27+ Reddit Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

27+ Reddit Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

27+ Reddit Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

27 Reddit Statistics You Need To Know in 2022  WebTribunal

While Reddit has proven treacherous for advertisers and digital marketers in the past, recent trends show that the tide is beginning to turn. The site has caught up with Twitter and is giving Instagram and Facebook a run for their money. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most important Reddit statistics.

Reddit usage has increased 30% year after year

The growth of Reddit is not without its challenges, however. The site has seen a spike in ad spending in the first half of the year, but this growth has slowed in the second half. Revenue from direct advertising fell by about 30% year after year in the second half of the year, to $270 million, compared to $412 million in the first half of the year. However, Reddit has continued to grow and has recently expanded into mobile, with the website redesigning to accommodate the latest trends.

According to Reddit usage statistics, 430 million people use the site, up from 330 million in 2017. This represents a significant increase of 30% year after year. This increase shows that the popularity of Reddit is growing, and that its users are increasingly diversified and multi-faceted. Reddit has also grown rapidly among Gen Z users.

The demographics of Reddit users are fairly similar to the US population. The site is primarily comprised of non-Hispanic whites, with minority users making up the remainder. Hispanics make up approximately 12% of Reddit users, and Blacks make up about 7 percent.

Marketers are starting to see the advantages of Reddit as an additional channel for content distribution and engagement. The site's growing user base and easy-to-use mobile app make it a compelling platform for brands to use. Nevertheless, it is important to use Reddit with care.

Its growth is dependent on organic traffic

The user-generated content that Reddit is known for is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. It can boost brand authority, refer traffic to your website, and reach an underserved audience. The best way to get traffic from Reddit is to become an active member and contribute real value to subreddits. Reddit does not allow casual users to participate; users need to be active contributors before they can promote their brand.

The growth of Reddit will depend on its ability to generate organic traffic. The website ranks sites by daily visits, pageviews for the month, and average organic traffic. Reddit's ad revenue is increasing steadily, and the company expects to reach $212.5 million in revenue by 2022.

Currently, there are about 330 million active users on Reddit. This makes it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. The site has approximately 150,000 active communities. By 2022, Reddit expects to have 52 million daily active users, an increase of 44% from last year. That's a lot of growth in only three years. By then, Reddit will be the 7th most popular website in the United States.

In addition to organic traffic, Reddit also has a strong customer support model. It enables companies to create an online community and convert customers into advocates. For example, Verizon has had a reputation for less-than-stellar customer service. Many users complain about long wait times when using its website chat platform. Verizon users are now turning to an unofficial subreddit for help.

Its ad revenue is expected to double by 2021

It's no secret that Reddit's ad revenue has been increasing at a rapid rate. In 2018, the site generated $119 million in ad revenue. This number is expected to double by 2021. However, the growth of Reddit's ad revenue should be considered with caution. The platform's advertising revenue is still low compared to other social networks. If Reddit is to continue to grow, it will need to focus on improving the experience of its users.

The company has been aggressively improving its ad offerings in recent months. These include native autoplay video ads, app install ads, and performance-based ad units. The company has been increasing its ad revenue in recent years and has a good chance of reaching the $1 billion mark by 2021.

Reddit's ad revenue will grow to $119 million in the United States this year. This is expected to grow to $261.7 million by 2021. In the US, 26.4 million people visit Reddit on a monthly basis. However, some advertisers are concerned about the content on the site.

Reddit has many subreddits that cover almost every subject under the sun. Subreddits discuss everything from world news to science. There are even forums about tech troubleshooting. Because of the variety of topics covered, Reddit allows B2B businesses to reach hyper-targeted audiences. For example, you can target system administrators and entrepreneurs through Reddit's ads.

Its active communities are those that get more than 5 comments each day

Active communities on Reddit are communities that receive at least five comments per day. Subreddits are managed by volunteers called moderators who control the content of each subreddit. They decide which posts are allowed and which are not, and can ban users from the subreddit if they feel they are doing something wrong. As a result, only subreddits that receive at least five comments a day qualify as 'active' communities.

Reddit offers a wide variety of communities that allow marketers to find and engage with their target audiences. The site features thousands of subreddits, and you can find communities that will be of interest to your target audience. For example, you can create a subreddit for a particular hobby or emotional topic, or a community about your favorite movie. The possibilities are endless!

