Ted Lasso Season 3 Review

Ted Lasso Season 3 Review


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Ted Lasso, a sports comedy about an American football coach in over his head at AFC Richmond, excels in its focus on community and kindness. Even as the series nears its conclusion, Jason Sudeikis' beloved character continues to urge everyone around him to rise above cynicism and embrace goodness.

Keeley Jones

Ted Lasso is a comedic show, but it also has plenty of serious content. It tackles some heavy subjects and empathetically delves into the complex emotional lives of its characters.

Keeley Jones, played by Juno Temple, serves as the anchor of the series. Her character is an upbeat yet business-savvy woman who has made a name for herself as both a model and influencer.

She's an outgoing, bubbly and empathetic person who shows genuine care and concern for those she works with. She personifies the "be kind, but take no sh*t" mantra and brings light into a world that often seems dark and bleak.

Keeley found herself struggling to adjust as her story in season 2 came to a close, dealing with the reality that her job had come to an end and her future uncertain. While it would have been easy for her to give up, Keeley was determined not to.

But as she endured hardships, her strength of character showed through in her relationship with Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). Even when his career wasn't progressing as expected, she remained loyal to him regardless of what obstacles stood in the way.

At the end of the day, she and Roy have a healthy, honest relationship that allows them to progress together as a couple. Their love is genuine and authentic - an example of how healthy relationships can thrive.

Keeley has an endearing sense of humour and her capacity for seeing the good in everyone is truly inspirational. Her lighthearted approach offers a welcome change from today's heavy-handed antiheroes.

Kay Waddingham's friendship with Rebecca Tartt (Katie Holmes) stands as a refreshing change from the often manipulative and belittling platonic female relationships depicted in media. She truly wants to help Rebecca through difficult times without resorting to manipulation or ridiculing her in any way.

Through the season, her friendship with Rebecca grows and opens up new doors for her. Now a member of AFC Richmond, she is no longer just there to get revenge on her ex-husband.

She's an inspiringly strong and capable woman, inspiring those around her to reach their highest potentials. She truly exemplifies what it means to take a stand for oneself or those you care about most.

Roy Kent

Ted Lasso, inspired by Sudeikis' 2013 series of NBC sports promo spots, has quickly gained momentum since its premiere last year. Its central idea that kindness is worth striving for feels refreshingly unique in today's antihero-filled television landscape, providing solace amid chaos and uncertainty.

The show's first two seasons were marked by plenty of laugh out loud one-liners, clever jokes and delightful ensemble scenes that made it a delight to watch. But Season 3 returns with an increasingly existential vibe as several characters seem either in transition or on the cusp of one.

Ted's journey toward a more balanced life and healthier relationships is the driving force behind Season 3. However, his son Henry's long-awaited return to London, major heartache, and an ongoing rivalry with Rupert (Anthony Head) aren't all helping him navigate his personal difficulties.

Roy Kent has always had a grudge against Hus, but recently it seems as if his character has grown increasingly bitter and resentful towards him for not showing more support and respect for him. This attitude towards Hus has only compounded in recent seasons as Hus increasingly resents Roy for not respecting him and for not treating him with more dignity.

Keeley is not a particularly close friend to him, particularly due to her own mental health struggles. Keeley's job at KJPR demands a great deal from her and leaves little time for family life.

Roy and her have grown distant over time, yet she still desires to see him. This causes her to worry that Roy will get divorced, leaving them both feeling lonely and hurt.

The show's cast is superb, with Juno Temple as Keeley and Brett Goldstein as Roy bringing their captivating chemistry to every scene. It's impossible not to root for these characters!

Roy has come a long way from the selfish, foul-mouthed footballer we saw in Season 1 who couldn't care less about his teammates. Through his friendships with Ted and Keeley, Roy has grown to be a better person - which has earned him his place as one of the show's most beloved characters.

Rebecca Tartt

Season 3 of Ted Lasso follows AFC Richmond as they attempt to return to the Premier League. As Ted (Jason Sudeikis), Ted strives to restore the club's legacy; however, his unconventional management style has caused issues and caused a social media stir.

Ted is not alone in feeling the strains of the job; players and coaches also have their own struggles to contend with. Mental health has become a recurrent theme throughout the series, as Ted continues to seek therapy from therapist Sharon (Sarah Niles) as he attempts to manage his panic attacks.

He's still struggling with his divorce, leaving him feeling alone and distant from his son. Furthermore, he's been subjected to much negative media attention - including Trent Crimm's expose in The Independent - during this transition period.

