Free eLearning Applications - Mentimeter, AhaSlides, and Kahoot!

Free eLearning Applications - Mentimeter, AhaSlides, and Kahoot!


Free eLearning Applications - Mentimeter, AhaSlides, and Kahoot!

is mentimeter free

When it comes to free eLearning applications, Mentimeter is definitely the best option. This software allows you to measure the quality of your teaching material. However, you will need Javascript to run the program. The download is worth it because the program does a lot of the work for you.


Mentimeter is an online feedback tool that allows your audience to give you feedback anonymously. You can download the app for free, but it does require an open internet connection and certain ports to run. Once you have installed it, you can interact with your audience by following 3 easy steps. To use Mentimeter, you need to have an email account and login to the embed portal.

Mentimeter is free and can be used with any smartphone. It has some limitations, however, such as it doesn't integrate well with Powerpoint. It also uses an outdated plug-in that crashes all the time. Users also have to import their slides into Mentimeter to get the results. Another drawback is that the results don't preserve any animations.

Mentimeter is available for PC users who own Android phones or tablets. It can be downloaded from the MEmu software's main page. It requires Android 4.1 or higher. Mac users can install the app by using an emulator. It has 617 reviews overall. It is also available for PC users with a Mac.

Mentimeter is a free presentation tool that combines digital tools for learning. It is designed for classroom and remote learning. It makes presentations more engaging and visually appealing. Unlike Quizlet, Mentimeter is more focused on presentations than quizzes. It is easy to use and offers useful feedback on data trends. Teachers and other professionals will find Mentimeter useful for their presentations.

You can use Mentimeter for free or pay for the upgraded version. The free version has some limitations, but most features are immediately available for free.


AhaSlides is a free presentation tool that allows you to take audience polls. Its features include dual axis polls, scales polls, and open ended questions. Its free trial version allows you to ask as many questions as you want. It is easy to use, and requires no credit card.

AhaSlides also allows you to create memorable presentations with interactive features. For instance, it can be used to host webinars, class sessions, and seminars. It supports multiple languages and allows you to customize its theme and branding. You can even make your presentation multilingual.

Apart from creating interactive presentations, AhaSlides also enables you to host Q&A sessions, and users can use their mobile devices to ask questions. This feature allows all participants in the room to hear and see the questions. AhaSlides can even be used to hold events, such as trivia nights and meetings.


The questionPro survey platform provides all the tools you need to build surveys, analyze responses, and share them with others. You can use the collected data to make important business decisions. The survey builder has more than thirty question types and more than 20 professionally designed survey themes. It also offers features like progress bars and mandatory answer fields.

It has several ways to collect data, including mobile apps. It also integrates with Salesforce and other solutions for seamless data integration and total control. Users can also export their data into several other applications. In addition, you can share your results through infographics and formatted Word and PowerPoint reports.

If you're on a tight budget, there are free alternatives to Mentimeter that are also affordable. AhaSlides offers unlimited questions and polls and no credit card is required to sign up. You'll also be able to create unlimited live quizzes with no restrictions.

Another option is QuestionPro's LivePolls, which is free for all users. This online polling tool is especially useful for educators. You can use it to create timed quizzes, timed trivia, and other types of polls. LivePolls also displays the results in real time. These tools allow educators to easily collect student insights and spark discussion.


SlideLizard is free audience interaction software that offers features such as live polling, audience Q&A, feedback, slide sharing, and analytics. It is also GDPR compliant. It's easy to use and provides seamless PowerPoint integration. Other great alternatives include Slido, Classtime, and AhaSlides. There are also other features like quiz makers and customer feedback managers.

While Mentimeter is an excellent product, there are some drawbacks. The plug-in is old and constantly crashes. You'll also need to import your slides to use Mentimeter, which can be time-consuming. It also doesn't preserve the animations in your slides, so you'll have to export your presentations and reimport them.


Despite its name, Kahoot! is a free tool that does a similar job. It has various features and can be used by students and teachers. It can also integrate with powerpoint and embed quiz questions in lecture slides. It also provides a number of features to help teachers improve student participation and measure understanding in class.