Research on Social News platforms has typically involved quantitative and qualitative approaches. Published work has either focused on the platform or a specific case study. This paper will combine both approaches to understand the dynamics of social media. We will examine how reddit's structure shapes the collective action of its users.

According to Reddit's statistics, the vast majority of users are males between 18 and 29 years old. The second largest demographic is middle aged women. Almost 80% of the users of Reddit are from the United States. The rest are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Overall, Reddit is a social media force that is growing stronger by the day.

Its demographics

While the demographics of Reddit are difficult to track, they are somewhat similar to the demographics of the general population. Almost half of Reddit's users are younger than 25, and about 6 percent of its users are over 65. Overall, the audience is overwhelmingly white and male. Only a small proportion of users fall into the Hispanic or black demographic.

The number of Reddit's users continues to grow. According to the Pew Research Center, it is the tenth most popular social media platform in the United States. The website is particularly popular among 18 to 24-year-olds. However, it is still far behind Facebook and YouTube, which are both used by 81 percent of U.S. adults.

While Reddit is a social network, it is not the same as a news source. It is a place where people can make important decisions, learn new things, and engage with like-minded people. Reddit is also an excellent tool for learning, especially if you want to get into the world of digital marketing.

The website's growth is attributed to its communities, or subreddits. Reddit has over a billion registered users. Over 430 million of them are active every month. That means there is a subreddit for nearly every topic.

Its subreddits

In 2018, Reddit saw over 430 million users, a significant increase from the 330 million it saw in 2017. It is the largest social network for discussions about any topic. In fact, there are more than 130,000 active communities on the website, so it is a good idea to participate in these communities. To maximize your participation on the site, you should learn more about the topics that interest your audience.

Reddit statistics show that posts with longer titles have a higher chance of getting upvotes. In comparison, posts with shorter titles are likely to get the lowest upvotes. In addition, posts that contain external links received over 16,000 more upvotes than posts with regular titles.

In the United States, young adults are the most frequent users of Reddit. Those aged 30 to 49 years old are the second most popular age group. People over 65 years old make up only 3% of the site's users. Similarly, men are significantly more likely to spend time on Reddit than women.

Reddit statistics also show that the engagement rate is increasing rapidly. Meme communities and health and fitness topics are also popular. However, Reddit fell from third place in the United States to sixth place in just two years. By 2022, it will have fallen to seventh place, behind giants like Google and Amazon.

Eye-Opening Data For Marketers - 58 Reddit Statistics 2021

Reddit is one of the world's largest online communities, with over 430 million monthly users. This makes it on par with Twitter, and it's a hub for video content and health and fitness content. However, marketers need to use the platform with caution.

Reddit has 430 million monthly active users

Reddit is a massive social media network with a growing user base. As of 2016, the site had over 46 million daily users and 168 billion monthly page views. According to recent research, users of the site are largely male. The demographics of the site are largely similar to other similar websites across the world.

Most Reddit users engage with content through links. They rely on the community to filter through the noise and browse through quality content. In fact, posts that contain links received more than sixteen thousand more upvotes than posts without links. It is important to remember that users are savvy and can filter out information they don't want to see.

58 Reddit Statistics 2021: The site has over 330 million active users and over 14 billion views monthly. The site has more than 138,000 active communities and over 853,000 subreddits. Users vote on content on an average of 25 times a day and spend an average of 13 minutes on the site.

The number of technology enthusiasts on Reddit is growing. There are over 1,000 communities dedicated to technology. Technology enthusiasts account for a large percentage of the site's total monthly audience. The total number of users in the top technology community, for example, is 27 million.

It's on par with Twitter

Eye-Opening data from Reddit can be a powerful tool for marketers. Reddit users belong to an engaged, tech-savvy demographic that is ripe for marketing opportunities. But marketers must use the platform wisely and cautiously. The data in this article should help marketers figure out which tactics to employ to attract and convert these users.

Reddit has a growing user base. According to eMarketer, there are currently over 26.4 million active users in the United States alone. It is one of the most popular social networks, with over one million communities. It is estimated that by 2021, there will be 52 million active monthly users, a 44% increase from 2019. The site's traffic is huge. Reddit is now generating nearly 1.6 billion visits each month.

