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Logan Paul Prime

logan paul prime

Logan Paul Prime is a new hydration drink created by KSI. The popular YouTuber has been promoting the drink by posting videos on his social media accounts. One of these promotional videos was posted on January 25 and shows him acting out a scene where he's on a desert island. In it, he wears orange face paint and a fake beard to represent the brand. In another video, he uploaded a video where a monkey steals a PRIME bottle.


KSI and Logan Paul have teamed up to create a new drink called the Prime Drink. The drink has not yet been made available to the general public. The two had previously linked up for a podcast called IMPAULSIVE. It is currently available in six flavours.

The two men also launched a new sports drink called Prime Hydration. The product is made with the same ingredients as the popular sports drinks Coke, Pepsi, and Gatorade. The drink is available in U.S. and UK stores. In 2019, Logan Paul and KSI put their feud in the boxing ring to one side and worked together to launch the drink.

Prime is being promoted as a healthy sports hydration drink. In an Instagram Live, Paul and KSI announced the new product. The beverage contains 10% coconut water, 825g of electrolytes, and several vitamins and antioxidants. It is also sugar and gluten free. It is currently available in CVS, Walmart, Target, and GNC.

Logan Paul's new drink is gaining huge popularity in the US. The drink is available in several flavors. The most popular is the berry flavor, which contains 10% coconut water. KSI has even expanded its PRIME range with flavor packets called 'Hydration Sticks'.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul's PRIME is a new hydration drink that comes in five flavors. The drink was developed with the help of 100 people in under a year. Paul has released several dramatic advertisements for PRIME on his social media accounts. He even went as far as to make himself look like a monkey, which has gained him fans and detractors alike.

The sports drink is now available in stores all over the U.S. and UK, and Logan Paul has teased a January 4 announcement that will be entitled, 'The Final Chapter'. The sports drink will compete with popular sports drinks like Gatorade and Pepsi. The company has partnered with Logan Paul to create a new drink that is more suited to athletes' needs.

The sports drink has quickly sold out on the company's website, and the product has been rolling out to supermarkets nationwide. The new drink will be sold for $1.99 a bottle. The company has also partnered with the Kroger family of stores, which includes Ralphs, Smiths, Dillons, and Fred Meyer.

The company plans to release an energy drink in 2022 with Logan Paul and KSI. The beverage has been on the market for a few months now, but its popularity could have a negative effect on The Rock's ZOA drink. But that's just speculation. With the success of PRIME Hydration, the company may be forced to make some changes to their beverage line.

The drink has become a hit in America. The drink was created by former boxing rivals Logan Paul and KSI. It sold out within hours of its launch in the US and UK stores. The first batches of the beverage sold out in five minutes on UK shelves. The drink is now available in six flavours. The company will continue bringing the drink to the UK in the next few months. The company has also launched the product on its website, allowing fans to purchase it in the United Kingdom.

PRIME Hydration drink

If you want optimum hydration in the best possible flavor, you should try the Prime Hydration Variety Pack. You'll get 15 bottles - 16.9 fl oz each - of three different flavors. These include Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, and Tropical Punch.

Prime Hydration is available at Walmart and Target stores in the US. There is no official pricing yet, but we assume that it'll be comparable to other sports drinks. It will be available at most major stores in the near future. You can find Prime Hydration at Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, GNC, and Vitamin Shoppe.

The beverage is marketed as a healthy sports hydration drink and contains 10% coconut water. It's also gluten and sugar-free. The company claims that it sells 10 million bottles. The product is sold on KSI's website, and Paul has partnered with leading grocery stores in the US to sell it to consumers.

Logan Paul and KSI, a YouTube star and semi-professional boxer, have teamed up to create a sports drink. They chose the name Prime because it sounds "cool" and has a refreshing taste. The drink was designed to rival the famous sports drinks of the past.

The drink is made from ten percent coconut water and is caffeine-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan. It's also made to be delicious. Logan Paul is one of the most popular YouTube personalities today, and it's a natural energy drink that's packed with electrolytes. It will soon hit stores in the U.K. and will be available at many major department stores.

The new drink has two big competitors - Coke and Gatorade. While they're not on the same level in terms of popularity, both brands are big players in the sports drinks market. With this new beverage, KSI and Logan Paul are aiming to provide prime hydration to everyone. The products will be available in many different countries, including the U.S. It's unclear how long they'll remain on the market, but they're available in stores nationwide.

The Prime Hydration drink has gotten quite a stir in the US since it was first announced. It's made with ten percent coconut water, and its main goal is to provide optimal hydration. However, there were some flaws in the taste and texture. The Tropical Punch flavor was too sweet, and it had an unpleasant aftertaste, which I didn't like.

DiJulius parachute

Johnni DiJulius broke the Internet's silence in 2020 with a parachute stunt. During a freestyle competition, DiJulius, a student at Stanford University, misjudged the angle of his parachute and fell toward a rock wall. His injury looks quite severe and he will have to undergo extensive rehabilitation.

DiJulius wrestled for Ohio State University from 2011 until 2016, competing exclusively at 133 pounds. His collegiate record is impressive, boasting a 115-47 record. He helped the Buckeyes win Big Ten Championships and an NCAA title, and he also won the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational.

Logan Paul Makes a Truckload of Money With NFT Investments

logan paul nft

Logan Paul's NFT investments have made him a lot of money. However, not all of them are profitable. He's also lost a significant amount of money. However, his other investments are making him a truck-load of money. Let's take a look at some of them.

