The Official Site of the New York Jets

The Official Site of the New York Jets


The Official Site of the New York Jets

Official Site of the New York Jets

When you're browsing through the Official Site of the New York Jets, you'll be seeing all sorts of things. From the new MetLife Stadium to the history of the team, you can even learn more about Josh Allen. But before you can get started, here's a quick summary of a few of the most important topics related to the team.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are a team that has been re-defining the modern sport of American football. They are a part of the National Football League. Founded in 1966, the Jets have changed their uniform design on a number of occasions. The first significant change was in the design of their helmets. In 1978, the team went with a solid green helmet with a stylized "JETS" wordmark. The logo was replaced with a more modern jet airplane silhouette. The team's uniforms were also updated in 2008 and 2009 with white jerseys.

The Official Site of the New York Jets is a website that features news and information related to the team. Its news aggregator features stories from various news sites related to the Jets. The site delivers stories from different sources 24 hours a day. Most stories are delivered within 10 minutes after being published online. Despite this, users should be aware of the fact that the site's content is not always relevant.

The New York Jets are a professional football team based in New Jersey. Harry Wismer founded the team as the Titans of New York in 1960. Sonny Werblin purchased the team in 1963. The team played at Shea Stadium, now known as Metlife Stadium. The Jets' most memorable game was Super Bowl III, in which they defeated the Baltimore Colts. The Jets returned to the postseason several times during the 1980s. In 1998, they won their first AFC East title.

MetLife Stadium

The New York Jets play their home games at MetLife Stadium, located in New Jersey. The stadium is an open-air venue with seating for 82,500 fans. It is accessible by NJ Transit, which has a direct line to the stadium. You can also take Amtrak to the stadium, and it is just 20 minutes from Penn Station in Manhattan. Fans can buy tickets online, or visit the stadium's ticket office.

The stadium is home to two NFL teams, the Giants and the Jets. Depending on the home team, the stadium's interior illumination changes color. There are also giant video screens located at the stadium's entrances. One of the stadium's most impressive features is the Great Wall, which is a 400-foot-high mural of players outside the stadium. The stadium was the first NFL stadium to receive SAFETY Act certification by the US Department of Homeland Security in 2013. Security magazine ranked the stadium as one of the most secure stadiums in the country for 9 years in a row.

Fans of the Jets can expect to see their team playing well at MetLife Stadium. The team's home games are played in this venue, and fans are encouraged to attend as many games as possible. The Jets' fans are passionate and dedicated to the team.

Josh Allen

While Josh Allen was once a top prospect out of college, his draft stock dropped this past offseason. But his strong arm and potential to be a star in the NFL are still very apparent. He recently suffered an arm injury against Air Force and missed Wyoming's last game against Fresno State.

Allen has an excellent cannon arm. Despite a lackluster offensive line last season, he consistently delivered big throws on third downs. He has the mentality to believe he can cover most distances. But he also has to work on his blocking.

While it's clear that Josh Allen is a star in New York, his career wasn't always smooth sailing. In his rookie season, he struggled and the Bills were only 5-6 in games he started. That said, there was one memorable game against the Miami Dolphins. As of right now, Allen has a 5-2 record against the Jets.

The Jets are rebuilding their roster, and the quarterback situation is very critical. However, the team's cornerbacks have been particularly impressive, forcing Josh Allen into some tough throws. The Jets' defense was tighter after falling behind 10-0 and forced the Bills to punt on 10 of their subsequent possessions. The cornerbacks also held up their end of the field in coverage.

Despite the fact that Josh Allen is not exactly the best quarterback in the NFL, he is still a top prospect in terms of physical ability. His athleticism and ability to throw the ball were lauded by his teammates and the media.

Josh Allen's future

There's no guarantee that Josh Allen will be the Jets starting quarterback for the 2018 season. He'll need time to develop. But his potential is bright. On the Jets' official site, the quarterback is listed as one of the top ten draft prospects for next season.

Allen is one of only three quarterbacks in NFL history with at least 30 wins and 120 rushing touchdowns. He is also the only QB in history to have completed a full season with more than one hundred attempts. That's quite an accomplishment. The Jets' X-Factor website has several interactive tools that allow fans to follow Allen's progress on a daily basis. Fans can also follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Allen is a capable quarterback with a cannon arm. However, his numbers are less impressive when the distance between his arm and receiver is below 10 yards. Allen ranked 32nd among 36 qualified quarterbacks in TWP percentage for short-range passes during the 2021 season. Overall, he was tied for 30th among quarterbacks in PFF's ranking.