As a platform with user-generated content, Reddit has the potential to boost brand authority, refer traffic to your website, and reach an untapped audience. It is a great tool for content marketing because of its human-based moderation, which places a focus on the content and the contributor rather than the ad. This means that spammers are flagged immediately, making it easier for brands to reach the right audience.

Reddit statistics also show that Reddit is an engaging platform that keeps users engaged. On average, users spend 16 minutes reading and viewing content on the site. In addition, a third of Reddit users access the site on their mobile devices. Additionally, more than 1.4 billion native videos are viewed on the platform every month.

In terms of traffic volume, Reddit users spend nearly 20 billion minutes per month on the platform. This is a huge volume of traffic and is a great tool for marketers. Despite its lack of search marketing capabilities, Reddit is an exceptional source of authentic traffic. If you know how to find and use the right subreddits, you'll find massive traffic opportunities and intriguing demographics.

It's a haven for health and fitness content

If you're looking for health and fitness content on Reddit, you've come to the right place. Reddit has a growing community of people who are passionate about health and fitness. The site has over 1.4 billion monthly views and 14 million monthly visitors. It also has over nine million members and a thriving health and fitness subreddit.

The community is huge and incredibly interactive. Users ask questions about exercises, weights, and sore muscles. There are daily and weekly threads and people can even share pictures of their bodies with others who want to get in shape. The community is truly the ultimate hub of health and fitness content.

It's a hub for video content

With its 52 million daily users and twelve2.5 million installs, Reddit is an attractive platform for brands. The platform can help brands reach their target audiences with video content. Video content on Reddit has the potential to be viral, as more than half of its users upload at least one video a day. Creators of video content on Reddit have already taken advantage of this opportunity. Live streaming of their videos has increased steadily and video views have increased two-fold.

When submitting videos on Reddit, make sure you understand the platform. The video platform offers a variety of video features, including image overlays, audio layers, and sound effects. It also allows users to combine clips from multiple sources into a single video. Moreover, Reddit videos must be visually appealing to attract viewers. By making sure your video stands out, you can increase its visibility and karma. Moreover, you can use a variety of social media platforms to share your video. This will help other users to find your video by searching the community or simply browsing your feed.

It's a platform for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing industry, and Reddit has become a popular platform for brands and influencers. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for influencers to join and participate. Influencer marketing on Reddit is a great way to increase your brand's visibility and reach. It's also an excellent way to connect with other influencers. To get started, visit the Influencer Marketing page on Reddit. There are numerous tips, advice, and inspiration for you to use to create your own successful influencer marketing campaign.

InfluencerIQ is a full-service influencer marketing platform with access to more than 10 million influencers. It offers a powerful search engine and a dedicated account manager to help you identify the right influencers. Its features are impressive but it's important to note that it only has a small number of brands. You may have to pay for premium accounts, but there are free versions of InfluencerIQ.

Before you start marketing on Reddit, make sure you're adhering to the community guidelines. You'll want to use relevant content and avoid appearing spammy. It's also important to avoid using the voting system to promote your brand. Reddit is a community, so your content should add value to the conversation, not just a sales pitch. Ensure that you limit your promotional material to less than 10% of your posts.

While finding influencers on social media can be daunting, the easiest way to start is to reach out to influencers directly. In many cases, you can contact influencers directly by announcing an upcoming promotion or campaign. You can also contact influencers via email or phone and ask them to take part. This way, you can gain a direct connection to a passionate customer.

How Many People Will Use Reddit in 2022?

How Many People Use Reddit in 2022 NEW Statistics

Reddit is a popular website with an audience of millions. The website is used by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The top users of the site are men aged 18-29, while men in the age group of 30-49 are the second most active users. Women, on the other hand, use the site less frequently. The site currently has over 2,620,000 subreddits, or communities, where people can discuss a topic.


Millennials are the generation that was born between 1981 and 1996. They are the first generation to grow up with social media, and they're the first to grow old with it. As a result, their opinions are reflected in the content on the site. However, it's important to be aware of the rules and regulations before posting.

In recent years, the site has grown tremendously. It's now used by a staggering 430 million monthly active users. One study shows that these users like the user-driven nature of the site. This is reflected in the fact that Millennials frequently visit Reddit communities to find information and connect with other like-minded people. It has also been noted that the community on Reddit is very inclusive and welcoming to a wide variety of demographics.

