Birmingham Stallions Roster

Birmingham Stallions Roster


The Birmingham Stallions enjoy an edge over their seven counterparts in the USFL due to their home-field advantage. All seven teams' games this season will be played at Protective Stadium or Legion Field, giving them true home field advantage for this season.

The Birmingham Stallions roster boasts some impressive talent, led by quarterback Alex McGough and running back Bo Scarbrough.


On USFL's "Player Selection Meeting Day," the Birmingham Stallions made their initial draft picks and chose quarterback Alex McGough with the sixth overall selection. However, he's not alone on the team as they also selected J'Mar Davis-Smith from Louisiana Tech as another quarterback prospect.

In their second, third and fourth round picks the Stallions added several defensive players: defensive ends Aaron Adeoye from Southeastern Missouri State; Chauncy Haney from North Greenville; Northern Iowa's Seth Thomas; and Ball State's Jonathan Newsome.

These players all possess tremendous potential and could be great assets to the Stallions this year. They possess great defensive range, as well as being highly athletic off the edge. Together, these individuals make up a formidable combination.

On offense, they should have two receivers who should be very dangerous. Emanuel Hall and Osirus Mitchell both stand at 6'5" with an impressive release off the line of scrimmage.

Victor Bolden Jr. is expected to be a key component of the Stallions' offense this season. He's an excellent route runner and should provide plenty of chances in the red zone.

Ramzy Ramzy was named 2nd Team All SEC for 2018 by the Stallions and has since joined their offensive line.

In their inaugural season, the Birmingham Stallions had a difficult start but began to turn things around by year's end. Going 9-1, they edged out Tampa Bay Bandits for the Southern Division title.

The Birmingham Stallions boast a great deal of talent and are eager to make some noise this year. As they will be playing in Birmingham for the first time ever this year, it will be an invaluable chance for them to expand their fan base.

Offensive Line

The offensive line is essential in allowing quarterback Alex McGough to move around the field with ease. The Stallions boast an experienced group of tackles that will allow McGough to effectively throw the ball downfield.

They also have some talented players at this position, including Cary Angeline who was a tight end for North Carolina State during college. His size allowed him to grab 12 touchdowns during his college career and will bring that same strength and size to the USFL.

Other players at this position include Justice Powers and Matthew Snow. Both are athletic tackles who haven't faced off against much elite competition yet, but if they can adjust quickly enough, they should be able to play at this level.

The Stallions were one of the original teams to form in the USFL back in 1983 and remain its only representative in Birmingham. Recently, New Orleans businessman David Dixon has been working to start a spring football league that will run from February until June.

It is believed that this league won't bid on current NFL players, but rather attempt to sign those who don't want or weren't cut by the league. The Stallions could potentially add some of these players to their roster.

The Stallions boast a strong defense. In the last two rounds, they selected several linebackers and added two solid defensive ends. But to build an impactful team, the Stallions need more talent at running back, wide receiver, and cornerback positions.

Defensive Line

The Stallions boast a formidable defensive line to go along with their impressive offensive line. While they didn't have many linemen available until the 20th and 22nd rounds, they were able to acquire several for their front seven. Oregon's Jordan McCray (center or guard) was selected in the 20th round while Cameron Hunt from Oregon (also center or guard) was taken in the 22nd.

At safety, the Stallions selected two players with impressive size and athleticism - Christian McFarland from Idaho State and Tyree Robinson from Oregon. Both are highly physical and possess excellent ball carrying instincts.

Aaron Adeoye is another player that fits this mold; a 6'6" athlete who plays at the edge. He previously played for Birmingham in the AAF and has spent time on the Ravens practice squad, yet there is still room for growth.

He will be an incredibly versatile player for the Stallions, capable of playing either defensive tackle or defensive end.

The Stallions also selected some depth at wide receiver and running back, selecting Vic Bolden from Oregon State in the first round and Emmanuel Hall from Missouri in the second. Both were second-team All-SEC selections and will be key components of their playmaking offense.

At quarterback, the Stallions selected Alex McGough from Florida International. He boasts a powerful arm and good mobility, having already faced off against Holtz several times during Conference USA play. McGough has shown glimpses of being an NFL quarterback during his brief appearances with Florida International.

Tight End

The Birmingham Stallions have several tight end options for the 2022 USFL season. One player on their roster, Sage Surratt, has the potential to be a long-term contributor on offense for the Stallions.

He was previously an undrafted free agent who spent his NFL practice squad career before being selected in the fifth round by the Minnesota Vikings in 2018. A highly athletic player, he should get an opportunity to prove himself in a new league.

Another intriguing pickup is Rico Gafford, a speedster who once ran a 4.19 hand-timed 40 yard dash. After rotating around NFL rosters for five seasons, this will be his first time playing in the USFL.

There are a number of players on the Stallions roster with potential to make an impact, but I'll focus on these two for now. They both possess impressive talent and versatility, meaning they should get plenty of playing time during the 2022 USFL season.

Tight end is the second most critical position on any team, so having quality depth at this position is paramount. The Birmingham Stallions boast a number of young and developing players on their roster as well as some experienced veterans ready to contribute.

The Birmingham Stallions finished their inaugural 2022 USFL season in first place of the South Division with a 9-1 record. With playoffs and championship game set for Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, they hope to add another title to their collection.


The Birmingham Stallions boast one of the more unique kicker/punter combinations in all of American football. As one of only two teams to draft both a kicker and punter, their lineup offers plenty of intrigue for fans.

In Round 32 of the USFL Draft, the Stallions selected Brandon Aubrey out of Notre Dame. He was a 3rd Team All-American soccer player who had never played football before but will be an exciting prospect in the league.

Next up was Vic Bolden Jr., a former Oregon State wide receiver with NFL experience. His speed and propensity for making big plays make him an ideal addition for the Stallions.

Victor Bolden is a speedy wideout with the athleticism to stretch the field. In 2022, he has caught 57 passes for 942 yards and 10 touchdowns, making him an invaluable asset to this team's passing game.

He brings 4.39 speed and is likely to play in the slot for the Stallions, though he can also contribute outside.

Brody Buck has only just begun his senior year at Northwest Missouri State, so the Stallions must see something in him that makes him worthy of consideration for this position.

Brock Miller served as the Generals starting punter in 2022 but is a Free Agent. His average of 46.3 yards per punt placed second in the league.

He hopes to improve upon his career year and be the top left-footed punter in 2023. Although not a natural punter, he is working diligently on honing his skills daily in order to be an even better option for the Stallions down the line.

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