“2016” Where to Find Legit Modeling Agencies Atlanta Has to Offer?

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legit modeling agency atlanta

Are you looking for legit modeling agencies in Atlanta? You have started on the right step; it is very important that you spend time to get legit agencies when you want to start your modeling career. The agency you choose to work with will determine how far you are going to go in your modeling career.

Modeling is becoming a very popular career choice for most youths and even children. This has made it attractive not only to people with talents to become models but also to scamsters. Today, there are lots of scam modeling agencies even in Atlanta. You can only know with their mode of operation. In some cases, they will hide their activities so well that you may not have any idea until they have succeeded in wasting your time and taking your money.

Here at Futurestarr, we always encourage young talents not to rush when they are about to kick-start their modeling career. We try to expose them to scams in this industry and direct them on how they can get and work with legit modeling agencies in Atlanta.

There are some ways you can know which agency is legit or scam; they will be asking you for money for different things. Some of them are not actually representing any model agency. In some cases, there are agencies that have some models they are representing but still go ahead to deceive new ones without talent.

Note that not every agency is out to scam you. In some cases, some aspiring-models complained that they submit their portfolio to an agency and never get a call from them and therefore they are not legit.

When agency does not call you back, it does not mean they are not legit, most agencies receive hundreds of submissions everyday, you may not be the type of talent they are looking for. Some agencies do not want to waste time auditioning an audience without any talent. In this case, you will not receive any call from them for audition even if you submit your portfolio in person.
Where to Find Legit Modeling Agencies in Atlanta

Visit Better Business Bureau Website
Start your search from Better Business Bureau Atlanta website; this site has list of many legit modeling agencies. Before a site can be registered in BBB website, they have to fulfill certain requirements to ensure they are legit and not out to scam you. When you see an agency you want to work with listed in BBB Atlanta website, it will increase your confidence to work with them.

Please note that not every legit modeling agencies in Atlanta are listed on BBB website. There are lots of reliable and reputable Talent Marketing Agencies that are not listed here.
Check Out SAG-AGTRA List
SAG-AGTRA list is union of Talent Marketing agencies in Atlanta. Whenever you are looking for a good modeling agency to represent you, it is better that you contact them and ask them for list of their members, you can be able to pick a good agency from their list. Please note that not all reputable agencies belong to this union. There are still modeling agencies that are not part of this union.
Check Out Review Sites
Check out review sites when you are looking for legit agencies in Atlanta. You will be able to find good ones from what other people are saying. This site helps you make your decision and choose an agency that you want to represent you.
Ask Directions/Actors
Remember to ask movie directors and actors to point you in the right direction. Most of these directors and actors can be able to help you based on their past experience. You can leverage on their experience to get a good modeling agency to represent you and your interest.


How to Know Legit Modeling Agencies in Atlanta

Legit modeling agencies have these traits listed below:

  • Real Modeling Agencies Make Commissions From Jobs They Find You
  • Real Modeling Agencies Don’t Ask You To Take Their Classes or use Their Photographer
  • Real Modeling Agencies Are Very Selective
  • Real Modeling Agencies Stick To What They Are Advertising
  • Real Modeling Agencies Do Audition For Free


If you are looking for a legit modeling agency in Atlanta, we at Futurestarr can help you start your career for free. We are a reputable talent marketing agency based here in Atlanta. We have helped hundreds of models to become successful in their modeling career by having them upload their photos and build a online presence in front our FutureStarr audience.