Lady Gaga Makeup Line

Lady Gaga Makeup Line


lady gaga makeup line

Lady Gaga's use of makeup has always been an expressive medium, and this year her Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga line is no different. Redesigned this year and available at Sephora this spring, the collection offers high-impact eye makeup, lipsticks, bronzers, highlighters and more for customers to explore.

Lady Gaga and her team have taken a strategic approach to their business, shifting from exclusively selling on Amazon to Sephora. This shift demonstrates their dedication to growth within their industry.


Lady Gaga is renowned for her vibrant, glam makeup looks. Her signature winged eyeliner and plump cheeks add a touch of radiance to every feature she wears.

Haus Laboratories, the makeup line created by singer Justin Timberlake, has undergone a significant rebranding with updated formulas and the addition of Sephora as its retail partner. This marks an important step for the brand that debuted in 2018 but had previously only been available through Amazon.

With her latest collection, the singer is bringing her "artistry to everyone." These products are suitable for people of all ages and skin types and free from PEGs, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil and other potentially hazardous ingredients.


Lady gaga makeup also offers an extensive selection of lipsticks to complement their eyeshadows. Some are more pigmented than others, but all provide a high-quality finish.

In 2019, Gaga launched Haus Laboratories on Amazon as an effort to make her products more accessible. This was an unusual step for Amazon, who typically partners with beauty brands that fall within their price point (such as Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics).

However, the launch didn't go as planned and is now set for a relaunch at Sephora in June with updated products.

One of the standout products in this line is Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon, offering a smooth application with lots of pigment without the smudging. Shades available include Talk Dirty (nude mauve), Power Move (rose), Fire Me (dirty orange), Miami Tango (red orange), 1950 (pure red), Mastered (cherry), Greaser (fuchsia), Hot Rod (neon pink) and Rebel (plum berry).


Lady gaga makeup line eyeliners are elegant, luxe and long-lasting. Plus they're easy to apply with their fine felt tip applicator and smudge-proof/waterproof.

Gaga's brand is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, making it perfect for those seeking vegan products without animal byproducts in the formula. It has gained some media recognition, including mentions in Cosmopolitan and Vogue magazines.

This color-filled collection offers 20 gel-cream pencils in various finishes and a sharpenable tip, providing something for everyone. Plus, its creamy formula glides smoothly and delivers full coverage pigment.

Haus Laboratories Global Artistry Director Sarah Tanno has been hard at work on this range for two years, creating colors with true saturation in one swipe. Available in an array of matte, metallic and shimmer shades - it truly offers one-swipe payoff!

Brow Pencils

Lady gaga cosmetics offers an extensive range of eyebrow pencils in various shades. Some are made with nourishing vitamin E coco-glycerides and others contain hyaluronic acid to trap collagen within skin for added benefit.

The brand's new collection of eyeliners and pigment paints aims to encourage self-expression through high-impact items that are both vegan and cruelty-free.

The Edge Precision Brow Pencil, one of the brand's top sellers, is essential for creating natural-looking eyebrows with its 13 shades. A long and slim pencil, it makes creating hair-like strokes a breeze.

This precision product is engineered for professional-level precision, featuring a custom, durable spoolie that helps control stray hairs. Plus, it comes with micronized pigments which deliver an even color release. Plus, as this is Haus Labs product, it's made with all-natural ingredients without any harmful PEGs (polyethylene glycols), phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oil or cyclic silicones or sulfates.


Lady Gaga's makeup line Haus Labs launched in 2019 with the mission to "spread kindness, bravery, and creativity". These cruelty-free products are ideal for makeup newbies as they're clean and vegan-friendly without animal testing or fragrance.

The company offers premium eyeliners, bronzer, and lip gloss. Plus they have an innovative brow pencil designed with hair-like precision.

This clean brow pencil stands apart from other brands by using only low weight hyaluronic acid, squalane and triglycerides in its formula for lasting hold that won't smudge or run.

Another highlighter, the Bio-Radiant Gel Powder Highlighter, is infused with patent pending fermented arnica to reduce redness and inflammation. This velvety smooth, weightless formula effortlessly defines and sculpts skin for an effortlessly radiant glow.