The free version of Kahoot! has a 10-player limit, but it does offer more flexibility with question types. In addition, students are rewarded for answering questions quickly, which promotes critical thinking skills. Students can also see their answers and score at the same time. It is easy to create games on Kahoot! and share them with friends. It has a wide range of questions and grids.

Kahoot can be created on any topic and in any language. It also allows you to create an intro video and edit questions. Once you have created your Kahoot, you can share it with others, edit the questions, and change the duration.

Another free tool is Kahoot!, which allows teachers and students to create and share games. It also allows teachers to create a question bank that they can access online or download. Students answer questions through a mobile device or on a shared screen. The questions can be timed, and each game can have up to 100 players.

Mentimeter, AhaSlides, and Kahoot!

mentimeter free version

Mentimeter is an online tool for instructors that enables them to prepare questions and allow students to vote on them during lectures. Students can download the app or visit a web page to participate. All they need to do is enter a question number and cast their vote. The voting feature is completely anonymous, so students do not need to register or create accounts.


AhaSlides mentimeter is a tool that makes it easy for you to survey your audience in real-time. This audience response system offers a wide variety of polling options, including open-ended questions, scales polls, and dual-axis polls. Its free version is an excellent option for those who would like to experiment with audience participation in a presentation.

This software is free for basic users, but it does have paid versions that cost a small fee. If you'd like to try AhaSlides' advanced features, you can upgrade for a cheaper price. AhaSlides' free version also offers generous offers for paying users. This makes it a great free Mentimeter alternative. It is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective free version.

If you're looking for a free Mentimeter alternative, look no further than AhaSlides. This free version allows you unlimited access to all of the platform's features. Additionally, it can work with a variety of formats, including PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Mentimeter is a popular audience interaction software. It incorporates live polls and questions into your presentation. You can even turn on anonymous questions and comments from the audience. This can encourage participation by students and can even replace Zoom's "chat" function. The free version also allows you to create folders and copy and update your presentations.


Quizlet is a popular online learning tool with more than 40 million monthly visits. Its free version offers a variety of flashcards, study modes, and other learning tools. The platform also allows for creating and sharing your own study sets. There are a number of paid plans available for higher education and K-12 teachers.

Quizlet lets you input study material in the form of text, images, and audio. The platform converts the information into study modes such as timed games and flashcards, and keeps track of your progress. It also supports many international keyboards, making it a useful tool for classroom and personal use.

Another great feature of Mentimeter is its ability to display multiple choices for each question. Once participants have completed an exercise, they can see which answer they selected. The app also displays percentage answers. When participants submit their answers, they will be shown their responses in a Word Cloud, which is fun to watch.

Quizlet has also entered the game show genre. With this feature, students are divided into teams. Two students are seated, and one is standing behind them. The standing student reads a question on the screen, and the closest student taps his or her shoulder in response. In this way, the students are encouraged to work together and communicate.

Quizlet and Mentimeter both feature similar features. However, Quizlet has more options for quizzes and Mentimeter is a more powerful presentation tool. Both platforms are easy to use, and both provide feedback on data trends. These two apps can work well with each other.


Kahoot! is one of the most popular quiz and presentation building tools out there. It combines the fun elements of quizzes and trivia games with the informative aspects of traditional presentation builders. While this is great for some types of presentations, it isn't a great fit for all types of presentations.

The free version of Kahoot! only allows for 10 participants to use the software. It is important to note that this feature isn't available in the paid version. However, if you're planning on creating a large number of quizzes, you can also make use of Mentimeter, which lets you create unlimited quizzes with customizable prices.

Kahoot is an online tool for students that helps instructors design fun and engaging learning activities. With the free version, you can create quizzes, polls, and discussions. You can also create kahoots by starting from scratch or using an existing question bank. The questions are displayed on a shared screen, and students can answer them using their mobile devices. Kahoot has an optional timer. The free version also supports up to 100 participants per quiz.