Azuki NFT price has decreased to 99%

Recently, the Azuki 'Bumblebee' NFT has dropped in price to less than 99%. This is a massive fall from the high six figure valuation it achieved just a year ago. The NFT collection has more than 10,000 hand-painted avatars in it, making it stand out from the crowd of Crypto artworks. According to the latest statistics, the NFT market will peak around 2021 and decline dramatically in 2022. The leading NFT market OpenSea recently reported a 99% drop in trading volume. As a result, Logan Paul's 'Bumblebee' NFT is worth almost half of what he paid for it last year.

This drop in price is a result of Azuki's lackluster performance in recent days. The cryptocurrency has fallen 10.4% in seven days, and it's unlikely to become profitable in the near future. The developer behind the Azuki project, whose Twitter handle is 'Zagabond', recently published a blog post titled 'A Builder's Journey' in which he detailed the failures he faced while building the NFT platform.

Despite the drop in the price, Azukis have remained popular. They are a unique mix of blockchain technology and anime characters. The founders of Chiru Labs believe that this combination is an excellent way to connect crypto and NFT enthusiasts. The Azukis' artwork, which is based on anime, is already connecting with crypto enthusiasts as well as NFT enthusiasts. Netflix, for example, recently increased the amount of anime they offer in their streaming services. As of October '19, almost 100 million households watched anime on Netflix.

Despite the recent drop, some analysts have predicted that the NFT market is still a wild west, and there's still a long way to go. Some investors are looking for the next big opportunity in the NFT market.

0N1 Force K4M-1 #03 NFT value has decreased by 10,390%

During the avatar downturn, 0N1 Force has jumped in price. This cryptocurrency has reached a floor of over 3 ETH in less than a week. The project is unique among other new cryptocurrencies and has gained traction in the community. Listed below are some of its key features:

Logan Paul's other investments have landed him a truck-load of profit

In addition to his boxing career, Logan Paul has been making a lot of money from other investments. The most recent is a partnership with sports drink company KSI. In January, he announced he was partnering with the company to sell its products. The partnership has generated a lot of interest and has already landed Paul a truck-load of profit.

Another investment that has landed Logan Paul a truck-load of profit is his collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens are becoming increasingly popular and expensive. Some of them are worth millions of dollars. Other influencers, such as Logan Paul, are trying to cash in on this growing trend.

Another investment that has landed Paul a truck-load of profit is a podcast he produces. The show has almost 3 million subscribers and is ranked 25th in the comedy category on iTunes in the US. It has received more than 30,000 reviews. The podcast has also been monetized through standard podcast sponsorships. Each sponsored episode costs the entrepreneur around $40,000.

Aside from his boxing business, Paul has made millions of dollars off of his other ventures. He is currently a partner in a hydration drink company called PRIME. The beverage is available in five flavors and took less than a year to develop. Paul, Olatunji, and a team of 100 people worked on PRIME's development. On January 8, it became available for sale. Within hours, it sold out. It has since been marketed through a series of dramatic advertising videos.

Polaroid NFTs are rare

Polaroid NFTs are a unique collection of photos made from instant film. These images are rare and often never seen before, and are considered collectible. Some of these photos are as old as 20 years. Even today, they are a great way to experience the magic of the Polaroid process again. Whether you want to capture a moment in time, or just want to share an incredible image with someone, Polaroid NFTs are an excellent choice.

One of the most exciting Polaroid NFT collections is the 99 Originals NFT collection, featuring 99 Polaroids. These photos were taken by Logan Paul on his journey around the world. Each one contains a unique story. Those who hold the 99 Originals NFTs will receive a physical copy of the Polaroid that contains the story.

Another cool thing about NFTs is the fact that you'll be the only person to own this special piece of art. You can share it with family and friends, and you'll also enjoy the pride of ownership. While some NFTs become more valuable over time, many people choose to purchase prints for their own collections anyway. If you're interested in investing in an NFT, you'll want to shop around.

Crypto Hasbulla token doubles as membership to Hasbullas worldwide web3 community

The Crypto Hasbulla token is a digital asset that doubles as a membership to Hasbullas worldwide web3 communities. The project has gained a following of over 2 million fans on social media, and its videos have gone viral. Its videos show Hasbulla talking trash and holding press conferences. Hasbulla is only 16 years old, but he has already become a global star in the digital world. He first became popular during the Covid 19 lockdown and his support for the UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov. This earned him the nickname Mini Khabib.

The Crypto Hasbulla token is currently available for purchase on OpenSea, with a floor price of 0.2 Ethereum. However, the most expensive Crypto Hasbulla NFT will go for 100,000,000,000,000 Ethereum. The project has seen some slow sales, but collectors are looking for projects with value. The lack of concrete utility projects might be a factor in the low transaction rates.

The Crypto Hasbulla NFT token is unique in its design, as each token is hand-drawn and personalized. Its iterative development process allows for additional features and flexibility as the Web3 scene evolves. It ensures a high-quality finished product. Crypto Hasbulla has also conducted a successful pilot program with a Discord community with over 20,000 users.

Members of the Crypto Hasbulla NFT will have exclusive access to a Members Club. This club will include meetups throughout the year. The first one will feature speakers from the crypto/NFT realm. They will also receive exclusive gifts from artists in their network. In addition, crypto holders will have access to metaverse games and tournaments. They will also be able to access utilities.

