundancy, and lowers storage costs. The software also manages contextual metadata and security permissions. By configuring storage rules, organizations can migrate their content from multiple file systems into one central repository. By doing so, they create a seamless end-user experience.

OpenText Advisory Services

OpenText Advisory Services helps businesses maximize the benefits of their information management investments. These services help organizations create an agile transformation strategy and establish a dynamic information management roadmap. The roadmaps are designed to accelerate adoption and track bottom-line business contributions. They also help companies set up governance practices and determine how to optimize their information management investments.

Through this new service, OpenText offers information management professionals who have a combined twenty-five years of experience. Their expertise and extensive knowledge of Information Management enable them to design the right roadmap for your organization. OpenText also helps organizations implement their information management strategy and guide tactical projects. OpenText claims that their information management team consists of more than 3000 highly qualified experts.

These services are led by consultants with extensive knowledge of OpenText. These professionals are also able to provide SAP implementation services and industry cloud implantation. They can also help organizations develop an integration strategy to make their information systems work together seamlessly. This alliance has the ability to help organizations address complex information challenges and ensure their success.

OpenText Cloud Edition is a new cloud version of OpenText solutions that enables organizations to take advantage of new functionality while eliminating the need for on-premises hosting. Cloud Edition solutions are hosted in the cloud by OpenText and are managed by the OpenText Cloud platform. In addition, customers can easily maintain their OpenText solutions by themselves. Managed services from OpenText are available to both Fortune 100 corporations and SMBs.

OpenText Extended ECM is a business content management solution that helps organizations integrate enterprise content from OpenText Content Server with their existing business systems. Its integrated approach allows companies to preserve business-critical information through a single user interface. OpenText Extended ECM integrates with popular applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, and SharePoint.

OpenText on AWS

OpenText on AWS provides information management solutions powered by AWS for digital transformation. These innovative solutions give customers secure and flexible access to mission-critical information, while providing high performance and scalability. They are ideal for organizations looking to improve their operational efficiency while meeting regulatory standards.

The partnership between OpenText and AWS accelerates innovation within organisations, while driving new operational efficiencies. OpenText Cloud-native applications combine with the performance and scalability of AWS, enabling customers to achieve lower costs and improve productivity. Additionally, a cloud-managed solution eliminates the direct costs associated with managing a system. With OpenText on AWS, districts can move their existing information management applications and data to AWS, and then scale as their needs grow.

With its strategic approach to cloud deployment, OpenText Cloud Editions (20.2) enables organisations to quickly and easily adapt to changing business climates. The latest version of OpenText Cloud Editions includes new Core SaaS applications and developer-centric innovations. In addition, the company's latest cloud integration platform, OpenText Trading Grid, provides multi-enterprise integration capabilities and industry-leading data visualization.

OpenText is celebrating its latest milestone with a new announcement. The company has been recognized as the 2019 SAP Pinnacle Partner of the Year, and the award comes after several years of collaboration. With this new partnership, the two companies will focus on verticals where they have a strong presence. They will also be working together to accelerate their customer growth.

OpenText TeamSite on AWS allows organizations to manage, publish, and share digital content. Using the cloud-based technology, it also helps organizations create personalized experiences for users. This means that employees can focus on innovation rather than managing corporate data. This solution is also available as cloud managed services.

OpenText Information Management Solutions

OpenText  Information Management Solutions

Whether you are looking for on-premise, private, or hybrid cloud solutions for information management, OpenText Information Management Solutions may be the answer for your needs. With the OpenText Cloud Service, you can test an application in as little as 30 minutes from sign-up. The service is API-based and offers built-in data security and end-point protection. It also provides a separate production environment for testing and development.


OpenText's cloud-based Information Management Solutions provide businesses with comprehensive business benefits and ease of implementation. These cloud solutions offer a wide range of features, including API-based service management and built-in data security. The OpenText Cloud Service is compatible with commercial cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. OpenText's Cloud Service is more affordable than on-premise solutions.

OpenText Information Management Solutions empower organizations to create an intelligent enterprise by smashing information silos created by old systems. They also address security concerns and compliance requirements across national and international boundaries. They also offer user-friendly interfaces and sufficient computing power to meet the needs of an enterprise. They are flexible and customizable to meet evolving needs.