Mentimeter is similar to Kahoot, but with a cleaner look and more pastel colors. It also allows the use of music and leaderboards, and has a free version that allows you to create unlimited quizzes. Mentimeter offers the same functionality, but is slightly easier to use. Plus, you can import unlimited numbers of questions from a spreadsheet.

As more teachers use interactive tools in their classrooms, it is important to use Mentimeter to enhance the experience. It can be used for pre-meeting surveys, classroom quizzes, and icebreakers at conferences. Its flexibility doesn't stop there. Mentimeter also offers live polls, word clouds, and surveys.

Mentimeter Review

about mentimeter

Mentimeter is a Swedish company that uses real-time feedback to help create presentations. Its app helps users create and edit presentations, giving them instant feedback. The company is based in Stockholm, and is growing at a fast pace. Its products are designed to help individuals and businesses improve their communications and collaboration.


The Mentimeter is a digital learning tool used in higher education. This educational tool promotes active learning and student participation. Its design is based on a playful take on bar-graphs. Its vibrant colors and custom typeface, Menti Sans, make it appealing and easy to use. Its purpose is to inspire curiosity in students and make learning fun.

Mentimeter is easy to use, allowing you to create interactive wordclouds, surveys, quizzes, and polls. It also integrates seamlessly into mobile devices through QR codes. There is zero learning curve and no friction. You can easily get started with Mentimeter right away.

The Mentimeter's intuitive interface and generous free trial option make it different from other audience engagement tools. With the free version, you don't have to worry about limiting the number of presentations or number of users in the audience. Moreover, the free option is flexible enough to meet the needs of any educator. Overall, Mentimeter is a helpful addition to any educator's digital toolkit.


Mentimeter is an online tool that allows teachers and administrators to create interactive slides that students can use to answer questions and contribute comments anonymously. They can also use it to teach entire classes or small groups of students. This educational tool has a number of features that allow educators to engage students and increase their productivity. They can collect data and make presentations in seconds. Users can also ask questions in multiple languages.

Another feature of Mentimeter is its ability to create word clouds. There are various templates to choose from, and these templates display the words that people often use to answer questions. In addition to word clouds, Mentimeter offers other options for creating quizzes. Users can create a Select Answer quiz, similar to Multiple Choice. The Type Answer quiz, on the other hand, has no choice options.

Another feature of Mentimeter is its ability to create interactive presentations. Users can embed different question types into a single presentation and make it live or asynchronous. They can also create polls and take polls. The data from these interactive sessions is recorded and can be downloaded for analysis later. Besides creating presentations, Mentimeter can be used for business purposes as well. Its easy-to-use interface and a lot of support are available. Its developers are continually adding features and improving the software to make it more effective.

While many audience engagement tools offer similar features, Mentimeter offers a unique blend of functionality. It helps you to gauge the sentiment of your target audience and analyze trends. It also offers multiple slide formats, including surveys, polls, and word clouds. Additionally, users can create surveys and collect data using mobile devices and smartphones. This makes it easier for your audience to take part in the survey and get valuable feedback.


The Mentimeter presentation software helps you make presentations engaging and less stressful. Its features include a variety of traditional content, innovative quizzes and polls, and interactive slides. It also integrates with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which make it easier to conduct remote sessions. It also lets audience members vote on a presentation using their smartphones or web browsers. Users can even use QR codes to collect feedback and customize the presentation.

The Mentimeter is free, but there are some limitations. For example, the free version only allows you to ask two questions. Moreover, you cannot import your data, so you have to start from scratch. Nevertheless, you can use the tool to check your students' knowledge before a test.

The Mentimeter is also compatible with many different devices, including mobile phones and notebooks. It also enables teachers to continue teaching even if they are not in the room. Teachers can even present the Menti to their students directly through mobile devices. It also allows students to vote once.


Mentimeter is an audience interaction tool that works digitally. It is ideal for classroom or remote education, as it lets teachers and students interact live with each other. The platform can be used to create polls and questions for students, and can even be used to conduct class discussions. It also has features that are useful for businesses, like integrating real-time feedback into presentations. The program has a lot of user support and is updated regularly to ensure that it meets the needs of teachers.