According to Reddit statistics, the largest demographic is young adults aged between 18 and 29. The second largest age group is people between 30 and 49. However, teenagers are not particularly active on the site, with only 4% of 13-year-olds making visits. In comparison, Reddit's user base is considerably lower than that of Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, almost half of the users are from the US.

Reddit's demographics are based on the demographics of its users. The vast majority of Reddit users are Millennials, and their demographics are similar around the world. In fact, over 6% of the adult population uses the site. In addition to their younger demographic, most users are male.

Reddit is a valuable resource for advertisers, and it's not surprising that many of the top brands are using it. In August 2021, Reddit raised $700 million from Fidelity Management. It has a workforce of over 700, with 38 percent in the US. The company anticipates 30 million mobile app users by 2022. In addition to mobile users, Reddit will also invest in local broadcast TV, OOH, and print.

Young adults

Young adults today are using Reddit as an online forum and social network. The platform is available for iOS and Android and offers a wide variety of communities. These groups can offer friendship opportunities and support. For example, young people with ADHD can find support and advice in r/ADD. These forums are also excellent places to ask questions and simply talk to like-minded people.

According to a Reddit survey of U.S. adults conducted at the start of 2021, 36 percent of the website's users were aged 18 to 29. Reddit users generally report lower engagement with the site as they get older. In addition, young users are the most active users of the Reddit app for Android, accounting for 28 percent of the app's overall user base.

Teenagers are at particular risk of cyberbullying. They may be vulnerable and easily manipulated by strangers who pose as friends. Teens are also at a higher risk of blackmail if they have access to their personal information online. Reddit cannot always prevent cyberbullying and other negative activities. One recent case saw a woman sue Reddit for allowing her ex-boyfriend to post pornographic images on her profile.

In addition, there is an increase in the number of college graduates who use Reddit. This group is likely to be more liberal than the general public. However, the platform's popularity has increased significantly in recent years. In the next few years, the service is expected to increase its adoption of video content.


Reddit's "Atheists" category is the most subscribed, post-rich, and trafficked category on the site. Atheists are a passionate group who champion rational thought over religion. Their posts are full of anecdotes and rants. These people are often aggressive in the discussion of religion.

Many prominent atheists have blamed the rise of violent extremism on religions and their followers. For example, Bill Maher once said that Islam is the "only religion that acts like the mafia" and Sam Harris recently said that Islam "will kill you for saying the wrong thing." These topics are frequently discussed on r/atheism, which has a large community of atheists.

Some of these discussions have sparked difficult conversations in atheist communities. Some atheists are afraid of being blamed for the attack, even though they believe that Islam is responsible for these acts of terrorism. This has led to questions about how to label a person as an "anti-theist."

Users of all ages

The average Reddit user spends 85 minutes per day reading content, which is more than twice as long as the average person on Facebook. In the US, Reddit users are mostly young adults; only 14% are older than age 65. The platform is also more popular among suburban residents than urbanites. Women make up 16 percent of users, compared to 10 percent of men. Despite its popularity, women are still relatively low among all age groups.

Reddit is most popular among millennials, but the site is also attracting a younger audience, especially the Generation Z. The site was founded in the late 2000s and has grown rapidly. The website now boasts more than 330 million users and has become a popular internet destination for opinion.

Reddit users are considered a high-tech cohort, and are highly engaged in discussions. This makes them an ideal target for marketers, but it is also important to know how to effectively use the site. As with any digital marketing strategy, marketers should be calculated when using Reddit.

While Reddit has become a popular social site, it is still difficult to determine demographics. It is estimated that about 6% of internet users in the US will use the site at least once. According to a recent survey, the majority of Reddit users are between the ages of 18-24. The site is primarily used by men, with only 8% of female users. Moreover, male users are more likely to own dogs than females.

The average Reddit user will spend nine minutes 29 seconds on the site each time they visit it. Reddit is a popular social media website and will continue to grow.

Usage declines with age

Reddit is a site that has become increasingly popular among a wide variety of users, but usage declines as you get older. According to a survey, only about one in six US adults over the age of 30 use the website. Similarly, only six percent of adults aged 50-64 use Reddit.

