Love and Hip Hop Miami Comes on Tonight 2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami Comes on Tonight 2023


what time love and hip hop miami come on tonight  2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a very popular reality show, and it's been in existence for a long time. The cast of the show includes some of the most well-known and famous hip hop artists in the world. Among the cast members are Joseline Hernandez, N.O.R.E, Trina, Amara La Negra, and Trick Daddy. Those of you who have never watched the show may wonder what time it comes on in your area. Here's a look at the time that Love and Hip Hop Miami is airing in your city.


Love & Hip Hop: Miami is the fourth installment of the series. The show revolves around socialites in the Miami music scene. This installment of the franchise features a diverse cast including Trina, N.O.R.E., and Ace Hood.

The show follows the ups and downs of the hip hop industry and provides an exclusive look at the Miami hip hop scene. It also explores personal and professional struggles of singers and rappers.

In Season 4, the cast welcomes newcomers Florence El Luche, who is known as the "Queen of Kompa Music." She is a Haitian artist and self-proclaimed queen of the kompa genre.

Also in Season 4, newbies Noreaga and Ace Hood join the cast. Noreaga is a Queens-based rapper who has earned a place in the hip-hop world by his no-nonsense lyrics. He has built a solid following on the internet with his popular podcast, Drink Champs.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a popular VH1 reality series that explores the ups and downs of the music industry. It also provides an inside look at the lives of musicians, managers, and producers.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami also features its core cast. Each season introduces newcomers to the show. Some of the series' core cast members include Shay Johnson, Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, and N.O.R.E. Other established stars also flourish in the Miami sun.


"Love & Hip Hop: Miami" is one of the most popular editions of the franchise. This docu-soap series is centered around the music scene in Miami. There are plenty of drama and scandals to be found here. The upcoming season has plenty of surprises in store.

In addition to the main cast, there are several other up-and-coming stars who are making their mark in the Miami sunshine. One of these is Trina. As the title suggests, she's a female MC who's made an impact on the industry.

She's not only been a trailblazer in the rap world, but she's also helped pave the way for other female artists. Many women have praised her work on social media.

Trina started her career in 1998 when she was discovered by Trick Daddy. She signed with Slip-N-Slide Records, and her debut album, Da Baddest B****, was released in 2000. Among the many tracks she's produced are "69 Ways," a gold-certified track that has become a staple of the genre.

During her career, she has released several studio albums. Her most recent, "Glamourest Life," debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200, outperforming her previous two albums.

In fact, she has released more studio albums than Remy Ma. While Trina hasn't released new material in a few years, she's still active in the industry.

With a resume that includes "Don't Trip" featuring Lil Wayne, Trina has definitely paved the way. She has been honored with several awards, including the I Am Hip-Hop Award from BET, which is a prestigious award that's given to hip-hop artists who have made an impact on the industry.

Trick Daddy

Love and Hip Hop Miami come on tonight, Monday, August 8th, on VH1 at 9 pm. The show is a reality series about the ups and downs of the Miami hip hop scene. It features the cast of up-and-coming and established stars as they make their mark in the sunny South Florida community. This season also includes scandals, weddings, and cheating allegations.

Love & Hip Hop Miami star Trick Daddy has been making a name for himself in the entertainment industry for more than two decades. He's an artist on the Slip-n-Slide Records label who has appeared on an album featuring rapper Uncle Luke. In addition to performing, he's gotten into restaurant business.

Several of his albums have reached the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. In 2004, he released Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets, and in 2006, he released Back By Thug Demand. Since then, he's performed in concerts and released a few notable mixtapes.

Until now, Trick Daddy has starred on Love & Hip Hop: Miami. In fact, he and Trina have become synonymous with 305 culture. They've performed together and even released a hit single.

But now, they're teaming up to host a new radio show. Specifically, they're partnering with WEDR-FM. Their radio show will focus on topics specific to neighborhoods. While Trick and Trina will not be competing with the likes of The Breakfast Club, they do agree that the show will change the look of morning radio.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is a Miami native, singer, and actor. She is the actress and main protagonist of the popular reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

She is also the creator of her own podcast, Exactly Amara. In 2019, she released her debut album, Unstoppable. The rapper has also signed to a management firm called Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide.

La Negra began her career as a child model. Her mother raised her in Miami and encouraged her to embrace her natural beauty. At the age of four, she won her first contest. From there, she branched out into performing at various charity events.

Amara started her career with a role on Sabado Gigante, a successful Hispanic variety show. She was dubbed the 'breakout star' by Billboard. After appearing on the show, she was able to secure a multi-album record deal with B.M.G.

La Negra's journey into the music industry was not without controversy. At one point, she was homeless. Luckily, she was surrounded by close friends and family.

As an artist, she has worked with Rock City and Supa Dups. She has also appeared on several guest spots. With the release of her debut album, she is poised to become a major player in the hip hop world.

La Negra is currently raising twins. On April 6, she announced the news on Instagram. When asked about the birth of her girls, she said, "They're a huge blessing, and I love them so much!"

Among her other accomplishments, La Negra is a philanthropist. Her charity work includes helping the American Cancer Society. And she has a book, 'Amarita's Way: No Time For Bullies', which she has written to educate children on bullying.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez is a former exotic dancer who has moved from Atlanta to Miami to be a part of the new series Love and Hip Hop: Miami. She is now a member of the cast and is ready to shake things up.

