“2016” ReverbNation & SoundCloud vs. Unique Talent Agency

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Exposure is the most important thing for every upcoming talent. In fact, there are thousands or even millions of people with opportunity they never realised because no one believed in them or are willing to work with them. Each day, thousands of people in Atlanta with various talents are looking for someone that will take a chance on them.

Today, there are various platforms through which an artist can get the exposure he is looking for; you can use social media, YouTube, local events, night clubs, music festivals, talent show among others to show people how talented you really are. However, something is coming up nowadays, thanks for internet; you don’t have to attend all the music festivals in the world before you get to realize your talent.

ReverbNation and SoundCloud are of the two biggest platforms that provide tools and opportunities for upcoming musicians to get good exposure and manage their careers. These two platforms can best be described as online agents for upcoming musicians. They have various apps such as TuneWidget, Promote it and Band Profile Facebook app that upcoming artists can use to shine light on their talents and go on to have successful careers.

Currently, ReverbNation has more than 3.8 million user base which includes musicians, venues, fans, and labels in more than 250 countries worldwide. On the other hand, SoundCloud which was established in Berlin in August 2007 and allows users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds has over one million subscribers.


It is usually a hard choice for upcoming musicians to figure out which platform they can use when it comes to getting the right exposure they need to take their music career to the next level.

All these platforms offer upcoming artists opportunity to get more exposure but they are no replacement for Unique Talent Agencies.


Mistakes Upcoming Artist Make When Seeking for Exposure

Some upcoming artists, especially those without much support from their family and friends think they can get use these online platforms to get the exposure they need and get big talent agencies to discover them.

You cannot replace music talent agencies with online music promotion platforms such as ReverbNation and SoundCloud, while these two platforms can give you some level of exposure, getting the service of a reliable and unique talent agency while go a long way into fast-tracking your talent and ensuring that big music companies notice you for your music talent.

Let’s look at differences between these platforms;



When it comes to money you will spend, both ReverbNation and SoundCloud charges monthly subscription. ReverbNation offers free account but you will need to upgrade to monthly account that cost as much as $19/mth to really worth spending your time. On the other hand, SoundCloud charges up to $15/mth if you want to enjoy the platform.

However, while these two platform charges you to get started, Unique Talent Agencies does not charge you any money to represent you. Genuine and reliable talent agents in Atlanta will represent you for free and help you get noticed. You only pay them commission when they get you a paid job/gig.


Getting Jobs

Your chances of getting paid jobs are much higher when you are working with a reputable talent agency. This is because you will have interaction with agents who know your capability and know which jobs will be better for you. These agents can as well pull some strings and use their connections to get you paid jobs. On the other hand, if you choose to use ReverbNation or SoundCloud as your only source of seeking for exposure, you will be sharing the same resources with millions of other subscribers who are on these platforms for the same purpose you are.


Which is Best: SoundCloud, ReverbNation or Talent Agency?

When it comes to getting exposure and record deals; you need all the help you can. You don’t need to tie yourself down to one avenue.

It is therefore very important that you utilize the three platforms or just one music platform. However, you cannot do without talent agents when you are still upcoming. Talent agents are familiar with the industry and they will help you achieve your goals at much shorter time.


What You Should Do

SoundCloud and ReverbNation are two good platforms for upcoming artists. You can as well use them in combination with other social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to get the exposure you need.

However, these platforms can only work for you when you use them in combination with services of a reliable and Unique talent agent. Your agent should be familiar with these platforms and will help you to utilize them to your advantage. Get started today, find a unique talent agent like FutureStarr.com to represent you for free while you also use these music promotions platforms to give your career a boost.