Jamie Lee Curtis Brings a Puppy to the 2022 Oscars

Jamie Lee Curtis Brings a Puppy to the 2022 Oscars


Jamie Lee Curtis brought her beloved rescue pup Mac N Cheese to the 2022 Oscars as a touching homage to Betty White. Additionally, Jamie donned a Stella McCartney gown in celebration of Betty's legacy as an animal advocate and champion for animal rights.

At the In Memoriam segment at the award show, Curtis encouraged people to adopt rescue animals like Mac N Cheese in memory of White. This message resonated strongly with John Travolta's family; after the ceremony, his 11-year-old son Ben adopted a dog.

Mac & Cheese’s Story

Mac & cheese - that comforting combination of elbow pasta and melty cheese baked together - has been a beloved dish for generations, and National Mac & Cheese Day is the perfect excuse to give it a try at home or enjoy an irresistible meal out!

The history of macaroni and cheese is an intriguing one. Although Thomas Jefferson often claimed to have created it, other possible sources exist for its recipe.

Macaroni and cheese has a long-standing tradition in Italian cuisine, dating back to the Renaissance era. Italians loved its versatility as well as its cheesy taste.

However, it wasn't until the early 1900s that macaroni and cheese as we know it today was invented. James Lewis Kraft patented an important method of processing cheese that gave it its distinctive orange color - now widely recognized as its distinguishing characteristic.

World War II saw many families struggling to obtain milk and other dairy products due to rationing. Macaroni and cheese quickly gained a following as an economical meal alternative - so much so that over 50 million boxes are sold annually worldwide.

For some, it's a survival food that helps them get through difficult times in life. For others, it's an integral part of their diets and something they enjoy celebrating with family members.

Though some might find the dish to be uninspired, there are so many ways to jazz it up. You could add vegetables and meat for a more substantial meal; or switch up the cheeses for goat, cheddar, or feta for unique flavors that will enhance your dish.

Another way to add some heat and enhance the flavors in mac and cheese is by stirring in some cayenne pepper or chili powder. This will bring out the subtleties of each cheese while increasing its heat level.

During the In Memoriam segment at the 2022 Oscars

On Sunday night, the Oscars continued their longstanding tradition of honoring actors and actresses who have passed away by airing an In Memoriam segment. However, this year's tribute was different than usual.

This year's In Memoriam montage included firsthand accounts from people close to the deceased stars. Tyler Perry spoke about Sidney Poitier's influence on him, Bill Murray paid homage to Ivan Reitman and Jamie Lee Curtis remembered Betty White. Additionally, a gospel choir sang Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" while a slideshow featuring star clips, film footage and other memorabilia streamed behind singer Lenny Kravitz.

Fans were outraged by the exclusion of several actors and actresses from this year's In Memoriam list, such as Norm MacDonald, Bob Saget and Ed Asner. Many took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with such an apparent disrespect towards their departed friends.

Many of these omitted stars were well-known for their work on television, though some also featured in films like Grown Ups or Dirty Work. Others, like Naya Rivera from Glee and Adam Schlesinger, gained greater notoriety for their stage performances.

Other notable names that were left out of this year's In Memoriam segment included French actor Gaspard Ulliel, Italian filmmaker Monica Vitti and Sex and the City star Willie Garson. This omission caused widespread outrage, with some fans even calling for a complete revamping of this annual tradition.

At times, it appeared as if the 2022 Oscars were trying to make In Memoriam more upbeat and enjoyable. This was especially evident through first-person accounts from performers; yet ultimately it remained a poignant moment in film history.

A video reel commemorating notable deaths featured a list of actors, actresses and directors who passed away within the past year or two. Kravitz played piano as well as performed his song "Calling All Angels" alongside a bass player during the clip. Other honored celebrities included Kirstie Alley, Ray Liotta, Irene Cara, Jean-Luc Godard, James Caan, Nichelle Nichols and Burt Bacharach.

Mac & Cheese’s rescue

At the 2022 Oscars, Jamie Lee Curtis paid a heartfelt tribute to Betty White by holding up a rescue dog named Mac N Cheese on stage. She spoke about White's passion for pet adoption and encouraged people to open their hearts and homes by adopting from Paw Works in Thousand Oaks, California.

The Halloween star's decision to bring the puppy onstage was an admirable gesture in honor of late actress and animal advocate, Gloria Estefan, who passed away last December 31. Gloria dedicated her life to animal advocacy and was renowned for her commitment to pet rescue.

At first, Good Dog Animals was going to provide a trained canine for this part of the show; however, Curtis insisted upon using only rescue animals instead, according to Chad Atkins of Paw Works. According to Atkins: "Betty was an ardent advocate for animals and would have wanted one up there with them."