Despite his age, Allen's potential is undeniable. He was drafted in the first round and was a second-team All-Pro last season. He is a tremendous talent and is only going to improve. He's an excellent prospect and is the best quarterback available for the Jets, but the Jets also have many other quarterbacks they can choose from.

Josh Allen's arrival complicates team's future

Josh Allen's arrival complicates the future of the Jets. The former Wyoming quarterback was a first-round pick in 2018 and was selected as the second-team All-Pro. He is currently 25 years old and has all the tools to be a great quarterback. He has an impressive WR group and a solid offensive line to work with. And with the right coaching, Allen could be the next big thing.

The Buffalo Bills don't need to rush into contract negotiations with Josh Allen, as they can exercise his fifth-year option and keep him under contract through the 2021 and 2022 NFL seasons. Instead, they should wait to make an announcement until the offseason. While they can't afford to lose Josh Allen, the team should try to make a splash in the offseason to make sure they keep a franchise quarterback.

The Bills have made three consecutive playoff appearances with Josh Allen under center. In his second pro season, he led them to the AFC Championship Game. His team ultimately lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. However, Allen dominated the Bills with his passing accuracy. In three playoff games, Josh Allen completed 52% of his passes and threw five touchdowns to no interceptions.

Josh Allen's contract

You can read the full details of Josh Allen's contract on the New York team's official website. This contract is worth more than $258 million, with over $150 million guaranteed. Allen led the Bills to a 13-3 regular season record and the AFC conference championship, and now he's one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. His contract also sets a new record for the most money guaranteed at signing.

After being drafted No. 7 overall by the Buffalo Bills, Allen has performed well. His passer rating has gone from 85.3 to 107.2, and he's already been named to his first Pro Bowl. His meteoric rise surprised many fans, but Beane and company recognized his potential from the very beginning and gave him a long-term deal.

Allen's contract has rolling guarantees that add up to over $150 million over six years. His signing bonus was $16.5 million, and the contract includes an option bonus of $42.5 million in 2022. Additionally, Allen will receive $30 million in additional incentives. The signing bonus will be paid out in 2022, while the roster bonus will be paid out over the next five seasons.

The Buffalo Bills traded up to the seventh pick to land Allen. The Bills had expected to draft a quarterback who could play in a big role in their franchise. The rookie draft was loaded with talent, with five signal-callers selected in the first round. However, analysts predicted that at least one of the rookies would turn out to be a bust.

New York Jets Twitter

New York Jets nyjets Twitter

The New York Jets' Twitter account has a lot of features. Here are a few: Favorites, Retweets, Latest news, and Stats. All these features are easy to use, and they will give you the latest news about the team.


New York Jets fans are rejoicing after seeing the team's Twitter account gain over 500 retweets in a single hour. The tweet featured a picture of a dog with a Jets collar tag and four dog biscuits on the ground. The graphic also included the words "Sit" and the hashtags #NYJvsCLE. The tweet was deleted an hour later, but not before generating over 300 retweets and 600 likes.


If you're a sports betting fan, you've probably spotted the New York Jets in the Super Bowl betting lines. This team has more money wagered on its win total than any other team in the AFC, and has more bets on the win total than the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, or New England Patriots. There are also bets on whether the Jets will win the AFC East and make the playoffs, and you can win as much as $10,000 if you predict correctly.

The Jets have loaded up on talent for the upcoming season, hoping that the Saleh regime can put together a winning team. Though Garrett Wilson was awful in his rookie season, the team added offensive weapons like Breece Hall and Jermaine Johnson, and even an impressive free agent in D.J. Reed. However, the Jets are unlikely to reach the playoffs.

The Jets' schedule is tough, with road games against the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos. A loss to either one of these teams would put the Jets on a three-game losing streak. Then they have tough home games against AFC foes New England and Buffalo.

Although the Jets' win total is low, the team has a few key rookies who can compete for the award on both sides of the ball. Several of these rookies could be valuable assets in 2022. It's important to remember that a young team rarely gets a clean start to the season. The Jets will have to win several games to qualify for the playoffs.

The New York Jets are 2.5-point home underdogs against the Patriots. In May, Las Vegas sportsbooks opened the Ravens as four to five-point road favorites. Since then, the line has risen to seven points. In addition, both teams could be without some starters on the front lines. Left tackle Ronnie Stanley is out for the Ravens, while Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and cornerback D.J. Reed are out. If one of these players is out, the Jets could be a heavy underdog.