Before her stint on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez was a popular exotic dancer in the Atlanta area. She was also an actress and a rapper.

After her stint on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Hernandez was featured in a spinoff series called "Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood." But, the show lasted only one season.

In April of this year, she went public with her new romance. Now, she's dating music producer Robin Ingouma, known professionally as Balistic Beats. The two are reportedly engaged. They're set to marry on December 25, 2020.

As an actress and rapper, Joseline has made a name for herself, especially in the reality TV world. She was seen in shows such as "Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood" and "Joseline's Special Delivery."

She's also appeared in other television series, including "The Voice" and "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition." And she's got her own series coming in the future.

One of the major story lines on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" was her relationship with Stevie J. While the two were reportedly involved in a romantic relationship, they had a falling out over their daughter.

Other cast members

Love & Hip Hop Miami is a TV series that follows the lives of prominent hip hop figures from the Miami area. The show focuses on the professional struggles of singers. However, the show also explores family relationships and conflicts.

The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a diverse group of characters. Several of them are celebrities and socialites within the Miami music scene. Some of these stars include Trick Daddy, Joy Young, Bobby Lytes, and Trina. These artists are notable for their wide-ranging talents.

Trick Daddy is a record producer and rapper. He is known for his song "I'm a Thug" which rose to fame in 2001. In addition, he has a long history of drug possession. This has led to several weapons charges.

Trick Daddy's wife Joy Young has a complicated relationship with her husband. After four years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce. While they are no longer together, they are still involved. They have three children.

Bobby Lytes is a gay rapper and singer. He was born in Miami, Florida. He has two younger siblings. His father is also a rapper. Despite his past, he is still openly gay.

Bobby Lytes was in a relationship with YouTube star Jeffrey Star for 1.5 years. But when they start dating again, he discovers that Jeffrey is cheating on him with Veronica's ex-boyfriend Malik. This leads to a rivalry between Bobby and Jeffrey.

When is Love and Hip Hop Miami Coming Back in 2023?

when is love and hip hop miami coming back  2023

If you're a fan of the show, you've probably wondered when it will return to television. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can find out. First, you can look for rumors online. In fact, you may be able to catch some of the newest cast members, such as Trina and Sukihana, on the show before they officially join the cast. Another way is to watch past episodes of the show. These shows usually air on cable networks and can be found on YouTube, which is a great source for watching the entire series for free.

If you've been watching "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" on VH1, you've probably noticed that Trina has been featured quite a bit throughout the show. The Miami-born star is one of the most popular figures on the series.

During the fourth season, Love & Hip Hop: Miami introduced a whole host of new characters. It was also the franchise's first season to include a gay rapper, Bobby Lytes.

This season will bring a lot of drama and ambition. The main focus is on a quest for love. The cast is packed with a diverse array of personalities.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami stars Trina, Trick Daddy and Bobby Lytes. Each of them has a long history in the hip hop industry. They have worked with prominent figures like Missy Elliot and Rick Ross.

Trina has been in the Miami scene for over two decades. She is considered the most famous female rapper in Miami. Her debut album Da Baddest Bitch made her a household name.

Since 2010, she has become involved with reality television. She has appeared on Run the Jewels and has participated in 40 Great Love & Hip Hop Moments: The Reboot.

Amara La Negra

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality television series, which is broadcast on the VH1 channel. The show focuses on the music industry and personal lives of rappers in Miami. It features a wide array of actors and celebrities.

Among the cast are Amara La Negra, Trick Daddy, Bobby Lytes, and Shay Johnson. Besides being a star of the show, La Negra is also a singer and songwriter. She has recorded with several artists, including Jim Jonsin, Supa Dups, and Rock City. In addition, she has performed for several charities.

Before she appeared on the popular reality television show, La Negra was a child model. When she was four years old, she won her first competition. After winning, she began to pursue a career in the industry. Eventually, she became a celebrity and was featured in a variety of commercials and music videos.

However, it wasn't until La Negra appeared on the popular reality show that her star began to rise. Throughout the years, she has faced numerous obstacles and roadblocks in her career. One such roadblock is her thin appearance. Fortunately, she has recently lost weight and posted new photos.

If you're a fan of "Love & Hip Hop," you'll want to keep an eye out for the latest editions of the series. VH1 announced that Love & Hip Hop: Miami is returning in January, and it looks like Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is heading back in January, too.

The fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami is set to be a lot wilder than the previous installments. It is expected to bring a slew of scandals and cheating allegations. However, there are a few notable cast members that are returning.

While Love & Hip Hop: Miami will feature plenty of drama, it will also feature a few weddings. The show will highlight the struggles of singers, rappers, and socialites in the music scene of Miami.

There are two main themes in the latest episode: the pursuit of love, and the quest for ambition. In order to achieve these goals, the cast must work together. A tense sit-down with a nemesis ensues. Despite all the drama, however, La Negra is excited to be promoting her music. She claims that the show has opened up big doors in her career.