The Perfect Gift For Logan Paul's Birthday

logan paul vitruvian woman

If you're looking to buy a gift for Logan Paul's birthday, this is the right place. Logan is turning 28 and is planning a special day to celebrate with his girlfriend. His girlfriend, Vituvian, has been by his side for years. She's the perfect gift to show your love and support.

Logan Paul's birthday

On April 1, Logan Paul turns 25. He's an American social media personality and YouTube star. He's a former college student who began making videos with his younger brother Jake. He dropped out of college in 2014 and has gained over three million followers on his social media accounts. He's also signed to the WWE and performs on the WWE SmackDown Brand. He has a following of over 23 million on YouTube.

The YouTube sensation was born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio. His birthday is on April 1 each year. His YouTube channel has over 20 million subscribers and four billion views. In addition to making vlogs, Logan Paul also runs his own podcast called Impaulsive. His parents are Greg and Pam Stepnick, and he has an older brother named Jake Paul. He is currently dating Josie Canseco. He has also dated Chlo Bennet.

The video maker Logan Paul has over 22.4 million followers on his Instagram page. On his birthday, April 1, the YouTube star shared a photo of himself in his birthday suit and on his head. The post sparked a lively conversation in the comments section. UFC bantamweight contender 'Sugar' Sean O'Malley commented on the photo.

Logan Paul recently celebrated his birthday in Yosemite National Park. The park rangers warned him not to do this, but he ignored the warnings. A day later, park officials ticketed him for violating park rules. The video star also took the bus around the park, where he was spotted by police.

His girlfriend

Jake Paul has been dating Chloe Bennet for about a month. The relationship ended in early October, and the two are currently on a break. The pair are still friends. Jake Paul also uses the term "relationship" very loosely. However, the internet has been abuzz with talk of the two dating.

During the Renaissance, a Vitruvian man was created by Leonardo Da Vinci, and it was considered the most anatomically correct drawing of its day. The drawing depicts a male in two superimposed positions, inscribed in a circle and a square. It was named for Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius, who praised the Golden Proportion (also known as the Holy Proportion) of human proportions.

His NFTs

The Vitruvian woman is a reimagining of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man as an Asian American woman. The proceeds from the sale of the artwork will go to the Asian Health Services organization that provides health care for Asians and others who may need it.

His birthday present

If you're a fan of Logan Paul, you may have seen his recent photo project. In it, the artist recreated a famous piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by the writings of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius, da Vinci created a drawing of a man with his arms and legs separated in a circle. Paul reproduced this image in his 99 Originals project.

His polaroids

The first single from the concept album His polaroids of a vitruva woman, "Vitruvian Woman", is an ironic romp through western history. It starts with the creation myth in Hebrew, moves through Greek prehistory and the golden age of Athens, referencing the role of presocratic philosophers like Protagoras and Heraclitus, and goes on to cover such diverse topics as the Renaissance and Julian Assange.

Nat Krate's work shows that he pays special attention to the female body. Although he has never made specific statements or criticised Leonardo, his work is a clear indication of his feminist aesthetic. By adding a female body to Leonardo's famous painting, he is perhaps making a feminist statement in his own right. If so, his images are an important part of his ongoing quest to make art with a feminist perspective.

His love life

In the world of music, the first single from the concept album Vitruvian Woman, by Jeremy Darrell, is an ironic tour of Western civilization. It begins with the creation myth of the Hebrews, moves through Greek prehistory to the Athenian golden age, and notes the importance of the presocratic philosophers Heraclitus and Protagoras. The album goes on to describe the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and Julian Assange.

The Vitruvian Man is based on Vitruvius's De Architectura, which was written between thirty and fifteen BC. The book explores the geometry of human bodies, and its "perfect" proportions appealed to Leonardo's interest in anatomy. The Vitruvian Man is now part of the Gallerie dell'Accademia collection in Venice, and remains one of the most important works of the Italian Renaissance.

Logan Paul Movies

logan paul movies

Logan Paul has a long list of films to his credit. We've also looked at His relationship with Brooke Blurke, and discussed his controversial movie "Nope". Here's a closer look at his filmography. In addition, you can learn about his relationship with Blurke and his criticism of "Nope."

Logan Paul's filmography

Logan Paul is a social media star and YouTube sensation. He has signed with the WWE to perform on the SmackDown brand. His filmography contains a number of short films, as well as his many stand-up routines. His films range from comedic to serious fare. He is most popular for his comedy videos.

In 2017, Logan Paul adopted a Pomeranian named Kong, who was later killed by a coyote. He also has a husky named Broley and a Tibetan Mastiff named Ginger. Logan's maternal grandfather was Willbur R. "Spike" Meredith III, the son of Professor Willbur R. "Rob" Meredith II and Lilian Buxbaum. His maternal grandmother was of German descent.

In his most recent film, Logan Paul appears in the musical Valley Girl, a remake of an 80s classic. This was his first film since his breakout role in "Superbad." Logan Paul has also appeared in several TV shows. Since then, he's shifted his focus to the boxing ring. His next fight is scheduled for February 2021.

Before his rise to fame, Logan Paul attended Ohio University. He dropped out of school in 2014. Before his breakthrough moment, he began to gain fame by uploading videos on Vine. By the end of 2014, he had over three million followers on the social media site. By 2015, he was ranked as the 10th most influential person on Vine. This gave him the opportunity to promote his videos on YouTube and other platforms and earn advertising revenue.