This bronzing and blush duo boasts a soft-matte texture that's ideal for everyday wear. With five shades available, there's sure to be one perfect for your skin tone. Apply both together for an airy summery look, or build them up separately for more dramatic effects.


Lady Gaga is no stranger to daring makeup and hair styles, but now she's taking her artistic skillset further with a beauty line. Haus Laboratories is Lady Gaga's new venture into wellness - offering clean and colorful products designed to help women look and feel their best.

Her first product release under the Haus Labs by Lady Gaga brand is a super-gliding gel-powder highlighter that blurs skin for optical smoothness. The talc-free formula contains multidimensional pearls and reflective pigments for an enhanced soft-focus glow.

The highlighter is also available in lip crayon form and the brand is testing out a new hyaluronic acid-infused lip oil. All items are free from talc and vegan, plus contain fermented arnica - an intentional addition for Gaga who has long used this remedy to treat her fibromyalgia.

Lip Crayons

Lady gaga makeup offers a selection of lip crayons with full coverage, long wear and vibrant color. Each crayon is formulated with nourishing mango seed oil and barrier-enhancing ceramides to keep lips moisturized and plumped.

The Haus Labs Le Monster Lip Crayon is a lightweight lipstick that wraps lips in full coverage, high pigment color for long wear. Infused with hydrating mango seed oil and ceramides to nourish skin, its plumping blend of Hyaluronic Filling Spheres naturally shapes lips while providing comfort.

Lady Gaga's makeup line is known for its ease of use and slim twist applicator that allows you to line and fill your lips in one step. Plus, its shade range includes neutrals as well as bolder hues like berry red or hot pink. Furthermore, this nourishing formula is free from parabens and sulfates so it makes an excellent option for anyone wanting more depth to their everyday makeup look.

Lip Oils

With just one application, your lips will be glowing with a glamorous glow that lasts throughout the night. This ultra-hydrating formula dries quickly and is designed for long-lasting wear in five sour candy-inspired shades ranging from pink to red to orange and universal clear. This high-tech bottle has a unique prickly pear emulsifier. Billed as the world's tiniest bottle, applying microbeads is made easy with its included wand. Thanks to its proprietary blend of peptides, this lightweight lip treatment feels non-drying and non-sticky - perfect for when your hands need some TLC! Lady Gaga has always been a beauty enthusiast, so it's no surprise she decided to launch her own line of high-end products. All products from the Stupid Love singer are clean, vegan and gluten-free with none of the usual preservatives. Let us see if it lives up to its hype!

Eyeshadow Palettes

If you're looking to add an eye-catching effect or simply some depth and texture to your face, there are plenty of products available. Some of the best ones come in various shades and textures so that there's something suitable for everyone.

Lady gaga makeup offers an extensive range of eyeshadow palettes that can be used for day or night looks. Choose from different shades in matte, metallic and shimmery finishes for various effects.

These products not only allow you to create an array of eye looks, but they're incredibly long-lasting. Perfect for wearing on long days at work or during a night out on the town!

Haus Laboratories has released the Love For Sale eyeshadow palette in celebration of Lady Gaga's latest album. This product offers 18 innovative shades inspired by jazz music legends in various finishes: nine plush mattes, four multidimensional metallics and four lustrous shimmers.

who is zach bryan singer

Who is Zach Bryan Singer?

Zach Bryan is a country singer renowned for his raspy voice and thoughtful lyrics. Additionally, he serves in the Navy and has been crafting music since childhood.

He released his debut album in 2019 and dedicated it to his mother DeAnn. The record has been a great success, being streamed by thousands of people worldwide.

He is a country singer

Zach Bryan is a country singer renowned for his distinctive sound. A gifted musician, Zach has been nominated for numerous awards over the years.

His music has been described as a blend of folk and country, making him popular with fans. He's been nominated for the Academy of Country Music Award for New Artist of the Year.

The Oologah, Oklahoma native is renowned for his raspy voice and rich harmonies. As a veteran of the Navy, his music draws from his military experience.

