Married at First Sight Season 12 is Back

Married at First Sight Season 12 is Back


married at first sight season 12

Lifetime's popular reality series Married at First Sight returns for Season 12 with five new couples. Each week will follow each couple on their journey from wedding day to honeymoon and ultimately moving in together.

Some relationships are set for success, while others experience a shocking twist they didn't expect. Find out which married at first sight season 12 couples are still together!

Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette

Before Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette's season of Married at First Sight ended, their marriage had been turbulent. Alyssa wasn't particularly fond of Chris; in fact, the couple didn't spend their wedding night together in the same room!

Alyssa's behavior throughout the episode was appalling and she refused to give her husband a chance to get to know him. She was an outrageous liar from the start; pretending that she was kind but treating her husband like trash can and acting as if she were the victim.

Due to her narcissism, she was unable to make an informed decision about Chris' suitability as her partner. She wanted everything her way and refused to learn how to respect Chris.

Chris entered into the show with good faith and tried to make their relationship work. He was willing to give Alyssa a chance but she wasn't interested; her lack of attraction to him and their divergent lifestyles weren't helping matters either.

She was clearly unhappy with their decision to tie the knot, and after some days decided against it. She shared her concerns with friends and family that Chris wasn't attracted to her and didn't believe they could be compatible. In essence, she didn't want to share a room or spend time with her new husband.

Her friends and family reassured her that her initial impression was incorrect; Olivia Cornu would make a much better match for Chris than Alyssa.

Olivia was previously a contestant on the show and now has a daughter from another season. Her high income allows her to enjoy lavish trips around the world; however, her husband Brett prefers saving money instead of budgeting.

She had not had much luck with her first marriage to a stranger, which left her unhappy. In fact, Alyssa called for divorce after they were married and refused to spend their wedding night together in the same room.

Haley and Jacob Johnson

Season 12 couple Jacob Harder and Haley Harris experienced a difficult start to their marriage. It proved difficult for them to work things out, and their lack of chemistry made them an unfit match from the start.

Jake Harder may seem like a kind man, but he also exhibits stubbornness and irresponsibility. It's understandable why Haley wouldn't choose him; she is used to getting her way.

As such, it's no shock that their relationship ended on Decision Day. There were major communication problems between the two and Jacob felt like he was shutting her down emotionally.

Jacob wasn't particularly eager to pursue their relationship further, while Haley was more than open to taking things further. They enjoyed an idyllic honeymoon together, but thereafter their bond proved somewhat fragile.

As they returned from their honeymoon, Jake began to feel that Haley wasn't paying him the attention he would have liked. Additionally, it appeared she was shutting him out emotionally as well.

Although their relationship was struggling, Jacob did seem to show genuine concern for Haley and so it's understandable that he sought to resolve their communication problems. It appeared as though he was trying to open up again with Haley but she seemed unwilling to engage.

One major source of conflict in their relationship was an $800 infinity bracelet Jacob had bought her on their wedding day but Haley never wore. On a recent episode of Unfiltered, Haley watched a clip from Season 12 where Jacob expressed his disappointment that she hadn't appreciated his gift.

Briana Myles and Vincent Morales

Married at First Sight season 12 is back, featuring five couples ready to tie the knot. This reality show follows newlyweds as they work through their relationship with a group of experts before providing them with advice throughout each step of their engagement.

As the show's name implies, couples get married at first sight (in this case in Atlanta) and then must decide whether or not to remain together once the cameras stop rolling. While some have had issues with trust and misunderstandings throughout this process, others have managed to move forward without issue.

For instance, engineer Briana Myles and auto broker Vincent Morales experienced immediate chemistry on MAFS. Although neither were looking for love at first sight when they arrived on MAFS, it didn't take long for them to form an intense bond.

The couple quickly gained popularity among viewers and fan-favorites alike, after saying "yes" on Decision Day. Their story served to prove that MAFS can work - watch and see!

Despite some difficulties, the couple managed to remain together and even welcomed a daughter named Aury Bella into their union in January 2023. Now they're content with the life they've created together and proud to show off their little girl on social media platforms.

It's easy to see why so many are rooting for the couple, as they created an incredible connection upon meeting at the altar. They were one of few couples to remain married after MAFS ended, showing that MAFS can work if you're willing to put in effort and sacrifice.

Vincent, 28, a successful auto broker, seeks a partner who shares his values and beliefs. Additionally, he would like a woman who will support him in starting his own business venture.

Vincent loves spending time with his family and friends when not working. He also supports several charities, with hopes that one day his partner will help him embrace his Dominican heritage.

In addition to Briana and Vincent, former MAFS stars Haley Harris and Jacob Harder announced their separation, while Chris Williams is a controversial social media personality known for making offensive posts about his ex-wife and other former cast members.

Paige Banks and Chris Williams

Paige Banks and Chris Williams were the lone couple to remain together on Married at First Sight season 12. However, their marriage did not start off well despite their success on the show; shortly after their honeymoon ended, Paige discovered Chris' ex-fiance was pregnant with their child. Despite all of this happiness, Paige and Chris still struggled in real life.

The former staff accountant was devastated, but she determined to make things work. Unfortunately, she soon discovered that her new husband wasn't particularly attracted to her.

He also acknowledged his continued obsession with his former-fiance Mercedes. It remains uncertain if this is something he is working on or not.

In a sneak peek for "Married at First Sight season 12," viewers can witness the two of them having an intimate talk about Mercedes. It's evident that both are trying to sort out their feelings for one another.

Paige made it clear during their conversation that she does not wish to be treated like a trophy wife and does not expect it. Instead, Paige desires to be seen as someone who loves her husband and dedicates themselves fully to their marriage.

However, she also has big goals for the future. She aspires to become a doctor one day and hopes to start a family with her boyfriend.

She was raised in a small town of Georgia and attended Syracuse University. There, she earned an accounting degree.

After meeting Chris Williams, she believed they had found the perfect match on paper. But their relationship took an unexpected turn when he started talking constantly about his former-fiance Mercedes.

He had many issues with his sexuality. He felt uncertain of where she stood with him as a partner.

At the season's conclusion, Chris was still striving to make things work with his new wife Paige. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop talking about his former fiance and their pregnancy, making it difficult for him to focus on his new partner.

Paige was determined not to fall prey to Chris' narcissistic behavior again. She changed her phone number so it was difficult for people to reach her, as well as placing Chris out of sight and mind so she wouldn't have to deal with him anymore.

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