How an Average Person Could Be the Next Most-Wanted Star in 2017

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As a head of Atlanta Talent Agency, one of the questions I usually receive from students and those aspiring to become a star in Hollywood is “what does it take for an average person to become the next star”. One person have asked me specifically, “sir, I’m just average, how can I become the next hot topic?”

The truth is that anybody can become a star. You can become the next hot topic. I have seen somebody in this industry go from being total nobody to a hot celebrity within just 3 months. For some people, this could take years, for others, it could be shorter. One thing you must understand is that we all have different paths, each one of us have a path destined to greatness that once we follow it, we will achieve success at the end.

Don’t be too quick to become a star, else, you make mistakes that will kill your career even before you have chance to get it started. Below are some tips to help you become the next-most wanted star:

Tips to Help You Become a Star

1. Study Right
Bummer, right? I know you don’t want to hear that. Most people trying to break into the entertainment industry think that they don’t need to sturdy anymore. Let me break it to you honey, you’ve got a lot of studying to do before you can become the next star. You need to sturdy the top stars, read what they do, learn how they talk, master what they do to get to the top.

Do you want to be dancer? You’ve got to learn more new dance steps. Get yourself into dance school and learn how to move that cute legs faster. Are you aspiring to be an actor? 3 to 4 acting classes can make you better, why not give it a chance?
2. Be Realistic
Success don’t happen overnight. Forget all those people that make it seem like achieving success is so easy, you shouldn’t expect to wake up the following morning to be surrounded by paparazzi and thousands of hard die fans looking for your autographs.

Understand you need to put in work to see success. Success will come but you have to be patient and work towards it.



3. Know Your Weakness
Get to know the areas where you are weak and where you have upper hand. For instance, somebody that is 30 years of age and above may find it difficult to find someone willing to invest in his future as a pop star. If you are don’t have attractive look, producers may think you won’t be able to attract a very large fan base.

You should know your weakness and learn how to overcome them, work on them. Try to build on your strengths so that they become so magnified and cover your weakness.



4. Work on your Talent
Keep on improving your talent everyday until you become so good that you have no comparison in the industry. There is a lot of competition in the entertainment industry, you need to work hard to beat those at the top. These may include countless sleepless night and losing of friends; it doesn’t matter, all those sacrifices you make now will shoot you up to the person you will be tomorrow — a Star!


5. Network with the Right People
Remember, one tree doesn’t make a forest! You have to create a network of people with like-minds. They will help propel you to success. If you want to be a music star, you will need help with writing of the song, you will need somebody to turn your song into an amazing demo, you will need help finding the right talent show to compete in. All these become possible when you have the right connections. Make friends with those with the same aspiration, those on the top and their sponsors.
6. Get Noticed/ Talent Shows
Don’t think you will become a star overnight when you hide in your room. You need to get out and get noticed. Think of where you can meet with big producers, mostly they come to watch contests and big auditions. Try to get yourself into these contest. Enter as many contests as possible, each contest you entered gives you an opportunity to be discovered by big time producer.
7. Make the World Aware of Your Talents
Talent shows is not the only way to get noticed. You can as well use social media to show the world how talented you are. If you are a singer, record a video of yourself performing and post it on your social media pages. There are some affordable camera that can help you make HD videos. If you can’t afford these cameras, you can use your smartphone to get started. Always post and create awareness with your social media account.
8. Work With a Talent Agency
Talent Agencies such as Future Star Talent Agency are one of the easiest ways to become a star. These agencies connect you with the big time producers. Send your resume and headshot to as many agencies as possible, you may be lucky and get one of them that can help you achieve your dream.
9. Be Optimistic
Nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. Be optimistic about your chances of making it in the industry and soon it will happen for you.