OpenText Core Share's user-friendly interface offers easy access to documents in different workspaces. Users can view documents by category, project, or personal. This flexible archiving solution also enables secure access to information, allowing users to find the right content at the right time.

The OpenText CE software includes features that make it easier to manage large content documents from non-desktop devices. It also provides a secure, local-like environment for Microsoft Windows applications.


There are several reasons to move to a cloud-based information management solution from an on-premise one. For one, it provides scalability and cost-efficiency. Secondly, cloud-based solutions offer significant business benefits. OpenText has partnered with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to provide cloud-based information management solutions. All three cloud-based providers offer a South African data center.

OpenText Extended ECM helps enterprises govern their information lifecycle and integrate with leading enterprise applications. This comprehensive and secure platform helps organizations improve their decision-making and operational effectiveness. OpenText Business Network enables secure and compliant collaboration across the enterprise. It simplifies the inherent complexity of B2B data exchange and provides deep insights to improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

OpenText Cloud Service enables development and testing within 30 minutes. This enables rapid deployment and integration with existing processes. It also offers end-point protection and built-in security. Additionally, it features a separate production environment and supports all major commercial cloud services. OpenText also offers a hybrid of cloud and on-premises content hosting.

OpenText Information Management Services enables developers to build discrete features or full-integrated solutions. Its managed services team offers access to developer resources and API and application management services. In addition, it provides comprehensive support, including application modernization. Moreover, OpenText Managed Services helps organizations avoid the burden of managing their own information management infrastructure and eliminates the need for manual user management.


Private OpenText Information Management Solutions are a cost-effective way to support your business with secure cloud-based data and documents. Whether you have a large company with a lot of data, or a small business with a small number of employees, OpenText has the right solution for your business. The company's Archive Center can be used on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid--and can be customized to meet your needs. OpenText also offers add-on connectors for additional functionality.

OpenText Enterprise Content Services (ECM) solutions help organizations integrate information, manage its lifecycle, and improve governance. They empower organizations to achieve their goals through information management and help them navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by disruption and digital transformation. The company provides a full range of enterprise-wide information management solutions that integrate with Microsoft and SAP systems.

OpenText is a leader in content management and data management. The company is continuously evolving its product line to better serve its customers. The company plans to continue investing in R&D and next-generation Information Management solutions and makes strategic bets on product advancements in the marketplace.

Public clouds

OpenText Information Management Solutions public clouds offer a variety of benefits. Cloud-based solutions offer a flexible and scalable environment, a high level of security, and a wide variety of deployment options. Enterprises can benefit from multi-tenant capabilities and secure data sharing with other businesses in the cloud. The company offers a variety of flexible cloud options, including virtual machines, containers, and on-premises deployment. Users can also choose to manage their own software or work with a partner to manage the system.

OpenText Information Management Solutions public clouds enable organizations to deploy and manage their Information Management solutions on world-class public cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Cloud-based solutions offer on-demand scalability and instant access to emerging technology, which can drastically reduce operational costs. OpenText cloud services also help organizations eliminate the limitations of on-premises applications and infrastructure. This means that organizations can start with a small footprint and scale up as needed.

Enterprises can save money by avoiding costly upgrades and software patches. Employee productivity and satisfaction is also improved through automatic software updates. OpenText Information Management Solutions public clouds offer a complete OpenText information management platform, which is supported by TR Information Services. Authentication is handled through Active Directory. Users can access OpenText applications such as Content Server, Extended ECM, Liquid Office, Intelligent Capture, and more.


OpenText Information Management Solutions reports are designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. These solutions provide easy, secure access to information in an efficient and logical manner. This suite of solutions also allows companies to deploy on private, hybrid or public cloud environments. The solutions help companies drive down costs and improve customer service and satisfaction.

OpenText's software provides information management services, content management and business intelligence solutions. The company has over 3,000 private customers and over 11 million public subscribers. It is also used by a million trading partners. Its solutions help organizations manage information in the supply chain in real time. The company expects continued growth in the coming years.

OpenText's Enterprise Information Management solutions empower large and medium businesses. The company's solutions leverage data from multiple sources to provide a 360-degree view of enterprise information. They also help organizations integrate big data with business processes and enable business intelligence. OpenText's solutions also provide a secure, compliant environment to integrate data from multiple sources.