Love and Hip Hop Miami is back for Season 5. A huge cast is back, including Shay Johnson, Amara La Negra, Gunplay, Trick Daddy, and Trina. The show will follow the hip hop scene in Miami, Florida. It also features personal struggles of rappers.

During Season 4, the cast was divided. Emjay, Shay's brother, and his ex-girlfriend, Amara, had a messy split. But that didn't stop the show from gaining more drama.

The show also revealed Bobby Lytes, who is related to Trina. This was the first openly gay member of the cast. He had a problem with Trina's fiance, and he started spouting smack about Amara.

The love triangle between Amara, Shay, and Jojo is not going to be easy to watch. In addition to a lot of drama, Love and Hip Hop will include shocking betrayals and unexpected alliances. These episodes will be filled with emotional depth and over-the-top humor.

Love and Hip Hop Miami will be back for Season 5 on VH1. Fans can expect a hotter, more exciting season. There will be plenty of drama, co-parenting, and long-overdue family encounters.

The Love and Hip Hop Miami cast will be joined by Ray J. Previously, he was on Love and Hip Hop Los Angeles.


Sukihana is a songwriter and rapper. She is known for her blunt lyricism. Throughout her career, she has received several viral hits.

Her debut mix tape "Wolf ----" was released in September 2020. The song features her collaboration with Ball Greezy. Another track, "Drug Dealer," is a remix of Cuban Doll's "WAP."

Aside from her rap career, Sukihana is a social media star. Her YouTube channel has tens of thousands of subscribers.

Her mother works as her manager. She's a mother of three and aspires to balance her work and family life.

Sukihana has appeared in numerous music videos. She was featured in Cardi B's "WAP" video and in Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" video. However, her biggest viral hit came with her remix of Kodak Black's "Kodak Snack."

Although she's been in the spotlight for a while, Sukihana took a brief break from music. She also took a break from her role on Love & Hip Hop Miami.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is set to premiere on January 6 at 9 p.m. It's the latest installment of the series, which mixes cast members from different cities. During the reunion, the series will discuss social issues.

Bobby Lytes

Love & Hip Hop Miami is an edgy reality series. It follows the lives of aspiring and established hip hop stars. The show explores the ups and downs of the music industry, as well as personal lives of stars.

It first premiered in January 2018. In the new season, the cast is introduced to a host of new faces. Newcomers include rapper Ace Hood, singer Neri Santiago, and singer Noreaga.

Season 5 also sees the return of Amara La Negra and Trick Daddy. Both rappers will appear as a guest star. Their presence is particularly noticeable in Season 5's first episode.

Bobby Lytes is the first openly gay member of the Love & Hip Hop franchise. He's also known for his charismatic demeanor and is a fan of fashion. Among his many other passions, he enjoys fitness and social media.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is available on VH1 and if you haven't checked it out yet, you'll want to give it a try. A new season of the show will start on August 8 at 8pm EST. You can catch a free trial of FuboTV, which offers access to the series, as well as other VH1 shows.

Diana Danelys De Los Santos

Amara La Negra is a Dominican-American singer, actress, and reality star. She is best known for her role on Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

After appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she landed a multi-album deal with BMG. In addition to her appearance on the show, she is also a regular guest on The View. Although she has not become a famous rapper, she is known for her danceable Afro-Latinidad sound.

Amara grew up in the Miami area and learned to sing from a young age. Her mother worked multiple jobs to pay for her dance lessons. Eventually, she decided to pursue her passion for singing. During this time, she won a competition to perform on Sabado Gigante, a Hispanic variety show. However, her career didn't take off until Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

La Negra focuses on the difficulties women in the music industry face. When she first started on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, one of the cast members had a feud with her. Both parties tried to work out their differences. This sparked a major social media reaction.

Despite her success, she has had to overcome discrimination in her home country. During her childhood, she was parodied in blackface on a Dominican variety show. While she was growing up, she was also faced with criticism over her afro. Thankfully, she clapped back at these ill-informed comments.

What Weather Is It Going To Be Today Or Next Two Weeks In 2023?

what weather is it going to be today  2023

If you're wondering what the weather is going to be today, or the next couple of weeks, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find temperature and precipitation predictions for the next two weeks. In addition to that, you'll also get to learn about the La Nina pattern.


If you were to use a computer to predict the precipitation in 2023, you could come up with a lot of different forecasts. Several general circulation models are currently predicting a reduction in snowfall, because the temperatures are rising. Others are predicting a greater amount of precipitation. But, even if all of those forecasts come true, it does not mean you will have no rain.

One of the biggest changes that are expected in the winter months is the effect of the ENSO cycle. An ENSO is a climate event that can affect the weather and weather patterns across the Pacific Ocean. It is caused by the ocean's temperature and the influence of its equatorial winds.

Generally, the La Nina cycle in the Pacific Ocean leads to lower precipitation in the eastern United States. This is because the subtropical jet stream becomes weaker, and thus less moisture is produced. However, if the weather system is not La Nina, it will lead to above-normal precipitation in some places. The Great Lakes will also be affected by the pattern.

As of January, the official forecast from the Climate Prediction Center indicates that most of the contiguous U.S. will receive above-average precipitation during the first half of the year. More precipitation is expected in the northwestern United States and the Tennessee Valley. There will be a drier winter in the southern United States.