He has released two albums and a single, with plans to release his third one soon. Additionally, he was nominated for both Academy of Country Awards and Grammy Awards.

His songs employ his raspy voice to convey emotion and engage his listeners. A humble man, he always strives to be genuine when crafting his music.

DeAnn, his debut album, and Summertime Blues, showcase his talent for writing about love and loss with passion and authenticity. He takes great pride in his small-town roots and strives to live life to the fullest.

Over the past few years, he has been captivating country music fans with his raspy voice and stripped-down sound. With 4.4M monthly listeners on Spotify alone, he is now ready to release his next album.

The Oologah, OK native is renowned for his raspy voice and blend of classic folk melody and outlaw country with a raw edge that cuts to the bone. His music draws influence from Red Dirt country music genre and pays homage to Evan Felker from Turnpike Troubadours.

His latest single, "Summertime Blues," is an emotionally charged song that recounts the tale of Bryan's upbringing in a small Oklahoma town. To stay true to those roots, Bryan chose to include it on the album.

He is an incredibly passionate individual who cherishes his family and friends. He believes music to be a divine gift from God, so he makes it his mission to craft the best songs possible. Additionally, he remains humble enough not to alter his music according to industry expectations. Ultimately, this incredible musician will become a household name in the near future.

He is a member of the Navy

Zach Bryan is an acclaimed country singer born in Oologah, Oklahoma to Dewayne and Annette Bryan. At 14 years old, he began writing songs for himself as well.

At 17 years old, he joined the Navy and immediately began his music career. While on active duty, he used his free time to craft melodies for himself and his friends.

After his time in the Navy, he began touring and is now a full-time musician. As an accomplished country singer and proud military member, his success has earned him widespread recognition.

He has achieved great success in the country music industry and is one of the most beloved artists worldwide. He's best known for his hit song, "Heading South."

The singer-songwriter has a deep devotion to country music, having performed around the globe several times. His hit songs have been certified platinum and he has received numerous awards such as CMA's New Artist of the Year honor.

In 2017, he uploaded a video of himself singing a song to YouTube which quickly went viral. With over one million views and millions of streams, the track has become an Internet sensation.

He has always been an admirer of country music, writing songs about love, faith and other topics. Additionally, he is an incredible singer with a beautiful voice.

He has also composed several songs about his military experience. After serving for eight years as a sailor, he was fortunate enough to travel the world.

His debut album, "American Heartbreak," was released in May 2022 and quickly achieved great success. It topped the Billboard country charts and earned him a Grammy nomination.

Zach Bryan's music stands out among other country singers, combining folk, rock and country genres to create an original sound that will surely please fans.

When not singing, he enjoys reading, playing guitar and writing music. He is an ardent workaholic with a great passion for his craft.

He is a songwriter

Zach Bryan is a country singer renowned for his raspy voice and outlaw country with an edge that cuts to the bone. His songs are powerfully anthemic, drawing fans from around the world. Zach's passion and desire to stay true to himself makes him truly unique in this genre - keeping fans engaged through passionate performances that challenge audiences on many levels.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter is a highly acclaimed songwriter. He has written five top 10 singles and twice achieved success on Billboard charts. Additionally, he's renowned for his acoustic style and moving lyrics.

His songs explore faith, love and loss and have brought comfort to many. As an accomplished artist who has been nominated for multiple awards in the industry, he recently took home the Best Male Vocalist title at the 2023 CMA Awards.

He boasts a net worth of $8 million, which he has accrued through various sources including his songwriting career as well as high income from social media and YouTube activities.

The Oologah, Oklahoma native has an adoring fan base and consistently sells out shows on tour. He is currently touring to promote his latest album American Heartbreak which has seen remarkable success, breaking streaming records on both Apple Music and Spotify alike.

On his debut album DeAnn, DeAnn wrote the poignant song, "Letting Someone Go." This piece explores how much one loves someone, recalls all of their good times together, and then ultimately decides to part ways.

His website states that he is proud of his small town roots and makes music that expresses his personal philosophy. A self-taught musician, the singer enjoys mixing classic folk melodies with outlaw country.

