How to cook quinoa

How to cook quinoa

What Is Quinoa?

Cultivated in the Andes for over 5,000 years, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) has been called “the mother grain” and “the gold of the Incas.” Technically, it’s not a grain but a seed, although it is used in virtually all the same ways as other whole grains. The popularity of quinoa has grown steadily over the years, as people have discovered its pleasant nutty taste and superfood qualities. As a complete protein source also high in iron, magnesium, and fiber, quinoa is not only one of our healthiest pantry staples, but also one that’s incredibly easy and quick to cook.

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Quinoa Varieties

Quinoa comes in unique sorts, with extraordinary colours as nicely, which may be a lot of amusing to play with, visually. White, red and black, are the most not unusual colours/sorts available, and some manufacturers make rainbow quinoa, which is a blend of different colorations. Cooking instances vary from type to type, so check bundle guidelines.

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How To Use Quinoa

Quinoa may be used as a facet dish, on its own, or combined with any range of upload-ins – consisting of tossed with a sesame oil and honey dressing and a few carrots and topped with sliced avocado. perfect as a part of a ramification, or a lunch grain bowl all on its own.

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Rainbow Quinoa

Rainbow quinoa is a mix of white quinoa, which has a tasty slightly nutty taste with even nuttier red quinoa, and black quinoa which has a piece more crunch. The grains prepare dinner inside the same quantity of time and the color mixture adds a further pop to all of your quinoa dishes. you can use the combo wherever you would use any unmarried-colored quinoa.Fluffing quinoa with a fork

Freezing Quinoa

You could also freeze it in freezer-evidence containers or heavy-duty zipper-pinnacle baggage – just press the air out, seal it up, and it'll hold for months.

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Which Quinoa to Buy?

I’ve read that there are 1,800 (!) varieties of quinoa, but there are three main types found in markets in the U.S.: white, red, and black. White quinoa has the most neutral, easy-to-love flavor — start with this one if you’ve never tried quinoa before. Red and black quinoa both have their own distinct personalities, and I find them to be a little bolder and earthier in flavor than white quinoa. They’re fun in salads or other dishes where their color really pops!

The standard cooking method outlined below will work for any kind of quinoa you find.


Step-by-step instructions to cook completely feathery quinoa! It's so natural.


I like to view myself as a quinoa master. I have cooked a ton of it for my cookbook. Modest quantities, or parcels on the double, with flavors and greens, or without—I've done everything. The standard quinoa cooking technique began bombing me right off the bat. My quinoa was soft and exaggerated, without fail, and it was making me insane.


I took a stab at utilizing somewhat less water than expected, which has been suggested somewhere else. It helped a little here and there, however on different occasions, I needed to add increasingly more water while the quinoa was cooking. At that point, the evaporate quinoa drenched an excessive lot of the dressing I added later.

Eventually, I pondered, for what reason do all the quinoa plans recommend covering the quinoa while cooking? My quinoa was totally overcooked and soft, so covering it seemed like the last thing I ought to do.


Cooked quinoa.

Bingo! Here's the stunt for entirely feathery quinoa: Use twice as much water as quinoa, obviously, at that point cook uncovered until the quinoa has assimilated all the water. The cooking time will fluctuate dependent on the amount.

When the water is totally assimilated, eliminate the pot from heat, cover it and let the quinoa steam for 5 minutes. That is the point at which the quinoa opens up into cushy quinoa flawlessness, and that is the way to cook quinoa appropriately.

I've gotten many inquiries from you all about how to stay away from soft quinoa, so I just needed to share. I composed up the full formula and guidelines for you beneath.

Look down for the full formula, in addition to a short video showing my strategy and 10 of my most loved quinoa plans. For considerably more quinoa motivation, you can see the entirety of my quinoa plans here.


10 Favorite Quinoa Recipes

This basic quinoa salad is ideal for stuffed snacks! cookieandkate.com

1) Sun-Dried Tomato, Spinach, and Quinoa Salad

"I have made this plate of mixed greens twice in seven days it is that acceptable – simple and delectable!"

Broccoli meal, improved with cooked broccoli, cheddar, quinoa, and entire grain breadcrumbs. - cookieandkate.com


2) Broccoli, Cheddar, and Quinoa Gratin

"This was so acceptable! I've been attempting to discover one dish plans that can likewise take care of the child and this was great! I was too sluggish to even consider making the breadcrumbs yet I'm so happy I did on the grounds that it was basic and thus great! I likewise utilized a touch of cauliflower since I had it and it was acceptable in there as well. I believe I will cause this to again and carry it to Easter! It's an ideal better form of a work of art!"