As a result, younger users are less likely to accumulate long tenures on the site. This means that they are less likely to post comments and build comment karma. Furthermore, younger users are less likely to be able to engage in long-term discussions on Reddit.

Reddit users tend to be young and male. According to the Pew Research, 68 percent of its users are under thirty years old. In addition, a large percentage of users are still in school. This is partly explained by the higher number of college-educated users.

Reddit's demographics reflect the demographics of the United States. The largest demographic on Reddit is composed of non-Hispanic whites. Only a small percentage of users are black. Reddit's age-groups are also diverse. The older users on the site can still engage with younger users and other members of their age group.

Reddit User Statistics - FaqCode4U

Reddit User Statistics  FaqCode4Ucom

This article reveals some interesting Reddit User Statistics. For example, users spend an average of nine minutes and 29 seconds on Reddit each time they visit. Furthermore, they are likely to upvote a post. Reddit users also explore 62,089 new subreddits every month.

External Links are the most popular type of content on Reddit

According to Reddit statistics, posts that contain external links receive over 16,000 more upvotes than posts without links. This is because people on Reddit want helpful, trusted information and a chance to make connections with strangers. Moreover, Reddit helps users find useful products and services.

Whether it's a photo, video, or website, Reddit users can link to anything on the Internet. In fact, photos and videos are the most popular types of content on Reddit. They also garner the most upvotes, with many posts receiving over 8K upvotes. For example, a photo or video with a question in the title receives nearly two times as many upvotes as a post with no question at all.

However, when sharing a link, you should always make sure to provide valuable information to the Reddit community. For example, if a Redditor finds your link spammy, chances are high that it will get heavily downvoted. This can damage your reputation within the community and make the Redditor remember your name negatively.

Creating backlinks from Reddit is a great way to improve your SEO rankings. But you must make sure that the content on your website is engaging and that it's the most appropriate content at the destination website. You should also make sure that the link goes to the right page and that the content is relevant to the topic. Also, make sure to proofread your content for mistakes and misleading phrasing.

They are most likely to upvote a post

Researchers can now determine which Reddit users are most likely to up vote a post. By analyzing voting data from March 2009, researchers are able to identify reddit superparticipants. These users are most likely to submit posts with high levels of upvotes, and their posts tend to receive a high amount of 'Quick' and 'Early' votes. In addition, older users from non-default subreddits tend to submit higher-scoring posts.

The analysis on Reddit focuses on comments beneath posts, because these appear more frequently than individual posts. This enables researchers to get a good window on the conversation between participating users. But it has its limitations. While it is constraining, it does provide a good window into the community's conversation.

The post title should answer the question of "why." The title should explain what the post is about. Also, a post's title should include a word cloud showing the most frequent words in the top posts. If the title is enticing enough, users will want to upvote it.

Video and image content is the most popular types of content on Reddit. Approximately two-thirds of posts are either images or videos. Therefore, video and photo posts tend to generate more upvotes than posts that merely contain links. In addition to videos and photos, data visualization and information made into graphics are particularly popular on Reddit.

Reddit post counts usually peak between noon and one p.m. UTC and seven to eight a.m. EST. It is important to post early and get upvoted before the crowd. There are countless things you can do on Reddit and spend hours reading through its posts.

They spend an average of 62,089 new subreddits per month

There are a lot of ways to spend time on Reddit. On average, users view 21 billion screen views a month and spend a lot of time engaged with the content on the site. Interestingly, more people are posting video on Reddit than the company anticipated.

Reddit's growth has been difficult for advertisers and digital marketers, but the stats show that the tide is turning for the site. It is now on par with Twitter and Facebook and is giving these two popular social media sites a run for their money.

Reddit is becoming an increasingly popular social media destination, with 430 million monthly users spending an average of nine minutes and 29 seconds on each visit. The site currently has 2.5 million subreddits and over 2 billion comments. As of mid-December 2020, Reddit is the 18th most visited website in the world and the seventh most visited site in the U.S. It has been used by over 50 million people daily and is home to more than 2 billion comments and posts. It has also recently acquired TikTok rival Dubsmash.

Reddit also has a feature that allows users to link to external content, such as a website, a photo-sharing site, or video-sharing site. In fact, posts that contain links earn over 16,000 more upvotes than those that do not.