Winter temperatures are predicted to be above-average in the northern and western United States. In the east, the temperature is expected to be below normal. Most of Alaska and Hawaii are expected to experience temperatures above-average.

Snowfall in 2023 is also expected to be above-average. Across the Lower Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and the southern Rockies, snowfall will be above-average. In the Southeast, the Southeast and South Atlantic coastal plains will experience light amounts of snow.

Overall, the Climate Prediction Center's 6-10 day outlook for January shows a general wetter-than-average outlook for the West and a wetter-than-average outlook for most of the rest of the country. However, there is a chance of above-normal precipitation in the East and the Southern Plains.


If you want to know what temperatures will be like in 2023, you have come to the right place. The National Weather Service forecasts above-average temperatures for the entire East Coast. This will include the Big Apple and the rest of New York state. Despite the above-average temperatures, there will be a few cold days in the works. During a snowy winter in New York, temperatures are expected to range from 7 degF to 57 degF.

As the season progresses, the warmer weather will eventually settle in. The warmest day of the year will occur on the first Sunday in May. A few flurries may pass through the area, but a more robust tally of rain and snow will be on the cards in the coming months. By 2023, the average high temperature in New York will reach a comfortable 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter temperatures will be milder in Hawaii and eastern Maine. In contrast, the coldest days of the year will be confined to the north and south. Some regions will see more snow than normal, particularly the north and east.

The old fashioned Weather Bureau's winter weather map for New York State in 2023 indicates that the big freeze will be confined to the northern part of the state. Even as we move into the warmer months, temperatures in New York City will be well below normal.

On the plus side, the weather in 2023 will be milder than in recent years. Specifically, the coldest days will occur in the late winter and early spring. Overnight temperatures will be higher due to a system of high pressure dropping into the Florida panhandle. Highs will be around the middle 60s during the day and into the upper 50s at night.

While the above-average temperatures will keep us from skipping summer, a major weather event will occur in the fall. The first cold front of the season is forecasted to move into the southeast. Although the average temperature is still expected to be below normal, the best parts of the northeast are in for a pleasant surprise.

La Nina pattern

La Nina is a large-scale ocean-atmosphere climate phenomenon that is associated with a cooling of surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. It can affect hurricane seasons in the Atlantic, drought in various parts of the world, and global temperature trends.

La Nina typically lasts for a couple years, then begins to diminish in strength. This year, however, some long-lead predictions are showing that La Nina will continue for another year.

The official probabilistic ENSO forecast from the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) suggests that La Nina will persist through the winter of 2022/23. Another group, the Old Farmer's Almanac, has released an outlook that is largely similar.

A strong El Nino will likely improve the water outlook for the West and Southeast, although it will likely be cold in the East. Despite the strength of La Nina, the odds are still high that it will not reverse the long-term warming trend in the world.

However, the odds are also high that La Nina will remain in place into early 2023. In fact, the official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration outlook shows that there is a more than 91 percent chance that La Nina will remain in force through November.

Although it's still a little too soon to make any final predictions, a number of models indicate that a triple-dip La Nina will occur during the three winters of 2022-2023, and that the first one is already upon us. This would be a significant weather event, and could bring more extreme weather to regions of the United States.

However, the jury is out on whether or not it will be as cold in the east as it is in the west. Regardless of which way it goes, the current precipitation outlook is worrying.

Several models show that La Nina will be present through winter, and will be accompanied by an active warm phase. This will be the first time in more than a decade that we will have more than two months of winter weather that is above average. Some areas have seen temperature rises as high as 2 degrees Celsius in a single week.

Predictions for the next two weeks

Home prices have experienced a slowdown in the third quarter. This is part of a larger power rebalancing of the housing market. Increasing mortgage rates have driven affordability barriers higher. Buyers are finding it difficult to meet the rising costs, and new listings have declined.

Experts are concerned about the unpredictability of the housing market. Home values are expected to continue to grow in the long term, but they are also forecast to drop in the short term. As a result, many analysts have changed their predictions for the next five years.

In December, the Federal Reserve eased off its gas pedal. Many experts expect a recession to begin around 2023, while others believe the economy can avoid a downturn. Either way, the US is projected to experience a significant downturn in real GDP growth.

Housing values are expected to decline in half the country, while the other half is likely to see price increases. However, this may not be the case for every metropolitan area. Some markets, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, are expected to see significant price decreases.

Meanwhile, mortgage rates are expected to stay high. This will limit the amount of homes available for sale. Mortgage rates fluctuate and can rise or fall on a weekly basis. Despite this, mortgage rates are predicted to stay around 7 percent for most of the next two years.

Most experts are also cautiously optimistic about the bond market for the next two years. They feel that the market will rebound. Nonetheless, most predict that inflation will remain above 2% throughout the rest of the year.

Inflation is a big risk, but a slower economy could reduce the yearly inflation rate to about 3% by 2023. That would mean a 15% to 20% home price drop in the worst-case scenario.

Luckily, most of the predictions for the next two weeks are optimistic, and they do not foresee a major crash in the housing market. If a global event causes economic uncertainty, though, rates could climb.

The housing market is likely to face a number of headwinds, but fewer new listings should support prices. Rents should outpace the appreciation of home values in the near future.