The Jets' season-opening game against the Baltimore Ravens is also a tough one. The Jets have been outscored in their last six openers, with the Ravens averaging 10-4 record. The Jets' offense has struggled so far, they only scored once in garbage time. In addition, their two offensive tackles have both been injured, meaning that the Jets' season-opening score will be at best 6-11 or 7-10.

Latest news

With the season starting on Sunday, the Jets are already looking to add some depth to their punting game. They have brought in four punters for a workout and signed Ty Long from the Chargers' practice squad. This move comes in the wake of Braden Mann's disappointing Week 1 performance. Head coach Robert Saleh explained that Mann has been dealing with a back injury and has been unable to practice.


Statistically, the New York Jets are a mediocre team. They are still a few years away from making the playoffs, and they have a few question marks on defense and offense. But the team made some key moves this offseason. They got rid of QB Sam Darnold and head coach Adam Gase, and they also cut ties with top draft pick Zach Wilson and veteran Robert Saleh. The offense was horrible last year, and the Jets are still a work in progress, especially at tight end and running back. However, they did acquire Corey Davis, who should bolster their receiving core.

The Jets have many great players who have made a mark on the NFL. Joe Namath is the all-time leading passer and helped the team win the Super Bowl in 1969. Curtis Martin holds the all-time rushing record with 10,302 yards. And the team's all-time leading receiver, Don Maynard, has 11,732 yards receiving. You can also see the all-time list of the most touchdowns scored by a Jets player.

In the third quarter, the Jets offense was back on the field. And this time, they had a great play from Streveler. The runner hit the pylon from seven yards out. This score put the Jets up 17-16 with 14.49 minutes to play.

The Jets defeated the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night football. Chris Streveler came on late in the game and went 8/11 for 119 yards and a touchdown. The Jets have remained undefeated in preseason play, so far. But this won't be the last, because they have to play the Falcons in the third preseason game.

While the Jets are undefeated in preseason, they are currently in the middle of a quarterback controversy. They are not sure whether to keep Joe Flacco in the starting lineup for the remainder of the year. And with Zach Wilson in the hospital, the team was without a clear answer at the quarterback position. This forced Mike White to start under center and went 12/17 for 90 yards in half of the play.

How Do I Get in Touch With the New York Jets?

How do I contact the Jets

To get in touch with the New York Jets, you have several options. You can call the Jets' office, fill out an online application, or write to them. For additional information about the Jets, read our articles on how the team is associated with WCBS, the uniform design, and NetJets' status as an Indirect Air Carrier.

GetHuman's Relationship to the New York Jets

GetHuman has a relationship with the New York Jets, but that relationship isn't exactly a secret. The company has a lot of data about their fans and uses that to build individual profiles for marketing campaigns. They use data from third-party sources like Genius Sports and Sportradar, as well as data from Wakefield Research to create psychographic segments.

Paperless tickets helped the Jets' business intelligence arm develop a better understanding of their fans. They were one of the first teams in the NFL to go paperless, and this allowed them to get to know their fans better than ever before. Many of those fans were different from the Jets' other fans.

New York Jets' TV partnership with WCBS

The New York Jets' long-term TV partnership with WCBS has been renewed, and the network will continue to air preseason games, shoulder programming, and other exclusive Jets content. It will also air exclusive interviews with team coaches and players, and offseason insights from team insiders. The Jets' preseason coverage begins August 12 against the Philadelphia Eagles. It will run through August 28, when the team plays the New York Giants.

WCBS will continue to air the New York Giants and New York Jets games on its network, as well as other local sports. The broadcast will also feature games on the New York Mets and the UCONN Huskies. Both SNY and WCBS have extensive New York Sports coverage, and both networks will air more than 300 hours of Jets-exclusive content throughout the year.

WCBS is New York City's flagship television station and part of the CBS News and Stations group. Its main transmitter is in the North Tower of the World Trade Center, so the 9/11 coverage on WCBS was simulcast nationally on the Viacom cable network VH1.

WCBS has several sports channels and a live stream of the team's games. Some of these options include NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, and Fox. If you don't have a cable service, you can try FuboTV or Hulu Live for a free 7-day trial. Once you've decided on a service, you can watch Jets games online and save money on cable or satellite bills.

In September, the New York Jets teamed up with the American Cancer Society's "Crucial Catch" campaign. The initiative will benefit children suffering from cancer at the Valerie Center at Goryeb Children's Hospital, part of the Atlantic Health System. The team's defensive back and captain visited the children in person on September 25, and the four children will be surprised with a surprise visit from their favorite Jets players during next season.