As a social media platform, Reddit is engaging and fun. A recent survey found that Reddit is used by approximately 15% of males and only 8% of females. Despite this gender imbalance, the demographics of Reddit users are similar around the world.

How Related Subreddits Are Related Redditor Overlap

The relatedness of Subreddits is an interesting question to ask. You can compare two Subreddits by looking at their overlap percentage. The percentage of relatedness varies between 0% and 100%. Interestingly, some Subreddits have a higher relatedness percentage than others.

Subreddits with high overlap

Related subreddits are ones that are similar to the one a user subscribes to. The Jaccard Index can help you identify such related subreddits. It's a numerical value between 0 and one that represents the degree of similarity. The more similar a subreddit is to its own, the higher its Jaccard Index value.

In this example, we have extracted related subreddits by user reddit overlap. To find these subreddits, we took the raw matrix of subreddit user overlaps and converted them to a matrix of positive pointwise mutual information (PPMI). Each count element is converted to a joint probability and its divergence from independence is quantified as the PPMI. We then reduced the dimensionality of the subreddits to two dimensions and clustered them using a t-SNE algorithm with a perplexity parameter of 50.

Subreddits with low overlap

To find related subreddits, we need to know the Jaccard Index, a number between zero and one that represents how similar two subreddits are. This index is a better way to find subreddits that are related to one another.

We can use the user overlap data from r/AskReddit to identify subreddits related to a particular topic. If two subreddits have a lot in common, then there is a high likelihood that they are related.

Subreddits with high relatedness

To find out how related subreddits are, one can look at their overlaps. For example, r/music contains a huge library of songs, and r/pics is a discussion forum for major movies. Other subreddits might include r/showerthoughts, which collects interesting thoughts from Reddit users. Whenever posts on a subreddit overlap, they are likely to reach a broader audience than would otherwise have access to the topic.

Subreddits with low relatedness

Subreddits are often linked together in strange ways. The fringe subcultures of Reddit are generally more closely related than mainstream subreddits. A good way to identify these relationships is to look at co-occurrence. If you notice a certain user posting frequently in two subreddits, that user is likely a common subredditor.

Subreddits with high community overlap can be identified through a community detection algorithm. These tools can identify the most popular subreddits based on their popularity and contents. Community detection algorithms can also identify communities based on how closely they relate to each other.

Someone on Reddit Made a Chart of Leonardo DiCaprio's Relationships

Someone on Reddit made a chart of Leonardo  Yahoo News

A Reddit user made a chart showing Leonardo DiCaprio's relationships. It has been viewed more than 26 thousand times. The graph compares the actor's ages to those of his girlfriends. While his ex-girlfriend is more than 20 years older than the "Titanic" film, his other relationships are still a decade younger.

Leonardo DiCaprio's age versus the age of his girlfriends

A graphic detailing Leonardo DiCaprio's dating history has gone viral on Reddit. The actor is known for dating young women and has had several relationships. However, his age is a significant barrier to dating women of a certain age. A Reddit user dubbed TrustLittleBrother created the chart and published it on the dataisbeautiful subreddit. As of this writing, it has received 26,200 upvotes.

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriends are generally young, in their late twenties. His most recent girlfriend was just 25 years old, Nina Agdal. The two met at a 25th birthday party. However, the relationship broke up a few months later. A Reddit user created a chart of DiCaprio's girlfriends and found that the average age of the woman he dated was 22.9 years old. This trend continues to this day.

DiCaprio's age compared to the age of his girlfriends has become a topic of cultural discussion, and has earned the name Leo's Law. One Reddit user even created a chart of DiCaprio's girlfriends frozen in time. Camila Morone, for instance, dated the actor for just a few months after her 25th birthday.

While the list of his girlfriends is long, one of his best-known partners has been Bridget Hall. In 1994, she was a Victoria Secrets model. In 1996, Bridget Hall was 17 years old, and DiCaprio was 20 years old. Hence, it is believed that she was Leonardo's first girlfriend.

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriends' ages vary widely. His earliest girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, was 19 when they started dating. The two split up in 2005. Gisele Bundchen, on the other hand, is now married to Tom Brady.