In addition to his successful YouTube career, Paul has also made many appearances on TV and in films. His biggest role was in the horror film 'Can't Take It Back'. In spite of this, his success was hindered by controversial videos. One of the most famous videos he starred in, titled "No Handlebars," sampled a Flobots song and featured him riding a woman like a bicycle. The video was heavily criticized by the media and received negative reviews.

In February 2017, Logan Paul uploaded a video in which he tased a dead rat and took a live fish out of the water. His video gained over six million views in one day. After the controversial video went viral, YouTube took Logan's channel off of Google Preferred. His controversial video caused YouTube to review its posting policy. Despite the controversy, he apologized for the video on his Twitter account and on the Impaulsive Podcast.

In addition to the videos, the artist has published numerous books and written numerous articles. His work has also attracted criticism from several well-known YouTubers. PewDiePie, a popular YouTube personality, has referred to Logan as a "sociopath" on a number of occasions.

Logan Paul's YouTube channel is popular with millions of followers. He has also teamed up with Dwayne Johnson and worked as a stuntman. He has even been involved in a pay-per-view fight against fellow YouTuber KSI. This fight generated over $4 million in revenue for the YouTube channel. As of October 2022, his net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

His relationship with Brooke Blurke

The man who has ruled the roost on the internet, Paul Majlak, is no stranger to the public eye. Before becoming a WWE superstar, Majlak was a lingerie model and hosted the E! series Wild On!, which aired from 1999 to 2002. Later, he became the host of Rock Star: INXS and Super Nova, and also hosted a modeling competition show called She's Got the Look on TV Land. In addition to that, she became co-host of Dancing With the Stars, a competition show for women over 35.

Brooke Burke, on the other hand, has forged a career for herself as a modern mom. She has also expanded her brand into lifestyle tips for the working woman, recently launching her own health and fitness app. She has tried to move past her early marriage regrets by trying to make a new life for herself.

Burke has also been seen kissing a mystery man outside of Kristy's Village Cafe in Malibu. The identity of her new man is still unknown, but he and Burke shared an intimate moment outside the restaurant. The couple did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

It's hard to believe that Brooke Burke and Scott Rigsby are dating. While the two have been dating for over two years, their relationship has just recently become official. During the weekend, the couple was spotted holding hands and looking "very into each other." They were seen holding hands and kissing while having dinner at Little Beach House Malibu.

His criticism of "Nope"

In a recent article on CinemaBlend, Logan Paul criticized "Nope" and said that the movie was "funny but not very smart." While Paul said that he liked the movie, he also criticized some of the plot points. For instance, he said that the ending of the film was a "big mistake."

The critic is entitled to his opinions. However, in this case, Paul is a real-life example of the film's message. Logan Paul, an Internet sensation, criticizes movies that are merely made to make money, with no substance. Nonetheless, "Nope" was still a box-office hit, earning $44 million in its opening weekend, which is the highest opening weekend for an original film since 2019.

Paul also took issue with the use of Oscar-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya in the film. Despite this, Paul did praise Peele as a filmmaker. "Nope" is currently playing in theaters. Paul has a significant audience of 23.5 million YouTube subscribers and 6.5 million Twitter followers.

The critic's comments were befuddling at best and insulting at worst. Nope is a science-fiction horror film about two siblings trying to capture evidence of a UFO. It has received mostly positive reviews, and a lot of people have been defending the film against Paul's criticism. But what is the real reason for Paul's criticism? And how did he come to make his opinions sound so ridiculous?

While "Nope" is a fun and entertaining film with a great message, Logan Paul's negative comments on the movie should not be taken too seriously. His criticism of the film is ironic, as he's a real-life example of the movie's message.

Logan Paul's criticism of "Nope," a film directed by Jordan Peele and starring Daniel Kaluuya, has caused controversy on social media. Logan Paul ripped the movie's plot and character development and called it the worst movie he'd ever seen.

Logan Paul's criticism of "Nope," the latest horror film, caused a backlash in Twitter. His 13-tweet thread about the film sparked a raging debate. Those who supported the film called his criticism ironic and pointed to its themes of social media obsession, drama and attention seeking. Others claimed that Paul's criticisms made them appreciate the film even more.

Is Logan Paul Dating Any of His Co-Stars?

logan paul dating

If you are looking for details on Logan Paul's romantic past, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the rumors surrounding his love life and who he is dating. You can also find out if he is dating any of his co-stars: Nina Agdal, Corinna Kopf, Jessica Serfaty, and Chloe Bennet.

Nina Agdal

The Danish model Nina Agdal is dating YouTube star Logan Paul, who was spotted with her in London. The two have been spotted together on many occasions, from clubbing to dining out. Nina first started following Logan through his mom and friends. Since then, the pair has been dating. Logan is currently enjoying a break from his various ventures. Previously, he dated the model Chloe Bennet, as well as fellow YouTuber Amanda Cerny.

The two have been dating since June, but have been secretive about their relationship. They are both popular on social media and frequently post pictures of themselves. However, the two have been spotted together more frequently in recent months. While the couple is still secretive, they have been spotted together on several occasions.

The two first sparked rumors of a romantic relationship during a night out in June. The pair allegedly shared a kiss before leaving the restaurant. After dining, they then went out clubbing together. Nina Agdal fueled the rumors further by following her boyfriend's mom and close friends on Instagram.