Why Did Basketball Wives Miami Get Canceled?

why did basketball wives miami get cancelled 2023

Did you know that the Miami Dolphins basketball wives team was cancelled after only one season? You have to wonder why. But the truth is, a lot of people think that the women of the team aren't good enough. If you're a fan of basketball and love the idea of having some female players on your team, you'll want to find out what's going on. Read on for more info!

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada, a Basketball Wives veteran, was recently left high and dry by VH1. She had just told producers she wanted to quit the show, but then a blog popped up that suggested she was unfaithful to Ochocinco.

The reality star has a number of big projects lined up, including a movie deal and a new line of jewelry, but she's also stepping away from her show to focus on her family. And according to VH1, she won't be back for Season 2.

But is she ready to leave her ex-husband and a reality show behind? After all, Evelyn Lozada is a divorced mom of an adult daughter. Before her divorce, she dated former NBA player Antoine Walker. They got engaged in November of last year. During the breakup, she said she destroyed her frozen embryos.

It wasn't long after that she began dating baseball player Carl Crawford. The couple named their son Carl Leo Crawford. Later, she gave birth to a second son. Now, she's back on the market.

While she's known for foul language and brutal attacks on her co-stars, Evelyn Lozada is actually quite a successful entrepreneur. She owns a shoe boutique in Coral Gables, Fla., and she has a line of fitness apparel. She also has a book out, called The Wives Association.

Her net worth is $4 million. But she's not really making that much money if she doesn't have television. In fact, she was in talks with VH1 to develop a spin-off series.

Jennifer Ketcham

The show is one of the most popular shows on VH1. Its cast includes women who were romantically involved with NBA players. They get to experience the lifestyle and challenges of being an elite celebrity's spouse.

There have been many changes in the cast over the years. In the early seasons, the show filmed in Miami, Florida. However, in the post-hiatus seasons, the show moved to New York City.

One of the stars of the show is Suzie Ketcham. Suzie is an actress and socialite. She is also a wife and mother. However, she was not able to handle the pressures of life in the spotlight. Sadly, she did not return for the final season of the show.

A few of the more famous docu-soaps have been centered around the subject of friendship and romance. Basketball Wives is no exception. For this reason, it has attracted the attention of basketball enthusiasts and fans of the game.

A lot of the show's funnier moments have been with Royce Reed and Evelyn Lozada. This is because Royce was one of the original cast members. He was a former dancer for an NBA team. While on the show, he had a memorable feud with Evelyn.

Another of the show's more famous feats was the introduction of Meeka Claxton. Her addition to the show sparked much controversy. Some claimed that she was too mouthy and eager to fit into the group.

Royce Reed

If you haven't watched Basketball Wives, then you might not have heard of Royce Reed. However, she is the mother of NBA star Dwight Howard's son. She also has a dance company that has earned her some notoriety in her native Orlando.

Royce was involved in a little controversy in 2010, when her ex-boyfriend Dwight Howard sued her in a Florida court. Initially, there were no charges filed against him. But, the two were charged with neglect of a child. This was a third-degree felony.

Royce was a tad too promiscuous for her own good. Royce and her boyfriend, Dwight Howard, had a baby in 2007. They welcomed son Braylon Joshua Robert in November 2007. Royce was accused of breaking a rule by allowing her son to hang out with younger kids without the supervision of a parent.

As you might have guessed, Royce hasn't been on the show in quite some time. Although she was not fired from the show, she left with an acerbic attitude.

She was reportedly the only person on the show to have a major disagreement with one of the other ladies. Royce and Evelyn Lozada were the subject of a heated debate. When the discussion came to a head, she threw a glass at Royce. And she called her a bum and a h*e.

The show aired its first season on April 11, 2010. It ran for five seasons, but the final season was cut short at the seventh episode. VH1 hasn't revealed official word yet about whether or not it will air a tenth season.


The "Basketball Wives" franchise has been running since 2010. It follows the lives of former girlfriends of NBA players. There have been several cast changes over the years.

In season three, the cast of the show was retooled. Brandi Maxiell, Sundy Carter, and Shaunie O'Neal joined the team. These stars helped to increase the show's ratings.

Royce Reed, a former dancer for an NBA team, became a member of the cast. Her relationship with Dwight Howard dragged her into controversy. She also fell out with the rest of the cast.

Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman were among the original cast members of the series. Both women ended up quitting the show midseason. Suzie Ketcham also left.

After season four, there was a lot of backlash. Some of the wives of the former NBA stars complained that the cast of the show did not respect the rules of fraternization. However, the show continued to air for ten seasons.

Season ten is in production, according to Hip Hollywood. However, VH1 has yet to confirm the release date. They are considering adding additional seasons in the future.

OG, the girlfriend of professional basketball player Kwame Alexander, also joined the show in season seven. But she had a big dispute with the cast during the eighth season. Nia and Noria Dorsey are dissatisfied with OG's conduct.

On October 16, the last episode of the series aired. Four cast members discussed their experiences on the show.


Evelyn Lozada is a basketball wives vet, who's most well known as the firecracker that is always in the mix. She was featured in the ninth season of the series. Her co-star, CeCe Gutierrez, left mid-season and was replaced by Kristen Scott.