Mentimeter is available in free and paid versions. The paid versions offer many premium features that make presentations more engaging and collaboration easier. The software also allows users to share their questions with their team or colleagues, which makes it easy to share results with different teams. It can be purchased for a one-time payment or on an annual basis.

Mentimeter is available as a cloud-based application. Users can interact and vote via their mobile phones or any other device connected to the internet. This makes it easier for presenters to get unbiased input from their audience during meetings. It is also easy to use, and it allows users to quickly and easily convert audience advice into actionable data.

Another advantage of Mentimeter is that it makes the creation of presentations easier. It lets users create polls, get unbiased feedback, and analyze the results live. It also helps them optimize data analysis and boost productivity. As a cloud-based platform, Mentimeter also makes it easier to collect data. This platform can also help presenters create better content and engage with their audience.


Mentimeter is committed to accessibility and has incorporated the principles of accessibility into the product development lifecycle. This includes ensuring that their web content and applications are fully accessible to all users. While they are not a service provider that is legally obliged to meet accessibility standards, they have made a commitment to continue working toward accessibility and usability of their products.

The interactive nature of Mentimeter makes it a good choice for use in education, including classroom settings. Instructors can use it to conduct polls or conduct live quizzes, and can easily create a presentation with polls and questions. This feature encourages student participation, engages participants, and provides high-quality content.

How to Use Mentimeter in a Presentation

If you have been wondering how to use Mentimeter in a presentation, here are some answers to the most common questions. You can also learn how to add a poll or question to a slide. The following are the main settings you can adjust in Mentimeter. You can change the navigation and interaction settings, and also moderate or allow audience comments.

Answers to common questions about Mentimeter

If you're looking for more information about Mentimeter, you've come to the right place. If you're just starting out, there are some important things you need to know before using Mentimeter. First of all, you need to create a Mentimeter account. This will give you access to the software and to the Mentimeter knowledge base. Then, you'll need to enter basic information. While you're creating your account, you'll need to make sure you don't use your University password to sign in. Then, you'll need to follow the guidelines below to ensure the security of your information.

Another important thing to know is that Mentimeter is free to use. Once you sign up, you'll be asked to accept their Terms of Use and Policies. You'll also need to give your email address so you can receive password resets. Keep in mind that Mentimeter will use this information for marketing and sending out emails. You can also contact their customer service if you have any questions or concerns about Mentimeter.

Mentimeter is an online polling tool that allows students to respond to questions in an interactive way. The quizzes can be made up of a variety of question types, including multiple choice, short answer, and open-ended. It can be used in lectures and meetings to get feedback from students and teachers. Because of its versatility, though, this tool can be a bit confusing for new users, so be sure to follow the guides for beginners.

Creating a poll

The best part of creating a poll with Mentimeter is that it integrates with Microsoft Teams, so your respondents won't even need to leave Teams to respond to it. Instead, they'll see a poll on a graphical interface within Teams. There's no need to share an access code, or open another window. This feature makes it easy to create polls and present them in Teams. It also saves you from the hassle of having multiple windows open or scrambling to find links.

You can create your own custom polls or use one of Mentimeter's pre-made poll templates. This tool also lets you add exit tickets, suggestions, and much more. To start creating a poll, sign in to Mentimeter. Then, choose the type of slide from the right-hand panel. You can choose from text, picture, or video. You can also add a question, as long as it can be read by the audience.

Mentimeter also has an option to create word clouds, which display the words that repeat in the answers to a question. These word clouds are useful for visualizing trends, or when you want to know how many people like a certain topic. You can also post your poll in the session chat, or share it in a browser window.

Another option is to create a poll using a mobile app. This mobile application allows users to send text messages or to respond via a private response page. You can use this app in a presentation to encourage audience participation and ensure a high-quality experience for your audience.

Adding a question to a slide

When you create a Mentimote presentation, you can add questions to the slides. The questions can be text, images, or mathematical expressions. You can also adjust the behaviour of the slides. Adding a question to a slide is as easy as typing a question into the text field.