Quinoa dark bean tacos with avocado crema


3) Quinoa Black Bean Tacos with Creamy Avocado Sauce

"This is one of my number one dishes ever! Adhered to the guidelines (first time at any point was not roused to transform anything) and delighted in a yummy supper with my accomplice, twice now. He adored it too! A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing and best of luck! :)" – Dessi

4) Colorful Beet Salad with Carrot, Quinoa, and Spinach

"THE best plate of mixed greens ever! My significant other and I totally love it! I'm imparting to my loved ones!"

5) Quinoa Vegetable Soup with Kale

"I just discovered this formula through Pinterest! I made the soup yesterday and I totally love it!! Never considered quinoa in the soup yet this bodes well! I'm continually searching for approaches to add protein without adding meat so this is extraordinary and my entire family adores it! (I'm an understudy incidentally, not a mother, in the event that you were unable to tell. haha) This soup is incredible for all ages!!" – Maya

Solid and generous Southwestern kale power salad formula - cookieandkate.com


6) Southwestern Kale Power Salad with Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Avocado Sauce

"We made this for supper 2 hours prior and can't quit discussing it! OMG! It was so delightful and loaded with flavor and it was not difficult to make. My children cherished it, as well. We as of now can hardly wait to make it again :) much thanks!" – Tiffany

The best quinoa salad formula, made with chickpeas, red chime pepper, cucumber, red onion, parsley, and lemon! This sound quinoa salad makes certain to be a hit. (gluten-free, veggie-lover, vegetarian)


7) Favorite Quinoa Salad


"Flavorful formula, Kate. I've been craving something light and invigorating and this quinoa salad hit the nail on the head. This is unquestionably a standout amongst other quinoa plates of mixed greens I've made. Your plans won't ever frustrate. Much obliged to you!" – Allison

8) Crunchy Thai Peanut and Quinoa Salad


"Made this for supper around evening time when a companion came over. Indeed, even my kid cherished it! He isn't generally into crude veggies, yet upon the primary nibble, shouted, "I like this! Definitely, I love it!" and had a subsequent making a difference. We left the cilantro as an afterthought for him. Will make this again very soon." – Lea


9) Quinoa Broccoli Slaw with Honey-Mustard Dressing


"Three of us finished this formula at a time. It was brilliant! Tart, sweet and crunchy, because of the almonds. It was likewise so natural to make. Much thanks to you!"

Epic breakfast quinoa including toasted walnuts, coconut oil, cinnamon, and dried cherries or cranberries


10) Cinnamon Toast Breakfast Quinoa

"Made this for breakfast earlier today, and it's stunning! It's unquestionably going to be in my normal pivot."


What is the Quinoa to Water Ratio?

Adding Liquid to Quinoa

The quinoa ratio to liquid is essential. upload the liquid to the quinoa inside the pan, whether or not you’ve toasted it or now not. The simple ratio is 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups liquid. you can use water (season it with a chunk of kosher salt), or you can use any kind of broth (i love to use slightly diluted low-sodium broths and add any more salt to the finished dish as wanted so that the taste of the grain shines on through) from vegetable to hen to beef. you may additionally upload a piece of dry white wine to the liquid for some other layer of taste.


How to Cook Perfect Quinoa on the Stove

A recipe for perfect quinoa every time.

Yield: 4 People

Prep Time 2 minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes

Total Time 17 minutes


  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups water or broth I prefer a diluted or delicate broth
  • Kosher salt to taste


  • Place the quinoa in a pleasant-mesh sieve and rinse with bloodless water (until your quinoa is categorized pre-rinsed).
  • Pour the quinoa into a medium saucepan over medium-excessive warmness. you may toast the quinoa for a few minutes, stirring on occasion. Or add the broth or water without delay and season with salt. convey to a simmer, cover the pot, and simmer for 15 to 20 mins until the liquid is absorbed and the quinoa grains have sprouted their little tendrils. put off from the warmth.

allow the quinoa to take a seat, protected, for approximately 5 minutes, then elevate the lid, fluff the quinoa, and serve, or cool. if you need to chill the quinoa, your quality wager is to spread it out on a big platter or baking sheet.

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