In recent weeks, tension has been building between the cast members, especially OG Chijindu. The "trash box" OG has blasted the ladies on social media. It's hard to know who's on the winning side of this debate. One source claims that OG leaked the email addresses of executives and cast members on the show.

According to a report from VH1, producers are looking at ways to revamp the show. This includes adding new cast members. Aside from OG, the show may include Melissa Metoyer, Keonna Green, Elena Ahanzadeh, and Cristen Metoyer.

The show has been plagued with issues with colorism and racism. Some fans and cast members have accused OG of being racist, and she's been sued by some of her fellow cast members for saying some pretty racist things. But, OG has so far failed to get the endorsements and support from her fellow stars that she's hoped for.

Lozada is also in the middle of a lawsuit with her former co-star, Ogom "OG" Chijindu. She's suing for defamation, claiming that her comments about her fellow co-star were not just rumor-based. And, she says that the remarks cost her endorsements.

Tami Roman

Tami Roman is a former Basketball Wives cast member. She was a big name on the show. Sadly, she left the show midway through season 8.

She left the show for a variety of reasons. The most common one was that she wanted to pursue a career in acting.

Eventually, she found success in acting. She starred in a number of shows, including BET's "The Ms. Pat Show" and CBS's "Extant," which she also co-starred in with Halle Berry.

In addition to her acting career, she was also host of her own reality television show. This show, Caught in the Act: Unfaithful, is airing on VH1 and is hosted by Tami Roman.

It's not surprising that she was the target of social media backlash. Her behavior towards her co-stars was not acceptable. One of the worst incidents happened in the Tahiti Islands, where she verbally abused Kesha Nichols. That said, she was not the first cast member to face backlash for her behavior.

In addition to her acting career, Tami Roman has also been known for hosting a radio show. On this show, she talks about her love life, her relationship with Reggie Youngblood, and more. If she is able to get a TV show up and running, she would likely be a great host.

Hopefully, she will be able to return to the reality show arena in a different capacity. At the very least, she will be able to help people take the necessary steps to stop their partners from cheating.

What Weather Is It Going To Be Tomorrow 2023?

what weather is it going to be tomorrow  2023

When you are looking at the calendar to see what the weather is going to be tomorrow, you want to be sure that you are prepared. This means you need to know what is expected of the temperature and the precipitation. You will also need to prepare your clothes and gear. Depending on where you live, you will need to dress appropriately to be able to enjoy yourself without getting cold.

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is one of the most celebrated nights of the year in the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the city to see the countdown, watch the fireworks, and celebrate. However, some cities are more party-heavy than others. In order to help you pick the perfect destination to spend this special night, we've put together the top ten places to ring in the new year.

New York City is the largest city in the United States and is known for its elaborate New Year's Eve celebrations. From the famous Times Square to downtown Grand Park, there's no shortage of options for celebrating. Whether you're looking for an epic party or a quiet evening with the family, here's a list of some of the best New Year's Eve 2023 events to check out this year.

One of the most famous rooftop venues in the city, 230 FIFTH, will host an epic New Year's Eve 2023 event. With two DJs and light bites, this rooftop party is sure to impress. Guests must present valid ID at the door. Besides the incredible views, guests can also look forward to a "ball drop" at midnight. Tickets to the party cost $135 for the early seating or $150 for the late seating. Also included are two complimentary bottles of champagne.

BB Riverboats offers a New Year's Eve Kids Cruise. This family-friendly event features activities for kids, a buffet meal, and party favors. Guests can enjoy the cruise from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. On board, the BB Riverboats' crew will make their favorite characters from their cruises a part of the New Year's Eve festivities.

Countdown to the New Year with the Times Square Alliance. Presented by Countdown Entertainment and Times Square Alliance, the Times Square Alliance's live countdown is a commercial-free webcast that will showcase performances from around the city. Guests will get behind the scenes access to the celebration as well as interviews with performers.

A Kung Fu Contemporary Circus will perform a medley of dance, parkour, and capoeira. Their performance is sure to inspire a new Renaissance in the year 2023.

The Westin St. Francis has hosted some of the biggest parties in the world. This New Year's Eve, guests will have the opportunity to see some of the biggest stars in the industry perform. Among the acts performing are Lizzo, Dolly Parton, and Rae Sremmurd.

Located inside the Dream Hotel, Stateside Kitchen will host a New Year's Eve celebration. Featuring an open bar, live music, and a balloon drop at midnight, this is an event not to be missed.

While the event is not free, it will feature a four-course dinner, a DJ, and full bar service. You can get tickets at the link below. As a bonus, guests will receive a Champagne toast at midnight.

The precipitation for tomorrow may not be to your liking. Although this winter is not expected to feature as much snow as previous years, there is no guarantee that the drier it will be. It is also likely that this will be a relatively chilly winter, especially in the eastern U.S. (see map below). If we are to believe in the latest official forecast, the odds of a white Christmas are slim. That said, this should not be taken to mean that there won't be any snow to be had. Rather, this is simply a case of the colder air getting in.

As we move into the latter half of the year, we should expect to see above average snow totals in the eastern U.S. Hopefully, we won't have to worry about a blizzard like we did last winter. This will also be a great time to enjoy some winter sports. For example, ice skating olympics are a fun way to exercise that inner child while enjoying a frothy beverage.

