Cory in the house anime

Cory in the house anime

Cory in the house

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Parents need to know that this spin-off of the popular Disney series That's So Raven picks up the story as the Baxter men (dad Victor and son Cory) move into the White House, where Victor is to be the president's personal chef. The show continues the exaggerated comedy style of its parent program, often putting characters into ridiculously unlikely situations for laughs -- and its White House locale offers plenty of opportunity for that. There's little to worry parents of older kids and tweens, since the overall silliness trumps any questionable material, and strong messages about self-respect, honesty, and friendship abound. In the Disney Channel's spin-off series CORY IN THE HOUSE, Kyle Massey reprises his That's So Raven role as 15-year-old Cory, the irrepressible teen with big entrepreneurial plans for his future. With the women of the house away, Cory and his dad, Victor (Rondell Sheridan, also a Raven veteran), move to the White House, where Victor oversees the presidential kitchen. Cory attends an elite private school, where his classmates are sons and daughters of high-ranking government and political officials. After a stumble with his self-image (quickly remedied by a reminder about being true to yourself), Cory easily befriends the beautiful Meena (Maiara Walsh), whose dad is the ambassador from the fictional country of Bahavia, and laid-back Newt (Jason Dolley), who's unaffected by his family's political dynasty ... including the helicopter that drops him at school each day)

Cory Baxter (Kyle Massey) was Raven Baxter’s obnoxious younger brother on “That’s So Raven”. Cory was often mischievous, and he and his friends annoyed his older sister. In the end, Raven and Cory counted on each other and the two were close. Cory was best known for his love of money and “get rich” schemes. He also had a pet rat named Lionel. Cory Baxter was known for catchphrases like “You know how I do!” and “Cha ching”.

Starring Kyle Massey, Madison Pettis, Maiara Walsh, Jason Dolley, John D’Aquino and Rondell Sheridan, the show followed chef and Baxter family patriarch, Victor (Rondell), as he and his son, Cory (Kyle), moved to Washington D.C. The father-son duo lived in the White House while Victor worked as the President of the United States’ head chef. While his dad was at work, Cory often found himself in various schemes thanks to friends Newt (Jason) and Meena (Maira). Together, the trio was constantly trying to outsmart the president’s daughter, Sophie (Madison). After two seasons on the air, Cory in the House came to an end in September 2008.Cory in the House was a bad adventure game wrapped around other braindead minigames. It was not the sort of product that critics needed to spend time reviewing, but some did anyway. IGN settled on 500 words and a 3 out of 10. The writer lamented the controls, and, for some reason, the lack of “hot girls” on the cover. Like everything else in the licensed tie-in boom in the mid-2000s, the game seemed destined to immediately disintegrate upon impact, leaving nothing behind other than the faint, slightly winsome memory of a gaming industry that could sustain smaller players like Handheld Games in the first place.


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