Although Logan Paul is usually secretive about his relationships, he has admitted to having some problems with Nina Agdal. The model and the vlogger met last June while they were on vacation in Mykonos, Greece. In July, the two were seen kissing in London, and later in the same year, they were seen clubbing together.

Corinna Kopf

There's no doubt that fans of Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf are going crazy over the news. The two of them are often linked in their vlogs, where they make jokes about their sexuality and dating habits. The two YouTube celebrities are close friends and have recently dated. While they're rumored to be dating, their relationship has garnered a lot of controversy and backlash.

The relationship began when Corinna began flirting with Logan over Twitter. The two were even seen at a basketball game together. In December, the two were spotted kissing and making out. However, their relationship was just a friendly one. Logan was not ready to make things official, but he did want to give Corinna a chance.

According to the report, Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf were spotted together in London. The couple had a public relationship for a few months before breaking up in the middle of the year. The two are based in different countries, and the rumor that they're dating can be a bit misleading. Kopf is currently living in Los Angeles, while Paul is in Florida.

Paul has dated several people throughout his life. His last girlfriend, Josie Canseco, dated him for a long time before they broke up in November 2020. She was a former Playboy Playmate of the Month, and has even appeared on the Victoria's Secret catwalk. She was also spotted with Paul at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

While the relationship seems to be over, there are rumors circulating that Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf are dating. While they have never been officially confirmed, the two were once together, dating for two years. Their relationship began in the middle of the night and has been documented on social media.

Jessica Serfaty

The relationship between Paul and Jessica Serfaty is in doubt. The reality star is currently engaged to Firefly CEO Kaan Gunay, and Paul has been linked to other women. Though the pair dated briefly in 2015, the reason for the breakup remains unclear. However, they've been seen in public together, and Paul has reportedly enjoyed a successful career as an actor.

Jessica Serfaty is the longest-term partner of Logan Paul, and their relationship lasted two years. The actress and model is from the United States, and she has acted in a number of films and TV shows. The two met at a church and found great chemistry. They even featured in several videos together.

Jessica Serfaty is a former model and former contestant on America's Next Top Model. She has also appeared in several movies, including The Ride (2018) and Ryde (2017). The pair split when rumors of cheating emerged. Logan Paul has had a long history of romantic relationships. However, his most recent relationship has been a secret. He's been more public with other relationships.

In the past, she was married to DNCE lead vocalist Kanaan Serfaty. She was seen kissing with him in Mammoth Lakes, California, and it's also believed that they were dating. However, it's still unclear whether Jessica Serfaty and Joe Jonas are still dating.

While it's not clear if Logan and Jessica are still dating, they have dated before. The former YouTube star dated Josie Canseco in January 2020. Their romance began in 2015, but their relationship ended in November, and Josie has been a regular presence in Logan's vlogs since then.

Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul have been linked to each other for some time now. They first met on the set of the 2017 movie Valley Girl and quickly became friends. The couple was engaged until October 2018, when they decided to split up. In the meantime, Logan has been dating American model Josie Canseco.

Bennet and Paul often interact with each other on social media. In fact, they even shared a kiss on one of Paul's Instagram stories. Previously, Bennet was coy when it came to Paul, but on Wednesday, she confirmed that the two were dating.

Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul's relationship has caused controversy in the entertainment industry. Earlier this year, Logan Paul triggered backlash by posting a suicide video featuring a dead body in a Japanese forest. He was then dropped from the YouTube Red series Foursome, and his YouTube videos were banned from Google's Preferred program. However, he later made a comeback.

Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul have not publicly confirmed a relationship, but they have been linked in recent months. During the summer of 2017, the couple were spotted together in Hawaii. During that time, they shared intimate photos. However, the relationship was short-lived and the two decided to end their relationship six months later.

After the breakup, the two remained friends. While they did not elaborate on the details of their breakup, they reassured their fans that there was no bad blood between them and the breakup was mutual. Chloe was previously dating actor Sam Palladio in December 2012. The two dated for eight months.

Amanda Cerny

In 2016, Amanda Cerny and Logan Paul began dating. They documented their relationship on social media. The pair dated for about a year and a half. However, the relationship ended after controversy. Currently, Cerny and Paul are just friends. If you're interested in seeing the couple's relationship history, continue reading.

Amanda Cerny is an American Internet Star and Model. She was born on 26 June 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has two older brothers, one of whom is a professional athlete. She has a very interesting relationship history. She has been linked to several men in her professional career.

She's also a YouTuber and filmmaker. She's been in several movies. Recently, she starred in The Babysitter: Killer Queen, which is being released in 2020. She has also been in videos with Maroon 5, including "Ridiculousness." In the fall of 2018, she dated actress Chloe Bennet. The couple dated for about three months.

After the split, the two were linked for the second time. The two were spotted kissing in several YouTube videos. However, they never confirmed the relationship. They both had on and off relationships before the Amanda Cerny romance. The relationship ended after the former Team 10 member was fired from her job. Several other women were also linked to Paul. This makes the relationship even more complicated. However, they're still close to each other and the two have remained friends.

Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny have dated a few times. They were once connected with each other and began dating in 2016. The relationship was documented on YouTube, but it's unclear if they're dating or just a friendship.

Paul Paul's New Haircut

logan paul haircut

Many fans are teasing Paul with his new haircut. While fans have already mocked Paul for his previous hairstyle, his new style gives them something new to mock. But despite the new hairstyle, Paul's press conference showed that both he and Wilder are eager to smash. Their bout is set to take place on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Only time will tell how their matchup will turn out!

