5 Ways To Avoid Talent Marketing Agency Atlanta Scams

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For young talents; one of the greatest fears they faced is getting scammed while looking for an agency to help them unleash their talent. The truth is that the popularity, fame and money that comes with being an actor, a model, or a singer makes so many young and even old people interested in the industry susceptible to scams, there are even those without talents who still want to try their luck to become an actor – this situation makes it very attractive for scamsters.

Knowing who to trust is a big issue, this is because when you got scammed; you don’t only lose your money but also lose your time and confidence. Most young people don’t have much support when they decide to become an actor, this makes it easy to lose confidence or even give up totally when they lose their hard earned money to some bad eggs in this industry.


Here at Futurestarr, our aim is to help you avoid getting scammed when you are looking for the best talent marketing agency in Atlanta to represent you. We help educate the young and inexperienced talents on things they can do to avoid losing their money and wasting their time on wrong talent agencies.


What Do Scamsters Want?

Money! One thing they all have in common is to take your money. Note that most of them will not just come out and ask for money. Their modus operandi is to get your confidence first and then reel you in slowly.

In most cases, they will schedule a fake audition, tell you “how great you are” and then ask you to come in for second or third audition. It is now from this third audition they will begin to sell many things to you ranging from photos, portfolios, conventions, classes and anything else they can push to you.  Their audition is just a way to evaluate how much you will spend and how much they can sucker you out of.


Beware of these types of auditions to avoid wasting your time. Below we will suggest some ways to avoid talent and modeling scams:


  1. Real Talent Agencies Are Very Selective

Be careful of agents that start praising how awesome you are right from your very first audition. You can put in a pretty good performance, but you should be careful of agency that accepts everybody.

Reputable talent agencies in Atlanta are very selective. You must question the motive of those agencies that wants to sign you up first time you show up regardless of your experience or suitability.


  1. Real Talent Agencies Don’t Ask You To Take Their Classes or use Their Photographer

Real talent agencies in Atlanta will not pressure you to use a specific photographer or attend their classes, instead, they will provide you with a list of recommended coaches and photographers in your area.


  1. Real Talent Agencies Make Commissions From Jobs They Find You

Reputable agencies make money when they find you a paid job and not from the classes they push to you. When they start pressuring you to pay them money, you should beware because that’s how they make their money and not by finding you work.


  1. Real Talent Agencies Stick To What They Are Advertising

There is nothing wrong in teaching acting classes or selling headshots, as long as that’s what they are advertising. You should know that you are about to get scammed if they advertised about an audition but the conversation is all about you buying something.


  1. Real Talent Agencies Do Audition For Free

No reputable agency will ask money from you before they can audition you. Anyone asking money from you is not genuine and you must avoid doing business with such agent.



Be careful when you are searching for a talent marketing agency in Atlanta to represent you. Don’t be in a hurry to start acting, – scamsters can spot this and use it to scam you. Only deal with reputable agencies such as Futurestarr.