The first step in creating a Mentimeter presentation is to create a presentation. Click the blue "Present" button in the editor to open the Presentation view. In the lower-left corner of the editor, click the Presentation menu. To vote on a slide, you must hover over it.

Next, you can set a time limit for each slide. You can also set a maximum number of seconds that the audience has to answer each question. The correct answer will be rewarded with a higher score if the participant answers quickly. You can also set a leaderboard after the quiz question so that your audience can see the highest scores. While Mentimeter allows you to use quizzes as a formative assessment tool, you shouldn't use it to grade summative assessment tasks.

Adding a question to a slide on a Mentimeter presentation is a powerful tool to engage your audience in the presentation process. It is easy to use and has a range of customizable templates to suit almost any situation. You can even embed it into a Blackboard course.

Adding a poll to a presentation

Adding a poll to a Mentimeter join presentation allows you to allow your audience to participate in your presentation. There are a few steps you need to follow to add a poll to your Mentimeter presentation. First, open Mentimeter and click on the 'Share' menu. This will display a code that you will need to enter.

Mentimeter allows you to create interactive slides and embed various types of questions. You'll need to get a six-digit code that you'll be able to copy and paste into your Mentimeter presentation. Once you have the code, your audience can vote on the questions they want answered. Alternatively, you can choose to allow people to vote only once.

You can also choose to keep the results hidden until all of the participants have submitted their answers. This can be helpful if you're using your poll as a brainstorming session and want participants to build on each other's ideas. Another option is to use Audience Pace, which enables participants to change slides on their own.

Adding a poll to a Mentimeter join presentation is easy to do with Poll Everywhere. The software includes several poll options for different platforms, including PowerPoint and web responses. You can also use widgets or Twitter to collect feedback. Once you've added a poll to Mentimeter, you can reuse it again. Just make sure to clear the results of the poll after each session to avoid any confusion.

Adding a question to a presentation

Adding a question to a Mentimeter join presentation is an easy way to encourage audience participation. This tool allows you to collect data about your audience in seconds, and can be used for whole class or small group teaching. It is particularly helpful for topics with sensitive information, because it allows you to create a private environment for audience comments and questions. The feature is also useful for students, as it allows them to submit anonymous questions.

To add a question, navigate to the editor and click the blue "Present" button. You will then be taken to the presentation view. Once there, select the "Present" menu at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Once in the presentation view, you will be able to view the results.

When using Mentimeter in your presentations, it is important to remember that it is anonymous. You should not use it to assess individual students, but it is useful for identifying common misconceptions and struggles within the group. Besides, its anonymity can help encourage more reserved students to participate, which adds more interactivity to the session. It is also important to consider your goals and what you'd like to achieve with the results when using Mentimeter.

To add a question to a Mentimeter join presentation, follow the steps below:

Adding a slide to a presentation

You can add a slide to a Mentimeter join presentation from the editor. You can choose to add a new slide at the beginning of the presentation or at any point during the presentation. To add a slide, click "+ New Slide." To see examples, click the Templates tab.

When creating a Mentimeter join presentation, you can choose from various pre-made icebreaker templates. These templates provide context before the questions. You can also switch to another presentation platform at any point in the presentation. However, you should make sure to familiarise yourself with the various settings and preview them before presenting. To adjust settings, click the 'Settings' button in the top right corner of the Mentimeter window. You can then change the settings regarding navigation, interaction, moderation, and audience comments.

After adding a slide, you can decide which type of questions you want to ask. There are multiple question types, so choose the type that best matches the content of your presentation. Some questions require answers, while others are open-ended. You can also add images to your slides, either by uploading or selecting from a library.

You can add a slide to a Mentimeter join presentation by going to its edit page and selecting "add slide." Your collaborators' avatars will appear at the top of the screen, next to the slide. Clicking on the avatar will take you to the slide. You can invite other Pro users to collaborate with you, but only the Pro version can invite others to participate in the presentation.

