Future Starr: New Google Play app

Future Starr: New Google Play app


FutureStarr: New Google Play in store (Download Today)

Start Shopping for undiscovered Talent Or Become the next Star maker Digital Entrepreneur with "The Official Talent Marketplace"! (Source: play.google.com)

Future Starr Talent Marketplace – Learn More

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Launching in conjunction with FutureStarr's new vision. The FutureStarr Talent Marketplace is an app-based platform with a marketplace designed to match artists. Who are seeking singers, bands, DJs, producers, musicians, managers, and label executives with talent that meets their specific needs or desires? FutureStarr is also integrating with talent-based social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to enhance discoveries made on and off line.

Starr's future is played on Google

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Finding, developing, and managing talent is a tricky task and is a big reason why so few companies get management right.

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Google software for your next project

FutureStarr is a new app for Google’s Play Store that lets you present your idea to other like-minded individuals. Without the need for negotiations, intermediaries, lawyers, or anyone else.

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The Next-Generation Talent Marketplace

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The FutureStarr Talent Marketplace is now available on Google Play. You can now hire brilliant, passionate puzzle-solvers to puzzle recruit, build, and market your next project, company, or start-up. With this app, you can browse pre-made digital projects and award screens for your next app. The FutureStarr Talent Marketplace allows any job seeker to not only learn about what it takes to sell yourself. But also offers incentives to recruiters, freelancers, and freelancers.

Help Create Your Professional Profile the FutureStarr Way

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FutureStarr is like a new job-board for your professional life. Starr herself doesn't currently have a boss and is always available to see what new talents and markets can be created. There is no future of work for Starr because she has the power to create the future. Starr gets to be the master of her own destiny and shows that anything is possible.

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