His songs are beautifully crafted, using the raspiness of his voice to captivate listeners. His acoustic style and passion for music set him apart from other performers.

His music is an ideal way to unwind and forget the stresses of life. It also serves as an outlet to express yourself and connect with others. No matter the occasion, his songs will fit perfectly.

He is a musician

Zach Bryan is a country singer-songwriter renowned for his powerful voice and poetic lyrics. Hailing from Oologah, Oklahoma, he served in the Navy before pursuing a career in music.

He is renowned for his distinctive brand of country music and ability to connect with fans. Recently, he was nominated for the Academy of Country Music award for New Artist of the Year.

In 2022, the 26-year-old songwriter released his debut album, American Heartbreak. It skyrocketed to the top of Billboard 200 and peaked at #1 on Top Country Albums chart; since then he has been nominated for several awards.

His popularity has grown rapidly as he's made a name for himself with his raspy voice and honest lyrics. He's been featured on multiple television shows, with comparisons being made to artists such as Sam Shepard.

His military background gives him a special gift for writing songs that can speak to many. His music is uncompromisingly raw, often featuring his raspy voice as the focal point. Furthermore, it has been made abundantly clear that he does not intend on making money off his music.

After releasing his debut album, American Heartbreak, in May 2022, Zach Bryan gained tremendous public recognition and popularity. His music resonated with millions of listeners worldwide, cementing him as an artist to watch in the future and an invaluable asset to music industry.

One of Bryan's biggest breakthroughs came with the release of his debut single, Heading South. He posted a video of himself performing outside his barracks in 95-degree heat and the song went viral.

His video has been viewed millions of times, giving him his first major break in music. With such success, he's been able to tour around America and make some money.

He is an accomplished musician, capable of performing various genres of music. His proficiency on the guitar and singing have earned him widespread acclaim in the industry.

Who is Zach Bryan Married to?

Zach Bryan is one of the world's most successful singer-songwriters. His captivating music has won over fans around the world and Zach Bryan looks set to continue his rise as one of music's premier names.

The singer-songwriter is a military veteran who served in the United States Navy. He's currently dating his girlfriend Deb Peifer.

Elisabeth Rose Madden

Zach Bryan is married to Elisabeth Rose Madden, a former Navy pilot and passionate floral designer from Lancaster, Ohio. She attended Arizona State University as an undergraduate and is also an accomplished professional golfer and outdoor adventurer.

Elisabeth was an invaluable ally to Zach during his military service, understanding how hard he worked to succeed in the industry. She would help him with everything he needed in order to prepare for performances.

Once they were engaged, the couple planned a romantic destination wedding at Glacier National Park in Montana - a place special to them. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to cancel their plans.

Eventually, they chose Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington - about 150 miles away from their hometown. Despite the distance, they were willing to make the journey due to the friendship they had built over years together.

The bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls wore matching blue dresses from a local thrift store. Cascade Floral Wholesale provided them with beautiful arrangements of Cascade Floral Wholesale flowers as well as eucalyptus and rosemary stems to complete the look.

After the ceremony, a small reception was held on their 5-acre homestead in rural Island County. This intimate event only invited close family and friends.

Zach Bryan and Rose Madden's marriage did not last. Rumors began swirling that they had been having affairs while she was away in Italy, leading to their eventual split up.

But their love didn't fade away; they met again and began dating. This time, they had more things in common and were able to work things out more effectively.

They shared their passion for music, especially country music. A song entitled "Heading South" went viral and cemented their place in the industry.

Regarding her current relationship, she is currently dating Zach Bryan's girlfriend Debra Peifer. She works as an education coordinator for HawkGrips and previously held the position of program manager at Collectors Universe.

Deb Peifer

Zach Bryan is a singer-songwriter who has achieved tremendous success and earned himself an avid following on social media platforms. His country music fans number in the tens of thousands, while also enjoying an enviable net worth.

He's currently dating Deb Peifer, an education coordinator for HawkGrips. They have been together for some time and are enjoying every moment of it together. Recently they were seen watching a football game at Lincoln Financial Philadelphia Eagles Stadium together and it appears they're having an awesome time.