Interactive Presentation Software

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Interactive presentation software can be a great way to keep people engaged during meetings or presentations. Mentimeter is an online tool that allows you to create presentations that incorporate interactive polls, word clouds, live polls, quizzes, and other interactive elements. It also lets you add images to your presentations and visualize real-time responses.


Mentimeter's Intuiface interactive presentation software combines powerful presentation tools with ease of use. This program allows even non-technical users to create digital experiences using their favorite media files. Besides allowing users to create multitouch presentations, the software also supports media files for mobile devices.

Mentimeter offers many features for educators, including the ability to add quizzes, real-time voting, and images to presentations. It is a cloud-based presentation software that can be used on desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices. It also offers various ways to collect live feedback from students. For example, it offers word clouds, poll voting, and Q&As that can be used to gauge the student's understanding of a subject. Users can also share their presentations with other educators to receive valuable feedback.

Other interactive presentation software includes SlideDog and ClassFlow. These programs can combine multimedia files with various slides. Users can drag files into a playlist pane to control the order in which the slides will be played. Additionally, SlideDog includes interactive features, including audio, video, and annotations.


The Genially interactive presentation software is an online tool that allows you to create presentations easily. It has a number of unique features that allow you to create presentations without the help of a designer. It lets you build a story and has smooth transitions between slides. It even enables you to animate objects in the presentation. The software also allows you to embed presentations on your website.

Mentimeter is a good choice for any educator looking for a high-tech tool to add to his or her toolkit. Its user-friendly interface and no technical glitches make it easy to use. It can be used in a variety of classroom settings, from cultural studies classes to language classes. The program is easy to set up and can be a great addition to any educator's digital toolkit.

The Mentimeter presentation tool enables you to create interactive presentations using images, word clouds, quizzes, and polls. It's cloud-based, so you can create presentations at any time and share them with your audience. You can also track audience responses and vote in real-time. The results are displayed immediately and can also be exported to a PDF or Excel file.

When you choose a presentation software program, look for the features that make it stand out from the competition. Some of the features that you should look for in a presentation program are media support, easy narration recording, and video insertion. Other features that make a presentation more interactive include graphics options, animations, and custom graphics. These features help you create engaging presentations that will capture the attention of the audience.

The software uses SCORM for eLearning and lets you monitor learner performance. It also integrates with Zoom, which boosts student engagement. In addition to the customizable dashboard, this presentation software also allows you to add assessments and quizzes. This tool is free to use and requires no installation.


Mentimeter is a free interactive presentation software that enables you to collect, manage, and analyze audience feedback. It allows you to customize questions and answers with a 100-point scale, and it can even auto-generate QR codes. This software offers a number of additional features, including online collaboration and predictive analytics engine. It allows you to share presentations with other users, and it also allows you to edit your presentations offline.

Besides offering an intuitive user interface, SlideDog enables you to combine multiple presentation files into one playlist. This eliminates surprises that might arise when switching from one program to another. Once your playlist loads, all elements of your presentation appear exactly the way you expect them to. You can also add multimedia files directly to your playlist. Moreover, it allows you to invite audience members to comment on the slides and take part in live chats.

Mentimeter can improve your presentations and meetings. It helps you gauge audience sentiment and make your presentations more exciting and interactive. It even allows you to use questionnaires that ask your team members to give their input. Its simple interface makes it easy to create professional presentations even on the go. Its free version can be accessed online.

If you're a teacher who wants to engage with your audience, using an interactive digital presentation is an excellent way to do it. The software will allow you to create a presentation from a variety of media, including Powerpoint, Prezi, PDF, Word, Excel, and websites. The software also lets you create a playlist of your presentation files, which can save you time from constantly switching between windows.

SlideDog provides an excellent interface for controlling presentation slides using a mobile phone. The application works seamlessly across all your presentations with no need for additional presentation software. You can also use the web-remote or cell phone to move to the next slide. Pro versions of SlideDog offer advanced features, including the ability to import a wide variety of files and interactive items. Besides, SlideDog has features to help you get better results. You can collaborate with other people and use alerts and analytics.


