Is goofy a cow

Is goofy a cow

Is goofy a cow

We have heard that question many times, and we have put our investigative skills to the test to find out what was really down with the “Cowboy cat”. The answer is that Goofy is indeed a cow, but not the kind without horns or the four feet of a bovine. He is a Disney character, so he doesn’t have the long, curly horns or the belly and legs of a cow either.Apparently not, as evidenced by Myrna Nuarhpa taking to TikTok in a viral post to ask the question that drove so many fans to an existential crisis: “How old were you when you found out Goofy was actually a cow and not a dog?”



The beloved character was born in 1932. His original name was Dippy Dawg, and in 1938 he appeared in a book titled The Story of Dippy the Goof. In 1939, he officially changed his name to "Goofy" after starring in the animated film "Goofy and Wilbur." The name change was a genius marketing move for Goofy as he has become one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time and a member of Mickey Mouse's inner circle.

The physical evidence of Goofy's bovine heritage is obvious. His buck teeth are flat—a characteristic of a herbivore. His cow nose and flaring nostrils are larger than that of a dog (and more like that of a cow). And remember: He comes from a hornless breed of cattle, so it is not unusual that he does not horns..(Source:reelrundown.com)


Goofy's love interest in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse is Clarabelle Cow. The on-screen chemistry is obvious. Disney often couples characters of the opposite sex with the same species: both Mickey and Mini Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck follow this pattern. So why would the writers at Disney have Goofy and Clarabelle Cow coupled up? Could it be an attempt to reward the cattle couple for their years of loyalty to the Disney brand?

Although this dog vs. cow debate wasn’t entirely new in 2019, that time around it was supposedly supported by an “investigative article” published in 2012 by the website Reel Rundown. While that article did contain some factual information regarding the history of the Goofy character, which is likely the reason why some people have accepted it as a truthful account of Goofy’s supposed sordid past, it is peppered with exaggerations, speculation, outright fabrications, and was clearly written with humorous intentions.(Source:www.snopes.com)




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