The actor's age versus the age of his previous girlfriends is an interesting comparison. During his first relationship with Blake Lively, he was still only twenty-four. However, he went on to date a Victoria's Secret model named Anne Vyalitsyna. The couple got together in Cannes.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Morrone were romantically linked in early 2018. They have been photographed together on several romantic getaways, including in Italy and France. They've even been spotted at soccer games in Paris and in Malibu, California. Their relationship is in its infancy and both women are frustrated with the media attention.

His relationship with Nina Agdal

Several reports suggest that Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal are no longer together. The two met last April at the Coachella Festival and later reunited in London. Nina is the latest model that Leonardo has been linked to. Previously, he was linked to Ela Kawalec, Toni Garrn, and Bar Refeli.

In the meantime, Agdal was recently spotted spending time with her friend Jack Brinkley Cook. The two were spotted at the London eatery Novikov and the trendy restaurant Peak Restaurant at The Edge. In April, the two were linked romantically by the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

Leonardo DiCaprio has dated model Nina Agdal for a year. While their relationship is no longer public, they are still good friends. Their relationship has been described as a platonic one and they have been spotted together on numerous occasions, including joint trips to the beach. The couple have not confirmed a relationship, but have been spotted kissing in May.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous actor who is constantly in the news for his dating habits. His girlfriends are usually 25 years old or younger. In the past, the actor has only dated women who are younger than him. In addition to Nina Agdal, he dated Jack Brinkley-Cook for four years before calling it quits in November 2021.

DiCaprio and Agdal have been spotted together in various locations, including New York City. They also spent time together on Clark's yacht. The two were also spotted kissing near the Hudson River in Manhattan. Agdal and DiCaprio also went on vacation to a private Bahamian island, Over Yonder Cay. They have also been photographed together in Malibu, California.

Who Has Leonardo DiCaprio Dated?

mages for Someone on Reddit Made a Chart of Leonardo DiCaprios Girlfriends

If you're looking to date a Hollywood star, the question is, "Which women have Leonardo DiCaprio dated?" You've probably noticed that DiCaprio has dated women decades younger than him. He's never dated a woman over thirty.

Leonardo DiCaprio's average age of girlfriends is 22.9

In recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio has been linked to several younger women. His average age of girlfriends since 1999 is 22.9 years old. He has not dated any woman over the age of 25. This is according to a Reddit user who compiled a graph of the average ages of his girlfriends.

A graphic charting Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriends by age has gone viral on the Reddit forum, thanks to a Reddit user called TrustLittleBrother. It shows that the actor has dated eight different women, and the average age of each one is around twenty-two. His current girlfriend, Camil Morrone, is twenty-three, which makes her the same age as the star of the 'Titanic'.

In the past few years, Leonardo DiCaprio has had several high-profile relationships with beautiful women from Hollywood. In 1998, he was linked to Czech model Eva Herzigova. However, it wasn't long before the pair broke up. He has also dated celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, and Jennifer Aniston. While he has never been married, there is speculation that he might settle down with a young woman after winning an Oscar.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been linked to a number of younger women, including actress Nina Agdal, who is only 25 years old. However, he has never dated a woman older than 25. According to a database called TrustLittleBrother, DiCaprio has dated eight women between 1999 and 2022. His last relationship with Morrone ended when she was twenty-five years old.

He has dated women decades younger than him

As a Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio has a history of dating younger women. His most recent relationship is with 22-year-old Camila Morrone, and he has previously dated women such as Lorena Rae and Georgia Fowler. His long-term girlfriends are not quite as young as he is, and he has been ridiculed for this on several occasions.

While DiCaprio has a history of dating women younger than him, he has not dated any women over 25. This pattern is a warning sign of a lingering issue with intimacy. Leo may be subconsciously scarred by his experience with a woman when he was 25. If he is unable to make a woman feel emotionally comfortable, he may not be ready to date women who are more than five years younger than him.

DiCaprio's love life is a secret, and most of the time he keeps his relationships private. The actor often wears sunglasses and hoodies to disguise himself. His women are nearly half his age - which is ironic, since he is approaching 50. Previously, he dated Rihanna, but she denied reports of a romance.

While DiCaprio has had long relationships with women of younger age, his flings are less publicized. Often, his relationships end around the time that his girlfriends want to have children. It is not unusual for a Hollywood star to date a young woman who is not yet fully grown. Moreover, a young woman's heart can be easily swayed by even the slightest gesture of attention.