But the show manages to address these themes without sounding overly sentimental. While some comedy series could get into the trap of trying too hard to be "sensitive," Sudeikis ensures his character's jokes and lessons don't overcompensate for his own grief.

Nate's departure from Richmond was a bittersweet decision for the team. He had been heralded as "the wonder kid" upon joining, yet soon began to drift away from his former mentor and begin working for Rupert (Anthony Head) at West Ham United.

Nate finds himself in the company of Rupert, which isn't ideal for his team. Nonetheless, he makes an effort to show some compassion towards Ted even though he has been treated so harshly in the past.

Though Nate's story is complicated, it appears he might be on the path towards redemption. If he can stay focused and stay out of trouble, Nate could become one of the most captivating characters on the show.

Rebecca Tartt, the heroine of the series, and Ted have an interesting relationship. While they share a passion for sports, their bond is far from perfect.

As she battles her personal issues, she is constantly reminded that her former husband is still alive. This prompts her to reopen old wounds which are compounded by living in the same apartment as Rupert whom she used to adore so much.

Nate Shelley

Nate Shelley's departure from AFC Richmond to become the new coach of West Ham United caused an uproar among fans, leaving many with a bitter taste in their mouths and prompting Nick Mohammed to address his character's betrayal on Twitter.

The third season reintroduces Nate, now the West Ham United manager under Rebecca's former Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head). At press conferences, Nate must prove himself worthy of his promotion but struggles with guilt and tension as he attempts to maintain their relationship with Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis).

As the team's winning streak starts to falter, Nate is feeling pressure from both teammates and media outlets alike. He's uncertain whether his new job will be enough for him to overcome his anxiety, while also fearing being seen as a failure by Rupert.

No matter the drama between Ted and Nate, this season still provides plenty of laughs. Many cast members have their own challenges to contend with; Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), who now fills in for Nate after his defection, and Keeley Jones (Juno Temple), who runs a PR firm.

Keeley is one of the show's brightest characters and always a delight when she appears onscreen. She's an upbeat PR professional who enjoys her job and strives to spread positivity around the world.

However, she often faces criticism in the press and her job is no easy feat. It's an incredibly high-pressure career that's straining her relationships with Ted, Roy and their team members.

Her new PR position will certainly put a lot of strain on her, and the situation is made even more complicated by the fact that her boss is none other than Rupert Mannion - known for being vindictive and unjust.

But if the team and their coaches want to stay ahead of the competition, they must find a way to reconcile their differences. And that is when they will need to rely on one person: Rebecca.

ted lasso season 3 keeley and roy

Ted Lasso Season 3 Review - Keeley Jones and Roy Kent

Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) and Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) face an uphill battle in Ted Lasso season 3. Their relationship is on the edge, if not already destroyed.

Thankfully, both parties appear to be taking things one step at a time. They've both begun therapy and are still trying to figure out their respective issues.

Jamie’s Transformation

In TED lasso season 3, Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) is the team's star forward and on loan from Manchester City. Initially clashing with Keeley Jones (Juno Temple), AFC Richmond's public relations manager and Rebecca Welton's best friend, they eventually develop a friendship that blossoms into love.

After Rebecca's marriage ends in divorce, Ted offers to help her explore her troubled past and the two become friends again. Ted attempts to guide her through this trying time as she finds newfound strength from him.

The season also brings about a change in Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), the team captain. After having some bad luck with his love life, he's spending too much time with Keeley and she becomes uncomfortable with his overbearing behavior.

Jamie's transformation isn't always smooth sailing, but it is necessary. Although a fantastic soccer player, Jamie lacks the mental fortitude to become an effective leader and mentor.

He often finds himself in a foul mood and making poor decisions, even going so far as to betray his mentor Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) by divulging details of a matchday panic attack to a journalist.

Jamie Gardiner's team starts to lose faith in Jamie's leadership when Dani Rojas (Joshua Gardiner) joins as a promising player. Although Jamie isn't pleased about this development, he knows it will only make him stronger as a coach.

Ted wants to ensure Jamie doesn't lose focus, so he sends him out on reserve with the hope that this will motivate him to give his best effort and earn a spot back in the main squad.

At practice, Ted notices Jamie's power wane and becomes concerned. He also discovers the team is haunted, so Ted makes each player sacrifice something special in order to lift the curse.

Meanwhile, Rebecca's former flame Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head) has taken control of West Ham United and appointed Nathan Shelley as their new manager. But Nate feels overwhelmed with responsibility as well as guilt from betraying Ted.

Roy’s Transformation

Roy and Keeley's connection is undeniable, yet they're also learning to grow together. Together they are confronting problems together, communicating openly about feelings, and altering behaviors accordingly.

