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Mary’s passion for life comes from her childhood. From 10 years old and up, Mary was constantly around family and friends. When Mary was 14 years old, her father passed away from a long, difficult battle against cancer. Even though she was struggling with the family’s financial hardship, her mother always found a way to make sure Mary had a great childhood.

Mary Saotome (早乙女 芽亜里, Saotome Meari) is a deuteragonist of Kakegurui and also the main protagonist of the spin-off series Kakegurui Twin. She is a student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, and she is also a classmate of Yumeko Jabami and Ryota Suzui, who is the first character in the entire series that challenges Yumeko and loses against her. (Source: kakegurui.fandom.com)


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Mary Saotome gathers all the ingredients for Jabami Mitsuba's lunch one by one. "An avocado," she tells the lunch-loving little boy sitting on the counter. "A ripe avocado," she corrects herself. "A ripe avocado," she repeats to herself again. "A ripe avocado," she thinks as she goes back to mixing the rice and the miso.

After losing to Yumeko Jabami and experiencing the life of being a housepet, Mary, having no other goal in mind, became desperate to regain her status within the academy. Soon after being humiliated, Mary eventually loses her pride after she has a mental breakdown during a match against Yuriko Nishinotouin and falls into the state of grief and shame. After regaining her status, she seems to be no longer be as arrogant and cruel as before. Still, she is sometimes slightly nettled by Ryota's cowardice or Yumeko's reckless behavior; but she still cares deeply about them. She also developed a huge hatred towards the student council, and wished for them to pay for what they had done to housepets. (Source: kakegurui.fandom.com)


Yumeko Jabami and Mary Saotome HD Wallpaper | Background ...

Mary is the youngest of three children and usually the top in their grades due to the diligence they put in their studies. They are best friends with their siblings, but sometimes hate their sister, Yumeko, for stealing their brother, Jabami. While Yumeko is quite talented in art, she is criticised by everyone for being so much more punk-rock than the other two siblings.


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