Jake Paul's hairstyle

Jake Paul's new hairstyle has received mixed reviews from fans. Some people have been surprised by his long, faded locks, while others are less than impressed by the change. Whatever the case, the new haircut gives fans something to laugh about. It's not the first time Paul has defied the norm by changing his hairstyle.

Although Jake Paul's hair typically covers his scalp, the recent photos show a receding hairline that has fans concerned. Jake's hairline isn't completely gone, however; fans have noticed it, particularly with his recent tattoos. Some fans even went so far as to post pictures of Jake running his hand through his hair.

Jake Paul's hairstyle has a high fade, which involves trimming the sides and back of the hair. This haircut has its roots in the military, but became popular in the 1990s. Jake Paul's fade is usually mid to high, and the rest of his hair is styled in a variety of ways. While the sides of his hair are kept short and curly, the top is a mop-top style.

To achieve this look, Jake Paul uses a combination of gels, pomade, and cream. Once applied, Jake Paul uses a comb to distribute the product evenly throughout his hair. To finish, he uses a hairdryer to set his style. Jake Paul's hairstyle is not difficult to recreate and is a great option for guys who want to look as cool as he does.

The popular YouTube personality Jake Paul has become an internet sensation with his viral videos. He first gained fame on the video-sharing platform Vine before moving to YouTube. His videos have over 23 million subscribers. His content often features pranks and stunts. He has a net worth of $30 million.

Despite Jimmy Butler's new hairstyle, Jake Paul's YouTube personality Tyler Herro and pro boxer Jake Paul have both made a bet that Jimmy Butler should maintain his new hairstyle for the NBA season. Jake Paul has offered to give Butler $250,000 in prize money if he keeps the same style.

Similarity to Princess Diana's hairstyle

Throughout her life, Diana's hairstyle has been one of the most iconic in history. Initially, Diana wore a blunt bob, which reached her shoulders. When the prince was born, Diana stepped out of the hospital with a blow-dry, which gave her hair a lot of volume. Later, she changed her style to shoulder-length locks, and in the 1990s, she went for a pixie cut. This change coincided with Diana's increasing self-confidence in public.

The hairstyle was a signature of Diana's, and it was a major fashion statement at the time. Diana's hairstylist, Sam McKnight, remained with her from 1990 until 1997. The resulting slicked-back look was a powerful, modern statement for the Princess.

In the video, Rose wore her hair in a layered cut to imitate Diana's style. She also applied lots of hairspray to hold it in place. The video went viral, and many of its viewers were impressed by the transformation. They commented that it was proof of Diana's influence on the style of many women. Some even joked that Emma Corrin should have been cast in "The Crown," a Netflix drama based on Diana's life.

Similarity to Justin Bieber's hairstyle

The Baby era look is popular among Justin Bieber's fans, but it's not a universally flattering haircut. Some fans love the choppy, sideswept look, but there are plenty of people who loathe it. It's likely that Justin Bieber's barber didn't put much attention into cutting the cut. As a result, his hair lacks clean cuts and texture. In 2010, Justin had a hairstyle similar to that of his 2009 haircut, but it wasn't as short and didn't go past his ears.

The new hairstyle has drawn criticism from many Black people, especially African-Americans. Justin Bieber has previously worn dreadlocks and cornrows, two traditionally Black hairstyles. His hairstyle was particularly controversial because it's associated with Black culture and identity. Some Black women reportedly called the look offensive. CNN reached out to Justin Bieber's representatives for comment.

While this cut is no longer popular in mainstream fashion, it remains a popular choice in lesbian circles. It was first introduced in the "Popstar" music video by DJ Khaled. The style has since evolved into a tousled version with loose curls that flow upwards.

If you want to try out this hairstyle, it's important to visit a professional hair salon or stylist to get expert advice and guidance on how to get the look. The style itself isn't expensive, but it's important to remember to do your research and get the best hairstyle. Otherwise, you could end up looking less than properly groomed.

Justin Bieber's hairstyles have been criticized for his recent album Justice. While he has made a point to promote social awareness through his music, many have accused the young singer of cultural appropriation. Despite these claims, the style is an important part of Justin Bieber's image.

Similarity to Prince Harry's hairstyle

Throughout his royal career, Harry has been known to change his hairstyle more than once. He has also had some notable hairstyles. For example, Tom Cruise has red hair, and Diana's brothers had red facial hair. However, Harry's new hairstyle is not based on his looks. He will probably change his hairstyle more often in the future.

The new image of the prince has divided fans - some are glad to see him, while others are pining for his old hairstyle. One Sussex follower gushed over the new image. "His hair is hanging on by a thread," she wrote. "I wish I could have such hair!"

The Prince's latest hairstyle is shorter and fluffier than his previous one. He wore his new style for the BetterUp virtual summit where he opened up about his inner work and burnout. The message was widely applauded by the viewers, and his new hairstyle caught the attention of many.

Nope, Keke Palmer, and Logan Paul

logan paul nope

If you're one of the many people who have been decrying the negative publicity surrounding Logan Paul and his film "Us," then you aren't alone. This article, written by NBC News Digital's Wilson Wong, offers his take on the movie and the criticisms he has faced. He also discusses the film's director, Jordan Peele, and his performance, Keke Palmer.

