Space movie from 1992.

Space movie from 1992.

Space movie from 1992

I thought Gayniggers from Outer Space was quite amusing. Yes, the jokes are somewhat immature, but we all need some of that in our lives from time to time. For those of you with an open mind that don't want to think that much, and are adult enough and lacking the pretentiousness to actually admit you like a movie like this, it really is a lot of fun packed into 25 minutes.Gayniggers from Outer Space: Stockholm Queer Film Festival 2006 at the Wayback Machine (archived January 31, 2009): The movie was featured by the Stockholm Queer Film Festival 2006.Related Topics:Gayniggers from Outer SpaceGayniggers from Outer Space(Space Movie 1992)moviespacespace moviespace movie 1992space movie 1992 IMDb Usersspace movie 1992 Photo Galleryspace movie 1992 user reviewsspace movie Photo Galleryspace movies 1992 .


Do you know about the Space movie 1992? It is titled Gayniggers from Outer Space and it is a blaxploitation short movie. It was just a spoof of the other Space movies in Hollywood at that time. Many people came to know about this film when some Redditors asked them not to Google “space movie 1992”. It was a trick to fool the people to search for the words. This trend created a stir in Reddit.

‘Gayniggers From Outer Space‘ space movie 1992 follows a group of intergalactic gay black men from the planet Enus. They use Regans to discover the presence of female beings on Earth from the space planet. They move beyond the big cities of Earth such as Beijing, Asia, Russia to eliminate the women one by one from the earth, drawing gratitude from the already oppressed male population. Before they leave the planet, they drop a “gay ambassador” to educate the Earthlings about their new way of life. To say, campaigns like #blackliviesmatter, #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao are run here, but they are implemented very rarely.



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