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An Amazon Con is a type of grassroots convention that usually takes place at a variety of locations across the United States. The name comes from the fact that the event includes a sale on Amazon products and deals from other vendors. Amazons online platform, Amazon, and its subsidiary company, Amazon Con. Is the organizers of the events and supports them. By donating space for them to be held and advertising materials for the events.

An estimated 150 million Americans are members of Amazon Prime’s shopping club. Making it one of the most popular paid technology services in the United States. Most Americans are members, and many can’t imagine giving up the ability to order stuff on a whim. And have it delivered quickly for no added cost. (Source: www.nytimes.com)


Amazon is one of the most popular online stores around and has been since it was first created by Jeff Bezos in 1994. There are many reasons that Amazon is so popular. But a big part of it likely has to do with the convenience that it offers for online shoppers. Amazon is the internet’s go-to place for everything, offering thousands of items in its online store . With one-click purchasing for those who’d rather avoid the hassle of going to physical stores.

Prime’s most recent cost increase in the U.S. was about four years ago, . When the price rose to $119 from $99 for most people who pay annually. The prior Prime price increase was four years before that, meaning that it might be time for another bump. (Amazon hasn’t said one way or another, and its public relations department didn’t respond to my questions on Tuesday.) (Source: www.nytimes.com)


Amazon has always been the pioneer in pushing boundaries and expanding the reach of retail. Just a few years ago, Amazon introduced the first-ever Amazon Con. A conference where Amazonians from around the world would come. And connect with fellow Amazonians in person. This was a first for all to attend as it brought together Amazonians from over 200 cities world-wide. The essence of Amazon Con is to bring people together to learn, share, and create new opportunities in the digital realm of Amazon. . . .

Amazon Prime Video: Stream and download thousands of movies and TV shows, including award-winning Prime Originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Goliath, critically-acclaimed shows like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and new shows like Homecoming. (Source: www.metrobyt-mobile.com)

Amazon Prime

Amazon is a technology company known worldwide as the online retailer, creating over 1 billion products a day. In over 10 million categories, with offerings in over 100 countries, including: electronics, clothing, consumables, media, appliances, jewelry, food and more. As a part of Amazon, the Amazon Marketplace is a place for sellers to deliver their products for sale. Either in their own individual storefront or through Amazon’s own storefront.

Although a local Amazon website might be available, the full range of digital content services (e.g. Amazon Music, Amazon Video, Kindle Platform). Might not be available in that particular country (e.g. amazon.in, amazon.sg, amazon.com.tr etc.). In other countries where Amazon Video is unavailable and movies/television shows cannot be purchased or rented. Prime Video is presented as a standalone service on a separate website. (Source:en.wikipedia.org)


Talk through what the Amazon platform is, what it delivers from the perspective of a seller, and how to take advantage of it. Create a simple prototype, which could be a webpage or a program. To walk through how the entire process would work and talk through each step. This is the ultimate educational tool that will increase your chances of success and make your project easier to replicate.

Prime Video has all the loveliest hits you need this February. Continuing their great 2022 with more hits, the streamer will continue hit series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel into a fourth season. And if you’re looking for a rom-com this Valentine’s Day. Amazon is the place to be with upcoming films like I Want You Back and The Book of Love. (Source:decider.com)


With Amazon Con, you can take advantage of discounts, sign-up bonuses, and more and start a business of your own.

The streamer is beginning the month with The Book of Love. Streaming on February 4. The romantic film stars Sam Claflin and Verónica Echegui as they journey into Mexico for a book tour. And staying on track with the romance theme. Prime Video will debut I Want You Back on February 11, a When Harry Met Sally-Esque rom-com starring Jenny Slate and Charlie Day. (Source: decider.com)


Amazon Con attendees will explore everything Amazon has to offer! From Amazon Shop to Prime and everything in between. This event is perfect for WooCommerce enthusiasts. And anyone who is interested in gaining a better understanding of e-commerce websites.

Launched on September 7, 2006, as Amazon Unbox in the United States, the products grew with an expanding library. And added the Prime Video membership upon the development of the Prime subscription. It was then renamed as Amazon Instant Media on Demand. After acquiring the UK-based streaming and DVD-by-mail products LoveFilm in 2011, (Source:en.wikipedia.org)



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