Lat Pull Down

Lat Pull Down


Lat Pull Down


Lat pull-down bar. Maximum weight is 400 lbs. , length from the floor to the highest part of the bar is 96 inches. Height from the top of the bar to the top of the kneecap of the person doing the lat pull down. Should be between 31 and 36 inches. And the width of the bar is 25 inches.

Pull-ups are phenomenal for upper-body strength and building muscle, but they’re hard. Horribly hard. To the point where many people will crap out after just a couple of pull-ups, if that. Which can really kill your motivation during a workout. (Source: www.coachmag.co.uk)


Lat Pull Down

This benefit, which can be found at the gym, takes a weighted bar to the air as you lie down over a padded surface. When you're positioned over the bar, you engage your back muscles, bringing your elbows up toward the ceiling. The weighted bar is then slowly lowered to the ground as you maintain a strong muscular contraction throughout your back. With this exercise you can avoid fatigue and continue exercising for a longer time.

You shouldn’t be feeling the burn in your triceps with a standard pull-down. If you are, it means you’re not engaging the lats as you should be. This variation of the move, however, does hit the upper arms hard. Kneel facing the machine with your body upright. Hold a short bar above your head with an overhand grip, palms facing forwards. Pull the bar down by bringing your elbows in to your sides. Then press the bar down, keeping your elbows by your sides. Reverse the movement to return to the starting position. (Source: www.coachmag.co.uk)


The Lat Pull-Down is a machine meant to work out and isolate the back muscles. By pulling down on the bar in the hands from a height. It is important to note that this machine can have a different variation for those. Who are seeking a different workout for the chest, shoulders, and arms. This is important because the Lat Pull-Down is not a machine meant to work out the chest and shoulders or arms in general.

It can be hard to target the muscles in the upper back and shoulders without doing pull-down exercises. These exercises target the latissimus dorsi muscles. In a pull-down exercise, your arms be pulling down toward your body against a resistance. (Source: www.livestrong.com)


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