FlowVella is a mobile interactive presentation software used by top real estate agents around the world. It is secure and works offline, and offers native apps for iPhone and Mac. It is also compatible with any web browser. Users can use it for portfolios and formal presentations.

It is easy to use, and provides a stress-free environment for creating detailed presentations. This program also works offline, which means that it can be used on any computer or device. FlowVella is available for download from the internet. There are a variety of free versions available, and you can try out all the features with a free trial.

Another feature of Mentimeter is its ability to let users include a countdown for audience questions and answers. You can even set a duration for the countdown. Then, you can turn on the live comments and questions from audience members, which is particularly useful for promoting student participation. You can also export the results to an excel or pdf file.

The program is flexible enough to accommodate different media formats, including Powerpoint and Prezi. It also allows you to add videos, images, and websites. It also includes a live chat feature where you can interact with your audience. Its unique approach to multimedia presentations has made it one of the most popular presentation tools today.

FlowVella's video features make it ideal for educational settings. Its dozens of templates make it easy to create and share interactive presentations. It also allows you to add files and animate objects. It can be used offline and online. It has a large library of videos and images, and it also supports embedding third-party content.


Prezi is an interactive presentation software that allows you to create beautiful, digital presentations. It can import your PowerPoint slides and convert them to video. It can be used on a number of platforms and is particularly useful for creative businesses. Its interactive features can help you track your audience's interest as you deliver your presentation. And you don't need to be an expert to use it. There are plenty of tutorial videos available on the Prezi website.

Prezi has several cool features that will allow you to present your ideas more effectively and efficiently. It can even suggest themes and fonts based on the type of presentation you're making. You can also choose to use a template to create an engaging presentation. It has a free trial version that allows you to see the software in action, and you can see how it can help your team be more effective.

Mentimeter also allows you to add quizzes, real-time voting, and images to your presentations. It is a cloud-based application that allows you to create and share presentations. The program also comes with 13 question types and a GIF library. You can also use the service to collect feedback from your audience by inviting them to vote in a poll.

Besides Prezi, Mentimeter is another interactive presentation software that you can use to engage your audience. It includes interactive elements that make it possible for your audience to actively participate in the presentation. It can be used offline or online and allows you to organize your project data in folders. It also allows you to create user-defined questions and vote anonymously. You can also embed your video into the presentation.

Mentimeter Vs Kahoot!

mentimeter free trial

There are several benefits to using Mentimeter. It lets you customize questions and export the results to Excel. It also comes with more question types and a team-sharing feature. In addition, it offers priority support. If you are looking for a survey tool to make better business decisions, it is a great option to consider.


If you're looking to create an interactive survey, poll, quizzes, wordclouds, or other type of content, Mentimeter is the tool for you. This easy-to-use tool enables you to collect data in real-time and analyze it with ease. What's more, it has seamless mobile integration through QR codes, and no learning curve. You can get started with Mentimeter for free today by signing up for a free trial.

Mentimeter is a cloud-based presentation tool that enables you to engage and collaborate with your target audience in real-time. The software works on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. It is easy to use and is perfect for meetings and other presentations. With the ability to engage your audience, you can increase the quality of your content, make your staff more efficient, and increase the effectiveness of your presentations and events.

While Mentimeter offers a free trial, it does come with certain limitations. For example, the free version of the program only lets you use two questions. In addition, there is no option to import your previous data, so you must start from scratch. There are other free alternatives to Mentimeter.

In addition to polling, Mentimeter also provides Q&A capabilities and is web-based. Another option for creating interactive presentations is SlideLizard, which offers an all-in-one solution for PowerPoint. This tool embeds a polling toolbar in PowerPoint's menu, and you can poll your audience in real time. This saves you the trouble of switching between tools, and it lets you collect feedback on the fly.


AhaSlides is a great tool for conducting seminars and workshops. It allows you to create interactive slides, live polls, and Q&A sessions. It can also enhance team meetings and improve collaboration. With a free trial, you can try the software before you buy it.