Following the segment, Travolta and his son Ben took the puppy home and immediately began playing with her. She is believed to be a Chihuahua, terrier mix and Pomeranian mix and can be adopted from Paw Works in Thousand Oaks, California.

This heartwarming story brought us all to tears, reminding us to cherish our animal companions and the importance of pet adoption. It made a refreshing change from the controversial slap that occurred during the Oscars ceremony.

Social media was abuzz with conversation about the slap, but that didn't take away from all of the amazing moments that unfolded during the 2022 Academy Awards - including this rescue story!

John Travolta and his son Ben adopted the puppy that Jamie Lee Curtis held onto the stage during Betty White's In Memoriam segment at the 2022 Oscars. On Monday morning, both Pulp Fiction stars shared an endearing photo of themselves cuddling up to their furry friend on social media.

In addition to their affection for the pup, they took a stand against cruelty toward animals by making a donation to local shelters. By doing this, they demonstrate their respect for Betty White's legacy and dedication to animal welfare.

Mac & Cheese’s adoption

At the 2022 Oscars, Jamie Lee Curtis made a lasting impression by bringing a puppy named Mac & Cheese onstage to pay homage to Betty White. During her In Memoriam segment, Curtis encouraged people to adopt rescue dogs in memory of White - an outspoken animal rights advocate.

At the ceremony, Curtis held up Mac & Cheese as she spoke about White's desire to help rescued animals and encourage people to adopt rather than shop. She even showed a photo of John Travolta holding Mac & Cheese after he had just been adopted by the actor.

This dog's story is one of those classic underdog triumphs; she and her three siblings were abandoned at Avenal Shelter until Paw Works intervened to rescue them. The organization brought them to its Camarillo, CA rescue center for health exams and matching them up with foster homes.

At the time of her adoption, the pup had never lived in a home before and was living in an Avenal Shelter cage with a teddy bear named Hot Dish. But that all changed for the pup, who now has a permanent home with the Travolta family.

John Travolta and his son Ben, 11, have adopted the puppy that Jamie Lee Curtis brought out during the In Memoriam segment at the 2022 Academy Awards. On Monday night, Travolta shared photos of his family with Mac N Cheese - the puppy Curtis brought out during her tribute to late actress Betty White - on Instagram.

At 99 years old, Betty White passed away at 99; Curtis had no idea that she would also bring a rescue dog to the Oscars and that someone else would become its new family member. It was truly touching.

After Curtis left the Dolby Theater to return home, she was texted a picture of Travolta holding an adorable puppy in the green room before he presented his award for best actor. Upon seeing this photo, Travolta fell in love with this tiny pup right away.

Jamie Lee Curtis' Oscars 2022 Dress Code Tribute to Betty White

Celebrities on the red carpet during highly political times know that your style can make or break your fashion moment. That was certainly the case for Jamie Lee Curtis, who arrived at the 2022 Oscars wearing a sustainable Stella McCartney gown and blue ribbon to support Ukrainian refugees.

Betty White Tribute

Jamie Lee Curtis turned her Oscars 2022 red-carpet moment into a tribute for the late Betty White. She donned a Stella McCartney gown as an ode to her "Golden Girls" costar and accessorized with recycled platinum and ethically sourced diamond marquise star earrings from Cathy Waterman.

The designer is well known for her commitment to sustainability in her fashion designs, and the 2022 Oscars dress was no exception. This navy long sleeve turtleneck was made from silk that isn't tested on animals, plus it featured a ribbon honoring Ukrainian refugees.

What's striking about the sustainable design is not only its beauty, but it perfectly suits the actress wearing it during the awards ceremony. As an avid supporter of animal rights, designer Jennifer Lawrence chose this look as a tribute to late actress Joan Crawford's dedication to spreading compassion around the world.

At the Oscars, it is an honor to don this gown and to pay tribute to someone so beloved by so many. But that isn't all that makes the dress special - its contribution towards making our world a better place is also of great significance.

Betty White was an animal advocate throughout her career. She dedicated herself to animal welfare issues and served on the board of directors of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. After her passing away, fans donated to their local zoos in her honor; serving as a beacon of kindness and generosity that will be long remembered.

White never aged despite her advanced years and continued to pursue her interests. She appeared on numerous TV shows, from game shows to talk shows, and made a name for herself as an actress.

Her natural sense of humor and comedic performances were her greatest assets in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with both hilarious and heartwarming shows.

For many years, she was the sole female comedian on Saturday Night Live (SNL). With her effortless witticism, her appearances became synonymous with her character Betty White on SNL.

Sustainable Gown

At the 95th Academy Awards, Jamie Lee Curtis made a statement with her outfit - made by Stella McCartney from their sustainable collection in tribute to animal-rights advocate Betty White.

