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First, create an account. Once that’s set up, use your talent dashboard to discover and view other talent, upload your own, and create an artist page where you can promote your genius and prosper online.

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About Edward Standley

Growing up, Edward always had a vision of becoming the next big thing in the music industry. Inspired by stars like Nelly and LL Cool J, Edward decided to embark on his music journey at the tender age of 19. Shortly after starting his journey, Edward met a music producer who shared his vision and passion for music. The producer insisted on helping mold Edward into an Atlanta rap star. After a few years of creating demo albums, tirelessly promoting and selling his music, participating in open mic shows, and networking with music producers, major labels, music managers and radio stations, Edward began to understand how difficult it was for unsigned artists to get that “big break”. It was then that Edward realized his interest in helping unsigned, underground artists gain the exposure they need and deserve to be successful without the financial, promotional, and material backing of a major record label. Thus, FutureStarr was born.