Ted Lasso's character development since season one has led them down a more mature path, making it easier to root for them. This shows the emotional maturity Ted is striving to bring to this series.

No matter their differences, they're still clearly drawn to each other and getting intimate in the bedroom. In fact, they even shared a kiss during their Season 3 premiere - an unusual sight for a TV romance to accomplish.

However, they're also facing the challenges that can derail a relationship. Specifically, they must contend with the reality that their connection is less glamorous than it used to be when they were younger.

In a world where most people are content with the way they look, Roy and Keeley must navigate this shift in their lives. While uncertain of what their future holds, they're determined not to let that stop them from being happy in their relationship.

Ted lasso season 3 revolves around these characters, who give the show an authentic old-school love story instead of being just another formulaic sports drama.

Ted LaSalle's first season focused on their club's incredible rise from Division 2 to Premier League status, but Season 3 really brings to life those characters that weren't given a chance in previous seasons. These individuals are truly delightful to watch, and their relationships with one another are some of the strongest in all of television.

Nate's resentment over being demoted to assistant coach is an intriguing underlying issue. He had felt like a "wonder kid" the previous season, yet now feels like he's back at square one with Ted making him feel less important and valued than before.

Nate's resentment isn't so much directed at Ted as it is his own personal emotions. As the best player on the team, being demoted takes its toll on him personally.

Keeley’s Transformation

Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) has captured Ted Lasso fans' hearts with her glamorous, self-possessed model persona. She's become a prominent presence on the show and an important factor in its world.

She's the kind of character you could imagine winning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Her role requires extensive character development, but so far, the results have been worth all the effort.

On the show's premiere, viewers got a glimpse of Ted's character dealing with mental health issues and an uncertain relationship with his ex. But that wasn't the only complexity to his persona; Ted Lasso Season 3 finds him facing yet another test in life.

In the early episodes of Season Three, Ted's team relies heavily on him as they prepare for a critical game against West Ham United. It's clear that Ted is not only helping them win but also teaching them how to become better people.

He's also teaching them respect and support for each other, while modeling compassion towards one another's emotions. Most importantly, he offers them encouragement to stay optimistic - something we all need from time to time!

Ted's team consists of a diverse set of individuals, yet they are united by their admiration for Ted and his character. That bond allows them to support one another even when times get difficult.

That's an incredibly inspiring sight, and something many can relate to, particularly if they're fans of Ted's character. As he attempts to balance work and mental health, it's not hard to understand how someone like him could feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Ted has seen it all before and knows how to make the most of his situation. Despite his anxiety, Ted still inspires others to be good people and provides them with support in times of difficulty.

Ted’s Transformation

Ted Lasso may have all the charm in the world, but underneath all that lies an unspoken sadness that we've never before witnessed. His emotions have been consumed by divorce, his wife's new beau and a growing need to be with his son growing up across the pond. While Season 3 shows more depth to Ted as a character, his emotional journey remains incomplete.

On Episode 4 of Ted LaSalle Season 3 Keeley and Roy, we witness Ted's transformation begin. As his new beau begins to take over her life, Ted realizes he can no longer stay away from Henry forever and begins missing their son whom he's only been able to visit once since their separation.

Ted's transformation continues as he takes steps to improve himself and his emotional wellbeing. He starts talking openly with his doctor about his depression and anxiety issues, even sharing that his father committed suicide during his lifetime - an important moment in that it allows Ted to begin working on improving himself personally.

Though Ted's transformation may appear to take a backseat to Roy and Keeley's, it is actually the most significant development of the season so far. Their breakup was one of the biggest surprises in ted lasso season 2, as Roy (Brett Goldstein) struggles to come to terms with his new reality.

His teammates are deeply affected by the news of their split, as arena ushers and players offer their condolences. While this shows Roy that joining AFC Richmond was a wise decision, it also sends him into an intense state of anxiety.

Nate's character arc in Season 1 marked another major shift, as he became increasingly bitter towards Ted for his positive impact on him. It's an affecting transformation to watch, especially when done so masterfully by the show's writers.

Nate may have transformed, but there are plenty of familiar faces in Ted lasso season 3. Phil Dunster returns as bad-boy AFC striker Jamie Tartt who has taken to Ted's coaching methods and formed an unlikely bond with Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernandez). Toheeb Jimoh reprises his role as Sam Obisanya - a young Nigerian player who begins a relationship with Rebecca. Sarah Niles returns as sports psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone and forms an intimate connection with Ted after he shares about his mental health struggles.

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