New York Jets' uniform design

The New York Jets' uniform design has undergone several changes since the team's inception. The helmet has a deep metallic emerald green shell with a black facemask. The football graphic from the primary logo is now featured on the secondary logo on each side of the helmet. The jerseys feature green and black stripes with white numerals above. The team also adopted a new secondary logo on the chest of the helmet.

The new jerseys have received mixed reactions from fans. Some find them generic and boring, while others say they're sleek and modern. While many fans have mixed feelings, it's important to remember that change is always met with some resistance. Hopefully a winning season will help fans warm up to the new look.

The new logo has been modified to make it more recognizable. The white details were replaced with green, and the logo became more distinct. The helmet now features a more modern wordmark. A new alternate uni was also added. The jersey's shell color was replaced with a darker green. The new logo lettering has no oval shape, and the green facemask is more distinctive.

After the Jets' franchise was purchased by Sonny Werblin's syndicate before the 1963 season, the uniform design was changed. The pants were green, while the socks were white. In addition to the new uniform color, the players now have white stripes on the shoulder and around the calf.

The Jets' uniform has undergone several changes in the past few seasons. In addition to the new helmet, the team has also unveiled the Stealth Black helmet. They will debut the new uniforms against the New England Patriots on Oct. 30 and will wear them for two more home games.

The team's new logo was originally called the "Jets" in 1963, but the logo was later redesigned to incorporate the team's new name. The original logo featured bold, italicized "NY Jets" lettering, with a stylized plane on the side. It also featured a smaller "ball" image.

NetJets' Indirect Air Carrier status

The following paragraphs describe NetJets' Indirect Air Car carrier status, and how it affects its customers. If you choose NetJets for your next air travel, you should be aware that this status does not come without certain restrictions. In particular, this status means that you are not covered by any warranty or guarantee from NetJets. Furthermore, it is important to know that you are responsible for any damages or losses that might occur as a result of your use of the Service.

Please note that information provided in this section may change without notice. You should contact NetJets before implementing changes to your travel plans. The information you obtain may also change because NetJets makes improvements to its products and services. You should consult with NetJets' fleet program documentation to determine which options are available in your country.

Please note that you may not use the Service for commercial purposes, and you may not use it for product listings or derivative works. In addition, you may not use the Service for any automated or manual data mining or robots. Additionally, you may not frame or otherwise use NetJets trademarks.

NetJets has made a significant investment in aviation education. It recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the FAA to advance NextGen projects that will make air transportation safer and more efficient. For example, it is working with Ohio State University to help improve the training of future aviation professionals. It is also investing in research, education, and outreach opportunities for students.

An indirect air carrier is a person without an air carrier operating certificate but uses the services of an airline to transport property. Indirect air carriers must comply with strict regulations and maintain a security program. They must renew their IAC status annually. To avoid any legal ramifications, indirect air carriers must be sure to meet the requirements set forth by the FAA.

Buying the New York Jets

How much would it be to buy the New York Jets

There are a number of ways to value the New York Jets. You can look at current market value and future value to determine how much the team is worth. You can also look at the cost of purchasing the team. Buying the New York Jets could be a big investment, but it can be a lucrative one.

Valuation of the New York Jets

Forbes recently published a piece that examined the value of NFL teams. Although the Jets haven't won many games in recent years, Forbes still ranked them among the league's most valuable organizations. The vast New York media market is one of the major reasons for their value.

The Jets are in a good spot to be traded. There are 17 players under contract with a cap charge of at least $1.5 million in 2022. The Jets' offense and defense account for over half of the team's cap. They've also added help from players like Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall, Uzomah, and Conklin. In addition, Reed, Gardner, and Johnson have helped the team's defense.

The Jets leaned towards top-tier college prospects in the 2020 draft. Their five picks had an average PFF grade of 80.0, which ranked fifth among all NFL drafts in 2021. GM Dave Douglas also was interested in offensive production. The Jets' 2021 draft class has high-grade prospects in Zach Wilson, Elijah Moore, and Michael Carter, as well.

The NFL's new media deals are expected to generate $111.8 billion in revenue over the next four years. That means that the Jets' new TV deal with Fox will pay off handsomely. Additionally, the NFL's Sunday Ticket deal with DirecTV will generate $1.5 billion in revenue annually through 2022.

The Jets have a young quarterback, two top-tier draft picks, and an array of other assets to add to their roster. They've also spent a lot on pass rush and offensive weapons. While the Jets have made some moves to improve their defense, they still need to make improvements in all areas of the game.

