Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes Star in New State Farm Commercials

Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes Star in New State Farm Commercials


aaron rodgers and patrick mahomes state farm commercial

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes star in a new State Farm commercial, with Drake filling in for "Jake from State Farm".

Mahomes has previously featured in a State Farm ad. He was also part of a series of commercials featuring Rodgers from 2018 that featured him.

The Commercial

The NFL season has officially started, and State Farm is back with a fresh series of commercials featuring Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. All are designed to promote their Personal Price Plan insurance offering.

On Thursday night during the NFL opener, a new campaign from McDonald's debuted that is distinct from previous versions. This one is tailored toward millennials and Gen Z consumers.

Adrianne Pasquarelli of AD AGE states that this campaign "pumps State Farm's Personal Price Plan," which targets younger generations by emphasizing how State Farm provides personalized quotes based on each customer's individual circumstances."

State Farm, who's played straight man for the company since 2011, is no longer being used as its spokesperson. Instead, influencers such as Travis Kelce are being utilized to promote the campaign. Furthermore, the chain has been experimenting with digital marketing tactics on social media channels where young customers hang out - like TikTok.

Mahomes and Rodgers have featured in countless State Farm advertisements over the years, particularly those that promote the company's double-check discount policy. Although they've been teammates for more than a decade now, their roles as spokespeople haven't always been easy.

Last year, State Farm faced a public relations nightmare due to Rodgers' vaccine remarks. As a result, they drastically reduced the number of ads featuring him; however, they continued working with him even after the controversy had subsided.

Mahomes and Rodgers are major draws for State Farm, their popularity and recognizable faces making their ads successful. According to Kristyn Cook - State Farm's chief marketing officer - they make perfect product marketing ambassadors.

State Farm recently hired a creative agency to craft its campaign advertisement. Alex Griffin, Director of Creative at State Farm, explained that they want their brand into more advertising targeted at customers.

State Farm will continue to showcase Jake from its TikTok account in addition to online and live sports, gaming, and the metaverse - where he appears. State Farm also plans on featuring Jake's own TikTok account alongside these new ads.

The Actors

State Farm has recruited NFL rivals and MVPs Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes for a series of new commercials this football season to promote their Personal Price Plan. Mahomes stars in three solo spots while Rodgers stars in two.

Though the commercials are sure to be a hit, one thing fans may be confused about is who actually played "Jake from State Farm."

Jake's character was created by a real State Farm employee named Jake Stone who answered to a casting call in 2011 and shot an iconic commercial for the insurance company.

Although Stone remains in Illinois, he no longer works for State Farm. This meant the company needed a more experienced actor to handle the demands of the role.

Kevin Miles has replaced Jake as the actor portraying Jake. Since taking over the role last year, Miles has earned a devoted following for his straight-man approach to comedy.

He has also featured in several other State Farm ads, such as those featuring Mahomes and Rodgers as well as Drake.

In the latest ad, Rodgers and Mahomes take an axe-throwing adventure. As they warm up for their throw, they joke around about their stand-ins - Paul Rudd and Adrian Martinez respectively - who play respective roles.

Jake from State Farm asks Mahomes if he has ever been in a bar and heard the phrase "Rodgers Rate." Later, Mahomes confirms his ability to throw an axe, leading to Mahomes telling Jake that he can "really hit an axe."

Rodgers and Mahomes aren't the only NFL players to appear in a State Farm commercial, but this one may be their most renowned. The insurance company has had an ongoing tradition of promoting its Personal Price Plan with humorous and comedic commercials that have become huge hits on television.

The Production

State Farm's "Personal Price Plan" campaign recently unveiled two of the NFL's most beloved quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. In these commercials, Jake from State Farm (a khaki-clad representative) talks to them about their insurance plans with both players.

State Farm's setup is straightforward, yet it successfully conveys their message of affordable insurance coverage for less money than you might think. Both players are well-known, making it easy to connect with your audience when using them as a point of reference.

Both men are highly influential, making it clear why they would choose State Farm over another insurance company. By employing the ethos strategy in the commercial, State Farm appeals to viewers through its credibility and fame which increases their likelihood of switching over.

In addition to two famous football players, the commercial features Chance, Aaron Rodgers' dog. Chance serves as a point of reference for viewers as it can demonstrate State Farm's products in action - an effective way of persuading people to purchase insurance from them.

As the ad progresses, both NFL players continue to emphasize how good their insurance plans are. They both affirm that State Farm provides them with coverage at a price point they can afford.

State Farm's commercial also shows that they can afford to pay off any debt if necessary, which is an impressive claim. This proves State Farm's capacity for providing customers with cost-effective insurance, making it the clear choice for many consumers.

The ad also features the "Mahalo Kiki" catchphrase, which is what players say when thanking their coaches for helping them through difficult times. This strategy proves successful because it shows viewers these two athletes can express gratitude to those who helped them get through these trying times, making the advertisement both more captivating and captivating to watch.

The Marketing

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes have joined forces with State Farm for a new commercial that promotes their Personal Price Plan insurance product. According to Adrianne Pasquarelli of AD AGE, these two superstars will star in two ads that air during the opening week of the NFL season.

State Farm has long been known for its humorous advertisements featuring characters like Coneheads and Hoopers to appeal to a range of customers. Recently, State Farm introduced Jake from State Farm as another example of how they're reaching younger consumers.

State Farm's campaign revolves around Jake, a man who serves as their "good neighbor". Jake greets customers with personalized prices tailored to their individual situations.

For years, Jake has helped the company connect with its target audience by informing customers they can have rates tailored for their individual situation. Recently, The Marketing Arm - an ad agency behind the latest commercial - wanted to expand upon that concept.

To create the commercial, the agency collaborated with Erich, an ad production company that works with brands like State Farm and NBC Sports. While they already had footage of the quarterbacks, Erich provided additional editing to make the commercial seem bigger.

They wanted to add a behind the scenes element to their commercial. So they asked Erich to help them film an energetic set with stand-ins, giving viewers a feeling that this is actually an actual commercial that will air during the Super Bowl.

In order to achieve this, the agency hired actors and models as stand-ins for the actors in the commercial. This allowed for a larger and more realistic appearance than if there had been no body doubles used.

State Farm's campaign emphasizes its reliability and commitment to customers, even when things don't go as expected. For instance, one ad features a young woman whose friend has requested "the perfect man." She is granted her wish - further reinforcing the notion that State Farm goes above and beyond for its customers.

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