In particular, the temperature for tomorrow will be colder than usual in many parts of the country. While we are unlikely to see the kind of frosty temperatures experienced during the last few decades, the long range forecast is more promising. Despite this, the forecast indicates that the lion's share of the upcoming winter will be a drier one. A milder-than-normal winter in Maine and the lower Great Lakes will also be on tap. Interestingly, the forecast also indicates a modest improvement in the weather across much of the Pacific Northwest. On the flip side, the northern Rockies should be braced for an early snowfall and colder temperatures. There is, however, a slight chance that wet and windy conditions will set the stage for a flurry of activity by mid-March.

We are, of course, not expected to see a repeat of last winter's dreary events. However, the current forecast indicates that the northern Rockies will see a more bearable winter than last. Fortunately, the central and southern California can still look forward to a largely dry winter. Some areas of the interior Southeast could experience their own winter hazard.


The average global temperature for the year 2023 is predicted to be one of the highest on record. It will also be the tenth consecutive year of above average temperatures. Global warming is driven by human activities, primarily through the release of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. With greenhouse gas emissions still rising, scientists are predicting that the Earth's average temperature will continue to rise. This is expected to happen in spite of the El Nino cooling effect.

In North America, the average temperatures will be above average across much of the south, but below average in the northern Rockies and the far northern United States. Snowfall will be above normal in the lower great lakes, southern Appalachia, and the Tennessee Valley. However, snowfall will be below normal in the Northeast and the west.

Precipitation will also be above average in most areas, but below normal in the southern United States. The northern United States will be cooler than usual, but the east is expected to be warmer.

One of the hottest years on record will be the year 2023, according to a new forecast from the Met Office. Temperatures will be above average from the Mid-Atlantic to New Mexico, and below average from Oregon to the Upper Mississippi Valley. The coldest conditions will be from the Pacific Northwest into the upper Midwest, but temperatures there will be on the cool side.

There will also be a significant amount of snowfall, with heavier snowfall in the southeast and the Midwest. Most regions will see above-average snowfall in the first half of January, while areas in the far north and the southern Rockies will see below-average snowfall in the same time frame.

A few weeks ago, AccuWeather announced that it was predicting that temperatures would be above average on New Year's Eve. On New Year's Day, however, a steady stream of snow showers will be expected, especially in the mid-Atlantic.

During the first three months of the new year, locations from the South to the Mid-Atlantic will experience warmer than normal temperatures. However, during the second half of the year, the southern U.S. will experience drier than usual spring weather.

The best predictions for the year are the ones that are closest to the ground. In particular, the meteorologists at AccuWeather predict milder than normal winter temperatures for much of the Northeast. They are not as convinced about the temperature in the middle of the country, but they expect a below-average winter across most of the northwest.

Overall, this year's temperatures are expected to be about the same as the last few years. It is not impossible to get below-average winter temperatures, but the chances aren't very good.

Where is Suzie From the Basketball Wives?

where is suzie from basketball wives 2023

If you're looking for information about where to find Suzie from the Basketball Wives, you're in the right place. We've got all the latest scoop, including details on her marriage to Royce Reed, her relationship with Malaysia Pargo, and more.

Gloria Govan

Basketball Wives is a television show that follows the lives of the wives of professional basketball players. The cast includes seven women. One of the original cast members was Gloria Govan. She is a former actress who starred in several movies and a sitcom called Family Time with Omar Gooding.

Another of the cast is Evelyn Lozada, a former fiancee of Antoine Walker. She is now working on an apparel business.

Other cast members include Jennifer Williams, who is married to former NBA player Eric Williams. Tami Roman replaces Kimberli Russell. OG Chijindu is also a part of the show.

Gloria Govan is an Oakland native. She starred in a commercial for Anderson Silva. Her sister, Laura Govan, is a part of the show as well.

Suzie Ketcham was born in the US. She has two children. She is also a real estate agent. But she could not handle the publicity she was receiving for the show. Eventually, she resigned from the show.

The show features the lives of several former girlfriends and wives of NBA stars. Their personal lives are showcased, along with some of the dramas that occur within their own family.

There are a few different spinoff shows, including the "Basketball Wives LA" and "Basketball Wives New York". Both shows are airing on VH1.

In addition to the show's main cast, there are several best friends who do not appear on the show. Some of the ladies are famous, such as Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, and Royce Reed.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams is a reality television star who appeared on VH1's Basketball Wives. She is the wife of professional basketball player Eric Williams. Despite rumors that she's dating a mystery man, Jennifer has yet to publicly comment on her relationship with him.

Jennifer Williams started a cosmetics company, Lucid Cosmetics, and is co-founder of Project Save the World, a nonprofit that focuses on overcoming global issues. Before the show, she worked as a real estate broker.

Jennifer and her husband Eric met in 2000 and married in the Bahamas. They had no children together. In 2010, they split and divorced. The couple reportedly received a $30 million divorce settlement.

While they were together, Jennifer and Eric had constant arguments. Jennifer also accused Eric of having an extra child with someone else outside of their marriage. Her marriage also included a number of feuds with other cast members.

