How To Get a Unique and Real Talent Agency To Represent You And Kick-Start Your Career For Free

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When looking for an agent to represent you in Atlanta, you must understand that there are no hard and fast rules. However, we will suggest the guidelines you can follow when looking for a unique talent agency in Atlanta.

The first important thing you must understand when looking for a real talent agent in Atlanta is to avoid paying upfront to be accepted into an agency or for representation.

The truth is that sometimes, the dream of acting stardom can be so compelling and so intoxicating that it literally makes you a gullible target for scamsters. This is the reason why we at Futurestarr always advise that you look out for unique talent agents that can represent you for free.


Beware of Scams

The old scam in talent hunt is still true. As a young man/woman with dream of becoming an actor; an agent may invite you to an audition, give you some lines to recite and tell you that you have what it takes to become an actor.

The next thing will be “in order to represent you, you will need to pay for “the package”, in most cases, this package will be around $2500 or thereabout, you will end up losing your money without being called for any acting job.


How to Identify Unique Talent Agencies in Atlanta


  1. Unique Agents Don’t Demand Money to Represent You

Unique Agents make money when you complete a paid acting job he helped secured for you. When a unique talent agent auditions you and wants to represent you, he will tell you what to do, where to go for better headshots/portfolios, and casting websites to join. Getting headshots from reputable independent photographers, preparing your portfolio and other things you need to get accepted usually won’t cost you more than $1000.


  1. Unique agents don’t use print Ads, TV, or shopping mall “auditions” to attract talents

Don’t respond to every ad touting an audition for future actors. Reputable talent agencies in Atlanta have their open call times on their websites, social media pages and on their blogs. You will also find specific instructions on their website on how to submit your information to be considered for representation and none of these instructions include a payment plan.


  1. Avoid Agents That Represent 10,000 other People

Most unique talent agencies represent a limited number of people with real talents. Come to think of it, how will an agent be able to find you acting job real quick when he has other 9,999 people to worry about?  Look for an agent that looks for quality instead of quantity.

Most importantly, you need to be patience and take your time. You cannot become an actor in a day, it takes process. Do your research to avoid getting scammed. Remember to ask each agent what they charge for commissions. There are agencies who charge 15% while some may charge as little as 10%. Be sure of their commission percentage before you enter into an agreement with them.

A Unique talent agency in Atlanta will help launch you to stardom. Once you find the right agency, you are a step closer to achieving your dream.