Mor ShapiRaya and the Last Dragon (DVD) Reviewro's

Mor ShapiRaya and the Last Dragon (DVD) Reviewro's


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Raya and the Last Dragon (DVD) Review

Kumandra, a land of dragons and humans, is saved by Raya (Kelly Marie Tran from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker). 500 years after an epic battle, she must track down Sisu (Awkwafina from Jumanji: The Next Level), the legendary last dragon in Kumandra to restore peace to Kumandra.

What is the movie about?

In a fantasy realm known as Kumandra, a brave princess named Raya embarks on an epic quest to track down and restore Sisu, the legendary dragon, and banish evil from its land. Voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Izaac Wang and Gemma Chan, this animated film was one of the most successful releases in 2021 and earned several accolades including best animated feature award recognition from Academy of Science.

Raya's journey across Kumandra leads her to meet and befriend notable characters such as baby con artist Little Noi (Awkwafina), her three ongis, young restaurateur Boun from Tail, and warrior Tong from Spine; all of whom have suffered losses due to Druun attacks. It is during their reunion as stars of their show that Raya realizes she is not alone in trying to restore order in an evil-ridden world. The movie went on to become Walt Disney Animation Studios' most profitable animated feature ever and led the list of all time greatest movies in Action/Adventure/Animation/Family/Fantasy categories.

What is the plot of the movie?

Raya and the Last Dragon is a fantasy adventure movie following young warrior Raya as she embarks on an epic quest to find Kumandra's last dragon, in order to restore peace to the land and put an end to the conflict destroying it.

Long ago, humans and dragons lived peacefully together in Kumandra. But then Druun, a dark evil force, arrived, forcing the dragons to sacrifice themselves in order to save their people. Now 500 years later, evil has returned and it's up to lone warrior Raya to track down and restore both sides of this divide by tracking down the legendary last dragon and unifying both peoples once again.

The plot of the movie centers around Raya's quest to find Sisu, the last dragon in Kumandra, and collect all the pieces of a magical gem that was destroyed during a battle between five tribes to own it. Along the way she meets many characters who have each suffered loss due to the Druun.

One of the best aspects of the film is its intriguing premise, which weaves elements from Southeast Asian cultural lore and history into an engaging single narrative. Furthermore, this marks Disney's first Asian woman as its main character - something truly refreshing to witness.

Awkwafina voices the character of Sisu, a water dragon who is both self-deprecating and morally upright. She doesn't believe in the evil being spread by Druun but neither does she comprehend their motivations either.

On their quest to acquire all of the gems, Raya and Sisu encounter characters from different tribes who have each suffered a loss due to the Druun. These individuals help lift the spirits and make the journey more enjoyable.

In the end, this movie is an enjoyable journey filled with stunning visuals and beautifully animated sequences. It's easy to recommend this film for Disney movie buffs everywhere.

Those interested in streaming the movie can sign up for a free trial of Disney+, which allows them to watch for seven days. If they don't like it, they can cancel their subscription and receive a refund.

What is the cast of the movie?

Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon features an impressive voice cast. Star Wars star Kelly Marie Tran, "Killing Eve" actress Sandra Oh, as well as Awkwafina and Gemma Chan from "Crazy Rich Asians" join forces.

The film showcases a captivating blend of traditional Southeast Asian cultures and traditions, following Raya as she embarks on her quest to find the legendary last dragon, in order to unify a fractured land and its divided people. Along the way, Raya discovers that saving the world will require more than just trust and teamwork; it requires true transformation.

Raya and the Last Dragon is set in Kumandra, a world where humans and dragons lived peacefully until 500 years ago when an evil force threatened their land. When Raya must track down and defeat the last dragon to restore harmony once again.

As Raya traverses the lands, she encounters both allies and adversaries alike. These include Boun (Izaac Wang), captain of a shaman's shrimp-orium boat; Tong (Benedict Wong), an impressive warrior from Spine land; and Virana, chief of Fang land played by Sandra Oh.

Raya meets Sisu, the dragon that saved humanity 500 years ago, as well as Boun and her thieving toddler sister Little Noi. Together they form an unlikely friendship and help Raya find the other pieces of a magical gem that will restore peace to Kumandra.

Along the way, she'll face off against other characters from different lands--like Tong from Spine and Virana from Fang--who want a piece of the precious dragon gem for themselves. They all must conquer their fears, and they need each other's support as they do so.

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What is the rating of the movie?

Raya, a brave young warrior, is sent to Kumandra in search of the last dragon. Legend has it that this powerful beast made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity; now evil returns and threatens all life on Earth - it's up to Raya to track down and bring peace back to Kumandra once more.

On her journey, she's joined by a number of exotic creatures, such as an all-powerful giant, streetwise 10-year old entrepreneur and toddler Ongis (monkeys). However, in the midst of all this action she comes across a booby trap filled with cables which puts her and her companions in jeopardy.

One of the unique aspects of this film is how it seamlessly incorporates elements from various Southeast Asian cultures and traditions. To get a true understanding of Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, its writers spent time there as well as consulting anthropologists and linguistic experts for accurate details.

Not only is the film entertaining to watch, but it also contains some educational and inspirational elements. There are various lessons in the film such as how to properly use a sword and how to work together in order to overcome difficulties.

The most crucial lesson of all, however, is this: we are stronger together than apart. Disney hopes this message will resonate with their entire family and serve as a reminder to be kind and loving towards everyone regardless of race or social class.

Raya and the Last Dragon offers mildly intense action and combat that's suitable for kids in the PG range. There's also plenty of suspense throughout, along with some gore which may be difficult for younger viewers. Overall, Raya and the Last Dragon is an enchanting, engaging film that may be worth a watch for everyone in your family.

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