Current value

There are a lot of different ways to look at the current value of the New York Jets. Some are conservative, while others are riskier. Some teams love to take big risks, but the Jets might not have the right hand to bet with. This article will help you figure out what the Jets' cap space is right now.

While the Jets haven't won many games in recent years, they've remained among the most valuable sports enterprises in the world. They share MetLife Stadium with the New York Giants, and they're in a prime market city. The Jets also have a massive fan base. Despite this, however, the Jets are going to take a big hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, which may cause the team to suffer financial hardships.

The Jets have a weak defense and need to improve their defense. However, they've added pieces to improve their offensive line and improve the quarterback position. Quarterback Sam Darnold is entering his third year, and they drafted LT Mekhi Becton and WR Denzel Mims this offseason. Their improved offensive line should make it easier for Le'Veon Bell to produce on the field. Another new player is Jameis Crowder, who is expected to contribute in the passing game.

The Jets also increased the supporting cast around Wilson. In addition to veteran Chris Olave and rookie Zach Wilson, they added dynamic rookie Garrett Wilson. He's 6'0" and 192 pounds and played alongside Chris Olave at Ohio State. He posted a 69.7 passer rating and 70 receptions in 2021, but is still not established as a franchise quarterback. Wilson's knee injury in the preseason opener against the Eagles has cost him valuable practice time and reps. Still, the Jets believe he'll emerge as a foundational piece and return sooner than his backup Joe Flacco.

The Jets have also changed their logo over the years. For the 1978 season, the Jets' helmets and logo were redesigned. The Jets' logo is a green oval with black edges and white facemasks. In addition, they have green pants.

Future value

The Jets have spent a lot of money in the off-season on pass rushers and added more offensive weapons to the offense. But even with all that, they still need to improve in every area, especially at quarterback. So the front office has been aggressive in trading up in the 2022 NFL Draft, which they believe is a winning strategy. With the fourth overall pick, they plan to take a gamble on Jermaine Johnson II.

Despite the draft pick, the Jets have been drafting wide receivers. The top running backs are going to get drafted, but the Jets could get a pick for one of those. The team is also monitoring a few veteran wide receivers in the draft, including Keyshawn Johnson, the No. 1 overall pick in 1996. He was a Pro Bowl selection twice. They could also get a pick for Bryce Huff and Ashtyn Davis.

The Jets' first round moves included making good value picks, like drafting defensive end Jeremey Ruckert (Oregon) and wide receiver Corey Robinson (Stanford). They could also pick up a stud edge rusher in the fourth round. The Jets also added a solid lineman in Max Mitchell.

The Jets' quarterback situation is an interesting one. The team will be without Greg Van Roten for a few months, and they may have to re-sign him in the spring. But the Jets have improved their offensive line, and the quarterback should benefit from it. Overall, the Jets have a much stronger roster than in previous years.

The Jets have been able to sign a few players with flexible deals. They've signed Laken Tomlinson and Jordan Whitehead to two-year deals, and the Jets can cut the deal after Whitehead is done with his contract. By doing this, the Jets could save $7.2 million.

The New York Jets have a long road ahead of them. They will face a loaded AFC, and many analysts expect the Jets to finish as the lowest team in the league. Yahoo's Frank Schwab has them ranked 27th in his preseason power rankings, and the betting market believes they'll be the worst. But there are also some that believe that this is the year when the Jets can finally break through.

Cost of buying the team

Buying the New York Jets is not an inexpensive proposition. However, there are several benefits to this franchise. For starters, being a part of the largest market in the nation means that you have the potential to earn substantial revenues, especially if you build a new stadium. Even though performance is not an accurate predictor of franchise value, the NFL does benefit from lucrative network television contracts.

However, the NFL prohibits corporate ownership of teams. This is why Dolan sought to separate his Jets purchase from other businesses. For instance, he owns Madison Square Garden, which is worth around $1 billion, and he owns cable television systems with 3.4 million subscribers. Dolan and the NFL eventually came to an agreement that excluded his cable television systems from the Jets purchase.

If Vaynerchuk were to buy the Jets, he would have to incur massive debt. However, he would prefer to make money instead of risking massive debts. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will take on such a huge debt. Nevertheless, he may well consider other potential investment options.

Jets Corporate Headquarters

Where are the Jets headquarters

The New York Jets' corporate headquarters are located in Hempstead, N.Y. They have never had their own stadium, but they have played games at several stadiums over the years, including Shea Stadium and Giants Stadium. The team's history can be found in its history section.

