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Jimbo Fisher


Jimbo Fisher


Jimbo Fisher is an American football coach and former player who served . As head football coach of the Florida State Seminoles football team. Of Florida State University from 2010 to '16. He previously served as lead coach at. LSU from 2005 to '07. And at University of Mississippi from 2004 to '05 where he compiled a 29-27 record. He was previously the lead coach of the University of Oklahoma Sooners football team from 2001 to '04.

John James "Jimbo" Fisher Jr. (born October 9, 1965) is an American college football coach and former player. He is the lead coach of the Texas A&M Aggies. Previously, Fisher was the lead coach at Florida State, where his team won the 2014 BCS National Championship Game. (Source:en.wikipedia.org)


Jimbo Fisher had always dreamed of coaching football and in a hurry to get his dream job. He took a job as a high school coach. After a few years of these short-term stints, Fisher switched bands and began coaching college football. By the time he was offered the lead coaching position of the University of Florida. He had a very impressive resume that included winning two national championships. As the lead football coach of the University of Alabama in 2009 and 2010.

Jimbo Fisher

Texas A&M hasn't won more than nine games since Fisher arrived in 2018. And that streak will continue into 2021 following an 8-4 regular season. The Aggies narrowly missed out on the College Football Playoff in 2020 on the strength of an 8-1 record. But that was such a fluky year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: bleacherreport.com)


Jimbo Fisher is a successful Coach and Coach of the Florida State Seminoles, leading them to a series of National Championships. The hard work and successes he has achieved. Both as a player and a coach, have led him to be the highest paid coach in the country.

Jimbo Fisher's name has been brought up as a potential option to replace Ed Orgeron at LSU. However, Fisher wants to make it abundantly clear: He has no interest in taking that post. (Source: www.sportingnews.com)


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