Learn this “2017” year how Technology Can Help Models Gain Exposure to the Best Atlanta Modeling Agencies

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Marketing yourself as a model is a very challenging task. In fact, it is a business all on its own and you may even need to hire marketing agents and professionals to promote your talent. When you are on a limited budget and want to market yourself to attract the right agent, you will have to put in more efforts and get creative.

There are so many talents in Atlanta, hence, you will be competing with thousands of others for the attention of agents. What this means is that you need to use every tool and resource available to you to get an edge. You will need to market yourself if you want to make your own career and speed things up a bit.


Using Technology as a Marketing Tool
One of the greatest way to market your talent as model to gain exposure to the best modeling agencies is by using technology. Fortunately, we are no more in era where you are only restricted to stage shows and face-to-face meeting/performance or auditions. Internet is a powerful tool that you can use to make yourself popular and draw the attention of the right agency to yourself.

One great thing about using internet is that it is free and allows you to reach a good number of people fast. Below we will take a look at some ways you can use the internet to your advantage:


1. Create Social Networking Page
As an aspiring model, you need to show agents that you have what it takes to be a top model. Agents don’t want to waste their time and resources on amateur model. Start by creating a social media page on social networks such as Facebook, then upload your portfolio images and promote your services.

Strike a pose constantly, edit the images with good filter, you can use Instagram filter or Photoshop to make it more beautiful and crop areas you don’t need. Just make your photos are as professional as it could and strike a creative pose. Post constantly to your social media page. Don’t forget to build and interact with your followers.

Another great way to use social media is to join various Facebook groups where there are other models. Chat with them and share your creative photos on these groups. Somebody in the group might recommend you to a Talent Agency in Atlanta.


2. Use Listing Websites
There are plenty of listing websites you can find online. Most of these websites will allow you to post your services for free. You can as well find websites such as “StarNow” that offer free promotions as well as job opportunities to models, actors and dancers only.

List your services on these websites. Don’t forget to use your best portfolio images and creative photos. Advertising constantly on these websites will help give you the exposure you need and attract the right Atlanta Talent marketing agency to you.


3. Collect Emails
Visit various Atlanta Talent agency websites and collect their email. Another good option is to use their “Contact Us” page to send them your portfolio. If you are lucky, one of these people will call you back for an audition. The most important thing when you are looking for an exposure is to use various tools available to you.


4. Magazines, Tvs and Radio
Remember that using technology to market your talent is not limited to only internet, you can as well use Television, magazines and even radio. The only drawback with these types of media is that it is hard to have an opportunity to appear on them especially when you are just getting started. But don’t lose hope; you can start by participating in various free events that will get people’s attention. Check the events that are organized in your community which are going to be covered by TV and Magazines, offer your services for free in these events. It may seem hard in the beginning, but it will help you to get noticed by big Atlanta talent marketing agencies which will bring better paying jobs to you.


Marketing yourself with technology is one of the best way to gain exposure you need and attract the attention of the right talent marketing agency in Atlanta who will take your modeling to the next level. Ensure you are consistent with your promotion efforts and keep in contact with your agents. You can even make friends with your agents. One of the best way to promote yourself is to use the services of Futurestarr, we have helped hundreds of models to get to the stardom. You too could be our next star!