Organizations need to manage their information effectively to reduce the risk of litigation and disruption. OpenText Information Management Solutions report solutions can help organizations manage information and improve their productivity. They also offer enterprise-class digital forensics tools to help meet legal, regulatory, and regulatory obligations.


OpenText Information Management Solutions Analytics provides a powerful way to analyze, manage, and publish information. Integrated with SaaS portals and applications, the white-label solution delivers a customized look and feel on any platform. Its easy-to-use, at-a-glance interface provides intuitive self-service access to data. It bridges the gap between enterprise information management and digital strategy, offering scalable, shareable business insights.

OpenText Information Management Solutions Analytics help businesses find information, improve business processes, and maximize business value. This enterprise-grade software provides real-time, actionable analytics and helps companies uncover hidden content. Integrated with OpenText's AI-powered solutions, this analytics software can help your organization make more informed decisions.

OpenText has developed a comprehensive set of professional services to support its solutions. Each service is suited to the specific needs of an organization and features a team of specialists led by an information architect. OpenText also offers a comprehensive Buyer's Guide to Data Management Platforms, which can help customers choose the right solution for their specific use cases. It features a category overview and the capabilities of leading providers.

Analytics enables business users to customize and share information through interactive dashboards. It also offers smart visualizations and drill-downs, as well as filtering, grouping, and new calculated columns. The software also helps organizations access enterprise data securely and conduct advanced analytics against structured data. Users can also share their findings with colleagues and customers through interactive reports.


Pricing for OpenText ECM is competitive with other enterprise content management solutions. The software is offered in both subscription and perpetual license options. Subscription plans include hardware, maintenance, and upgrades, as well as customization and data migration. A perpetual license is more expensive, but is less flexible. However, the monthly fee is lower than other alternatives.

Organisations are increasingly deploying information management systems in the cloud. They enjoy extensive business benefits with this approach. For example, OpenText partners with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Both OpenText and these providers have data centres in South Africa. This means that organisations can easily move their information management systems to the cloud.

OpenText is a leading global provider of information management solutions. The company's software helps businesses organize, integrate, and protect data as it flows through business processes. Its information management solutions are also available as software-as-a-service solutions. The company's solutions are easily accessible through a web browser.

Pricing for OpenText ECM software varies according to the type of solution and company requirements. You can contact the vendor for a detailed quote. You may be able to get a free trial before deciding on a purchase.

OpenText Content Management

What is OpenText content management

OpenText content management software helps organizations capture, organize, and store documents and data. It also helps integrate records with other applications and automate the process of content storage. The company's award-winning solution is the result of a partnership with SAP. SAP has recognized OpenText as a top partner for unstructured content.

Capture documents and data from paper, electronic files and other sources

OpenText content management captures documents and business data from paper, electronic files, and other sources and converts it into actionable information. It integrates intelligent capture with process management to improve data accuracy and speed business processes. It can process thousands or even millions of documents per day. The software also supports mobile devices and network scanners.

Earlier, document automation systems took photographs of documents for microfilm or microfiche storage. Today, document automation systems use image scanners to convert paper documents into digital documents. These digital files can be copied and stored online. Automatic or semi-automatic capture can use EDI and XML documents, as well as data from business applications and specialized application systems. The software also includes image-cleaning features, such as rotation, color adjustment, transposition, and zoom.

OpenText ECM maximizes archiving efficiency. It supports intelligent document capture by converting paper documents into digital documents. In addition, it promotes teamwork with its integrations, such as Microsoft Teams, HighTail, and OpenText Core Share. By combining documents from different sources, it makes it easier to manage, organize, and share documents.

OpenText Intelligent Capture transforms documents into actionable information. It features a desktop and designer that simplify capture projects and deliver superior accuracy. The software is available for purchase through MetaSource, the largest distributor in North America. The OpenText Intelligent Capture solution is a powerful and highly customizable tool for businesses looking to capture documents and data from paper and electronic files.

OpenText Content Suite Platform is a cloud-based software that facilitates the flow of enterprise information. It integrates information from across the enterprise and can be deployed on-premises or in a hybrid environment. The OpenText Content Suite Platform also allows the user to control access to information and manage employees.

