Now You See Me 3.

Now You See Me 3.


Now You See Me 3


A new criminal comes to the big city, embarking on an impossible mission to destroy technology and retrieve the secrets of invisibility from the enigmatic Mr. Cross.

Now You See Me was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 3, 2013 through Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The Blu-ray release contains an extended version of the film featuring ten additional minutes. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Just when it seemed things couldn't possibly get more complicated, a new face arouse and the game went, well, sideways! The Jackson family might not be the only ones who've got an up-and-coming bookie on the payroll.

Everyone loves a good heist. Assembling the forces, plotting out an impossible plan, traversing many obstacles and somehow succeeding — that structure never gets old. And "Now You See Me" injected an extra element into the setup: magic. So the safest guess is that the third movie will follow in the footsteps of the last: the Horseman doing what they do best. The team will have their sights set on another big jackpot, another awful billionaire who needs to be put in their place. So they'll steal big and win big, as usual. But then again, the creative team behind the franchise had indicated that things could shake up even more than we expect. In the film's official announcement, Nathan Kahane, president of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group said: (Source: www.slashfilm.com)


After a stunning victory, it's only natural for the FBI Task Force to question why the unbeatable Legend Killer has chosen to pick up where he left off. With the FBI hunting them, the criminal masterminds prove their worthiness to the public. They'll stop at nothing to keep the Legend Killer from being killed in the custody of the FBI.

Jesse Eisenberg, who played the role of J. Daniel Atlas (a member of Four Horsemen) in Now You See Me 2, has confirmed that he would return to the third movie. Lizzy Caplan and Mark Ruffalo were previously said to be reprising the roles of Lula May and Dylan Rhodes Shrike respectively. According to several sources, Sherlock actor, Benedict Cumberbatch will join the cast. (Source:www.devdiscourse.com)


The latest Now You See Me movie has been a hit yet again. Just like most blockbuster hits, the audience knows who the key players are (Maverick, New, Horseman, and Cumberbatch). So, how are we going to get into the thick of the action in a movie where the lead characters are exactly that predictable?

However, already when we get it to the source material Now You See Me cast, we should pretty much assume that Benedict Cumberbatch is a legitimate bit of a stretch to appear as the villain in NYSM3. Cumberbatch will most likely be unable to take on the role due to his MCU commitments, but he also has a number of non-MCU projects in the works that will keep him busy until at least 2022. We sincerely apologies to anyone hoping for an MCU homecoming between Dr. Strange and the Hulk in Now You See Me 3. (Source: theshahab.com)


Lizzy, Max, and Quinn have survived and defeated The Eye but they soon discover there is no stopping The Seven Thieves and they’ve been framed. The fugitives are on the run from the law, their new lives in jeopardy, their futures in ruins. At Max’s suggestion, they contact their ally, Zenji, who runs a safe haven for those whose lives would be turned upside down or put in danger if the public knew their true identities.

Unfortunately, this remains a mystery. No release date for "Now You See Me 3" has been announced, but the script has been in development for the past few years. The third movie in the franchise was first announced back in 2016, when "Now You See Me 2" was released. (Source: www.slashfilm.com)


The film opens with Lizzy Caplan, David Schwimmer, and Justin Theroux looking on as a poker game is being played. Suddenly, one of the players turns into smoke and escapes, leaving behind a message directed at the players and also to Lizzy Caplan. The message turns out to be about a mark she left behind for a man named “Mr. X”.

The movie is set to release in 2022 if no changes have been made. Currently, Now You See Me 3 is still in the production process but the filming will probably be wrapped up by this year. (Source: nilsenreport.ca)


At the start of the film, it's revealed that just before the events the audience will soon witness, Lizzy stole a box from a secret safe that was owned by a man named David, and she hid the box in Aladdin's tower in Chicago, home of the hidden Zookeeper.

For what it's worth, Jesse Eisenberg remains enthusiastic about making Now You See Me 3, though even he is reportedly starting to worry about audiences losing interest in the world. More troublesome may be that said audience simply won't remember all the narrative acrobatics that have gone down over the course of the first two movies. (Source: www.looper.com)


This super-slick, high-powered comedy from comedy geniuses writers, David Dobkin and Jeff Nichols, featuring two of the most reliably funny humorous actors in Hollywood - Jesse Eisenberg, who will most likely be nominated for an Oscar this time around, and Kristen Stewart.

Now You See Me is a 2013 American heist thriller film directed by Louis Leterrier from a screenplay by Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin, and Edward Ricourt and a story by Yakin and Ricourt. It is the first installment in the Now You See Me series. The film features an ensemble cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman. The plot follows an FBI agent and an Interpol detective who track a team of magicians who pull off bank heists and robberies during their performances and reward their audiences with the money, attempting to bring them to justice. (Source:www.amazon.com)

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