She is a dedicated and passionate person born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan with an infectious personality. She loves spending time with family and friends and always makes them laugh. In addition to that, she finds joy through sports and making people smile. She truly exemplifies dedication in everything she does.

Her husband is a musician and she shares his enthusiasm for both music and singing. She has enormous love and admiration for him, always supporting him in all of his endeavors.

Reports indicate she is the mother of two children, a boy and girl. Additionally, she was previously employed as a CNA.

In 2020, they tied the knot at Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington. It was an enchanting ceremony and reception held on their five-acre homestead in rural Island County with only close family and friends present - it truly felt like a fairytale!

In 2022, the singer suffered a terrible motorcycle accident which severely injured both him and his girlfriend. He lost control of the bike while riding it off-road, damaging both sides of his head as well as his right hand. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt either and they have maintained an excellent relationship ever since then.

Despite the tragic event, she has remained steadfast in her support of her husband. She is the sole reason he can remain contented, regardless of what comes his way.

She exudes a beautiful and loving personality which has won over many hearts. Additionally, she shows compassion towards her husband with an outgoing and kind nature; truly the life of any party!

Dewayne Bryan

Zach Bryan is a singer-songwriter who has won over the hearts of many followers with his unique vocal style and raspy voice. As an honorary veteran of the United States Navy, his music has reached across social media platforms like none other.

He began his music career in 2017 and released DeAnn, a tribute to his mother. This album garnered him many new fans and helped him establish himself as an independent artist.

The country-soul singer hails from Oologah, Oklahoma and is a US Navy veteran. He began writing songs when he was 14 years old, with his debut album American Heartbreak earning him recognition within the industry. Additionally, he has performed at numerous music festivals and shows around the world.

Bryan met and eventually married Rose Madden while serving in the military. Though their union wasn't perfect, they share a deep-felt connection and love for one another.

Bryan's wife is an accomplished singer with a diverse background and set of skillsets. Her experience spans customer service, leadership, industrial safety, technical analysis, collaborative problem-solving, electronic warfare as well as marketing and business management.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso. Her education and expertise make her an invaluable asset to any team she works with.

Her experience working in high-stress environments makes her a valuable asset to any company she joins. Furthermore, she is an accomplished leader with the capacity to work under pressure and adjust quickly when faced with changes within a fast-paced atmosphere.

He stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 80 kg, boasting blue eyes and brown hair.

His net worth is estimated to be $40k, mainly due to the income generated from his music career and past military service.

Bryan enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also loves traveling to different countries as well as spending time outdoors in nature.

Annette DeAnn Bryan

Zach Bryan is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter from Oologah, Oklahoma. He began writing songs while serving in the Navy at seventeen and began recording them during downtime. Initially, his YouTube videos were filmed using his phone camera; later on he released albums as well. Through various tours around the world, his popularity is growing rapidly.

He has performed with artists such as John Moreland and Tyler Childers, for which he was nominated for a Grammy Award. Additionally, he supports numerous causes by supporting the Red Cross, City of Hope, and more; additionally, he serves on the board of directors for the Brett Boyer Foundation which raises awareness about congenital heart disease and Down syndrome.

His debut album, DeAnn, was dedicated to his mother as a tribute and reminder of how much she meant to him.

His first album featured songs that were deeply emotional and made it sound as though he were experiencing pain while singing them. Without being pretentious, he simply used his own experiences to craft music for others to listen to and understand.

After each performance, he often meets with his fans and they share their stories. This is something he enjoys doing and it helps him feel connected to them as a unit. Although he's uncertain of what the future holds in music, he wants to keep making music and connecting with fans for as long as they want to hear it.

Recently, He released the album American Heartbreak which reached the top 5 on Billboard's country charts. Music admirers have been drawn to its raw honesty and poignant personal story.

His music stands out from other artists in the industry and that's what makes it so captivating. He doesn't shy away from showing his emotions, which makes him such a great artist. With an authentic voice and powerful lyrics that speak directly from life, he has an amazing knack for writing music which will surely propel him further down the line in success.

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