Organize documents according to organizational policies

OpenText content management is a software solution for content management. It integrates multiple technologies into a single platform and organizes documents according to organizational policies. It also provides auto-classification and electronic discovery. It can be used to manage all types of documents and can help you manage your content through a variety of channels. It also helps you manage your business processes through integrated tools such as business process management and wikis.

Integrate records with other applications

OpenText's integrated content management platform is designed to help you manage all your documents in a single place. It provides integrated archiving and discovery, and supports ad hoc process management and connected workspaces. It also offers a variety of integration options with other enterprise applications. Its extensive development tools and pre-built integration scenarios make integrating with OpenText easy and fast.

OpenText's core content technology underpins its Core SaaS application suite, which gives customers the freedom to scale their existing content management investments while pivoting to meet new challenges. This industry-leading integrated portfolio offers flexible hybrid solutions and a path to the cloud.

Managing unstructured content can be difficult. This can lead to inefficient working practices, increased training costs, and disparate business processes. OpenText's Extended ECM platform bridges content silos and intelligently automates business processes. Whether your data is in SAP, Salesforce, or other business applications, OpenText Extended ECM can connect everything together.

Automate the process of storing content

OpenText content management automates the storage, distribution, and retrieval of content across the enterprise. With an automated content distribution and management system, organizations can reduce manual and repetitive tasks and increase productivity. Through the Core Share Power Automate Connector, businesses can streamline the distribution and storage of content from a wide range of applications. The solution helps reduce workloads by providing out-of-the-box integration with over 300 business applications. This solution also supports digital signatures for documents.

This solution is available in on-premises and Cloud versions. It is enterprise-ready and offers role-based access to users. It also supports multiple file classifications and retention schedules. With its flexible retention scheduling and retention policies, users can customize the storage requirements to meet their needs.

OpenText File System Archiving is a comprehensive archive solution that allows you to safely and easily store content. It provides centralized storage for content from file systems, ensuring the integrity of content while reducing storage costs. It also supports auditing, version control, and security permissions. It also has the ability to automatically compress content and perform powerful full-text searches.

OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management is designed to manage the lifecycle of all forms of content across an organization. It ties in with SAP transactions and business objects for secure and scalable content archiving. It also offers collaboration, team collaboration, workflow, and search capabilities, all integrated into one solution.

OpenText offers cloud-based and on-premise enterprise content management solutions. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to reduce human errors and improve the ability to search digital files faster. It can also integrate with leading applications such as SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft Office 365. It is considered one of the best ECM platforms on the market today.

What Is OpenText Software Used For?

What is OpenText software used for

OpenText software is used for a variety of purposes. Among them are Document management and scanning systems. Depending on the features chosen, OpenText's Enterprise Content Management solution can handle several million documents a day. It also supports the automatic import of documents from e-mails and faxes.

OpenText Enterprise Content Management

OpenText Enterprise Content Management software is an enterprise-class solution for archiving and storing documents. Its intuitive interface and role-based views enable users to easily find and manage the content they need. It also offers features like secure archiving, familiar search criteria, and document creation and editing.

OpenText has several enterprise content management applications for different types of businesses. Its products help companies save time and money by helping businesses manage a large volume of data and information. Its robust capabilities help businesses grow and expand. The software is compatible with IBM i, Microsoft Windows, and Unix servers. The company also provides a free community edition of its software.

The OpenText Enterprise Content Management software helps organizations connect, organize, and share information from various parts of the enterprise. Its technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to decrease human errors and increase the speed at which digital files can be found. The platform is available on-premises or in the cloud.

The OpenText Enterprise Content Management software suite provides comprehensive business management tools for document, records, and email content management. The software includes an intelligent document capture solution that converts paper documents to digital files. It also helps companies improve collaboration among their employees. It also has various integrations with other enterprise software. Additionally, OpenText ECM is available as a cloud-native application or as a software-as-a-service.

Document management system

OpenText is a document management system with a wide range of features. This system can manage a wide range of documents and helps you organize them in one central location. Its features include the ability to create and store documents in a managed repository, the ability to detect multiple file instances, and the ability to compress content before storing it. This system also offers security features that include encryption and secure audit trails.