He dated Gisele Bundchen

Leonardo DiCaprio dated supermodel Gisele Bundchen from 2000 to 2005. During this time, they were considered Hollywood's it-couple. They shared a love for the environment and passion for helping others, but their relationship ended abruptly in 2005. Gisele was later linked to NFL quarterback Tom Brady, whom she married in 2009. They are the proud parents of two children.

The relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen lasted for five years, and the two were quite cute together. However, Gisele had a dark time during her early twenties, and was prone to panic attacks. She refused to take the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and instead changed her lifestyle to avoid stress and panic attacks. She also started practicing yoga and became more active and healthy.

Leonardo DiCaprio dated many models over the years. Gisele Bundchen dated him before the Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen romance. He later dated Blake Lively, and they were romantically involved in 2011 as well.

Gisele Bundchen was a young model when Leonardo DiCaprio started dating her. Since then, he hasn't publicly attached himself to a woman older than 25 years old. The actress and model reportedly broke up with DiCaprio on Tuesday.

He dated Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio first met in 2011, when Leo was 23 and Blake was 36. Blake met Leo while auditioning for Daisy Buchanan in 'The Great Gatsby.' After the audition, the couple went on to date. Blake was spotted with Leo at Portfino, Italy, and the French Riviera, and they were later seen together again at Disneyland.

Lively and DiCaprio dated for a few months in 2011 and romped around Europe. Lively later started dating Ryan Reynolds, but they reportedly broke up soon after. They both have since dated other men. In the meantime, the two have been seen in fun photos together on Instagram. Though the couple's relationship has been rumored, they have not publicly discussed their breakup. According to a source, the breakup was amicable, but work commitments played a part in their split.

The relationship was short, but there were a number of interesting details surrounding the relationship. Blake Lively had an interesting method of communication with DiCaprio, and said that if she sees him on her arm, it's not a fling.

The relationship was rumored to last around five months, and was said to have ended because of Lively's disinterest in getting serious. The two met during an eight-person dinner in N.Y. in November 2010. Blake Lively was being considered for Daisy Buchanan in the upcoming film, "The Great Gatsby." However, the role ultimately went to Carey Mulligan.

He dated Nina Agdal

Leonardo DiCaprio dated actress Nina Agdal in July 2016. The pair were photographed spending time together in New York, including a visit to Goldberg's Famous Bagels. The two were also spotted kissing at a restaurant in West Hollywood. The couple split amicably in May 2017.

Nina Agdal was 25 years old when DiCaprio dated her. Agdal is also 25, which means that the twosome dated for about a year. While the two were not married, they spent time together and went on holidays to various places including New York City and St. Barts. The couple remained friends and have continued to hang out together.

While Leonardo and Agdal dated for less than a year, it's unclear if they're still dating. The actor has dated other women before, including Camila Morrone. She previously dated entrepreneur Ben Kaplan in April. This relationship did not work out and she was then linked to Jack Brinkley-Cook, whom she dated for four years. Nina also shared a video on her Instagram Story in which she joked about getting a text message from DiCaprio. Apparently, she had a text message alert and smiled when the message came in.

After the split from Zang, DiCaprio spent time with friends and would-be girlfriends. During this time, he enjoyed time with models Helena Christensen and Amber Valletta. He also spent time with actress Natasha Henstridge.

He dated Camila Morrone

Leonardo DiCaprio has dated many women over the years, and someone on Reddit has created a chart illustrating how old they were when they dated him. The chart shows that the average age of DiCaprio's girlfriends is about 24 years old. The chart also shows that he never dated a woman older than 25 years old.

Whether or not this pattern holds true for Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriends is difficult to say, but it does reveal a pattern of Leo DiCaprio's relationships. It turns out that he usually dates women who are younger than him and are less powerful than he is.

According to the chart, Leonardo DiCaprio has been romantically linked with eight women. The oldest of these women is Gisele Bundchen, while the youngest is Blake Lively. However, the ages of Leo's girlfriends are relatively close together, and he has been seen dating women his age and younger for a while.

Besides dating Gisele Bundchen, DiCaprio has dated two other women. His first girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, was 18 when they started dating. Sadly, they broke up after five years. However, they went on to date Tom Brady, a famous football player.

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