In addition to the show, Jennifer Williams has starred in several films. She has appeared in Supermodel (2015), which starred model Naomi Campbell, and the movie The Next 15.

After her breakup with Eric Williams, Jennifer Williams was cast on the TV show, which follows the lives of the wives of NBA players. During season four, Jennifer and Eric tried to save their marriage.

In season seven, Jen was promoted to the main cast. However, she was not able to handle the spotlight. This led to a serious dispute between OG and the rest of the cast.

Shaunie O'Neal

When Shaunie O'Neal first joined the cast of Basketball Wives, she was married to NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. They were divorced in 2007. The couple has four children together. One is a son named Myles from a previous relationship, while the other two are daughters.

In 2010, Shaunie began working on a new reality show called "Basketball Wives," a show that follows the lives of the wives of professional basketball players. She is also the creator of the show.

During the ninth season, the series featured turbulence among the cast members. It was a very emotional season that also dealt with the Black Lives Matter movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a fight against social injustices.

Season nine will air starting tonight at 8 PM EST/PT on VH1. The series will feature Tami Roman, Jennifer Williams, Brittish Williams, Angel Love Davis, Nia Dorsey, and Malaysia Pargo.

Before joining the show, Shaunie was a movie producer and started her career with Fox Entertainment. In 2011, she moved to Houston, Texas. She is now an entrepreneur. Her work involves helping women and empowering them.

Shaunie has been speaking at various Let's Talk About It events, and her program helps women to feel more confident about their jobs and business endeavors. As well, she hosts events with various organizations to help women.

Currently, she is engaged to Pastor Keion Henderson. Their wedding will air on VH1 as a limited series.

Evelyn Lozada is an American television personality who is best known for her role on the hit VH1 reality series Basketball Wives. She has been a member of the franchise for nine seasons.

The show follows the lives of the wives of professional basketball players. Aside from Evelyn, other cast members include Brooke Bailey, Tami Roman, DJ Duffey, Angel Brinks, Brandi Maxiell, and Nia and Noria Dorsy.

During her time on the show, Evelyn had some tiffs with co-stars and was even accused of being racist. However, she claims that she has since grown past the drama.

Evelyn has been very active on social media. When she was filming Season 8, she was also dealing with the public scrutiny of her marriage to Chad Johnson. At one point, she reportedly suffered a laceration on her forehead.

She has also gotten involved with charities such as PETA. In addition, she has a line of jewelry that's made with real gold and silver. Despite the controversy, Lozada remains a popular celebrity.

Before Basketball Wives, she was engaged to NBA player Antoine Walker, and later married a football player, Chad Johnson. They had a daughter together.

After Lozada left Basketball Wives, she spent some time on her own. She also launched a fitness clothing line, SweatGlo. And then she took some time off to get her life together. Now she's getting ready for the future.

Royce Reed

Basketball Wives is a reality show that chronicles the lives of former NBA wives. It's an interesting look at friendships amongst the wives of professional basketball players. However, it also shows the wives of athletes dealing with jealous people.

The show is produced by Shaunie O'Neal, Shaquille O'Neal's ex-wife. She has a six-figure book deal and a six-figure movie deal.

Shaunie's goal is to expose the complicated lives of NBA wives. There are nine seasons of the show. And it seems like she isn't done.

This season features Kenya Bell, Tami Roman, and Kesha Nichols. The show was originally based in Atlanta, but moved to Los Angeles for the second season. As season eight comes to a close, Jackie and Malaysia have fallen out. In addition, Kenya is now divorcing her husband Charlie Bell.

Another addition to the show is Suzie, who is the former girlfriend of Michael Olowokandi. She's a real estate agent.

Royce Reed is a former Orlando Magic dancer and has a son with one-time NBA player Dwight Howard. Her relationship with Howard has led to some controversy.

Evelyn Lozada, Antoine Walker, and Tami Roman also join the cast. OG, a former professional soccer player, has also appeared.

Other cast members include Jen and Eric Williams, Suzie Ketcham, and Royce Reed. Season two is currently airing on VH1. Netflix has also released the first two seasons of the show.

Malaysia Pargo

Malaysia Pargo is an American reality TV star and jewellery designer. She starred in Basketball Wives: LA. She also appeared on the show's spin-off, Basketball Wives: Miami. This was her first television role.

As the star of the show, Malaysia has earned a lot of fame and fortune. She is also a successful entrepreneur. One of her successful businesses is the jewelry line, Three Beats Jewelry. Another one is Vanity World.

Malaysia Pargo is married to basketball player Jannero Pargo. They have three children. In 2011, they welcomed twins. The couple also started their own clothing line.

Aside from her role on the show, Malaysia has been in the spotlight for her social media presence. Her Instagram account has over a million followers.

She has appeared on several other shows. She is also a member of the Eric Andre Show and Ludacris: Splash Waterfalls. She also acted in a few movies. Some of her other roles include acting in a comedy, the film The Eric Andre Show (2012) and the movie The Eric Andre Show (2013).

Before joining the show, Malaysia was involved in a romantic relationship with NBA player James Harden. Despite this, there has been no official news about her current romantic relationship.

It has been rumored that she is dating rapper O.T. Genasis. Although there are no official statements on the matter, Malaysia has been seen with her boyfriend in various events.

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