OpenText offers a wide range of services, including document imaging. Its Imaging Enterprise Scan module supports the import of faxes, e-mails, and electronic documents. OpenText also offers the ability to digitise documents. With this feature, the users can create master lists of documents that will be updated in the Vault when revisions are made.

The OpenText document management system also allows users to scrub metadata and convert image-based files to text-searchable PDFs. It also has the capability to compare two documents and track changes. Users can also integrate a PDF editing and bundling tool into the system. These features make it easy to edit and manage PDFs.

OpenText ECM is also able to provide a central dashboard that allows users to view all of their stored documents in one location. It can be deployed on either public, private, or hybrid clouds. It also offers advanced options for creating reports. This platform is also geared towards full integration with other enterprise software.

Document scanning module

The Document scanning module of OpenText software provides users with a user-friendly interface that is customizable. It also supports dual monitors and integrates with Real-Time Capture services. It is compatible with most browsers including Chrome v32 and Firefox v26. The module has a modular design that reduces the need for browser plug-ins.

The Document scanning module of OpenText software automates the capture of paper documents, scanned images, and emails. With intelligent document recognition, it reduces manual keying and paper handling and minimizes compliance risks. In addition, it enables organizations to capture a range of documents from a single point of contact.

EzeScan is an efficient and cost-effective document imaging tool. It includes image enhancement features, metadata extraction, and redaction/FOI capabilities. It is compatible with large scanner hardware and multifunction devices. Moreover, it offers optional data capture, automation, and EDRMS integration modules.

Document scanning is a key element of an ECM solution. The OpenText Imaging Enterprise Scan module allows users to scan millions of documents every day. The module also has the ability to import faxes and electronic documents. This feature makes it easy to organize documents in different ways and allows for an efficient workflow management process.

Integration with other applications

OpenText software is used for integration with several different applications. For example, OpenText's Captiva is used to capture documents from fax machines, but it is also used to import documents from e-mails. With its iPaaS platform, data can be exchanged securely across a variety of systems and applications. OpenText also offers the Lens analytics solution to detect errors and trends.

The OpenText teamSite content management software is designed to empower organizations to deliver personalized digital experiences to their customers. It is flexible enough to work across any channel and device, and its user interface allows users to author, test, and manage content. The software also integrates with Microsoft Office applications.

The company is introducing two new software updates in April 2020. The first is OpenText Cloud Editions (20.2), which provides organizations with a more robust information infrastructure and empowers them to respond quickly to changing business climates. The new release also includes developer-centric innovations, such as an enhanced OpenText Trading Grid. This new cloud integration platform features multi-enterprise integration capabilities, industry-leading data visualization, and more.

OpenText's customer support team is able to support customers with any questions they may have. They can also provide managed services for integrating applications and systems using OpenText's cloud integration platform. These services cover the full lifecycle of integration solutions. They are available 24/7.

OpenText's email integration solutions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The integration places each email in context by automatically extracting specific information from the enterprise applications. This allows knowledge workers to make decisions and take action based on relevant information. The company's Outlook integration was recently demonstrated at the AIIM 2006 Conference and Expo in Philadelphia.

Cloud-native platform

OpenText has launched a new Cloud-native platform for its software applications. This platform is designed from the ground up to serve the needs of organizations looking to move more business processes to the cloud. It includes features such as unified data models, standard user interfaces, and the ability to orchestrate content with marketing automation and personalization tools. It also allows customers to create and deploy business applications on the fly.

The Cloud-native platform allows OpenText customers to deploy Information Management solutions on leading public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. It supports on-demand scaling, provides the highest availability, and helps organizations lower their costs. It also eliminates infrastructure limitations, allowing organizations to scale their applications as needed.

OpenText's cloud-native platform combines EIM and intelligent automation in one single integrated environment. It also supports on-premises workloads and offers customized versions for various industries. It can also support multiple evidence sources and customer-managed content encryption. In addition, it can be integrated with multiple in-house LoB systems.

OpenText has launched new Cloud Editions of its Enterprise Information Management software. These new solutions include the OpenText Content Suite Platform and OpenText Documentum(tm) and AppsWorks. These cloud-native software solutions help organizations manage their content across the globe, and are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that businesses can access and utilize their content wherever they are.

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