NBC News Digital's Wilson Wong on Logan Paul's movie criticisms

NBC News Digital's Wilson Wong is a culture and trends reporter. He weighed in on the controversy over Logan Paul's movie criticisms. The controversial YouTuber, who has made a career out of boxing, called the movie "worldly and vanilla" and called the lead character "slow." Paul's name quickly trended the day he posted the thread. The film is the third from Jordan Peele, who wrote the script and directed it.

Jordan Peele's film

Jordan Peele is an American actor, comedian, and film-maker. He is most well-known for his work in comedy and horror films. His first film, Us, was released in 2014. It has earned a critical acclaim. The movie focuses on a family and their fears of being watched by strangers.

The plot revolves around a Black family who are infiltrated by a group of doppelgangers. The movie offers a winning combination of humor, horror, and honest-to-goodness fun. It is not terribly serious, unlike Nope and Get Out, but rather allows the Black cast to drive the action. It also leaves room for audience interpretations once the credits roll. While not as profound as Nope and Get Out, Us is a smart and entertaining film that is a must-see for horror fans.

Jordan Peele's film is a remarkably entertaining thriller, but it isn't as good as his other films. Its grand visuals and strong characters make it an excellent horror film, but the film is ultimately an attempt at making a blockbuster-style film, with the added elements of horror thrown in.

While Us might be a far cry from his earlier work, it is still one of the most entertaining films of the summer. It's gripping and unpredictable, with great performances and mind-blowing special effects. Ultimately, the film was dangling on a precipice, and with a less competent director, it could have easily fallen into mediocrity.

Nope is the third film by Jordan Peele. The story follows two siblings in a horse training business who must deal with an otherworldly phenomenon. The movie is a sci-fi horror with a strong focus on Black joy. It has an 83% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jordan Peele's previous projects include sketch comedy The Last O.G. (2017-) and the horror movie Us (2019). Us stars Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong'o and was widely praised. He has also served as the narrator in a new version of The Twilight Zone, and he will be producing Candyman in 2021.

Keke Palmer's performance in the film

In Nope, Keke Palmer stars alongside Michael Wincott and Brandon Perea, and is directed by Jordan Peele. The movie follows the story of OJ and Emerald Haywood, who own a horse-training business in Hollywood. They hope to strike it rich by discovering proof of an alien entity.

Paul's review is critical, but it also shows that he is an uninformed critic. The actor gave a list of 10 reasons why he thought the movie was bad, and this was met with a lot of ire because many felt that his review was uninformed and unfair. Kaluuya addressed this criticism in an interview on Capital FM.

Despite the controversy surrounding "Nope," the movie did well at the box office. The film grossed $44 million over its opening weekend, making it one of the highest grossing original movies in 2019. Keke Palmer's performance in Nope was praised by critics, and her character was given an uplifting role by the filmmaker.

Nope is a summer blockbuster that combines social critique and summer blockbuster entertainment. While many viewers may focus on "What It All Means," Nope also combines beautiful cinematography and a big budget to make a film that stands out from the rest.

Despite this, "NOPE" is not without its flaws. According to Paul's review, the film lacks "narrative cohesion" and "thematic cohesion." Specifically, Paul points out the ramifications of the film's Gordy sequence.

The death of Otis Sr.

"The death of Otis Sr." is a chilling mystery that begins with the death of the titular character, Otis Senior. Keith David plays the elderly man, and Daniel Kaluuya plays his son, Otis Jr. The film has a few twists, and the mystery of Otis Sr.'s death will keep you guessing until the final scene.

Otis Henderson was born in Parkdale, Arkansas and accepted Christ as his Savior at an early age. He was a strong believer in prayer. After serving his country in the Vietnam War, he moved with his family from St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois, and finally to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he became a cab driver.

Amanda Cerny is Logan Paul's New Girlfriend

logan paul gf

The actress, model, and YouTuber, Amanda Cerny, is Logan Paul's newest girlfriend. Their relationship began in 2016 and has been documented on social media. Their relationship is public, with Paul frequently sharing photos and videos of the two of them. The actress, who has a YouTube subscriber count of 2.78 million, has a background in acting, and has appeared in the movies, The Deleted: Reloaded (2016). Prior to their relationship, Amanda Cerny dated YouTuber Jessica Serfaty for two years.

Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny and Logan Paul began dating in 2016, and their relationship was documented on social media. The two were a couple for a year before they split up. However, the couple remains close friends and are still chatting on a regular basis. They were previously linked to Teala Dunn, who Paul dated from 2016 to 2018. The couple's split caused a lot of controversy, and their relationship is now in limbo.

Amanda Cerny is a model, YouTuber, and TikTok star. Her channel has nearly two million subscribers. She's also appeared in several films. Her relationship with Logan Paul became public in 2016, when she began filming content with him. She was very open about their dating life, allowing fans to see what it's like to date a celebrity. In the past, however, Paul had dated other celebrities, such as Jessica Serfaty.

Paul's last long-term relationship was with Josie Canseco. However, the couple broke up in November 2020. She's also a model and is the daughter of Jose Canseco, a former Playboy Playmate of the Month. She's also a part of the Vlog Squad and has appeared on the Victoria's Secret catwalk. She and Paul were also spotted together at a Lakers game in Los Angeles.

Before Amanda Cerny, Logan Paul was dating Jessica Serfaty. They dated for two years and shared a number of vlogs. After their split in 2016, they dated Amanda Cerny, who was a popular Vine user. The two had a long relationship, but broke up in the last year. After Amanda, Logan Paul has also been linked to Alissa Violet and Jessica Serfaty.