AhaSlides is similar to Mentimeter in appearance, but it's targeted at a different audience. It's perfect for longer feedback sessions and game events, but it also has some drawbacks. For one, it's more complicated to use, with an overloaded right-hand menu full of toggles, settings, and tooltips.

AhaSlides is also free, so you can try its features for yourself. The free plan gives you unlimited access to all features. You can also use it to host Q&A sessions, with attendees using their mobile devices to ask questions. With the help of the AhaSlides app, everyone in the room can hear each question.

Another feature of Mentimeter is that it allows you to ask questions anonymously, which is useful for assessing the amount of knowledge that students have gained. It also allows you to turn on live audience comments and questions, which will help your students to get involved. Similarly, it's possible to create questions that require students to enter an answer or cite a source.

Mentimeter also helps educators to create bidirectional learning sessions. It allows students to interact with each other and with the content, and you can easily analyze their responses. This way, your students can get to know one another better and have more discussion outside of the class.


If you've been looking for an audience interaction tool that integrates with PowerPoint, then SlideLizard may be the right solution. This software allows presenters to engage with their audience through real-time polls and surveys. The free trial allows you to try out the software without spending a dime. This all-in-one tool is easy to use, and it seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint.

Although Mentimeter is a European company, it operates its technical infrastructure in the US. In addition, it names a variety of American companies as data processors, and this means that your personal data may leave the EU. If you are concerned about your data being stored in the US, you can read more about Mentimeter's privacy policies.

SlideLizard is an all-in-one presentation tool that includes live slide sharing, audience feedback, and speaker contact information. It is natively designed for PowerPoint, offering a seamless workflow for interactive presentations. It also extends the presenter's view to the audience.

The software also supports multiple languages and includes marketing elements. It has been developed for use in the educational field. A free trial is available to try SlideLizard - but you may need to pay EUR17 a month to unlock the premium features. It is similar to SlideDog, but more advanced. It integrates its results directly into your slides.

QuestionPro's LivePolls

QuestionPro's LivePolls is a live polling application that allows you to get real-time feedback from your audience. During a live poll, you can ask questions, collect answers, and analyze the results. It is fully interactive, with real-time graphs that track the number of right responses and the number of people who responded. It is suitable for online quizzes, classroom learning programs, and student seminars.

LivePolls is a free tool for creating surveys and polls online. You can create polls or quizzes and present them to a group of audience members or to a specific group of people. Once you've created a quiz or poll, you can start receiving results in real time. LivePolls' timer feature encourages respondents to respond quickly, while also rewarding them with points based on their answers.

QuestionPro's free trial provides you with the opportunity to use the service for free for seven days. You can create one-, multiple-, and text-box polls and analyze the results with detailed analytics. It has a user-friendly poll creation tool, which allows you to set up a free poll in minutes and post it to a website or social media platform. It also gives you the ability to monitor the status of your poll, get live reports, and view charts for detailed statistics.

Live polls empower your live audience to participate in live polls. They generally contain one to three questions, and the results can be shared with your audience in real time during the online session. Live poll templates include multiple choice questions, live feed questions, and poll preferences.


There are many benefits to using Kahoot! versus Mentimeter. One of them is its versatility. It offers a variety of plans and features that are great for different types of businesses. From Fortune 500 CTOs to K-12 teachers, this software can suit your needs.

Another benefit is that it allows you to create Kahoots on any topic or language. It also lets you view game reports, which is helpful for assessing learning progress. This tool also features numerous applications for homeschoolers, including Poio, Big Numbers, Algebra 5+, and Magnus Kingdom of Chess.

Another benefit of Mentimeter is that it allows bidirectional learning, allowing students to interact with each other and the content. This is especially helpful in a classroom environment where students feel comfortable and free to express their opinions. In addition, since the questions are anonymous, there is no fear of censorship or judgement, which helps foster group interaction and create a stimulating learning environment.

Besides being versatile, Mentimeter has additional features that help educators improve the quality of their live learning sessions. For example, users can add a countdown for each answer, and can set the duration of the countdown. They can also turn on live audience questions and comments. Alternatively, they can opt for anonymous answers, which can encourage more student participation.

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