Crocs Karol G Clog Footwear

Crocs Karol G Clog Footwear


Crocs Karol G Clog Footwear

In a collaboration that makes a statement, Crocs and Colombian singer Karol G have introduced two unique silhouettes of clogs. The Classic Clog ($70) features charms designed by the Colombian star while the Mega-Crush ($110) adds a sexy, edgy look. In a partnership that will continue to grow in popularity, both brands will continue to collaborate to release new limited edition styles.

Crocs  Karol G  Clog  Footwear

The first Karol G x Crocs collaboration will release two new clog styles. The Classic Clog will retail for $70 while the Mega-Crush Clog will sell for $110. Both will come with heart-shaped Jibbitz charms and updated detailing on the outsole. The classic craze will also feature a woven, rose-red heel strap and safety pin charms.

For those interested in the new collaboration, two models are available at retailers: the Crocs Karol G Clog ($70) and the Crocs Mega-Crush Clog ($110). The Classic craze will be released on Valentine's Day 2022 and the singer's birthday. The singer's latest single, MAMIII, was released on February 11, 2022. The track reached number two on the US Latin chart and #192 on the Billboard 200.

The Classic Clog from Karol G will retail for $70, and the Mega-Crush clog is priced at $110. The new model features updated detailing around the outsole and comes with custom Karol G Jibbitz charms. Another new style, the Mega-Crush clog, is the Mega-Crush model with heart-shaped Jibbitz. Both models have a heart-shaped charm on the heel strap.

The X-Classic craze has been a hit in the clog market for several years. The new Mega-Crush clog comes in rose-colored color with barbed wire detailing. It also has a heart-shaped Jibbitz. Another pair features safety pin charms on the straps. The X-Classic is a great choice for anyone on a budget.

The Classic Clog by Crocs and Karol G is priced at $70 and the Mega-Crush by Crocs is $110, and the Karol G X-Classic Mega-Clog from the brand's website is available for $70. Both styles feature customized Jibbitz charms with heart shapes. The X-Classic is also sold in rose-red color. Among the new releases, the X-Classic is equipped with metal heart clips at the heel straps.

The new Classic Clog from Crocs has a punk rock twist. The metal heart and barbed wire accents give the shoes a retro look. The Mega Crush cradles a platform sole and ridged black rubber treads for traction. It's a stylish style that will keep you comfortable all day long. Just make sure you're wearing a pair of these funky shoes.

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