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Earn Top % Of Your Talent

Only making a few sales per month? No big deal. You’ll only pay a small portion in talent fees, making it easy to earn a little extra cash each month. EXAMPLE: If your talent sells for $75 and you are paying a 30% Talent Fee, the breakdown of your sale is:
Talent Price: $75 | Talent Fee: $22.5 | YOUR EARNINGS: $52.5


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Exclusive & Non Exclusive Talent

Your earnings will grow as fast as your reputation. How does it work:

Uploading Your Talent

Depending on what category your talent falls in, you will upload your talent in a format that is downloadable by buyers. For example, if your talent is music, you will upload your songs in MP3 format into your Talent Store. As another example, if your talent is photography or design, you will upload your downloads in .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .AI OR .PSD format into your Talent Store. You can fill your Talent Store with as many or as little options for buyers to purchase as you want.

Talent Pricing

When pricing your talent, keep in mind the amount of people who share the same talent as you. You want to make sure your prices are competitive and do not discourage buyers because they are too high, or make buyers weary of your quality of work because they are too low. We recommend that you find an industry average for your talent and set your price a little bit above or a little bit below it.

Item Approval Process

Every talent submission goes through an approval process. During this process the FutureStarr team will evaluate the quality of your talent and determine whether it aligns with our expectations and provides value to our audiences. The approval process can take anywhere from 24 hours to one week depending on the type of talent you upload to your Talent Store.

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule is consistent for both Non-Exclusive Talent and Exclusive Talent. The only difference is the amount you will receive on scheduled payment dates which is determined by how much of your talent you sell. Please review the FutureStarr Payment Schedule and the FutureStarr Talent Fee Schedule to know when and how you’ll get paid.

The Rules

The Rules are pretty simple, be honest and provide quality work for our buyers and you will be able to enjoy long-term success on FutureStarr. We are all about trust, quality, and integrity. If you can abide by these principles, we would love for you to be a part of the FutureStarr Atlanta Talent Marketplace.
  • Do not sell talent that is not exclusively yours.
  • Do not sell talent that you currently do not have in hopes of developing it once a sale is made.
  • Do not falsely inquire about the talent of others on FutureStarr.
  • Do not make your talent exclusive to a certain demographic.
  • Have fun and make money from your talent.

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