Josie dated Logan Paul in 2017. Their relationship was confirmed in July 2017 when Josie was spotted kissing him on a beach. Although they did not reveal their relationship, they continued to appear on vlogs together. They split in October 2018. However, they continued to feature each other in their vlogs for the rest of the year. In November 2020, Logan finally revealed their split on a podcast.

Chloe Bennet, an actress from Chicago, met Logan on the set of 'Valley Girl'. She is best known for playing Daisy Johnson on Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' series. The two confirmed their relationship in July 2018. Their relationship lasted three months.

Nina Agdal

The Danish model Nina Agdal and YouTuber Logan Paul have been dating for several months. Nina recently stepped out in a braless white crop top while exiting the PrettyLittleThing showroom in West Hollywood. The two are still very private about their relationship, but their public appearances have increased in recent months.

Nina Agdal is an established model and fitness trainer who has appeared in several magazines, including Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. She also works in nutrition and health coaching. She has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, where she posts modeling pictures. However, Logan Paul and Agdal have not publicly announced their relationship.

The couple have been keeping their relationship private for a while, but Logan Paul recently opened up about the difficulties in their relationship. The two were spotted spending time with each other in Mykonos, Greece earlier this week. The model wore a zebra-print bikini with accents of green and neon pink. While the couple has yet to confirm their relationship, they are said to be happy together.

The two have been dating since 2012. Nina Agdal has been in a number of high-profile relationships. In addition to Leonardo DiCaprio, she dated Adam Levine and Joe Jonas in the past. The actress was also romantically linked with the singer Jack Brinkley-Cook in 2013.

Nina Agdal and Logan Paul have been photographed together multiple times. They have attended events together and were spotted kissing in London. Paul has previously stated that he does not want to show their relationship to the public. However, he did admit to having problems kissing Nina because of a gurgling noise in his throat.

Olivia O'Brien

Olivia O'Brien's song 'Josslyn' featuring Logan Paul has made the Internet buzz. She sang the song about Paul on stage during the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Although O'Brien did not publicly confirm the song's meaning, she told People that it is about Logan Paul. Logan Paul later confirmed the song's meaning in an interview.

O'Brien and Paul were rumored to be dating as recently as late 2019. She revealed that she had a song titled 'Joslyn' about Paul, which she says is about a relationship that was 'ruined'. The song also poked fun at the rumors about their relationship.

In addition to Olivia O'Brien, Logan Paul has dated various other women. He has dated high profile celebrities like actress Chloe Bennet and model Josie Canseco. However, his romantic life has been confusing for fans. After his performance at Coachella, the relationship between Paul and O'Brien has returned to the spotlight.

Olivia O'Brien is a famous singer and actress. She has also been linked to various popular YouTubers, including Thomas Simons and Charly Jordan. Olivia O'Brien and Logan Paul have been spotted together in London after collaborating on a podcast called IMPAULSIVE. The two were spotted leaving a Chiltern Firehouse restaurant together. They are still rumoured to be dating, but this time, they have not confirmed their relationship.

The actress and singer met while shooting 'Teen Wolf' in February 2017. They dated for a few months before their breakup, but he has yet to publicly confirm that they are dating. The actors share the same height and profession. In addition, they have been spotted together many times.

Olivia O'Brien dated Pete Davidson nearly two years ago. They ended their relationship on pretty s**ty terms. After the breakup, the actor started dating Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor. In October, she shared a photo of the two together.

Olivia O'Brien is an actress and singer. She is also a famous YouTuber. She has a huge fan following. In fact, she has a following of 23 million YouTube subscribers. Olivia O'Brien's new tour is set to take her to the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. She will be joined by bands like UPSAHL and Drumaq.

Jessica Serfaty

After Jessica Serfaty and Logan Paul split in 2016, rumors of cheating were everywhere. In 2019, Serfaty engaged Firefly CEO Kaan Gunay and Paul is still single. The couple married in 2008 and have one son, Roman. Their relationship began at church when they were 16 years old. The two found great chemistry and eventually got married.

Jessica and Logan were together for a long time and their relationship was a roller coaster. However, the two did not openly talk about their breakup. However, some of their fans claim that the couple had eyes for other people. There are also claims that Jessica may have broken up with Logan due to jealousy.

Previously, Logan Paul was dating Chloe Bennet. At one point, it was thought that the two were a serious couple, but they later separated due to Paul's comments about her promiscuity. Despite this, they did work together on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Chloe Bennet was also a good friend of Paul's. She has also spoken out against the unfair treatment of minority actors in Hollywood.

Logan Paul's alleged GF was an American actress and former contestant on America's Next Top Model. The two had a romantic relationship for two years and appeared on Paul's vlogs together. Fans speculated that Jessica was in love with Paul and that the split was a result of jealousy and infidelity.

Logan Paul dated Chloe Bennet in 2018. The pair met on the set of 'Valley Girl' and went on to have a date in Hawaii. However, the relationship ended in October 2018 but both were still friends. They have not been spotted together since.

Jessica Serfaty and Logan Paul broke up in February 2017. Both had dated other people before but never commented about their relationship. However, after the breakup, Logan started dating the social media influencer and model, Amanda Cerny. The pair had been spotted together on several occasions, including at a basketball game.

Logan Paul has dated other famous women over the years. His latest relationship was with actress and model Josie Canseco. Canseco was previously dating the former MTV star Brody Jenner. The two dated for about a year and a half. They even had a Twitter confrontation at one point.

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