This fashion brand puts sustainability first, placing the wellbeing of both the planet and its people at their core. They're proud members of the Ethical Trading Initiative, use TENCEL fibers, and donate to girls' empowerment programs. Furthermore, they support artisanal production so you can get an exclusive one-of-a-kind dress with a meaningful story behind it!

Maggie Marilyn is passionate about revolutionizing the fashion industry into one that's transparent, circular, regenerative and inclusive. She believes every woman deserves to be recognized for her talent and is dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable practices throughout its supply chain.

She creates her pieces with a variety of materials, such as linen, silk and organic cotton. When feasible she also incorporates fabric scraps which she recycles or reuses whenever feasible.

Symbology is on a mission to empower women in developing countries by combining traditional textile techniques with trendy fashion trends. They collaborate with artisans living in rural villages and work alongside local communities to craft unique handcrafted dresses made with fair trade labor.

Reformation is a fashion brand that prioritizes sustainability in their business model, using sustainable materials and contributing to socially-conscious projects. Their website showcases all kinds of facts about their products' environmental impact as well as improvements they're making in supply and manufacturing processes.

Carolina Kleinman is an Argentinean designer who uses sustainable fabrics to craft her stunning collections of formal dresses. As part of her mission to preserve artisanal traditions, she collaborates with artisans in remote regions such as Mexico, Peru and India to produce her products.

Stella McCartney is renowned for their feminine and elegant silhouettes adorned with bold color and texture. They're especially well-known for their floral-inspired designs that incorporate natural elements such as peonies, dandelion seeds, and tulips.

Blue Ribbon

Jamie Lee Curtis has had an illustrious career in Hollywood. She began acting in 1978 with Laurie Strode in Halloween and has since starred in some of cinema's biggest hits. Additionally, she is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her performance as True Lies (1994).

American actress, producer and author has also penned 13 children's books including When I Was Little: A Four-Year Old's Memoir of Her Youth, Is There Really a Human Race? and The Magic Box.

She is an advocate for charities and has worked to foster resilience in young people. For her efforts, she has received awards.

After spending time in rehab, she achieved sobriety from opiates and considers this her greatest accomplishment. Additionally, she has authored 13 children's books and enjoys reading voraciously.

On the 2022 Oscars, Curtis chose to honor Betty White. The Golden Girls star passed away in December at 99 years old and was an animal rights advocate who spearheaded the "Betty White challenge" - encouraging people to donate $5 towards animal shelters in her memory.

In tribute to the late TV icon, Curtis chose a Stella McCartney sustainable gown. At her on-set news conference, Curtis explained that she chose this designer because of its use of sustainable materials and support of animal rights initiatives.

The dress is embellished with blue ribbons that read "with refugees." These ribbons serve as a powerful symbol of solidarity with refugees and displaced people around the world, often worn as an understated accessory by celebrities to bring attention to this humanitarian crisis that affects so many countries and regions around the globe.

Awards season always brings out the blue ribbon, and this year several celebrities have donned pins that read "with refugees." The UN Refugee Agency created #WithRefugees ribbons as a way of drawing attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis and pressing for action.

Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese is a timeless comfort food favorite that is enjoyed by both young and old. For some, it's their go-to side dish while others save it for special occasions. No matter your opinion on mac and cheese, we hope that you have as much enjoyment enjoying National Mac & Cheese Day as we do!

Macaroni and cheese has been around for centuries, with its roots in Britain. During the Great Depression, Americans turned to macaroni and cheese as a cost-effective meal that could feed everyone. Thomas Jefferson even popularized it by serving it at his state dinners in 1824 and publishing its first recipe a year later in 1825.

Jamie Lee Curtis, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, donned a stunning long sleeve navy gown designed by Stella McCartney at the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday night. To complete her look she added an orange ribbon representing Ukrainian refugees.

In addition to her dress's sustainability features, Curtis added eco-conscious jewelry from Cathy Waterman. She completed the look with a pair of recycled platinum and ethically-sourced diamond marquise star earrings.

The actress' outfit was a fitting tribute to her costar Betty White, who tragically passed away recently. During the ceremony, Curtis paid homage to White by saying that she had been a "golden girl" who brought happiness and joy to all those who knew her.

She revealed her admiration of the Golden Girls and wanted to pay homage to the late star by wearing an adorable puppy. To make the moment even sweeter, Curtis carried an adorably adorable pup along for the ride.

As she held the puppy, White praised White's legacy and explained how her appearance at the awards ceremony gave her a platform to "talk about women who have inspired us to live our lives to the fullest." Additionally, Stella McCartney was worn in tribute to White because they use sustainable materials and advocate for animal rights.

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