Location of New York Jets' corporate office

The New York Jets have a corporate office in New York, NY. You can contact them via toll-free telephone number or email. There are also live chat options available. In case of emergency, you can call these numbers twenty-four hours a day. However, if you want to speak to a live person, you can also use the email addresses.

In addition to its physical office in New York City, the New York Jets also have a toll-free emergency number that is available round the clock. Moreover, you can use the website's live chat feature to get in touch with an executive. While searching for the corporate office, many people look for the corporate phone number and address of the New York Jets.

One of the unique features of the Jets' corporate headquarters is its design. It is meant to evoke the tunnels used by players. This is different from other training camps and playing centers, where players enter through the back or loading dock. Designers have incorporated the team's distinctive graphics into the building's design. In addition to supergraphic slogans on walls, they're used in abstract patterns on stairwells and nameplates.

The New York Jets' corporate office is located at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, one of the largest training facilities in the NFL. It is a 217,000-square-foot complex in Florham Park, New Jersey. The office is also home to the team's business operations and practice facilities.

The team has recently redesigned their uniforms. The team's primary color is green. Their logo features white facemasks and a thin black outline. The team's jerseys have a green lining around the shoulder. They also feature green pants and a thin black outline.

Phone number

If you are looking for contact information for the New York Jets, then you have come to the right place. This page will give you the official postal address and the phone number for Jets HQ. Additionally, you'll find the New York Jets toll-free number and customer support phone number. You can call them at any time day or night. The customer service representatives will respond to your query within 24 hours.

The New York Jets is an American football team that plays in the National Football League. The team is based in Florham Park, New Jersey and competes in the Eastern Conference's Southeast Division. The team was founded in 1960 by Woody Johnson. It was purchased by new owners in 2000 and has reached the playoffs five times. Presently, Rex Ryan is the head coach of the team.


Address of Jets headquarters is an important information to know if you're a New York Jets fan. Whether you're looking for information on the team's game day activities or the latest team news, the corporate headquarters is the place to go. There are numerous ways to contact the Jets, including a toll-free number that is available during working hours. Email is another option to reach the Jets, and you can usually get a response in about 24 hours, depending on how complicated your inquiry is.

The New York Jets are an American football team that plays in New York City. The team is owned by Woody Johnson, and is part of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League. The headquarters of the team are located in Florham Park, New Jersey. They have been playing since the 1960s and currently play in the eastern division of the league. The team has reached the playoffs five times, with Rex Ryan as their current head coach.

While the Jets have never had their own stadium, they have played at various venues throughout their history. In addition to their current home, the Jets have also played in Giants Stadium and the Polo Grounds. Their office is located at the address of the New York Jets headquarters. If you're a fan of the team, you can learn more about them by visiting their official website.

Team's history

The New York Jets' history dates back to 1959, when the team was formed as the Titans of New York, the first members of the American Football League. The team started play the following year, but had limited success in its early years. In recent years, the team has achieved a great deal of success, but it is still a young franchise with a long way to go.

The Jets' history includes several memorable moments, interesting players, and a few championships, but their history is also filled with mediocre teams that failed to make the playoffs. The team's most successful season came in 1998, when they hired two-time Super Bowl winner Bill Parcells as head coach. The Jets finished the year with a record of 12-4 and reached the AFC Championship Game. However, they fell short in the Super Bowl that year.

By 1962, the team was struggling financially. The Jets' first owner was Sonny Werblin, who led a five-man investment group. Werblin spent $1 million to purchase the franchise. The next year, the team changed its name to the Jets and hired Weeb Ewbank as head coach. By 1964, the Jets had moved from the Polo Grounds to Shea Stadium. In their opening game, they set a new AFL record of 45,665 spectators.

After eight consecutive losing seasons, the Jets decided to change their look. They ditched the blue and red color scheme and opted for kelly green and white uniforms. They added green pants and a white helmet, which they wore with a green jersey. Their new look was a throwback to the original Titans of New York.

The Jets have produced many great players throughout the years. However, choosing the best five was tough. All five players have many great team records, and it was hard to narrow down the list. A few players rank higher than others. These individuals also occupy important positions on the team's All-Time Team.

The Jets were founded as the Titans of New York in 1959. Harry Wismer, representing the city, argued that the city was large enough to support two teams. Wismer secured the team's home stadium, the Polo Grounds. The team didn't have great success in the early years. The Jets eventually achieved prominence in the NFL.

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